Thursday, October 6, 2016

George Soros as Jabba the Hutt- Hissing his Disapproval

I started out writing this post in the usual manner.
But, as I was looking at the picture of George Soros, a certain familiarity came through and then it hit me...........He looks like Jabba the Hutt from Star Wars!

Maybe it's just me, but, that aha moment changed the way this post was being done
Oh sure it still has George's hissing, (to express disapproval or contempt by making this sound) but, I'll post a bit of info and a pic on Jabba also.
 Jabba and George have much in common besides appearance.

Soros slams Putin
George the Soros

Jabba the Hutt
Jabba the Hutt:  Employs a retinue of criminals, bounty hunters, smugglers, assassins and bodyguards to operate his criminal empire.

So does George the Soros! Empty headed NGO stooges, armed thugs, body guards and worse to operate his criminal empire

Jabba the Hutt: Has host of entertainers at his disposal at his palace: slaves, droids and alien creatures.
So, does George Soros! He too has entertainers at his disposal- Think Leonard Di Caprio or Bono.
Slaves, well those are his NGO minions- same as droids. And he has all sorts of 'aliens' he uses too!

Jabba the Hutt:  has a grim sense of humor, an insatiable appetite, and affinities for gambling, slave girls, and torture.
George Soros? Well, let's put it this way..he's one of the elites and they are known to be a sick twisted and perverted lot- so....  couldn't put it past him.

George the Soros is upset:
Soros is no stranger to geopolitics and has used to his Open Society Foundations (OSF) to fund a range of programs around the world. In September, Soros announced that he would invest up to $500 million in programs and companies benefiting migrants and refugees fleeing life-threatening situations.

He isn’t doing that out of concern. His entire “open society” foundation is intended to create the exploitative global slave farm. Where you and I are open for predation. Open for disposal. Open for destruction. Open for exploitation. Open for living a life of servitude with no family ties to impede our servitude.

In his statement Thursday, the investor said that Russian planes were bombing the civilian population of Aleppo to assist Syrian government forces on the ground.

"President Putin is moving aggressively to exploit the four months between now and the January 20 U.S. presidential inauguration, based on a callous political calculation," he added in the statement.

"I appeal to the people of Russia, Europe, and the rest of the world not to stand idly by, but to spread the word and voice their outrage. An outpouring of public opinion could induce President Putin to put an end to his heinous crimes against humanity."

I would appeal to the people of the globe to end the many heinous crimes against humanity George Soros, is involved in. His blatant exploitation of marginalized persons employing them in a  further fracturing of society, power struggle (Black Lives Matter)  his divide to conquer, his overthrowing of elected governments to bring technocratic regimes into power to cause more poverty, division, abuses. (Ukraine) He is the very evil  he attributes to others!

Russia has previously banned pro-democracy charities founded by Soros, including the OSF, saying the organization posed a threat to both state security and the Russian constitution.

Good for Russia for banning his pro demoncratic charity!

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