Thursday, June 9, 2016

"Terror" in Tel Aviv: Distraction and Meme Reinforcement

 Meme Reinforcement

Of course this "attack" reinforces the common mind virus of Israeli victim/Arab terrorist.
Lone democracy, really a theocracy, surrounded by hostile neighbours- blah, blah, blah
So, Yawn, on all that.


Let's see we have a few  interesting situations that Israel may want to sweep under the rug or shine a light on. "Terror attacks" are  a familiar pattern, one I really noticed with the Syrian destabilization. Some allegedly important meeting or conference is set to take place and boom! A terror attack. As if to highlight the importance or  non importance of said meeting.
Importance being... See there is a problem and this meeting will solve it
Non Importance- Yes, there is a problem but this meeting won't make a difference
It's really all in the spin.

As it so happens there have been meetings to restart the Israeli /Palestinian peace process.

Since we know Israel does not want peace and is expansionist, we can well imagine that their insolence will cause them to lose sympathy and make their partner in crime, the US, look complicit.
Good time for a terror attack!

June 5, 2016 - WSJ

“World powers meeting here said on Friday they would develop a package of economic and security incentives in the coming months to push Israel and the Palestinians to make peace, after months of violence that has left officials fearing that the two sides are primed for another full-scale conflict”
Israel and Palestinian representatives haven’t held talks since negotiations collapsed in April 2014.

 Laurent Fabius had suggested Palestine be recognized automatically even if talks fail, however...

“ Mr. Ayrault, Mr. Fabius’s successor, has retreated on the notion of recognition of a Palestinian state in the absence of progress at the negotiating table.
French officials say that the U.S. and some European powers said they wouldn’t support the initiative if failure meant automatic recognition”

So if these talks fail their will be NO automatic recognition of Palestine- And if they succeed?
Never mind, they won't. Israel will make sure of that! "Terror in Tel Aviv"  Pretty much guarantees the fail.

"Saeb Erekat, secretary-general of the Palestine Liberation Organization, called the Paris meeting a “very significant step” and welcomed the international approach to solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“We negotiated bilaterally with Israel, the occupying power, for over two decades, but they continue to violate all the agreements that we had signed,” he said in a statement. “The international community has the responsibility to stop treating Israel as a state above the law.”

Israel’s foreign ministry said the Paris meeting had missed an opportunity to bring the two sides to direct negotiations and had instead acceded to Palestinian demands to involve international powers"
Israels FMIn the pages of history it will be recorded that the conference in Paris only brought about hardening the Palestinian positions and distanced peace,” it said in a statement.
Thanks to  global anti-semetism the Palestinians were emboldened to attack. Cause the entire world is full of anti-semites- And don't you forget it! (Sarcasm)

This incredibly conveniently timed attack will also save face for the US:

Regarding involvement in peace talks that have nothing to do with peace and  will only benefit Israel

It's no time for an Israeli/Palestinian Peace Agreement
 “However, it is deeply harmful to the United States, as the world's only superpower, to keep attempting something that fails. It hurts America's prestige and influence: It makes the U.S. look either incompetent or complicit, or both. The Arabs are left to believe that either the U.S. is incapable of enforcing its will on a tiny ally, or that it is unwilling to apply real leverage to Israel, in which case the current effort is a sham.”

The US isn't incompetent- It's complicit
Terror in Tel Aviv let's the US off the hook- Convenient

Terror in Tel Aviv also distract from this news: Jewish Terrorist (Settlers) Raze Palestinian Land

Stealing/Annexing Land

Israeli Jewish settlers yesterday razed Palestinian farms in Al-Khader neighbourhood to the south of the occupied West Bank city of Bethlehem, Quds Press reported.
Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements representative Hassan Burjiyeh said in a statement: “A number of Israeli settlers, protected by the Israeli occupation forces, started razing the farms in the 15 dunam [0.015 square kilometre] area of Thagret Hammad.”
Burjiyeh said that the farms, which are located along the main highway between Jerusalem and Hebron, are owned by the Salah family.
The area is located near the illegal Israeli settlement of Eliezer, which is built on Palestinian land owned by the same family.
Israeli authorities plan to build a religious Jewish institute in the area, Burjiyeh said.

Terror in Tel Aviv distracts from this news too!

Remove Palestinians from West Bank area C and annex the Territory 
Original headline based on url-
Rather than Palestinian statehood, Ariel urged the annexation of Area C – the 60% of the West Bank controlled by Israel

 “In the end the Arabs will not agree (to an agreement under which) there is no ‘right of return’; they want to return to wherever they want,” Ariel, a member of the right-wing Jewish Home party, said. “In Israel everyone agrees — even the [center-left] Zionist Union — that there will be no right of return. And there are other issues which for the (Palestinians) are non-negotiable.”

Israel sets impossible terms to guarantee the failure of any agreement

 “There is no way that we remain in a government that takes territory from the Land of Israel and hands it to others – the word ‘return’ doesn’t fit, it’s our not theirs,” he said. “We have been there for 49 years [in the West Bank]. Fifty years — compared to 19 years in which the Jordanians [controlled the West Bank.] There can be no comparison. It’s absurd.”

 Terror in Tel Aviv draws focus away from this news also!

 Israeli Jets Strike Syrian Army Post Near Homs

In support of their ISIS pals from the reports on this incident
Israeli warplanes attacked Syrian army posts south of the city of Homs over the weekend, the Syrian news website Zaman al-Awsl reported Monday night. 
According to the report, which cited a Syrian military source, the Israeli jets allegedly targeted a military compound of the Fourth Mechanical Division of the Syrian army. 
Locals said they heard huge explosions. 
Homs is the site of battles between the Syrian army and rebels, including ISIS. 
 Cause if they struck SAA army the strike surely was of benefit to ISIS.

Never mind every other situation, please, just focus on "Terror in Tel Aviv" for proper distraction and meme reinforcement.

Cui Bono?


    so-called STATE, a stool sculpture deity cult compound
    is in fact NOT...."Israel" in the Bible. the Bible @ Genesis 49 & Deuteronomy 32 is not
    (((JEWISH)))...the Children of Israel never turned into
    {{{JEWS}}}...the modern day Gog & Magog "PROSELYTES" to
    Talmudic Judaism.

    Excellent observation as to the M.O. {modus operandi} of
    the Synagogue of Satan Talmudic Terrorists in Palestine
    fortunately the entire world is not held hostage by the
    TALMUDVISION and {{{JEWISH}}} media and can see right through
    these pity ploys and change the subject skits that oooze
    from a {{{JEWISH} scriptwriters fantasy...just like the




  2. June 8 2016 is also the 49th anniversary of the Israeli attempt to sink the USS Liberty, murder its crew and blame the Arabs for the attack.

  3. Bunch of MonkeysJune 9, 2016 at 3:54 PM

    As delusional and full of speculative nonsense as I am... I'm simply seeing this as part of the Globalist's "End Times" NWO set-up to divide Israel at the UN in September.

    "There has been a lot of talk about things that are going to happen in September, but something that has been almost totally overlooked is the fact that the UN Security Council is likely to be voting on a UN resolution which will establish a Palestinian state at that time."

    "Right now, France is working on a proposed resolution which would give formal UN Security Council recognition to the Palestinians, would declare that a divided Jerusalem is the capital of both Israel and a Palestinian state, and would set the 1967 borders as the baseline for future negotiations which would establish the final borders between the two nations. It is being reported that France will submit this resolution for a vote after the 70th session of the UN General Assembly begins on the 15th of September."

    "At this moment, 136 nations have already recognized a Palestinian state, but the United States has always blocked recognition by the UN Security Council. This time may be different though, because there are quite a few indications that Barack Obama actually plans to back the French resolution in September."

    "If that happens, and the UN Security Council approves this resolution, it is going to have enormous implications for all of us."

    Spoiler Alert: Putin will stop it from happening.

  4. Putin is indeed our only hope.

    The latest post I put up by Sheikh Imram Hossein has me too stunned to care about much else. Palestine will be a no issue for the rest of the world if his analyses are true.

    1. Bunch of MonkeysJune 9, 2016 at 4:34 PM

      Love this quote... so true...

      "But then there are others who usually don't watch television... that's why they can think..."

      ~ Sheikh Imran Hossein

    2. Bunch of MonkeysJune 9, 2016 at 5:01 PM

      Since the Globalist's created, armed, trained and financed ISIS we may as well look at what a nice Globalist publication has to say about what their little ISIS monster was created for...

      "The Islamic State awaits the army of “Rome,” whose defeat at Dabiq, Syria, will initiate the countdown to the apocalypse."

      So Dabiq it is. That and the collapse of the Temple Mount to start the religious war really started in earnest.

      ( P.S. To those who are not familiar with the Christian, Jewish and Islamic "End Times" narratives and how they are being used to stage the conflict necessary to bring in the NWO... well... unfortunately you will be left in total darkness when TSHTF. Until that time arrives you will likely think that I am completely nuts! ;)

    3. I am quite interested in reading Shiekh Hosseins' worde which you refer to. Might you direct me to it; since my own attempts have been unsuccessful.

  5. Bunch of MonkeysJune 9, 2016 at 4:18 PM

    At least now we know what they do with the big pieces after they cut the channels into the concrete erosion caps. (bottom right)

  6. On 9 June Israel moved more troops to the Lebanese border as well. This happened after Lebanese army managed to get one of their spying devices. (Sorry the link is lost in space)

    If you look at the details of "Tel Aviv terror" it has a highly suspicious fact as well. Why did they arrest instead of assassinate the Palestinians?? They normally just kill them on the spot. By not killing it seems more like they were provocateurs than true "terrorists".

    1. I'm suspecting provocateurs as well
      I mean let's face it- Israel has all manner of allies in ISIS or Al Nusra or KurdIShIS- whichever brand they are all allied with Israel
      So, I suspect yes, provocateurs- Israel like any other country doesn't worry itself over a few dead citizens if it advances an agenda