Sunday, June 26, 2016

Tragedy & Hope 3: Stalin, Hitler, Illuminism & the Occult Empire

Hattippin, again, to Jay Dyer for providing the first hour of his excellent series freely.

Lecture 3 of my series on the entirety of Quigley’s Tragedy and Hope takes us into the period of the Bolshevik Revolution and the rise of Stalinism, as well as the rise of Hitler and the Nazis. In this talk, I cover Quigley’s thesis, as well as my own insights about the occult dimensions of these buildups (he leaves out), and the role of the Illuminists. Compared to Kerry Bolton’s essay, we can understand how Russia and Germany were both Imperial problems for the Atlanticists, and how both needed to be destroyed for the success of the Western shadow empire, an occult empire.

If you haven't heard the first two parts you can get them at Jay's place. Link Above.
I've also had them posted here-

From Earlier: 

Turkey & Saudi Arabia cooperate to Turn Back Saudi Fighters Entering Syria


Saudi Arabia Taps Big Banks To Sell First Ever Global Bond Issue


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  1. The rise of China is also a very interesting story.

    Probably the THE MOST IMPORTANT Corbett Report episode ever produced that I know of is on how the globalist bankers took over China. This may not seem important now but when the South China Sea issue pops up shortly and the war drums begin beating it will be. I doubt very much that the transcript or video will be available then.

    James has researched this story for years. He could have gone much further but what is he found is revealing and disturbing enough.

    Turns out that the all of the world's criminal banking families are in cahoots with the leadership of pretty much every country.

    That makes the coming war in September/October a complete scam.

    Same story with Putin and Russia and same with the Mullahs of Iran.

    The written transcript is here for those who don't have the time for the video.

    Video podcast