Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Pt.2 Tragedy & Hope- Golden Bank for International Shakedowns

 If you missed the Part 1 (the freebie) you can listen to it at Jay's site or relinked from earlier in the month: Jay Dyer on Caroll Quigley's Tragedy & Hope 1: Bankster Revolution

This is the first free hour of my talk on Quigley’s Tragedy and Hope where we cover the next few chapters dealing with World War I and the reparations on Germany as a cloak for Global Government by the true “Inner Circle” of Illuminists and a one world order through the BIS, and the lead-up to World War II


  1. off topic: lots of Russian planes going down
    India Mig
    Vietnam dropped off the coast Su30

    follows the Su27 that crashed around Moscow whcih followed the Blue Angels crash and the Swiss Aero team crash


    Even the Sisters getting in on the act..

    1. Planes are not the only thing going down.

      There are reports of Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi being killed in Raqqa.


    2. Wounded 65 km outside Mosul then hit by a missile in Raqqa. That's what I call a bad day...

      "Earlier on Monday, Iraqi TV channel 'Al-Sumaria' said that Baghadi had been wounded on Sunday in a coalition air strike on a location 65 kilometres west of the ISIS-held city of Mosul."


      "News first broke in a statement from the al-Amaq news agency, which has close links to ISIS.

      In a statement, the agency claimed: "Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been killed by coalition air strikes on Raqqa on the fifth day of Ramadan."


      The Independent says rumors of Abu Bakr's death are premature...

      "There was no statement from Isis via its Amaq news agency, which it used to claim responsibility for the Orlando massacre and stabbing in Paris."

      "News bulletins from Isis’ al-Bayan radio station also had no mention of an air strike affecting its self-declared “caliph”."



    3. http://tass.ru/en/world/881871
      Making friends: Erdogan sends first official letter to Putin after Su-24 jet incident. TV

      Bloomberg meanwhile says Ataturk’s Ideology Seen Losing Hold on Turkey as Charter Revised

      Cue up the next coup rumor. Erdogan, Russia, Eurasia, SCO, NATO, PKK, Genocide, Gorran, YPG, Revolutionary Guards, Hezbollah the new Guernica

    4. I think it is a big mistake that Ataturk's ideology is fading away in Turkey as it is creating problems. Islamism will be the alternative and it is bad. Schools are becoming religious, religious minorities will be discriminated, violence against women is on the rise. This policy of erasing Kemalism is not working at all. It won't bring more democracy at all, but more oppression... The government is changing the constitution and other things and really shouldn't be. They want to put Islam into the constitution but it won't work.

    5. "The constitution is just a beginning," Ucum said, and the government will screen or change thousands of laws and regulations to reshape the bureaucracy in the five years following a new charter. “Anti-democratic institutions" including Turkey’s judiciary and military still hold the power to pose a "great threat" to elected governments, despite considerable erosion in the AK Party era, he said.

      Nonsense. The people want Islam. It is the undemocratic institutions like the courts that are stopping that from happening. Erdogan knows this and is merely fixing the 'democratic deficit'. /sarc

    6. Interesting take on Erdogan/Turkey's presumptive goal to recreate the Ottoman Empire from an Israeli think tank.

      "Turkey’s military raid and rescue of an early Ottoman ruler’s remains in Syria on February 21 underscore the Turkish government’s dream of restoring the Ottoman Empire."

      "ISIS leader Abu Baker al-Baghdadi’s declaration of his caliphate poses a challenge to an opposing claim by the Ottomans’ Turkish successors."

      "The mausoleum in Syria is located near a very sensitive site for ISIS and its theology, the Dabiq Valley. According to Muslim tradition, in the “End of Days” Dabiq will be the site of the “great battle” between Muslims and Christians."

      If the fictional Abu Bakr has been written out of the competition then it's clear sailing for Erdogan.


    7. http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/article/2593842

      The Pentagon says it has no evidence to support the latest round of reports that Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi may have been killed in a U.S. airstrike in Raqqa, Syria.

      "I can only tell you we have not seen any information that would corroborate that," Pentagon spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis said Tuesday.

      It's not the first time al-Baghdadi has been reported to have been killed or gravely wounded in an airstrike, but the U.S. has never confirmed his demise.
      While the U.S. won't say Baghdadi is dead, it also can't say for sure he's alive.

      "We haven't heard from Baghdadi since late last year," White House special envoy Brett McGurk told reporters during a briefing on anti-Islamic State operations Friday.

    8. Ukraine response? (June 14th 2016)

      "Brussels, Belgium: NATO will send units to Romania, alliance head Jens Stoltenberg said Tuesday, on top of battalions being deployed in the three Baltic states and Poland in response to Russia's intervention in Ukraine."

      "The ministers will also formally approve deployment of four "robust" multinational battalions in Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland announced on Monday."

      "Last month, NATO formally opened a missile defence base in Romania, sparking a furious Russian response and threats it would take action to counter what it said was a threat to its nuclear deterrent."


    9. They've got pictures of the dead Baghdadi out. He looks about the same as I do when I wake up camping. Good color and no missing parts for the squeemish.


      P.S. Looks like there is a joint lying beside him from the night before.

    10. The Russian snap drills might be the Ukraine response. As an asise days after the US put a fast attack in the Med it has joined the hunt for the dis appeared Egyptair plane.

    11. thanks anonymous
      And Bad Monkey- still no confirmation regarding Baghdadi- I'm looking and looking.

      I don't expect Baghdadi's disappearance just yet, I figure he has to flee to Turkey or Iran, something like that- Or perhaps go to Libya so that the bombing that is set to take place in July can target him there

    12. http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/2016-06/15/c_135439886.htm


    13. I had thoughts about ISIS remnants possibly moving into Turkey as well when their Syrian/Iraqi strongholds collapse (and Dabiq falls) however Baghdadi can't make it there for the 'End Times' prophecies the Globalists have been pitching and enacting to be true. Ergo they have to write the Baghdadi character out of the script going forward.

      In prophecy Baghdadi has to be sidelined for Erdogan to be able to ascend to the role as the leader of the world's Islamic nations so my guess is that this will be the last you hear about him.

      Don't forget that Erdogan has recently joined Turkey to Saudi/GCC in a military alliance (expedited by their mutual distrust of NATO/US), is buying non-NATO-compatible weapons systems from China and Russia, and most importantly, is mending their relations with Putin/Russia.

      For the Globalist's prophecy to fulfill itself all we need now is the remnants of ISIS to fight 'Rome' in a battle somewhere around Dabiq and as if on cue, a bankrupt little country by the name of Italy has just sent an advanced air defense system (couldn't they find something less useless? Hint: IT WON'T BE!) to Gaziantep in southern Turkey only 50km from Dabiq in Syria.

      Meanwhile ISIS continues to 'attack' the small border town of Kilis and bomb Turkish cities in an otherwise inexplicable attempt to draw Turkish and international forces in. The Kurds will likely be drawn in somehow to fight against Turkey and then you have the US and Russia in direct confrontation with it's proxy armies engaged in a completely bizarre war that makes no sense to anyone except those who write the MSM news.

      Time to make some popcorn and take in the show.

    14. "I had thoughts about ISIS remnants possibly moving into Turkey as well when their Syrian/Iraqi strongholds collapse.."

      ISIS has been operating in Turkey for some time now
      In fact one of the recent suicide bombers was ISIS as opposed to the Kurds (TAK)

      No remnants need apply

      Additionally ISIS had already laid out their intent to target Turkey

      August of last year

      ` ISIS Video Urges Locals to Attack Tourist Spots in Turkey

      LONDON: The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has released a new video, urging locals in Turkey to attack tourist hotspots.
      According to the Daily Star, the militants in the video called on Muslims in the country to “conquer Istanbul”

      Going on recall this was the incident attributed to ISIS


    15. I meant the remnant ISIS body after the battle in Dabiq. After the battle ISIS is supposed to reach Istanbul for the prophecy to come to fruition.

      I have unfortunately lost interest in the MSM alphabet soup narrative which is clearly designed to confuse and bewilder once I found out they all work for the same outfit. It shows doesn't it?

      BTW... same thing happened to my interest in WWF professional wrestling. First he's a good guy then he's a bad guy. For all I know it's just a rigged match I'm watching like soccer.

  2. The bloomberg article is very speculative
    However the direct quotes are interesting

    "The prevailing view is that there should be no reference to any specific ideology in the new constitution"

    If there is no reference to any specific ideology then the constitution would not specifically or necessarily be about Islam, from my reading

    "It’s thought to be more appropriate if the constitution’s preamble states that Mustafa Kemal Ataturk is the founding leader of the Turkish Republic.’’

    As I've stated previously Ataturk, the "young Turk" looks to be highly suspicious character- Donmeh
    Crypto Jew some would say..

    Ataturk’s legacy is.. a key reference for its historically close ties to Western democracies.

    Western democracies? A fancy label that doesn't mean anything but oppression by the elites- If that's Ataturk's legacy??? I don't know

    "The founding of the republic became a project of pro-Western enlightened, modernist nation-building" at the expense of religious people who were branded as fundamentalists and excluded from politics, Ucum said

    Pro western and enlightened hand in hand?
    That does not mean what so many think it does
    Pro western means NATO ruled/banker ruled and enlightened means dumbed down

    I'm not delving too much into Turkey's internal affairs however some of the words employed regarding what Ataturk signified,imply something other then what people assume these mean- here is where we get to words having more then one meaning

    pro western for some reason people believe or associate this with freedom- it's nothing of the sort

    It's repressive, intolerant, imperialistic and exploitative

    As for enlightment? If only pro western demonocracy had anything to do with shining light or illuminating or engaging, or inspiring anything or anyone in a positive manner.

    Sadly, Ally, the bloomberg article reads in a manner that is undertaken to demonize Turkey- Turkey's constitution is for the Turks to discuss and debate- It's not for the so called enlightened west to denigrate

  3. hope someone is enjoying the interview as much as I did?

    1. Quigley's writings major fault is that they didn't go far enough, plus he misleads you into thinking that the great wars etc. were not completely planned by the bankers in advance but then again he would never have been able to publish anything otherwise. The bankers took his book out of print after only 8,000 copies although demand was skyrocketing through the roof!

      Money quote >

      "There does exist, and has existed for a generation, an international Anglophile network which operates, to some extent, in the way the Radical right believes the Communists act. In fact, this network, which we may identify as the Round Table Groups, has no aversion to cooperating with the Communists, or any other group, and frequently does so. I know of the operation of this network because I have studied it for twenty years and was permitted for two years, in the early 1960s, to examine its papers and secret records. I have no aversion to it or to most of its aims and have, for much of my life, been close to it and to many of its instruments. I have objected, both in the past and recently, to a few of its policies... but in general my chief difference of opinion is that it wishes to remain unknown, and I believe its role in history is significant enough to be known.[26]:949–950"

      No shit Sherlock! They created and financed the so called 'communist' movement as well as the 'capitalist' movements after all! Rockefeller sure knew how to control the debate (and human perception) by setting up University faculties stuffed with Rockefeller/Rothschild capitalists and communists both of which NEVER incidentally question the global control system of allowing private bankers to create a SOVEREIGN nation's the money supply out of thin air. Not even Nobel Prize winning supposed leftist economist Krugman talks about this. Nope.

      Listen to Bernard Lietaer. Krugman says "Never touch the money system!" (47 secs)


      But Lietaer is actually a disinfo shill who's job is to steer the sheep into the new global currency (that Soros talks about with Canada's new Industry/Trade Minister and CFR member Chrystia Freeland) rather than address the actual 'deficiencies' in the existing "money system".


      They are masters of illusion and own all of the world's leaders even today despite bullshit talk that some pesky Russian Orthodox nationalist named Putin saved Russia from the clutches of the Globalist bankers.

      “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

      ― Vladimir Lenin

      And still they do.

      All Penny.


    2. Think about that when the war standoff with China/Russia and the real M.E. shitstorm happens in a couple of months.

      The Globalist's pitch will be that the solution to the world's religious, financial and governmental ills lies in a new "multilateral" (Same Rockefeller/Rothschild) global NWO.

      One World Government, One World Financial System, One World Religion. One World military even!

      When you have the time and emotional temperament to be able to handle 'Bizarre'... start here >


      It will explain almost everything that is happening today including the crazy video's of strange sounds and visions around the world as reported by MSM 'news'.

      BTW... it's not a wise thing to write about directly but you are allowed to post the MSM info and question it...

      Like this >

      "Why did Henry Kissinger strike up a 27 year long friendship with an unknown and unimportant St. Petersburg city administration official (while still an active KGB agent) by the name of Vladimir Putin?"

      Or this > "Considering that the biggest military threat to the US is still the Russian nuclear forces why is the principal architect of American foreign policy for the last half century a "close friend" of Vladimir Putin who spend time at each others personal residences and how is this not a national security threat?"


      Not this > "Putin is owned by the same guys who own Obama and here's why." Never ever ever ever do that OK?

      Just use this information to inform your analysis of the events transpiring.

      He also seems to have Xi Jinping on his BFF list BTW. They sit across from each other like heads of state but WHO does Kissinger work for and why is he there?


      You'll figure it out.

      Eventually ;)

  4. Penny, but even if Turkey does take out Kemalism out of its constitution, it will not change anything with Turkey's relationship with the West. They are already a NATO member and NATO can do whatever it wants to Turkey without having to pay attention to its constitution. Ataturk fought against Western imperialism/colonialism (French, Greeks, Italians, British). Maybe he was something else, but the effect he had on Turks was making them more Western people. Erdogan is now making friends with other Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar which Ataturk wanted to stay away from. But even these countries are Pro-Western. So Ataturk made the choice to be friendly with European and American countries instead of Islamic. He was against Islam because he thought that it was oppressive. By taking Kemalism out of the constitution, secularism and freedom will also be taken out. I don't think that Erdogan wants to take him out of the constitution because he was a Western puppet as Erdogan himself is a western puppet, but because they wanted to bring Islamism to Turkey, and already this doesn't seem to be going good at all. The country is going through its worst times since 1923. Turkey did great in its Kemalist times. It was a modern country respected by the west. Now, it is turning into another Islamic State, especially with the Gulenists. If anything, western countries want to take Ataturk's ideology out of the constitution as he was the man that saved Turks from the West, that's why they have propped up Erdogan. Ataturk is also being taken out of school curriculums, celebrations like Children's Day have been banned. Turkey is being targetted by western countries and unfortunately, nothing can change it. Islamism is spreading in Turkey and the society is becoming more intolerant, undemocratic, fanatic, crazy, sectarian and this too will lead to Turkey's end. I don't think many Turks want Ataturk to be taken out of the constitution, so it will likely cause a stir. I understand what you are writing but nothing will change the West's stance on Turkey. By getting rid of Kemalism, you get rid of secularism, and this is allowing Islamism to spread, which is what caused the Westto draw up Sykes-Picot in the first place and try and get rid of the Islamic, backwards Turkey. Syria was an independent, sovereign, anti-Western country and look how it has ended up.. I hate to say it, but Turkey should stay pro-Western, both internally and externally because it is the only way to avoid ending up like Syria. Erdogan is turning away from the West so Western countries are now trying to destabilise it. To many Turks, Ataturk represents education, women, progression, secularism, nationalism, republic and by trying to get rid of all of this, it is making Turks more backwards and leading the country to disaster. Turkey is a big country and is important both politically and strategically so it can never be free from imperialism and exploitation, and if you try to, war will come...sad
    Thanks for your posts

    1. There are always good and bad things for everything. By removing Kemalism from the constitution, it will allow Erdogan to give the Kurds greater rights and make the situation for Kurds greater but other religion like Alevis will suffer.

    2. Thank You Ally

      I appreciate your perspective a great deal, because, it is better informed about the internal aspects of Turkey- I can speak of Turkey as an outsider and more usually as it relates to NATO destabilization.

      You help to broaden my horizons :)