Friday, October 14, 2016

Assad's Entire Interview With Russia’s Komsomolskaya VIDEO

 40 minutes- link


  1. I read a little of it earlier at Moscow Times.
    of note
    ex-UN guy claims they have as 'much evidence against Assad as they did at Nuremberg ' which is hearsay and faked documents

    Turkey's US ambassador Bass
    “Seeing the israeli energy minister here today with the Turkish energy minister, talking about collaborative projects that will benefit both economies is an indicator of how energy can help promote peace and stability. We strongly support achieving those objectives,” Bass told Anadolu Agency on the sidelines of the World Energy Congress (WEC)

    hows that for a lie beyond comprehension ?

    1. energy as a promoter of peace and stability?

      yup, that's a lie cause energy is definitely a big cause of war!

      And that coming from the US Ambassador too!
      thinking of Ambassadors being little more then spooks

    2. It was the us that fell out with turkey and it's aggressive push into kurdistan led by genel. 2013 or so us was doign shuttle diplomacy as it was backing lng slash Cyprus.about that time Russia ccut a deal with Israel. Notable the Russians moved into Egypt in wake of the massive Eni megafield whiccch could change the Israeli equation. Lebanon redux but ggivven size lot more risk especially with the latest isis debut in Algeria? Russia port rumors 3 2 1

      Assad granted Russia exclusive easternn med offshore. Greece just got on board turkstream. If you go back to 2013 turkey talked in similar terms about serving as an energy hub. Talk of the Persian pipe popping up. And there is even talk of burgas comeback thouggh the Bulgaria dust up over the un probably meas no succh eu backing.

      Lebanon offshore remains the engine that will not run over as weapons get dumped militias form and elections go nnowhere.

    3. And now it's Russian anti air defenses back then it was chinese

    4. "It was the us that fell out with turkey and it's aggressive push into kurdistan led by genel"

      I would agree with that. It was the US that betrayed Turkey

  2. karin
    did you listen to the interview yet?
    I'm listening presently to every word being spoken
    and I mean every word

    1. just watched and listened, but had a hard time understanding different parts.
      Found the transcript at Syria Gov News site

      President Assad interview full text

      will read it tonight :)

    2. hey karin
      that's what I was working on the transcript (spacing it all nicely) and my impressions.. and then it was gone

    3. well, I found even the 'transcript' to be lacking, however it's very understandable that this is true.
      You have a Russian speaking English and A Syrian speaking English. Neither in their native tongue.

      It got really interesting to me personally at the end..around #10 or better #11 area questions (if you want to call them that ) :)
      I'll share more of why later, as I'm checking news out and about now.
      Erdogan going more Sultan every day.
      Fars says source in Iraq volunteer troops claims all Prep for Mosul is done, just waiting for a Go CAll.

      I'm sorry about your work being lost. Has to be frustrating even to someone like yourself who has done blogging for long period of time.
      Wasted energy is a thing I hate
      I appreciate all your efforts, Penny. I hope you know that

    4. thanks karin- glad you appreciate my effort :)
      and yes it's very frustrating :(
      - working on something shorter because assad made statements I found most interesting

  3. ...ex-UN guy claims they have as 'much evidence against Assad as they did at Nuremberg ' which is hearsay and faked documents

    Did they also apply pliers to the men's testicles to get that 'evidence?'

    Hey, has anyone heard or seen anything about the Syrian White Helmets since the Nobel PP was announced?

    1. Hi Greg
      they are still around- there was yet another crying child this week featured by them..

  4. Grrr- had been working on more for the above post and lost it all that is so annoying!!!!

  5. Hey Penny...

    Just dropping by. Saw the video first on NTS and like you, I soaked up every word. See my comment posted to NTS and I double it here. I just want to thank my truth friends north of one of the ponds. And to be all remind me of the spunky interviewer and President Assad together in bringing out the truth in this horrible debacle. I loved it. Here's wishing, hoping, praying for Syria and her beloved to be truly Liberated from the West/Israel/SA and that they can somehow pick up the pieces to restore their lives. I was most interested in hearing President Assad's analogies concerning how (on earth) to keep balance. An amazing human being. Can you imagine having a president like that? Also he (Assad) answered a question that was pressing me...and that was the fact that not all Syrian Kurds "support" a Kurdistan (because they consider themselves Syrian). That confirms the whole fraud for Israel 2.0. The truth is that divide/rule doesn't work with Syrian's. (A big Halleluyah). Also the fact that they liken Assad to the propaganda of Hitler is confirmation of the Jew Holocaust LIE. So much came out of this interview...and if American's don't come to their senses, then they have willfully decided not to and therefore will reap the consequences they enable from here on out. The Grace that Assad demonstrates is utterly amazing.

    Take care and thank you :) again.

    1. hello, wildflower :)
      The Syrian people are the jewel of the Middle East, and one thing Assad affirmed to me toward the end was that they are NOT arabs. This fact so few people realize. The Arab culture, intellect, and temperament is foreign to the Syrians.
      They are ancient and unique, never losing sight of their obligation to take care of the history, holy sites, and archaeology that defines who they are,and the are a proud people.

      An interesting aside. I saw an interview w/ hillary clinton and james baker few years back ( probably on youtube still today). Baker said Assad's father was the hardest negotiator he ever had to deal with. (Baker is old military + neocon) He claimed Assad's father could debate for hours and never tire. :)
      His son is the spitting image of his Dad.

    2. wallflower taking care and thank you for reading :)
      and commenting :)

    3. hey karin

      wow karin, I didn't know Bashar looked like his Dad..
      though I haven't seen images in a while
      I'm going to look again

    4. Penny, no. I was talking about his way of negotiating and dissecting questions to the lowest common denominator. He is very precise.
      That's what I meant by "spitting image" :)

  6. rouge k...

    Please forgive...I'm just now seeing your comment. Thank you for giving more understanding about Syrian people. It reminds me of Iran too. I also keep in mind the large Palestinian refugee community (now fighting with the Syrian Gov.) and the dual nationality they hold. I am grateful that Assad and the Syrian people help them and do continue to hope for their liberation soon. It's like sitting on the edge of a chair all the time without having any power to change things for the better. I have done what I can here in the US to be separated from the Gov and all of its memes. All I can do is pray and cheer when justice is showing up in bits. About Assad's father...I recently listened to him in a video:
    1982 Hafez Al Assad Speech About the Muslim Brotherhood.wmv

    He reminded me of President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela in standing strong and voicing the truth against the US/Israel/NATO cabal. Honorable man.

    I also just saw last night a video from Iran that was blatant propaganda to get people to rise up against the Government:
    Iranian Zoroastrian Villagers Speak about Social & Political Dilemmas روستای زرتشتی نشین ابیانه

    Even though it is (seemingly) about is about coming against "those wearing black"...and the Gov. Very sneaky indeed...and it makes me understand how this evil starts the wedge that causes divide. It is the hallmark of Israel/US/NATO cabal and their SOP of chaos. Take care.

    1. The Palestine people, and the Syrian people are really the same people. Assyria was very large long ago. They are as one.

      Iran has changed very much in the years I have been watching their politics and situation.I grew to feel that those who are at the top have completely different agenda than before.
      I will admit to not liking the present administration very much. I don't trust them, but it's just a feeling I have, and can't honestly show you or anyone a particular truth to illustrate.

      The drug addiction in Iran, is just as it is in Russia. Used as a tool, smuggled into the country and used against the whole society. It eats like a parasite at the whole fabric of their lives.
      Afghanistan is horrible now.. thousands upon thousands of walking dead. Such a progressive, educated ancient peoples brought to that end.

      Filthy, Horrible things that call themselves elite and are forming their Global One World Rule along w/ all their slithering puppets should be destroyed.
      What they have planned in the Middle East will be as bad or worse than Bolsheviks.
      The 'elite' of a certain tribe have two remaining goals. Kill all Christians and then Kill all Whites.
      not necessarily in that order.

      I'm 70 years old in Nov. and I'm glad my life is nearly over. It's about the only good luck I have ever had. I'll fight them until the end in any way I can.