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The US & Israel's Taking of Raqqa Impeded by Intermeddlers

It’s quite clear that there are complications in the US plan to take Raqqa- As part of their ongoing remake the middle east agenda. I’ve been trying to flesh out exactly what is the problem for the US. To the best of my ability, of course!  It is certain the US had desired and originally planned for Raqqa and Mosul to be taken at the same time. Literally, simultaneously. (Previous posts on the subject here at the blog)

Flashback: US Led Coalition Plans Two Pronged Attack Against ISIS in Raqqa and Mosul

“The U.S.-led coalition plans to place simultaneous military pressure on the Islamic State's two critical strongholds in Iraq and Syria to thwart the militant group's grip in the region, a top U.S. commander said"
The taking of the two key cities, Mosul and Raqqa,  is pivotal for the US/Israel plan for Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0. Since their plan has been for one unified Kurdish territory in Iraq, Syria and Turkey- The key city in Turkey would be Diyarbakir, which was mentioned by Michael Rubin as the future capital of Greater Kurdistan.

Remember? Repost: Is Turkey Heading to Partition?
 It may take a decade, but it is time to begin the countdown to the partition of Turkey. The Kurds will have their state, and its capital will ultimately be Diyarbakir, not Erbil.

Coup in Turkey: Neo-Cons Talk Coup & Partition-
Neither Turkey nor Greece lost their NATO membership after previous coups. Should a new leadership engage sincerely with Turkey’s Kurds, Kurds might come onboard.

Refresh Your Memory  from November 2014Kurdistan NATO’s New Southern Flank 
 If all goes well for NATO, Israel and the Kurds.  Turkey will be supplanted as NATO’s Southern Flank. It seems to be just a matter of time.....I hold the opinion that Turkish leadership has become aware of what looks to be it’s impending betrayal
With their future sites set on Iran (Already in progress with numerous posts here on this topic) 

Refresh Your Memory:  P5+1 is a distraction. Early Seeds of Iranian destabilization cross the Turkish border

Turkey is totally aware of this plan. If I could figure this out regarding Turkey nearly two years ago, it goes without saying that the Turkish government is savvy too. Iran can see it coming also.

Remember? Kurd/ ISIS Symbiosis- The impending destruction of Turkey.  & Pt.2- Kurd/ ISIS Symbiosis- The impending destruction of Turkey
At this point in time it is without question that the coup attempt in Turkey was American sponsored . Attempted to result in or speed up the process of breaking up Turkish territory for the desired and planned remake of the region. Which included Greater Kurdistan or Israel 2.0. Had the coup succeeded I feel certain that the nation state of Turkey would be in the process of partition because the coup plotters had announced their intentions to ‘govern inclusively’ and all that other obfuscative talk

Here's where we get to Raqqa

 It’s clear the US is perturbed.The taking of Raqqa is not going according to their plans, schedule or desired outcome. In fact it hasn't even begun despite the fact that the taking of Mosul started nearly two weeks ago and by all accounts is nearly job well done. Though it's not been mentioned anywhere but here?

Refresh :  Mosul Offensive Drawing to A Close As Daesh/ISIS Uprooted- Phase 2

 Now we get to our intermeddlers in America’s planned taking of Raqqa

Turkey. Iran. Syria. Barzani (Iraqi Kurdish leadership) and Russia

Turkey, Iran and Syria are and should be interfering in America/Israel's plan for the most obvious reason- they all have a common enemy in the US backed Kurdish militias and all would oppose, quite naturally, the  plans to destroy each nation state to advance the remake agenda

 As for Barzani? No love lost between himself, the KRG government, and the terrorists of the PKK/YPG etc.,  He has stated the YPG are much the same as the PKK. The PKK have attacked the Iraqi Kurdish regions pipelines repeatedly. Causing a great deal of of financial harm to the KRG government. The PKK's  front government Gorran is challenging Barzani in northern Iraq. There is much animosity between the two groups The PKK has also attacked, on multiple occasions, Turkish & Iranian pipelines.

Russia had an idea of a federalized Syria BUT it included Raqqa as Syrian territory

Recall:  Syria rejects Russian proposal for Kurdish federation
**Whose Rebels Will Fight for Raqqa Deepens U.S.-Turkey Divisions**
The U.S. commander of the campaign against Islamic State says the only group capable and ready for such a battle is the Syrian Democratic Forces, made up largely of Kurdish fighters. Turkey, however, wants to keep the Kurds out of the fight to prevent them from connecting their autonomous areas in Syria. It’s backing a separate Syrian rebel group, the Free Syrian Army’s Brigade 51, which says it will be on the march soon.
The main challenge in retaking Raqqa has always been who will lead the fight on the ground, with support from U.S. and allied advisers and air power, and whether those forces can be trained quickly enough. Speaking to reporters from Baghdad Wednesday, Lieutenant General Stephen Townsend, commander of the U.S.-led coalition fighting Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, said the only group “capable on any near frame” is the Syrian Democratic Forces, which includes the Kurdish YPG.(which is the PKK/TAK and affiliated Kurds from Iran)
I'm going to link yet another article discussing the fighters on the ground
U.S. commanders in the Middle East are trying to determine whether 300 U.S. troops on the ground inside Syria will be enough to oust the Islamic State group from its self-proclaimed capital in Raqqa.
Whose rebels?
Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he told U.S. President Barack Obama in a phone call Wednesday that his country could rid Raqqa of Islamic State all by itself. Obama underscored to Erdogan the need for efforts against Islamic State to be “effectively integrated with the operations of other members of the coalition,” according to White House press secretary Josh Earnest.

Turkey said they’ll clear Raqqa with their own military and boots on the ground- Turkey does have a very large military  but the US has to agree the Kurds stay away. However, the US INSISTS  the PKK/YPG/TAK and company be involved in taking Raqqa from ISIS. It is this insistence on the part of the US that tells us the truth of the agenda- The US wants the PKK terrorist group and it's friendlies to take Raqqa.

‘No Kurds’
“The Turks’ main aim is to derail any plans from the Kurds to have an autonomous region in Syria,” Al-Kattan said. “Turkey wants to have a stake in what’s going on in Syria.”

Turkey’s Defense Minister Fikri Isik, speaking from Brussels, suggested on Thursday, though, that his country is adamant in its opposition to any major Kurdish role. Turkey can prepare a force to retake Raqqa as quickly as possible if coalition countries agree to prevent Kurdish forces from participating, he told state-run TRT television.

But Obama has been clear his terrorists (proxies) are going to participate.

"It would be hard to imagine that American plans on Raqqa are aimed only to bring peace to Syria. It cannot be ruled out by using Kurds to liberate the city from Daesh the US wants to support the federalization of Syria, including establishing an autonomous Kurdish region," Babakov told the Russian newspaper Izvestia.
Hard to disagree given the US insistence on having the Kurds present, despite Turkey's protests. Despite Syria's statehood being destroyed.
"The Americans have been trying for a long time to persuade Turkey to work with Kurdish forces in the operation to liberate Raqqa. However, it's impossible. Turkey won't agree to that, given that Ankara regularly calls the Syrian Kurdish PYD 'an offshoot of the PKK,'" political analyst Serhat Erkmen, director of the Center of Middle Eastern Strategic Studies
None of this would have been a problem for the US had their coup succeeded in July.
In an exclusive interview with Sputnik Turkiye in May,  Saleh Muslim emphasized that the city was not only Daesh's political capital, but also a critically important military and logistical center for the terrorists.

"This is a constant threat to all of Rojava [a Kurdish region in northern Syria]. Therefore, the decisive liberation of Raqqa from the jihadists is vitally important for the Rojava. The goal of this operation is to eliminate the threat emanating from the area. The operation had been planned for long time," he said.
The pressure the US is applying to Turkey is also being applied to prevent further rapprochement between Ankara and Moscow
"First of all, the US is mounting pressure on Turkey, thus trying to prevent further rapprochement between Ankara and Moscow. At the same time, Washington understands that sooner or later the Syrian Army will liberate Aleppo. So, the US and its allies want to take control over a different region in Syria. The US wants to have leverage on Damascus and Moscow over a Kurdish autonomy which would also include Raqqa," the expert suggested.

Preventing or breaking the rapprochement between Ankara and Turkey would serve to weaken Turkey even more! And it would weaken Russia also

Reread: How NATO Is Trying to Sabotage the Turkey-Russia Reset
And  Moscow will provide Ankara with intelligence about operation in Syria
Also:  Did Putin give green light to Turkish attack on US-backed Syrian Kurds?
OR:   An Insecure West and Turkey?
FinallyTurkey’s tilt to Russia changes dynamics of Syrian battlefield

Iran has sent it’s militias into Mosul and it has been reported that afterwards they will head to Raqqa as Syria’s allies:

hattip anonymous commenter!
No one wants to die for Raqqa.
Cut to the chase-
 But, but, but, there is a light in the tunnel!
Iraqi PMU recently announced that after Mosul the next target for its forces will be Raqqa. The offensive will be coordinate with Syrian governemnt. Maybe this is why Americans are getting nervous. If PMU and the SAA manage to captured Raqqa, the Syrian government will be able to establish a friendly administration in this city. Then the game is over.
Ahmed al-Assadi, a spokesman for the Iraq-sanctioned paramilitary known as Popular Mobilization Units (PMU), said on Saturday that they will fight alongside Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad’s forces in Syria after finishing their battle against ISIS in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, Al Arabiya News Channel reported.

The Iran-funded PMU has launched an assault on ISIS west of Mosul on Saturday but reiterated that they would not enter the Sunni majority city.

Which lines up with Massoud Barzani's statement regarding Mosul- A statement he made while standing aside the PMU. 

The leader of Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdistan region has assured that Kurdish Peshmerga forces will not set foot in Mosul during a joint operation with the army and allied fighters aimed at liberating the Daesh-held northern city.
“The Peshmerga will not enter the city of Mosul,” Masoud Barzani said in a news conference with Chairman of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq (ISCI) Ammar Hakim, in Zartac Mountain, near the city of Nineveh, on Thursday.

 And walking beside one another in solidarity too?

Barzani further said the Kurdish fighters are coordinating their role in the Mosul liberation operation with the Iraqi military, adding that the collaboration will continue.
The Kurdish leader further highlighted unity among different Iraqi political parties, adding that Daesh was no more a threat as most areas are back in control of the Iraqi forces.

It seems to me there may just be a concerted effort to prevent the USA/PKK/Israel from taking Mosul... No Mosul. No Raqqa.

I've a bit more to add, but, this has gotten long and I've spent hours working on it
Please read it all and then share some relevant thoughts! I do love when readers and lurkers do that!

If you are unaware of the Raqqa situation please read:



    Long paper by A. Korybko

    1. Upon a short glance I see Korbyko is making some of the same points I've made

      The coup was real

      The annexation arguments made by the disinfo/bad turkey crowd are absurd- MoA, Tyler Durden and other names that have escaped me at the moment- These persons insistence on pushing these simplistic memes positively reeks of standard propaganda tactics

      I've stated plainly and clearly Turkey is in no position to annex anyone's territory- And that to claim they are or would, one would have to wilfully ignore so much that has and is occurring it could only do that with intention..

      AK:"Russia, Iran, and Turkey are all Great Powers, and as such, each of them feels entitled to practice a multidimensional policy towards the others as part of their grand strategies"

      I completely agree with that statement. Each nation will play as they see fit for their own advantage

      thanks charles I look forward to reading the rest

    2. I would say rather than some, most of the same points you've previously made. Links contained in the article to other articles by AK do likewise.

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  2. सीरिया में विद्रोहियों की गोलीबारी में 40 की मौत

    1. I read it, it's a bit confusing one how many were killed etc
      sadly NATO's thugs killed more innocent persons

  3. Hi Penny,

    stop making so much sense, it's annoying, it makes it nearly impossible to talk about the subject with anyone. :-) So skewed are their world views. The situation is like one of these stereo-gram optical illusion pictures: one only sees a mush of colors but when one knows how to look at it, a wonderful 3D picture emerges.

    1. Hey Gallier!

      Thanks for the compliment and I like the analogy too!
      I don't want to see the mush- I would like to see as clearly as possible

      "stop making so much sense" I can't help myself :)

      I try and try and try to make sense of this situation, in a rational sort of sensible manner.

      Oh yes, skewed world views
      And simplistic- this country bad, that country bad, this leader bad, that leader good- all black vs white- it really doesn't work that way

      though I will state unequivocally NATO is a global terror entity- that is clear and my thousands of posts regarding the death and destruction that has been wrought by that global terror entity have been demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt

  4. Erdogan is purging all the Nato thugs. I would just like to tell you Penny that the Kemalists are with Erdogan. The Kemalosts are nationalist and Eurasian-they no longer believe in Atlanticism. So I think that once the Gulenists are out of the military, Turkey is leaving the Nato terror and forming an alliance with Russia and China and most Turks want this.

    1. Thanks for commenting Ally-

      It would be good if the Kemalists move away from the 'western ideals' promoted by donmeh (crypto jew) ataturk

      When thinking about Ataturk and the young Turks I think about a country led to western ideals that resulted in much bad. Maybe more bad then good really? I don't know for certain, because I don't know all the real history.

      Turkey's been in NATO's clutches for a long time- It will be a bad break up

    2. But do you think it is possible?

    3. I think that it's the only way to stope the remake of the ME

    4. Yes, Ally I think Turkey can leave, (it's possible) I think they should leave and hope they do leave.

      Hubby just said - look at it as a bitter divorce.. the US will ensure it is not amicable

      btw: Ally--- was it clear enough via the post that the US hand has been behind destabilizing Turkey and they were involved with the coup- the cards all line up - And the US backs the PKK to the detriment of Iraq's kurdish leadership and people

    5. It was very clear. The only way to prevent the breakup of Turkey is to destroy Nato. Turkey is the most important country in the world. People do not understand how big this could be. Everything has always passed through Turkey, even in ancient times. They have access to the Bosphorus, Dardanelles, Mediterrenean and Black Sea. Turkey is dividing the East from the West, both culturally and politically. Big military too.

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    7. Turkey is a very important nation within the region. But the most important country in the world is stretching it somewhat. The US dominated NATO organized criminal syndicate is not simply going away tomorrow or next month. I wish for Turkey to turn their collective backs on NATO and Empire. But realize there will be hell to pay. Big military, relatively so. Compared with US/NATO, Turkey is a secondary player. I am watching the Incilrik Base closely. Restricting access, nuclear weapons belonging to Empire equals a potentially volatile situation.

    8. Look at Penny's latest post and watch my first link that I've commented. Turkey, geostrategically is the most important in the world. Economically and militarily, maybe not. And I agree that there is a big price to pay but an even bigger if they don't leave in my opinion. I hope the UK can leave too :)

    9. credit suisse ranks military strength & Turkey is at the level of the UK, so their military is very, very strong. In a good position to defend their territory.
      Turkey has their own nukes as well, I've suspected it for a while, but now Siebel Edmonds confirmed that TR has had nuclear capabilities since 2000.

    10. did not know that about Sibel Edmonds?
      I don't listen to her often- she's very hard to listen to- screech!

  5. lol
    These persons insistence on pushing these simplistic memes positively reeks of standard propaganda tactics ;p

    US greenie Jill (stein) re-jumpstarted the 'pipeline through Syria' meme couple of days ago, and some of the named above jumped on it so fast it made your head spin

    WaPo says the end of ISIL will be bad for the middle east
    my mouth dropped open on that one and I saw red.

    oh, Turkey sent more troops to Syria.. it wasn't at my Turkey news outlet, but Hezbollah had it in Lebanon.
    There is also a newly elected President in Lebanon, more concerned about the Nation of Lebanon and less dazzled by Saudi money
    which rumors say is getting a bit depleted.

    I think I have an idea forming. But all these shenanigans don't make it easy :)

    1. You wonder if Russia is in the middle of the Lebanon (Hezbollah) deal? Will it start to stink again? More US sanctions? A Sheeba Farms Bombing?

      North Africa is quietly seeing a rather dramatic escalation (in wake of more NPP agreements in Egypt, Tunisia and possibly Saudi which bring into focus the ongoing South Africa Finmin scandals and rating agency tussle, a replay of Brazil). Morocco protests an echo of the Tunisia spingtime(Fishmonger not vegetables) kicking up again post election as AFRICOM deploys drones to Niger, Tunisia (as Sinai activity ratchets higher after the assassination of the Sinai counterinsurgency general in Cairo whilst IMF pushing Austerity). The Aramco cut off to Egypt has the DCP written all over it. Curiously the Saudi (Interior e.g. Nayef) picked off a stadium bombing plot over the weekend). US has been dumping heavy weapons into the Lebanon for years. And the comments over the weekend by the Hezbollah branch of the Shiite militias heading to Raqqa raises the temperature in Lebanon seemingly a lot.

      Greece and Cyprus pushing the Russian line. Russian aerosapce troops still in Sinai as Israel is pushing the Gaza threat again. Theta Egypt Superfield rhymes with the Lebanon offshore auctions delays and the Israel pipe plans especially with turkstream (note Turkish oil pipe blown up over weekend), the Russians putting down permanently in Syria and the Cyprus and Greek discussions about a possible Russian pipe (which include Bulgaria, again going back to the Burgas airport attack by the Swede). Will Egypt cut Russia in on the superfield (like Eni has done offshore Mozambique which is securing its offshore gas flows as the IMF is pushing austerity). Brings to the fore that Egypt-Italy nexus including the Italian graduate student allegedly killed by the police forces.

      Would Israel every cut the Kurds loose in the long term economic interests of the country? What if the Metrojet Sinai shootdown was the equivilant of the Turkish shootdown of the Russian fighter? For if one were scoring the possible outcomes of the Mediterranean basin at the moment, the US LNG push appears to be losing big. Russia on the other hand is forging ahead with eastern routes, Nord Stream expansion and Turkstream alongside talk of a Greek pipe possibility.

      Rather than Raqqa, maybe Sinai and Suez are the place to watch...


    3. "Rather than Raqqa, maybe Sinai and Suez are the place to watch..."

      Yah, there are more places to keep an eye on- but I just don't have the time to do it

      It takes me hours to put together one in depth post like the one above-


    4. karin: 'I think I have an idea forming. But all these shenanigans don't make it easy :)"

      If you wish to share it, please do
      Agreed the shenanigans don't make it easy

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    6. It is not a rumor RK. It is fact. KSA is imposing an austerity agenda upon its citizenry. There have been demonstrations against that agenda. War and excessive weapons spending coupled with low petrol prices deplete coiffers. KSA, is not only a criminal regime in its own right, but their foreign policy is self destructive. The Saudi leadership, I use the term with reservations, permits the Empire to con them into spending huge sums to support the hegemonic dollar system and its military industrial complex. Lots of gifts to the zionist regime but for the KSA business deals which benefit empire.

    7. @ anonymous YES ! all that and more is the skulduggery. Very aptly put..

      @Charles, "I use the term with reservations" ;)
      I read, some time back, that Saudi's have untold wealth in gas, but have done nothing to financially to invest in it before they run out of oil... AND money to keep their state together.

      What will happen to all those countless sons the old guard mass produces w/ several 'wives' ? These people can't spell frugal let alone imagine surviving in a state and probably world gone bankrupt !

      @ Penny I see nuances among some of the old money European crowd, and louder voices in ME and N. Africa ( and even small places like Philippines, Malaysia) that finally see israel will Never Ever stop their killing and stealing Palestine land, let alone Golan, the Yinon boundries, and possibly the whole ME.

      IMO there is growing pressure to MAKE them stop, and I have no idea what that will take short of WWIII, which all have feared (and been threatened with ) SEE GADAFFI death, for far too long.
      Add that to the financial woes worldwide which is a freight train, and everyone knows it.

      I feel (think) these more recent statements by UNESCO, and several other sources, including Natl Geographic, of false claims by the jews are not hollow gestures. The Balfour is coming under the gun too..

    8. #2 was afraid of length

      Early this am, Sana had a full article on their Peoples Assembly saying the Balfour was not only illegal, but immoral.
      couple hours later, when I look for it, the headline is gone... I look around and the article's length cut way down and becomes short blurb at end of this Budget article

      I do not think there will be some big movement to wipe the dirty birds out of the ME ( at least for now) BUT I do (over months of observation) see a harder than ever push to make them go back to 1967 limits and gtfo of Golan.
      for beginners
      Syria and Lebanon ( with new Christian leader) plan on taking Golan back in the near future. Egypt seems to be shedding their KSA control (?)
      and yes again to @ anonymous on Sinai and Suez

      I will say again, there were 3 battles by Assyrians to push back israelites way back when ( have to dig to find info - can't remember dates etc.. I'm 70 ya know ) ;^)
      this is a deep and LONG hatred the jews have for Syria. There is a river in Lebanon mountains that crosses into Syria and runs North.... it was here the battle took place and I believe it is there they want the showdown to be, this time, with them winning.

      Yes, they are that fanatical, a historical rabbi goes out to the troops w/ table and schrools and tells them where to go. I've seen the pictures.

      Chabad Lubavitch I've spoken of before.. most recent article at niqnaq from the Forward ,
      is the true power [Torah Law] and money of the jews and Rothschild supports 100% what Chabad says and does.

      Now, what Turkey is up to, is one big fly in the ointment, at least from where I sit.

      I know some say I keep going back to the jews, but I"ve spent literally 100's of hours reading about them ( including their texts in English) and every legitimate rabbit hole goes back to them.. every time.

    9. Ksa after ccutting off Egypt has apparently stopped paying the PNA (mentioned US has also stopped paying with arrears). Egypt is caught in an austerty pincer. Consider the putin comments yet againn calling for a Marshall plan for the middle east. The imf baccked austerity is set up to take on a chinan dev and new development (brics) bank backed EEU. SCO integration. Look nno further than Zambia and South Africa (Zuma).Another US isis warning' the time India

  6. It seems America is loosing the game. Not only militarily but also regarding to peopel's hearts and minds. Syrians certainly know what the "democratization" by the US really means. It can only bring them ruined cities, discord, poverty, emigration, corruption, crimes and so on. The list of examples is long: Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Libya, Ukraine...

    ["Perkins: Three or four years ago the CIA orchestrated a coup against the democratically elected president of Honduras, President Zelaya, because he stood up to Dole and Chiquita and some other big, global, basically U.S.-based corporations. He wanted to raise the minimum wage to a reasonable level, and he wanted some land reform that would make sure that his own people were able to make money off their own land, rather than having big international corporations do it. The big corporations couldn’t stand for this. He wasn’t assassinated but he was overthrown in a coup and sent to another country, and replaced by a terribly brutal dictator, and today Honduras is one of the most violent, homicidal countries in the hemisphere."]

    To put it simply the US is a troublemaker. Who needs them?

    1. Your reminded me that... pretty sure I have something about Honduras. Haiti. And so many others..

      The US is a troublemaker,but, on whose behalf do they make the trouble??- Not on the American peoples behalf

    2. On behalf of the criminal elites, multi-national corporatists and their private central bankster freinds. They have an agenda. One world governance, cashless societies, and the elimination of billions of useless, extra eaters.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Yes again to Charles. This is far from a hidden fact and anyone, anywhere, can find it as it's on the UN site and so many other places.

      Even in US Senate 1952 commission, Warburg stated there Would be a World Government and no one could stop it.

      It will be sheer hell, and they will destroy Earth, they have no affinity for her.. they have no roots to Earth. Their roots are with horridly dark forces ://

      I can give you links to many, many books, booklets, quotes etc. that their 'religion' is kabbalistic, and they care not about we (goyim), the people of the Earth, the very LIFE of this Earth, and will destroy this Earth in the process of gaining what they believe is their right to control

  7. Sorry for all the comments today Penny but here is an article about Turkey not bombing Syria:

    1. don't apologize Ally- it's good and on the topic too!

  8. Penny,
    Canada raises immigration levels to 300 K for 2017

    The Syria Yazidi are singled out as 'refugees'
    For some reason, they can't stop using the improper term.

    PKK Opens School in Sinjar, “indoctrinates Youths”: Official ( BAS news ) Yazidi again

    Couple of days ago I skimmed some news at Fars I think and the statement that Yazidi village or group who had evacuated were surrounded w/ no where to run.

    I've wondered since what happened to them. :(

    Your new blog post. I have some info ( actually quite alot) I have been meaning to share, but with current events constantly keeping you busy, I knew you had little time for it.
    Drop a little by tomorrow. It's right in line with your post.

  9. very long.. I know, but there is no short or 140 character way to talk about this horrible place we are in history.


    Starting with Paris in 1789 and ending with Moscow in 1917, the European capitals fell one after the other in the Bloody Hands of the Black-Witchcraft Qabbaalas. New York was already in the fall in 1776, and the Bloodspilling and Burning Freemasonism of the ruling system was shortly announced. Cairo was seized by the Qabbaalian ruthless agent/ “al’Kavalalli” by 1805. At the beginning of a Faramaan that he issued to destroy a judge’s verdict, he flagrantly said: “I Love The Jews. …”, dismissing some Damascus-Ghetto Qabbaalians of them from the lawful consequences of their horrible crime of killing the Syrian Father/ Toma and his Aid/ Ibraheem and taking-out their blood and cutting their flesh and burning some of their remains. On the 1st of March 1811, he over-horribly committed the Massacre of the Citadel, against the Mamlouk Leaders. From the Nile, he plainly announced he is partaking in the same well-known primary Zionist motto-goal: “I am well aware that the (Ottoman) Empire is heading by the day toward destruction… On its ruins I will build a vast kingdom… up to the Euphrates and the Tigris”. Through him and his Paris-supported army, the Qabbaalians spread their ruthless first massive wave of unhuman desolation in the Eastern Mediterranean, until 1840s. The conspiratory depopulation agenda in the region did not stop ever since, through the plenty Ruling-By-Agency figures who took office there ‘On That Condition’, for long decades. The old Qabbaalian profession of secretly hiring pre-trained groups to act for the implementation of the Qabbaaly goals, and pretending that they are “Enemy Groups”, has been applied numerously against millions of innocents, from Mauritania to Indonesia. “I.S.I.S.” ( or the hysterical chant: “I Satan, I Satan” ) is just one of those krypto-subsidized groups. Almost no body of the I.S.I.S. Qabbaala officers is killed in Syria nor in Iraq. Only those deceived with their soldierizing money and the innocent inhabitants around, are the aims of the Qabbaala-led Armies’ Daily Fire. – May God The Strong The Triumphant Take Away All The Criminal Qabbaala Killers Shortly, Amen.