Thursday, October 27, 2016

Conveniently: ISIS Plotting External Attacks “against the west” from within Raqqa, Syria

Oh, really?  ISIS plotting an "external attack, against the west" from Raqqa?

Reality Check: 

The US wants to attack Raqqa. They’ve been preparing for an attack.  Turkey has been problematic in this attack plan due to the FACT, yes the fact, they are not interested in having a destabilizing terror state on their southern border called Rojova.

Cui Bono?

- So, an external ISIS attack on 'the west' ???
- Excuse for desired attack on Raqqa
- It would enable the US/NATO/Israel to get around the troubles with Turkey..
- Get the masses on board. Fear is such an effective motivator- Irrational fearful masses are elite malleable.
-Advance the remake the middle east /north africa agenda

How is the west defined in the news? Of course, it isn't.

Obviously this narrative makes me suspicious- It reads like a set up for some impending plot

The Islamic State militant group (ISIS) is plotting “external” attacks against the West from the Syrian city of Raqqa, according to the commander of the U.S.-led anti-ISIS coalition.

"We know they’re up to something, and it’s an external plot,” Townsend told reporters at the Pentagon, speaking from Baghdad, AP reported. “We know this plot-and-planning is emanating from Raqqa. We think we’ve got to get to Raqqa pretty soon,” said Townsend, declining to give a specific timeline.

Warning of ISIS Plots Against West, U.S. Plans Assault on Raqqa
The fight to retake Raqqa, the Syrian city that serves as the capital of the Islamic State, must begin soon — within weeks — to disrupt planning believed to be underway there to stage terrorist attacks on the West, senior Defense Department and military officials said on Wednesday.

Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend, the top American military commander in Iraq, declined to name a specific threat against Western targets emanating from Raqqa, but described a “sense of urgency.” He said it was imperative that operations to isolate the city begin soon to prevent attacks on the West that could be launched or planned from the militants’ capital.

In announcing that the fight to retake Raqqa is imminent, American officials are sweeping aside objections from Turkey
Sweeping aside objections from a long time ally? Of course. 

If an attack takes place ‘in the west’???
Watch for Turkey to get spin doctored, to the masses, for allegedly impeding the desired attack on Raqqa and causing/allowing the terror attack. Bad Turkey. That presentation will be promoted so the campaign of remaking the middle east can move into Turkey...

Updated because I had wanted to relink:

NATO-Run Safe Zones Could Stabilize Syria- Invoke Article 5- US Election Unaffected


  1. Once the US presidential elections on November 8 are wrapped up, Moscow intends to offer Washington a joint plan aimed at tackling IS (terror group, outlawed in Russia) militants in the Syrian city of Raqqa, Izvestia writes with reference to a source in Russian foreign policy circles


    Part of the Russian backed federation plan after the story about free hand in Aleppo?

    1. "Russia is ready to cooperate with the United States in the Raqqa operation"

      thought I read somewhere today that the US does not want Russia involved in raqqa at all?

      " The United States will not need any Russian support to take Raqqa from ISIS, and will only work with the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)"

      RT was reporting the same news

  2. Russia Iran and Syria Meeting ?

    Today: Russian Caspian Flotilla ships Tatarstan and Grad Sviyazhsk have returned to their home base in Makhachkala from a voyage, during which they visited the ports of Kazakhstan and Iran

    October 2015:

    August 2015
    Two Russian warships have docked in northern Iran

    July 2015
    Iran's Quds Force leader traveled to Moscow in violation of U.N. sanctions, official says

  3. Cynicism on par Penny...hole in one. It also confirms a false flag somewhere over the western rainbow. Funny that. (Funny as described in confidence of the narrative.) Penny you are training and honing your readers to the 'Funny'...and I laugh when you always say "Oh really?" :)

    Imagine having the telepathy of knowing ISIS plans.

    Go girl...

    1. Wallflower is right. Wonder where the next Isis terror attack will be. Maybe in the UK to slow down Brexit? Or in France so they can extend the state of emergency. And thanks for your suggestions in your previous comments. I will definitely read up on him and some of his work. You should check out Michael Parenti. Just a bit about Isis in Iran:

    2. Thanks wallflower! Gotta have some fun in amongst the gloom and doom

      There is one false flag potential that scares me..
      Not that every single one of them don't

      If somehow ISIS manages to skirt past the Kurds at the Mosul dam.. and cause it to fail

      It's not farfetched because "ISIS" managed to get past the Kurds in Kirkuk and cause a temporary kerfuffle- Coincidentally it was a power plant

      And wait for my next post- You'll be very interested to know what party was identified as ISIS- long time readers here will not be surprised, but, newer readers might!

    3. Penny for your thoughts...?

    4. The Kurds are Israeli loyalists. Barzani too, BUT, and this is important Barzani is on his way out the door- There is much conflict between the Kurds- Barzani is not loved by all- there is conflict between them KDP and the Gorran/PUK party

      hit the kurd label at the bottom of the posts and you can read about the conflict between these parties

      Gorran's leader was in the UK getting groomed for leadership for quite some time

      The one unifier is the PKK- it cuts across the boundaries of all the nations- it is no friend of Turkey, Syria or Iran

      Barzani and Erdogan had good relations- this annoyed the PKK to no end

      The Kurds are not 'one blob' to quote Ally
      They are not unified. Not at all
      The PKK has been employed by NATO to unify them- by force and tyranny

  4. Abdullah
    Yes Penny. 'Perception management'. A brilliant couple of words you use to describe their dark propaganda and the potentialy impending attack to reshape the region in their interests. Also known as deception. We Muslims believe the chief mastermind of the zionist hierarchy is the false messiah, known also as the great deciever. In occult teminology known as names like 'lucifer', 'Baal' etc. Their aim is to dominate the world from Jerusalem whether by the hook or crook. That is why all freemasonic halls are dressed in Solomon's Temple. They want to restore the great Solomon's kingdom in their image hence their perverted and corrupted dogma as illustrated in their Talmud and Zohar and even Old Testament traditions. They turned the divine law on its head which is precisely why the noble Jesus challenged their perversion and exploitation with bold righteous indignation. However, in the divine wisdom as the Quran declares they did not succeed in killing the great master and teacher but that he raised him and will then descend at that moment when they think they will have achieved their unholy, tyrannical and deceptive global agenda only to realise they were in fact the most fooled and exploited by their satanic mastermind and protogonists. Their horrendous fate will be thus sealed at the hands of Jesus, the true messiah, with a small army of true Muslims. Jesus will then lead the remaining world from Jerusalem in a most glorious period until his life will also be completed. True Christians, preceding this final victory will play their part too as seems to be manifesting with Russia (Orthodoxy) currently. Many tribulations will prevail preceding this divine victory and as humans we need to safeguard our own conscience and soul and persevere for truth and righteousness as against falling into the pit of mesmerising deception. A great test indeed that will validate a sense of purity for those always persisting with the good fight internally and externally. I apologise for being off topic but felt a certain viewpoint would enhance broader understanding.

    Along the lines of this perspective I hope listeners will listen to Sheikh Imran Hosein's, Jerusalem in the Quran available on You Tube Or even better to purchase the same titled book. An invaluable read.

    1. Imran Hosein is good. I shares his article about the Turkey coup with Penny a few days ago.

    2. Hello Ally. Imran Hosein offers a breathtaking view of Islamic eschatology, a subject with a wealth of wisdom and knowledge unbeknownst to many and that is why I feel it's promotion is invaluable. The sheikh does feel the Turkish rapprochement is a Trojan horse but even the best can miscalculate. I value Penny's discernment and hope it is a genuine rapprochement which I feel is prevalent amongst the good Turkish people and in the surrounding regions who do see Nato and its Zionist leadership for what they are and plan for.

      It may not come in the way we see it but an eventual victory (as seems to be prophesied) of Constantinople between Muslims and orthodox Christianity (in this context Russia is spearheading and has been referred to as the third Rome) is correctly identified, particularly, as this mutual alignment would initiate a most vital strategic alliance in the opening of the bosphorus for the Russian navy in what may inevitably become an existential threat to both in light of Zionist designs.

    3. Ally and Abdullah-

      I will look for that on You tube and listen to it- I like audio for listening while I work

      And thanks for all the background

      Regarding: "The sheikh does feel the Turkish rapprochement is a Trojan horse but even the best can miscalculate. I value Penny's discernment and hope it is a genuine rapprochement which I feel is prevalent amongst the good Turkish people and in the surrounding regions who do see Nato and its Zionist leadership for what they are and plan for.

      It's understandable why the sheikh feels the rapprochement is a trojan horse. And I truly do hope my judgement is correct in this regard.

      Turkey has a great deal to lose right about now-
      There are people on line who claim they support ISIS and I used to believe that too- not anymore

      There are people that believe that Turkey's border is porous but ignore the wall being built and the fact that ngo's are always hitting out at Turkey for their closed border policy regarding refugees- saw an article just the other day about this- never mind the consistent attacks at the Syrian/Turkish border against border guards etc.,

      And so much more.

      As always when it comes to the ordinary Turks- they just want to go about their lives, raise families, tend gardens and share joy
      Like all the rest of us

      Not enough people talking about what is going on- which is a remake of this area.. Sometimes I feel quite alone in my stance But am glad for all those who participate here because I know I'm not really alone in my views :)

    4. That Turkish Islamic cult leader Harun Yahyahas talked a bit about the remake of the ME in relation to Saudi Arabia:

  5. Penny...

    Just found this:

    1. And heads up:

      ["A day after reports NATO was soliciting even more ground troops for their deployment into Eastern Europe, officials are reporting “progress” in recruiting more troops from more member nations to participate in the deployment, intended to be around 40,000 troops along the Baltic states, near Russia’s border."]

    2. Always thought they would be- wallflower see my latest post and share some thoughts ?

    3. Czech, bulgaria