Monday, October 3, 2016

Mosul’s Citizens, Under Bombardment, Face "a level of savagery that no human should have to endure,"

This is the only place you will read that headline. And, yes, it is a play on the msm reporting regarding Aleppo, Syria. Beside the headline, I’m pretty certain you won’t read this news article anywhere else either?

US-led coalition launches heaviest air strikes pounding ISIS strongholds in Mosul’s outskirts

Where is Ban Ki Moon when he's really needed? Of course he's nowhere to be found.
"Fighter jets of US-led coalition launched Saturday morning a series of air strikes which are considered the most violent in the past months “targeting ISIS’

Peshmerga officer Resan al-Mulla, in a press statement, said that fighter jets launched 13 air raids on sites controlled by ISIS militants in the areas of Bashiqa, al-Fadiliyah, al-Noran, Batnaya and al-Qosyat near the city of Mosul.

“The bombardment was very heavy as flames and billows of smoke intensively spiraled into the sky from the targeted sites,” Mulla explained.

In regards to casualties in the ranks of ISIS due to these raids, Mulla elaborated that there is no accurate information until now because the results of the air raids are shrouded in secrecy and also reliable sources in these areas are difficult to be reached.
 No information of casualties to US proxy terrorists ISIS? Air raids are shrouded in secrecy. Why?  How about civilian casualties? Any information on how many were killed. Or survived and fled? 
Air strikes of the US-led coalition targeting sites controlled by ISIS are increased together with the countdown to begin the military campaign to retake the city of Mosul from the grip of ISIS"
 Where are the white helmets? I'm pretty sure there would be some children they could save from the rubble in Mosul? 

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  2. Are we certain mulla wasn't seeing parachutes with large crates hanging from them rather than airstrikes? Or possibly pamphlets advising ISIS to get away beforehand?


    As I was saying. A bit of humor concerning my last comment.

  4. Why would you think there are white helmets in Mosul?