Thursday, October 20, 2016

Mosul Attack “Faster then Planned”

*Mosul attack faster than planned: Iraq PM
The offensive to seize back Mosul from Islamic State is going faster than planned, according to Iraq's prime minister, as Iraqi and Kurdish forces launched a new military operation to clear villages on the city's outskirts.
*Iraq PM hails swift progress of Mosul offensive

*Mosul Operation Advancing 'More Quickly' Than Expected, Iraqi Prime Minister Says

*Independent- ISIS Retreats as Army Gains Faster then Expected

In some places the US-backed Iraqi coalition is just four miles away from outskirts of Isis-held city following three days of heavy fighting- SPIN
The long-anticipated offensive to free the city of Mosul from Isis is going faster than planned, Iraqi prime minister Haider al-Abadi has said, as the country's elite special forces were deployed in the fight for the first time.

“The forces are pushing towards the town more quickly than we thought and more quickly than we had programmed,” Mr al-Abadi said via satlink to representatives of several Middle Eastern and Western countries gathered in Paris on Thursday to discuss Iraq’s future.


Taking Mosul "So far this is easier then Fallujah" What Comes After Will Be Worse, For Iraq.


 Tuesday -

Mosul- Difficult Fight? Already Ahead of Schedule?


Monday -

The Battle for Mosul Has Begun?

"Surely the US will want to wrap it up by the end of the month or beginning of November at the latest ?
In time for Hillary to crow about the victory?
In time for Obama to end his presidential term on a positive note for the history books?
We'll have to see how this plays out for the US election and Obama's legacy."
One wonders about the situation the Iraqi forces may be being led into?

From Earlier:

Aleppo: Provisional Ceasefire via LiveSurveillance Cam and Drone Footage



    1. Ally: I would say there is definitely a falling out in the offing? Perhaps if the US can't get the man they appear to be prepping for leadership in.

      Perhaps a coup?

      ISIS has attacked Saudi Arabia already.

      Did you notice the NYT's article left here by an anonymous commenter- I printed it up and read it

      And it was worth reading entirely

      It surely appears the US is grooming a more pliable leader for Saudi Arabia- It's hard to believe their leadership is not already soooo... pliable, as to need any more softening- but this young prince.. who joined with the US attack on Yemen without consulting others in the government- Has groomed for leadership- not by the Saudi's- written all over him.
      However.... it seems another party can see the writing on the wall- so who will usurp who?
      Or is there still another playing waiting in the wings?

  2. Wish you are all well and in good spirits. My first ever comment Penny. I have been reading your blog now for about two months. I admire the independence of thought here and the attempt at objectivity. I find your observations pretty erudite which differs somewhat from even other Alt media. I appreciate the contribution of your regular commentators too. Well done and I will try to learn and contribute if possible. MSM are reporting Kurdish and Iraqi Special forces along with American forces are spearheading this campaign. Can anyone here shed light on who the Iraqi Special forces are? Do you surmise as Willy Lomas does that they are Shia militia/Death Squads. I cannot imagine many Sunni's are significant in this push as Mosul is traditionally and historically a Sunni Arab heartland. It seems they are being decimated as both entities above have a common objective here for their own ambitious interests. Not just are these players under coalition guidance but are just as eager violently uprooting historical and traditional demographics. ISIS as you say being the smoke and mirrors. This is heart wrenching if correctly observed. What explains Shia hostility towards the coalition in Syria but acquiescence in Iraq. Can anyone shed light on this.

    1. Hi Abdullah!

      I'm well but a bit tired- I'm glad you decided to comment :)

      Independence of thought? I strive for it.

      You may have seen me say 'this is my think tank' and I'm runnin' it as I see fit. Not that I'm intolerant, everyone can think there own thoughts too- that's good

      I'm a stickler for verifiable information- which means it's got to be verified to my standards- which are fairly tough- I like full quotes, in context- multiple sourcing- narratives that sync or make sense.

      There are very good commenters here- not name callers- which is great!!!!

      Hope you do contribute when you can!

      Iraqi special forces- Not sure who they are but would assume some of them are Shia.

      Given that Iraq is majority Shia nation -

      Do I think they are shia militia death squads?
      I don't necessarily think they are, but, they could be!

      If Mosul is traditionally Sunni and Arab, if I am recalling correctly I think it is. (You are saying as much yourself) - It would seem Sunni Arabs would have the biggest interest in reclaiming Mosul

      This is what is being promoted by Turkey, with it's involvement with Sunni fighters

      Abadi is having a problem with this- Abadi has Sadr (shia) putting his feet to the fire

      Saw Sadr had his adherents protesting outside of Turkey's embassy in Baghdad (pressure/ PR tactic)

      Then you have the Kurds- who are Sunni- but not Arab. They claim Mosul is theirs- Not sure how they come to this conclusion? Kurds are heavily backed by NATO

      Then you have Israeli interests- Yup, they're involved also.

      " Not just are these players under coalition guidance but are just as eager violently uprooting historical and traditional demographics

      Absolutely this is uprooting the historical and traditional demographics
      After all the middle east is being remade.
      ISIS being the cover for that remake
      Israel being the biggest beneficiary in the region
      NATO being the global beneficiary of the remake

      "What explains Shia hostility towards the coalition in Syria but acquiescence in Iraq"

      Not quite sure what you mean when you say this?
      Do you mean PM Abadi?
      Or something else?
      Can you clarify and then maybe myself for someone else can assist?

      PS: I'll have to stop over at Willy's and see what he's been writing about lately

      Bye for now :)

  3. What explains Shia hostility towards the coalition in Syria but acquiescence in Iraq

    Iran thru the PMU have accepted the USA lead role in the battle for Mosul, why?


    "While dramatic, in many ways this story is an oversimplification. To begin with, the Hashd, or Popular Mobilization Units (PMU), comprise about forty groups with slightly differing agendas. This open-tent diversity has given the Hashd raw strength in numbers. But as Moqtada al-Sadr’s Hashd look set to clash with Iran-backed groups, it could become an Achilles’ heel"

    1. Sadr is, in my opinion, a US puppet
      Which would make sense that he would be set to clash with Iranian backed groups

    2. Which begs the question of a cousin and the Libya nexus?

  5. Lavrov expresses Moscow's concern over Turkish Air Forces strikes on northern areas of Syria

    Turkish air force has now alleged to had agreements to help participate in Raqqa, and to limited extent Mosul (as US warns Turkish troops to respect Iraq following Erdogan warning the Turks are being targeted for breaking up the party plans in Syria). Recall the Russians asking for the Turkish air plan when turkey troops rolled in. Maybe the Russians were thinking of the alleged KC135R refueling tankers rumored to be launched from Incirlik Air Base during the coup (did they ever land like those helicopters?)

    1. Turkish military moving in ‘parallel” with Erdogan?

      Russian lawmakers lash out at Belgium for resusal to aknowledge Hassadjek attack


      Former presidential advisor arrested over Gülenist links. Gürcan Balık once served as executive assistant to former Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu as well as foreign policy advisor to the country's 11th President Abdullah Gül.Balık served as the chief foreign policy advisor to then-President Gül from August 2013 to July 2014. At the time, when controversy over Davutoğlu’s meeting with Gülen made headlines, Davutoğlu stressed that Gül had been kept informed of the visit to Pennsylvania.

    4. Following the Turkish air force moves, the Syrians (or Russians?) threatening to take down planes (like the Russian Defense Ministry spokesperson warning about those coalition stealth planes falling out of the sky. NATO moving in the AWACs to Syria on reports of another US airstrip south kobane. US remember moved the train and equip to a spotter program (e.g. Iraq Kurd no fly zone like). Air war just took a leg higher.

      Lavrov warns:
      U.S., its allies in Syria should not go beyond limits of fight against terrorism – Lavrov

      Syria to bring down Turkish warplanes violating its airspace

      Defense ministry: Belgian F-16 jets that bombed Hassadjek were refueled by US plane

      NATO to use AWACS aircraft for Syrian airspace surveillance soon