Sunday, June 26, 2016

Turkey & Saudi Arabia cooperate to Turn Back Saudi Fighters Entering Syria

Arab News

 RIYADH: Turkish Ambassador to the Kingdom Yunus Demirer said there is coordination in place between his country and Saudi Arabia to turn back Saudis who head for the war zones in Syria, noting that recently a number of people of different nationalities were arrested while trying to infiltrate conflict zones to join the Daesh terrorist group. 
The ambassador said the Turkish government is exerting extensive efforts to peacefully return these Saudis and hand them over to the Kingdom without any insult or disrespectful action, a local publication reported.
“Saudi Arabia and Turkey both strongly realize that what is happening in Syria is affecting both countries and every single Saudi living in these areas must be brought back and prevented from joining these terrorist groups again,” said the ambassador. 
He said the Saudi and Turkish policies on the Syrian issue are identical as the intentions of the two countries involve bringing peace back to the Arab and Islamic world.
 “We stand alongside Saudi Arabia with the refugees because of their difficult situation now, and there must be an international position to stop the war. As the whole world now knows, Turkey has more than 400,000 Syrian refugees, and we cooperate with Saudi Arabia to end the war. I personally think that the international community is keen on achieving peace and security in this country,” he asserted.
He said the Saudi-Turkish relations have deepened recently with the Saudi and Turkish people sharing many mutual features, mainly the Islamic religion and cooperation in all areas.
He stressed the fact that his country rejects attempts to harm Saudi Arabia and denied the existence of economic rivalries between the two countries.
“We complement each other in our economic relationship and there will be improved and continued relations and cooperation in areas of trade between Saudi and Turkish companies,” he added.
 Flashback:  Yes, Willy Loman, It’s about Blamin’ & Framin’ Turkey & Saudi Arabia

"Loved the little clip of Joe Biden in that documentary! The problem in the region is our allies- Yup, it was them that wanted Assad gone- Not the little old USA.... Oh, no the US is all about peace, sunshine, rainbows and ponies..... Let’s blame Turkey and Saudi Arabia. And that’s exactly what Biden did! Never you mind about all the weapons the CIA was distributing at the border- Irrelevant! And those weapons that the US was shipping out of Libya? Right out of the Consulate in Benghazi? The US covered their tracks, in that instance, resulting in the death of Christopher Stevens. Good thing he was gay, because it gave the PR machine lots of opportunity to play the weaponized homosexual card while demonizing Libya, while covering up the weapons smuggling and oil deals. Yup, when life gives you lemons, you make lots and lots of lemonade. Mr Biden must have forgotten all about that. He hopes you have. But, I haven’t. And you shouldn’t either"

Notice any others spinning the Biden meme of the problem in the region is our 'allies', no mention of Israel, though?  I'll give you one hint- Link. But could give you several from that site alone.

So here we have Saudi Arabia and Turkey working to turn back fighters from entering Syria these radicalized persons are a threat to both nations- What to make of that???

From earlier today: Saudi Arabia Taps Big Banks To Sell First Ever Global Bond Issue


  1. Penny, Saudi Arabia is the problem and everyone should stay away from them. They arm and fund all the terrorism is the world - in fact, they are the terrorist. Isis/al Qaeda are following the Wahabi ideology which is the same as Saudi Arabia. They are also puppets of America and will take NATO's side in everything. Saudi Arabia is not going to help Turkey at all, they never have.

    1. The Saudis have done everything they can to fill Syria with jihadis and most ISIS/al Qaeda are actually Saudi Arabian/Chechens/Pakistanis and now they are trying to help? The enemy=imperialism, zionism and wahabism. Saudi Arabia is the most backwards country in the world and they are allied to Israel and America. The Isis terrorists in Turkey are mostly Saudi Arabian and Chechen - believe me. Turks don't like them

    2. Hi Ally

      I have a good idea about Saudi Arabia's role in Syria.
      And Saudi Arabia like Turkey is allied to NATO via the GCC

      However the Wahhabi ideology is bigger then Saudi Arabia- Believe it or not you would actually have to look to Britain as the ideological birth place of Wahhabiism..

      I do have some posts on that topic here.

      "The Isis terrorists in Turkey are mostly Saudi Arabian and Chechen - believe me. Turks don't like them"

      The Turkish people don't like them, with good reason.

      I do believe that Turkey and Saudi Arabia are being targeted for destabilization- if they work together to clean up the jihadis it would be beneficial to them both (though it would annoy NATO as a whole)

    3. But Saudi Arabia is already allied to Israel, they have a lot in common actually; both countries created by the west. Anyway, what do you think of Israel and Turkey restoring ties?

    4. "But Saudi Arabia is already allied to Israel"

      For now. But Israel has it's own agenda and it would like to see Saudi Arabia broken all apart- As would the US- It won't be long and we will be witnessing an active destabilization of Saudi Arabia

      "Anyway, what do you think of Israel and Turkey restoring ties?"

      I saw the reports but haven't delved into them

      However, my first thought is beware the Judas kiss.

  2. Bunch of MonkeysJune 26, 2016 at 4:41 PM

    'However the Wahhabi ideology is bigger then Saudi Arabia- Believe it or not you would actually have to look to Britain as the ideological birth place of Wahhabiism."

    Very important point to remember.

    Also don't forget that CIA/MI6 also installed Khomeini in Iran to replace the Shah. Corbett and Sibel had a nice chat on that recently. Turns out that the billionaire mullahs invest their assets not in Iran where they could create jobs and more wealth for their citizens but globally where their assets are safely away from the people they stole it from.

    China works the same way.

    1. I'll have to catch that Corbett report....
      And quite frankly, despite the popularity of zero hedge I am very leery of that place. Very leery

    2. Bunch of MonkeysJune 26, 2016 at 8:39 PM

      Your instincts prove correct again!

      It's part of the disinformation, divide and conquer plan. It's everywhere on the internet that you care to look these days. Getting the ill informed masses to turn against themselves when TSHTF (now) is what it is all about.

      Still there are a couple of great minds that alight there from time to time.

      Interesting article on Iran, the Ayatollah and the Muslim brotherhood at Henry Makow. I'm not too sure about Henry either some times but there are some interesting links here.

      On this point however the article is correct IMHO

      "The only way they can sell a global fascist government to the people of the world is by creating the ritual of a third world war."

      And unfortunately that is what we are going to get.

      Thanks for reading my thoughts on these matters.

  3. Penny, they can't mention Israel - that's where the money goes to get laundered. Just like the 80s. Israel sells weapons, equip at higher than normal prices, then washes the money clean so CIA can use it for the current "freedom fighters" of all colors.