Sunday, October 9, 2016

Brand Trudeau & Regime Revoking Canadian Citizenship At Higher Rates Then Harper

Yup, Trudeau is nothing more then a brand! He's not a leader therefore he should not be followed. He's not an intellectual. He is a BRAND.  The Trudeau campaign and the creation of brand Trudeau was done by the same PR firm used by the Obama campaign. Featuring much of the same memes. Sadly, Canadians swallowed it hook, line and sinker
 "A brand is a set of marketing and communication methods that help to distinguish a company from competitors and create a lasting impression in the minds of customers. The key components that form a brand's toolbox include a brand's identity, brand communication (such as by logos and trademarks), brand awareness, brand loyalty, and various branding (brand management) strategies"
Brand Trudeau is marketed as hip. Virile. Popular, globally. A fresh face. He takes selfies. He appears approachable. He is a comic book character. His likeness appears on clothing. He is 'chivalrous' A night in shining armour
He was marketed to the shallow, narcissistic younger voters. He appeals to the superficial and the celebrity worship crowd. 

Might as well be Molson Canadian- It's all branding
When Trudeau first won, I suggested he was going to tear this country apart

Canada Saw Red

 Trudeau will divide this country, same as Harper did, just in a different manner.

We will suffocate under political correctness. We already did under Harper, but, it will get so much worse under Trudeau. Free speech will be further restricted
 Canada's involvement in wars and destruction will be presented as R2P

*Trudeau will do nothing about the TPP
The more things change. The more they are exactly the same. 
Oh and smart money says we will still cater to Israel!

Will I be proven wrong? Highly doubtful.
A brief recap of Brand Trudeau's accomplishments

 Today we see a Trudeau  that is divisive- He is pushing PC to the nth degree. He plays identity politics. Pitting Canadians against one another.  He continued and expanded the refugee program in a nation with high unemployment and has caused a huge jump in food bank dependency because of the 'refugee' influx.  Influx of Syrian refugees helps drive rise in use of food banks  Or  Syrian refugees using foodbanks because of 'cultural element' says immigration minister  "Senator says income support not enough, driving refugees to food banks to feed large families"

Charity begins at home- and we have poor, homeless Canadians- I've witnessed this summer a homeless middle age white woman. She is shoeless, deeply tanned from being outside all day long- She sleeps in the park in the centre of my small  home city- She totes all her belongings in a jerry rigged pull cart. Winter is coming soon. I will leave some warm socks and a scarf  in her area of living. She isn't Syrian, so not one politician gives a hoot about her! Not one.  Canadian politicians don't concern themselves with the tragic lives of  Canadian people, rather, they heap disdain on them and encourage others to do the same! 

Canada is deeply involved in the ME wars for humanitarian reasons, of course- My prognostications have already shown themselves to be accurate. 

Brand Trudeau's 'good works'

Trudeau-bama reassures Bibi- 
Trudeau-bama to promote TPP- Not a Hope in Hell for Real Change
Obama (Me) speaks for Trudeau-bama (Mini-Me) & all of Canada
Canada's PM- The Greatest Embarassement
PM "no combat" Trudeau- Shoot em first. Let God sort them out "Hostile Intent"

Brand Trudeau- Marvel Comics
 Now the latest:

Trudeau government revoking citizenship at much higher rate than Conservatives

The Trudeau government used powers granted by the Harper government's controversial citizenship law to make 184 revocation decisions without legal hearings between November 2015 and the end of August. About 90 per cent of the decisions resulted in a negative finding and the loss of a person's citizenship.
The numbers show that the Trudeau government has used the law far more aggressively than the Harper government itself.
But in a Federal Court filing late Friday, the government said it would not grant a moratorium on revocation cases, and added that claims by some that the system was revoking large numbers of citizenship are speculative.
Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau made the sanctity of citizenship an issue in last year's federal election.
"A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian," Trudeau said in a leaders' debate three weeks before storming to victory.
He used it to dress down Stephen Harper for passing Bill C-24, a law that aimed to strip dual citizens of their Canadian passports if they were convicted of crimes of terrorism, treason or espionage against Canada, or took up arms against Canada.

Revocations increase as Trudeau takes office

Although the powers being used come from a law passed by Stephen Harper's Conservatives, the law has been used much more aggressively under Trudeau.
In the first full month of the law's operation, June 2015, only three revocation decisions were made. None were made in July or August, two in September and two more in October.
The Trudeau cabinet was sworn in on Nov. 4, 2015. That month saw 21 revocation decisions. The following month there were 59. The year 2016 averaged 13 decisions a month up to Aug. 31, the latest data CBC News has been able to obtain.
The monthly average under the Harper government from 2013 to 2015 was only 2.4 cases a month, some under the auspices of C-24 and some under rules that existed previously.

Monsef case an uncomfortable parallel

But lawyers representing some citizens targeted for revocation say they're seeing cases that don't fit that frame.
The B.C. Civil Liberties Association says those targeted for revocation include at least two young adults who came to Canada as infants, grew up in the country and have broken no laws, but who are now being stripped of citizenship because the government says one of their parents misrepresented facts on their original application years ago.
In one case, a young man who arrived in Canada at nine months of age said he has been issued with a notice of revocation because his father had failed to report a criminal conviction in his country of origin when the family immigrated to Canada.
 You can read the rest of this article at the link provided

The Liberals were always going to be the spoonful of sugar needed to alleviate the foul taste of the bad medicine they were set to deliver to Canada


  1. Trudeau is also quite popular here-seen as 'cool' and 'hip'. Canadian leaders are no different to other leaders across the world. Using identity politics and memes to further their same globalist/ warmongering agenda. Where is the world going?
    Cooperation between Turkey and Malaysia. Note that Rouhani went to Malaysia a few days ago:

    What is going on between Iraq and Turkey? Iraq wants the troops out, KRG wants them in. Shouldn't Turkey be on Iraq's side and why is Iraq asking them to leave when there are so many other countries there too?

    1. Ally: quickly Turkey doesn't want Mosul to fall to the Kurds- there trying to have influence...

      It's not Iraq that wants Turkey out
      It's the US/NATO/Israel- Iraq's puppet leader is just doing as he must- or he'll have green zone protests and perhaps be assassinated

  2. Good reality check on Trudeau Jr., Penny. As Syria President Bashar al Assad said in a recent interview, a lot of the world's problems today can be traced back to a vacuum of "statecraft" in the West (particularly the US, but it also applies to Canada). Statecraft of course only applies if you have a sovereign state. Vassals aren't allowed to practice statecraft. They follow orders.

    1. He is not here to save Canada
      He is her to destroy it


    Sorry for all the links. Just looking through a Kurdish newspaper for interesting newspapers. I have become quite obsessed with the ME in recent times.

    1. Ally- I've had a heck of a day
      but, tomorrow I'm going to read those- you can be sure of that!

  4. Hey Penny,
    I wanted to send you this link obtained from top link sent by Ally.
    Rojava: US Establishes News Military Base Near Kobani
    The base will be used to train PYD forces and provide them with military advisory

    **I'm sure you can read through the lines just as I did.**
    (Is there any wonder why the rush to create a Kurdistan?) This is why Russia is permanently keeping his presence in Syria. And this is why Erdogan is adamant about stopping it from happening as he has stated. It would seem (and maybe I am late on this) that the Syrian Kurds are also trying to make this happen and makes clear the ISIS alias. What are your thoughts?

    1. is another one.
      The Region’s Two Triangles and the Future of the Kurds

      After reading this (and between the lines)...I now see the parallel of the reason and outcome of WWII which was to make the state of Israel.
      And the parallel now is to make the state of Kurdistan. Here is who authors this article:
      by: Saman Shali, Ph.D., former President of Kurdish National Congress in North America (KNC)

      Once again at the cost of so much spilled blood...this is the whole reason (and I believe it's also the alias for greater Israel) that the Kurds (or Jews) have attempted to propagandize a war for their own agenda using the US/EU as a bargaining exchange, creating terrorists groups to come against Assad, growing war in Iraq (where Israel is getting most of their oil), and hence the future stronghold against Iran.
      [" In the last few months the Kurds in Iran have begun an armed struggle against the Islamic Republic of Iran."]


      ["For the Kurds to be a major player in the region, it must gain the trust and respect of the United States and Europe. The Kurds must therefore work on the above points in order to become an independent a regional power in their own right in the region."]

    2. wallflower:

      "After reading this (and between the lines)...I now see the parallel of the reason and outcome of WWII which was to make the state of Israel.
      And the parallel now is to make the state of Kurdistan. "

      I've been going on and on about how the creation of Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0 is so very similar to the creation of Israel...

      And all I took for it was flak and lots of it!

      Not sure how long you've been reading here but hopefully your familiar with my kurdishis theory and the obvious symbiosis between the two, which could be seen plainly and clearly by looking at a map of land grabbed by ISIS and the map of 'greater Kurdistan' and lo and behold the maps line up- It was that obvious.

      Plus the fact that ISIS operates almost entirely to the advantage of the Kurds..

      there must be 200 posts here on the topic over years and years

    3. Wow! No I haven't read them...but surely will now. This sure does confirm everything doesn't it? Thank you so much. Yes I am a little late on the scene of Kurdistan/Kurds and the connection to Israel...but at Blast I see the light now. Just Wow.. And I thank Ally too for her links led me there. It also leads me to see the topple of Erdogan for Gulen in this also. How great is evil...

  5. I noted the start of Brand Trudeau when he was born. Not a joke, I commented upon this using different terminology at the time. I grew up in a home that revered his father ~ but the fact he was marketed by the same company that marketed Obama does not surprise me in the least. Both came into office as empty suits ...... although Trusty Justy had the "name brand" already in place at his coronation. Both men are empty mouthpieces for TPTB. ANYONE who things Canada has a hope with any of our current "leadership" is an absolute fool. Read that and weep Elizabeth May.

  6. I feel so mush better knowing my neighbors north of me in Calif. have the same shitty govt. hacks running it. I'm sure your health care will become obomber care soon. Then with more austerity to follow. Your Welcome from Amerika;)