Monday, June 20, 2016

Who Really Came to the US & Canada as "Syrian Refugees"? Not too many Syrians!

We’ve read and heard much about Syrian refugees. And the Syrian refugee crisis?
But just how Syrian are the refugees? And how Syrian is the crisis?
The answer to both questions? Not very Syrian at all!

But then I’ve mentioned that on a number of occasions, the large numbers of African refugees, in the pictures of so called Syrian refugees- So let's check this  numbers breakdown from Washington Post?

What nags at me about this refugee saga?

 1-Why LIE and claim these are Syrian refugees when clearly they are NOT Syrian citizens?
2- I wonder how many of these refugees, in this weaponized refugee movement are mercenaries? Paid fighters?

For example it is well known that “ISIS” recruited many Burmese/Myanmar fighters.
How many of them ended up in Canada and  will end up in the US?
It’s been reported locally (where I live) with much fanfare the story of a Burmese family being brought here as Syrian refugees?   How is that possible? Unless these are the families of the bought and  paid for destabilizers? Let’s just say I've lived my entire crime free life about 20 minutes from the US border. Very near to Niagara Falls, Ontario. And now Canada has imported a pile of persons, who they claimed were Syrian refugees, but don't appear to be.
The US has done the same.
Should we be concerned? I'm afraid so.

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Strategy of Tension? 

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  1. Article from January on refugees 'returning' to Kurdish areas:

    "The Iraqi embassy does not provide a specific figure about the number of the returnees, but German officials have said that the voluntary return is more common among migrants from the Kurdistan Region.

    Hamid Majeed the owner of an airline travel agency in Berlin has helped many new arrivals get on the plane home.

    "I cannot provide an accurate data, but since the last October 50 migrants or so have come to us each month, seeking repatriation to the Kurdistan Region," Majeed told Rudaw.

    "On January 13 alone, 86 migrants voluntarily returned to Erbil through a direct Berlin-Erbil flight...they did not want to stay here.""

    1. Most of the refugees that came to Europe from Iraq and Syria last year were Kurds so that's why they are having more applicants.

    2. re: Kurds returning-- I would have expected that the more affluent kurds fled the area- lots of kurdish connectivity to germany via the pkk

      If were getting return numbers of substance then it could signal it's all clear to come on back

    3. Yes, 1.6 million Kurds already live in Germany. There are Turks in Germany (20% of all immigrants in Germany) but a lot of these people are actually Kurds from Turkey. Many pro-PKK demonstrations have been taking place as well. What do you mean by 'come on back'? You mean the PKK will bring back the aid that they are receiving from Germany? Also, Swedish weapons have been found in the hands of PKK militants-quite strange. Why would Sweden support them? They're not even in NATO or the EU.

    4. Sweden is an EU member, just not officially so. As a nation they sure act like an EU member state

      "What do you mean by 'come on back'?"

      They can return to where they came from.
      My other thought on the return of the kurds besides the affluent ones having left... might this be more kurdish fighter/terrorists being sent to the area of the middle east/asia. Perhaps specifically Turkey?

  2. Hi Penny, whenever I hear about Burmen turning up somewhere three things occur to mind.

    1. Drug runnning Kuomintang/ChiComm Operatives
    2. Buddhist Terrorists
    3. Zionists

    Which have you got?

    The Burmen islamists are too commonplace to be of note unless they are heading to Indonesia.

    1. I think Penny smells a rat again. She's rarely wrong which is why we love her so much over here.

      "1-Why LIE and claim these are Syrian refugees when clearly they are NOT Syrian citizens?"

      So true Penny. If however there are numerous 'ISIS' attacks in the west this summer/fall (US, EU etc.) as WW3 breaks out with Russia and China as Charles correctly predicts, and global economic collapse ensues, as anyone with a functioning brain understands, then this oddly makes complete sense. The sheeple have been MSM pre-programmed to connect the dots to Syria, hence ISIS terrorists. And Trump won't miss that 'connection' I assure you! ;)

      "2- I wonder how many of these refugees, in this weaponized refugee movement are mercenaries? Paid fighters?"

      Probably only a few. Maybe that Syrian dentist that was helping young British girls get into Syria for ISIS/CSIS. Were the "Black Bloc" terrorists at the G20 real terrorists after all?

      Looks like Hollywood pyrotechnics here >

      Dan Dicks and (CIA's?) Alex Jones here >

      Nobody is going to be able to think rationally when so much crap is going on all at once. The solution to solving the world's nationalistic wars, religious conflicts, and economic injustices can then be solved by those who know what to do best to get us out of this mess alive.

      The UN and the IMF.

    2. Incoming: I can't say who came here with any certainty.

      All I know is the churches bring them in, usually bot not always, the United Churches and set them up.

      Saw a church today (Smithville, Ontario) with a digital sign saying "Save a Syrian family" give money of course- I was thinking there are plenty of Canadians who could use some saving via some money and shelter- But no it's all 'syrian refugees' all the time.

      That said, I think something is up with this mass transference into Canada

      "AnonymousJune 21, 2016 at 1:02 PM

      I think Penny smells a rat again. She's rarely wrong which is why we love her so much over here."

      Thanks for the compliment I had no idea I was so appreciated and YES, I SMELL A RAT.

      Or should I say several of them.

      I know there were Burmese among the rebel ranks in Syria- I figure NATO recruited them to destabilize the Syrian nation- It seems obvious to me that some of them have come here to Canada as well as to the US- As I understood it the Burmese and other fighters brought their families to Syria and were sheltered in 'refugee camps'

      This was the case in Turkey and Jordan- Minimally.

      Canada went straight to Jordan and used military flights to bring so called refugees here

      I am expecting trouble in short order here in Canada
      The big cities will likely bear the brunt of it-
      However Niagara Falls is a very high profile town- globally speaking-

      Incoming mentions the drug traffickers- Entirely possible

      Anonymous suspects of the more then 23,000 refugees so far to Canada *there may be only a few terrorists*
      (last number I saw, but, it was expected to go higher)

      As long as we are talking a few being in the 50 to 100 range (for terrorist attacks, not drug trafficking)

      Now we get to this- cause we don't need too many of them here- just the faces of the terror- because your right we have our own home grown terror force via CSIS and JTF2

      Were the "Black Bloc" terrorists at the G20 real terrorists after all?

      No they weren't!
      Which is why Canada doesn't need to bring too many destabilizers in to wreak havoc- we have Canadians here highly paid and trained to do just hat

      I've written about them previously

      Last time regarding G20

      G and M article

    3. Great links. Had no idea you were all over this for so long already.

  3. Normally, when I want to see your blog I have to type in 'Penny for your thoughts blog' but now I just have to type 'Penny for your' and your blog comes up. Looks like you are getting popular!


      Ally, take a quick read. Exactly what I attempted to address the other day.

    2. Hi Ally:

      Google will take care of that.(Make my blog disappear) They have previously, but, thanks for letting me know that at least for now that's not the case

    3. Charles, thanks for the link. For once I agree with Nick Griffin. Remain is in the lead

  4. Penny,
    I read recently the US Government planned on accepting slightly over 2K refugees from Syria in 2016. An extremely small number for a nation of 300M plus citizens. So much for that accepting the poor and huddled masses. What garbage we are expected to accept. I like "Incoming's" suggestion of myanmar drug runners being part of the refugee group. The CIA's drug traffikers who help in the funding of their black and covert operations. Drugs, theivery and extortion with a few assasinations thrown in. What a wonderful country I reside in.
    On another note, if you do not believe WWIII is coming soon or at least war between NATO and Russia take a look at the ads on prime time TV. Military praising, praising our hero's, Military movies out of hollywood. Preparing the public for what is coming soon to your life. Sickening.

    1. Charles is right. War is coming and not just with Russia.

      CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell stated on CNN a 70% probability of war with China >

      The CFR has already even told you how the war is going to start unless their UN can stop it >

      "We are strongly committed to safeguarding the country's sovereignty and security, and defending our territorial integrity."

      Chinese President Xi Jinping

      "Provocations against Japan’s sovereign sea and land are continuing, but they must not be tolerated."

      Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

      The UNCLOS ruling will be out soon. Expect the fireworks to start shortly after they rule against China as they must.


      Anonymous, very interesting analysis from Mr. Orlov concerning the war to come. Worth a listen I believe. His thoughts about how the Russian people and Russia being "ready for war" are thought provoking. While the Russian citizenry prepares for and accepts what I think is inevitable, the mummies here in the land of the free and home of the timid go about their plastic spurred consumption in their little individual fiefdoms. Completely unconcerned, in their delusional existance. When the first hypersonic, nuclear tipped torpedo explodes in NYC harbor they might wake from their TV induced stupor?

    3. War is already here- And has been for a long time now.

      It's just not been officially announced
      The 'refugee' numbers have already surpassed ww2- that does imply the war is already larger then ww2, no?

      I understand what anon and Charles are saying is that things are going to get much worse.

      I shudder to contemplate it

    4. Charles,

      Russia has certainly been pushed to the brink by the NeoZioClowns running the show in Washington.

      Read this little CFR gem from 2006.

      By Keir A. Lieber and Daryl G. Press


      "For almost half a century, the world's most powerful nuclear states have been locked in a military stalemate known as mutual assured destruction (MAD). By the early 1960s, the nuclear arsenals of the United States and the Soviet Union had grown so large and sophisticated that neither country could entirely destroy the other's retaliatory force by launching first, even with a surprise attack. Starting a nuclear war was therefore tantamount to committing suicide."

      "This debate may now seem like ancient history, but it is actually more relevant than ever -- because the age of MAD is nearing an end. Today, for the first time in almost 50 years, the United States stands on the verge of attaining nuclear primacy. It will probably soon be possible for the United States to destroy the long-range nuclear arsenals of Russia or China with a first strike. This dramatic shift in the nuclear balance of power stems from a series of improvements in the United States' nuclear systems, the precipitous decline of Russia's arsenal, and the glacial pace of modernization of China's nuclear forces. Unless Washington's policies change or Moscow and Beijing take steps to increase the size and readiness of their forces, Russia and China -- and the rest of the world -- will live in the shadow of U.S. nuclear primacy for many years to come."

      The die has been cast. Whoever nukes first nukes best.

      Rest assured New York is one of Putin's targets as is Washington and military bases across the country and world too numerous to mention.

      Make no mistake, America will be devastated.

      Putin really has no choice in the matter as Kissinger was trying to explain. The anti-ballistic missile bases moved to Russia's borders in conjunction with the new force deployments to the Baltic states, Romania, Poland, Ukraine etc. virtually assure a Russian first strike at the onset of hostilities.

      While I believe there is much more to the story than this, unfortunately we both are in complete agreement on the outcome.

    5. Anonymous and Penny,
      Anon thanks for the info. The whole b.s. meme concerning "precipitous decline of Russia's arsenal" is a load of manure. Putin and russia's defense ministry have completely upgraded their capabilities across the board. In some arenas they have entirely surpassed the empire"s. Empire's reliance on floating ducks, large surface vessels and combat aircraft which perform below standard are one liability. Simply, the empire/NATO terrorist alliance do not possess vast superiority in missle technology and electroni /defense capabilities. The neocons and military are delusional when it comes to a first strike and quick destruction and submission of Russia, China and Iran.

    6. When speaking of war, I am inferring a hot war. Empire's war against Russia has been in the making and in action for seven decades.

    7. Charles,

      We are of course both speaking about global thermonuclear war.

      There is a good new interview with Chossudovsky at Corbett Report. Pay special attention to 14:00 on from the November 11th 2001 Wall Street banker buyout of China's financial system to the end at 18:00. The inevitability IS nuclear war as the processes that have been set in motion for decades finally bear their bitter fruit.

  5. Interesting.

    Steve Paikin on TVO last night was discussing the need for a permanent home nation for all of the world's refugees with esteemed Professor Cohen of Oxford University. Jason Buzi, a former Israeli citizen and humanitarian real estate developer who is very concerned about the refugee's plight, is looking for a country that will fit the bill. TVO fixture Janice Stein for some reason was not there although she hasn't been looking too well lately.

    Brazil now appears to be sending a message that they wish to absorb some of the millions of displaced mid-eastern refugees to help clean things up over there. Perhaps, as stated, they just want to shame America. Perhaps some politicians just want some UN money.

    "Just before he left office last month, former Justice Minister Eugênio Aragão gave a hopeful prognosis about Brazil’s capacity to shelter refugees. With international financial help, he said, Brazil could take “up to 100,000 Syrians, in groups of 20,000 a year.” Just last Thursday, Brazil's Foreign Ministry issued a statement reaffirming Brazil’s “willingness to continue collaborating, as it has in the past, by receiving immigrants in our territory."

    "Brazil has a chance to make a difference. If it were actually to back up Aragão’s pledge when a high-level meeting on international responsibility sharing takes place as the the UN General Assembly session in September, and commit and commit to resettling 100,000 Syrian refugees, it could shame powerful northern states -- that are not now doing their fair share -- to do more."

    1. Paiken is such an arse. Just the name of that show
      "The Agenda" It's so creepy- But, I'll have a look

    2. Don't look too long. It's mind numbingly stupid and you'll never get the wasted time back.

  6. Penny, they tried to assassinate the patriarch of the Syrian Orthodox Church the other day.
    Interesting info in paragraph 4 of earlier assassination

    Catholicos Patriarch of the Assyrian Church of the East in 1918

    assassinated in Iran by a Kurdish leader called Simko Shikak

  7. G'day Penny and Pilgrims,

    A hot war with Russia is certainly coming. Gog and Magog have conquered much of Palestine and they are desperate to finish the job and to implement their New World Order. Russia has thwarted them in Syria. Another irritation for the Jews is that the Russians have risen from the ashes twice already; first, following the Bolshevik (Khazarian Gog and Magog) genocide of 66 million Christian Russians in the 1917-53 period; and second, the repeat performance by Bolshevik oligarchs (again backed by Wall Street)in the 1990s. In that decade the Jews starved and caused the unnecessary deaths of millions of Russians.

    Gog and Magog know they are running out of time. Russia and China are orchestrating global political, financial, economic and military transformations that will eliminate the Judaic (Anglo-USraeli) Empire.

    Accordingly we can expect a short sharp war initiated by a False Flag event blaming Russia, after the coming NATO conference. It will be quick because Russia will respond to an attack by wacking the US and NATO decisively, as it has superior military technology across the board. It won't be a nuclear war because Russia has the ability to prevent any nukes penetrating its defences and hence it won't need to nuke anyone in return. However, both the US and Russia have more precise but devastating and effective weapons systems than nukes which will no doubt be used. But again, Russia is superior in those weapons systems as well as in more conventional weapons.

    Those most likely to suffer damage will be weapons systems operators and the locations that have been most vociferous in wanting war. Why? Because the universe is about to give the war mongers what they want. So be it.
    Peace and Blessings,