Thursday, June 2, 2016

Mosul, Iraq and it’s Liberation. Definitely in Coordination with Moves In Raqqa, Syria

First: Ramadan begins  on June 6/16 or 6/6/16
The new moon is June 5/2016

Second Mosul Dam: Aecom seals Iraq dam repair contract

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Aecom, a global provider of professional technical and management support services, has been awarded a $52.8 million contract to repair the bottom outlet of the Mosul Dam, Iraq.

As per the firm-fixed-price contract, the architectural and engineering services will be completed by the end of November.

Bids were solicited via the Internet with one received, according to a statement from the US Department of Defense.
 Aecom: Bids were solicited by the US Dept. Of Defense via the Internet and ONE bid was received from Aecom

Towards Mosul’s Liberation

  Just the facts from the Egyptian news article. The first paragraphs deal with the obfuscation surrounding the moves on Mosul. Will they? Won’t they? Etc.,  Then a rehash of the so called attack by ISIS on US forces which resulted in the death of an American soldier (Charles Keating) - entire narrative presented by a known propaganda con artist- Matthew VanDyke

Covered in this post: Pt.3 Iraq’s Maidan Spring- Operation Annex Mosul is Well Under Way
“According to American reports, hundreds of Peshmergas fighters are being trained for the upcoming Mosul battle.”

It’s actually thousands. Thousands and thousands

Flashback: The US Push to Recapture/Annex Mosul- Fact over Fiction

An article included in the above post mentioned minimally 2200 Kurdish fighters being trained- that one thousand times 2 plus some more.

“Other reports have spoken about thousands of Sunni Arab tribe members from Nineveh being trained for the battle, some of them led by Athil Nujaify, the former governor of the province. These men, called hashd watani (national volunteers), are being trained by Turkish troops, reports say”

 By Turkish troops are we talkin' under the auspices of NATO?  Recall Turkey as a ‘split nation’ like Canada.  Canadian troops wearing Kurdish flags on their uniforms DO NOT fight in the interests of Canada the nation state.

Update to the Canadians wearing Kurdish flags on their uniforms: They may stop wearing them? Or not!

Although it is tradition to wear the patch of a military partner, the Kurds do not have a nation state.  Maj.-Gen. Mike Rouleau, commander of the special forces in Iraq, told CTV Chief Anchor Lisa LaFlamme that Canada is also rethinking the custom. “We'll re-examine that and we may well take them off too,” Rouleau said.
“Whether we have them on or off, it's not going to change anything about the level of commitment and closeness that we have with the people who we're sent there to support,” he added.
Because NATO Canada is very committed to destroying Iraq, remaking the middle east  , to the benefit of Israel and multinational corporations and banks.  NATO Canada's military shenanigans have zero to do with my home nation of Canada- It's not improving the quality of life here. It's not making us more free.  It's  not creating jobs. It's sucking resources, taxes  and creating future indebtedness etc to fight wars of choice for other persons.  Not beneficial to non NATO Canada. So Turkish troops training fighters in Iraq? NATO's Turkish troops? I don't know!

 Continuing with a direct statement from Egyptian news article

“The United States does not want the credit for the Nineveh liberation to go to either the Arabs or the Kurds, so it prefers the liberation to be through the action of joint forces,” said Hashim Al-Hashimi, an expert on IS.

States so called IS expert who then contradicts his statement by saying and I’m quoting

“However, the US knows that there are difficulties in putting the Nineveh Liberation Forces, the Peshmergas, the Nineveh volunteers and the hashd together, so Baghdad has surrendered to Washington and the hashd have not participated in the military operations.”

So no Sunni Arab volunteers are participating in military operations to liberate Mosul

The battles in southern Mosul will be limited until Washington reaches agreement with the rival forces that are using the campaign as a way to continue ethnic and sectarian clashes, an Iraqi expert told Al-Ahram Weekly on condition of anonymity”

The battles in southern Mosul will be limited until Washington reaches an agreement with rival forces???  Yet, we know the Kurdish forces are closing in from the north

“The ambiguous situation of the operations against Mosul have made many think they could be a trick to draw IS attention away from Fallujah in Anbar Province, which is also the target of a military campaign”

The ambiguous situation of operations against Mosul...??? It’s not ambiguous. The Kurdish militias are moving in from the North/East and the US is dropping bombs on Mosul. Likely bombing everything that stands. We know people are already fleeing.  According to this most recent news article nothing seems to be really happening south of the city of Mosul- So, how does one surround a city with no troops on the opposite side?
Notice: Should the Mosul dam “fail”... the Peshmerga forces are high and dry- And at a distance to the south we have Iraqi forces and Shia militia men

Abdel-Karim Khalaf-  He said that there are “real ground operations targeting a headquarters for the coming operations that need to make Makhmour, 50 km southeast of Mosul, where the Iraqi forces deployed last October, and its surrounding areas secure.”

So Iraqi forces (Shia militias and military)  are working to secure an area that is 50 kms southeast of Mosul.- Iraqi forces and shia militias are futher away from the city of Mosul then the Peshmerga fighters..

Here’s a map showing the locations of fighting forces in Iraq

Remember this?- NATO backed Kurds move on Mosul

" The U.S. is devoting painstaking efforts to keeping Shia militias out of Mosul"

 Back to the Egyptian News:
An Iraqi parliamentarian from the Reform Bloc said in a TV interview this week that the government has temporarily stopped the Mosul operations in response to an American demand that they take place after the US presidential elections.

Iraqi government to wait to move on Mosul until after the US elections???

However, Khalaf said there has been no such demand from the Americans. “The liberation of Mosul will take place after the liberation of Fallujah,” he said.

Recall my suggestion that the move on Fallujah was intended to keep Baghdad occupied and away from Mosul?

“The important issue is that the US-led coalition air strikes cut the road between Mosul and Raqqa, where the battle has already begun against IS under American direction.”

Because the taking of Mosul and Raqqa really does seem to be a coordinated/ partnership
As mentioned here: Leafletting Mosul Ahead of Annexation Operations- Coordinating with Raqqa?

I've had so much info to post and have had little time to get to it. Until today!

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  1. Good post Penny. Your focus on this war gives us a lot of info we would otherwise never have.

    1. Bunch of MonkeysJune 4, 2016 at 3:20 PM

      Speaking of focus... the total number of ISIS fighters seems miniscule compared to the world's top armies they are up against.

      "The Islamic State has roughly 19,000 to 25,000 fighters, about half in Iraq and half in Syria, Colonel Warren said. Most of the 10,000 to 12,000 in Iraq are concentrated around Mosul, in the Tal Afar area, and elsewhere in Nineveh Province."

  2. The Dam 'contractor' AECOM has quite a past and persent
    Their fingers are in many pots


    Their corporate site sure is glossy, and GLOBAL "OneWorldish" in scope.

    1. Bunch of MonkeysJune 3, 2016 at 2:58 PM

      The dam contract with AECOM for the repair of the dam outlet that is jammed shut is to be completed by November 30th 2017.

      That's a lot of time to fix a jammed gate that today threatens the very existence of 'millions' in Mosul and Baghdad. Now perhaps it's just my suspicious nature* (* speculation alert!!!) but could these repairs be a ploy to justify why the second functioning gate remains closed keeping water levels in the dam full at a dangerous 330m. above sea level? (Iraqi news reports current water level at 330m.)

      After all when the dams blows (they said it was just a matter of time not me) everyone in a position of authority is going to need someone else to blame

    2. Hey bunch of monkey's!

      Hubby and I suspected this was repairing that jammed door- I find that odd, because, one of the dam engineers( previous post) said that jammed door was easily fixable and they could just open the other door-

      "could these repairs be a ploy to justify why the second functioning gate remains closed keeping water levels in the dam full at a dangerous 330m. above sea level?"

      I don't know... the time table to fix this problem is very long for something that is, as you've pointed out, so crucial, so vital and so dangerous to the city of Mosul.

      And yes, it's important that everyone keeps in mind it was the US and it's mouthpieces that repeatedly stated, over and over, that -it was not an if for the dam to fail, just a when.

      Blaming everyone, but no one being held responsible is very typical.

      Just thinking of 9/11

    3. oh and one bid for the contract- tender put the DOD- from a company that as karin has pointed out looks to be very connected to the military industrial complex.

    4. Bunch of MonkeysJune 3, 2016 at 5:53 PM

      AECOM has plenty of demolition experience as well not that TREVI will require any help! ;)

      Interestingly this new AECOM contract is for $52,805,043 (coding 7,13,7 ?) while their last one was also for $53M

      Doesn't seem to even matter what the job is... $53M is the price.

  3. oh good grief.. Their 'hometown' is LA
    Well, that saves me some searching to ties w/ UknowWho

    1. California for all intents and purposes being a military industrial state- coastline- navy bases and home to Hollyweird- cults and lots of MkUltra type stuff
      California is one big weird state with loads of military connections- so hometown, LA California
      Good place for a company such as this to be headquartered

  4. Being very familiar with the DOD contract proceedure I am not the least bit surprised at how this one went down. Particularly that one bid only was received. It, like most government processes has its share of behind the scenes corruption. Connections, back door deals, bribes, and kick backs rule the day. Enough said on the subject.

  5. @ 58 min Syria presidential advisor DrShabaan speaks out against ISIS and alnusra …at 2:16 min host makes slip of tongue 'to all the heroes fighting against ISIS in iraq

  6. Hey Penny -

    Just a 10 minute scan of AECOM's website is interesting. They have pics of a bunch of jobs they have done/are doing but strangely enough, for winning a bid on a dam contract, they only appear to have dam experience in 2 cases. Not exactly promising unless you look at a few of their other jobs - they did work on US submarines, US MRAPs, support US in Afghanistan, US air training, NASA, US Dept. of Energy... In other words, they're highly connected in USG. But the lack of experience in dams leads to the theory they are actually going to be in support of US troops in Mosul.

    Fallujah operation is ongoing, Abadi just said Friday that he expects the city center to be liberated in a week (hopeful I'd say). Because a couple days before that he said to slow down after UN had raised a fit over the civilians inside (totally ignoring the fact that Sistani had already called for care of those same civvies). If Iraq follows the Syria path, the war will continue at a steady pace right thru summer into fall and past US elections, unless Killary gets indicted. If she does (not likely, but...)watch for a shiny shoed John Kerry to step in her place. Then all bets are off for what will happen to both countries.

    1. AECOM provides engineering and consulting services. Along with others including design and architectural services; among others. AECOM acting as such is involved in such projects as the dam as a management/consulting entity. They will more than likely hire subcontractors to perform the work. The expert experience of the subs is of pre-eminant importance. AECOM provides engineering services. If they require engineers with certain experience tk provide those services they hire them; if they do not have what is required on staff.

  7. btw: Hoping some readers looked at the map?

    And noticed Sinjar has been annexed from Iraq by the Kurds- exactly as I had stated in a post from last year?

    Sinjar: Creating a Crucial Supply Route for KurdIShIS & Annexing Iraqi Territory

    "This is about redrawing the borders of the middle east- Weakening certain states. Strengthening others. This is about ethnic cleansing. Displacing persons.
    You want simple narratives? The war mongering media and plenty of other so called alt media sites will spoon feed you all the drivel you can stomache.

    I am way past believing there is any real fight between the alphabet Kurds and ISIS.

    Both brands are getting their support, munitions, arms and everything else from NATO/US/Israel. Knowing that to be true, I cannot believe the bogus narrative, from the war mongering, perception managing media, regarding any real fight between Kurds and ISIS.

    Briefly- Turkey has been cutting off KurdIShIS supply lines for a while now- Covered previously at the blog. This is most likely the reason we recently had reports of the US dropping tons of arms to Kurdish militias in Syria.......


    Near the end:

    "Clearly what is going on in Sinjar has zip to do with fighting ISIS. The US is aiding the Kurds in their annexation of Iraqi territory- Same as in Syria. Same as will be done in Turkey. The US is redrawing the borders of the ME, using ISIS as the pretext, as has been suggested here for a very long time! As the US aids the Kurds in their land thievery and nation destruction they are also ensuring a supply route to continue this redraw. Complete with ethnic cleansing and massive displacement that will see yet more movement towards Europe- As intended!"

    Like I said last year, Sinjar annexed
    As I flip off my detractors, who can't handle the truth

    1. Bunch of MonkeysJune 5, 2016 at 4:23 PM

      Yup... Sinjar was always in the Kurd's playbook.

      The big picture however becomes completely mind altering once you realize that ALL players work for the same boss.

  8. Additionaly- Mosul Dam fully ensconced in Kurdish held territory- as I've stated repeatedly here