Thursday, October 20, 2016

Aleppo: Provisional Ceasefire via LiveSurveillance Cam and Drone Footage

 RT: Livestream videos from web cameras installed along ‘humanitarian corridors’ in Aleppo, as well as real time drone footage, are now available at Russia’s MoD website, providing a closer look at what is happening in the city amid a provisional ceasefire.

Online Monitoring in Aleppo City via Cam and Drone Live Streaming- Link to Russian Defence Ministry Site - English

Watching Kastello Road presently- the shadows are long indicating late afternoon early evening- Cars, vans and buses being checked.

You can also view the Masharka checkpoint.
There are, what appears to be, 3 views for each area.

SANA reporting: 
  -Some gunmen leave Aleppo eastern neighborhoods via Bustan al-Qassr corridor that was targeted by terrorists

Drone footage shows  lots of intact buildings..... interesting 

UPDATE: Army helicopters throw publications over eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo showing locations of corridors

The leafletting took place hours ago:

SANA reporter said that in coincidence with the beginning of the humanitarian pause at 08:00 am today, helicopters of the Syrian Army threw hundreds of thousands of publications on the eastern neighborhoods showing the locations of the humanitarian corridors for the exit of civilians, whose number is six in addition to two more routes for the exit of gunmen.
The reporter clarified that the publications included instructions for a safe exit and calls upon the gunmen to seize the chance of either having their legal files settled or leaving, in addition to providing help to those who want to leave.
08:00 Syrian time would have been midnight (Thursday) EST
It's 10:46 am EST, as this sentence is typed, and it is surely nightfall in Syria now.
 Sputnik is reporting that NATO's terrorists openfire on civilians wanting to leave

 "Some 2,000 – 2,500 civilians who wanted to use the corridors and flee eastern Aleppo gathered in Bustan al-Qasr. Al-Nusra [Front] militants opened fire and did not allow them to leave. Several people were wounded," the source said.

 Earlier, Aleppo residents told RIA Novosti that Jabhat Fatah al-Sham terrorist group formerly known as al-Nusra Front threatened to shoot Syrian civilians planning to leave eastern Aleppo through six allocated humanitarian corridors.


  1. “Those who want to hamper Turkey’s involvement in the Mosul operation are the ones who are uneasy because we spoiled the game in Syria,” Erdoğan said.

    Shiite militias say will support Iraqi army offensive on Mosul.

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