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Transcript of Assad Interview- Setting Records Straight via Highlights & more

You've watched the video? If not find it here: Assad's Entire Interview With Russia’s Komsomolskaya VIDEO  The transcript is available here: SANA

Yesterday I had the entire transcript nicely spaced with comments and poof! Lost it!
 I'm not going that route again- Steely eyed focus on four pertinent parts of the interview. 
-Wasn't fussy on the interviewer's style. 
-She got Assad a bit off track and thankfully he regrouped. (Typical empty headed journalist)
 When, you ask? When they talked about the creation of ISIS.
She did the meme version of Turkey creating ISIS- Assad humoured her and then cleared the history up- I was very happy to see that record set straight!

*Creation of ISIS:
President Assad: Part of it is related to what happened in Iraq after the invasion in 2003, where the American army or the Americans in general control everything in Iraq, including the prisons, and the leader of ISIS and most of his entourage were in the same prison. So, ISIS was created in Iraq under the American supervision.
 So, ISIS was created in Iraq under the American supervision.
Journalist: It was maybe not ISIS, this period, but Al Qaeda?
President Assad: No, it was called IS, it wasn’t ISIS. It was “Islamic State of Iraq.”
Journalist: Islamic State?
President Assad: Because it wasn’t in Syria at that time. That’s why it was called IS. That was in 2006.
Journalist: 2006?
President Assad: 2006, of course.
 Journalist: Already, it was Islamic State in 2006?
President Assad: Of course. In 2006, of course, before the withdrawal of the Americans. That’s why they played either direct role or indirect role in creating ISIS.

ISIS was indeed created in Iraq under US/UK supervision. It was IS or ISI. When the US/UK proxy army entered Syria in 2013 led by the groomed by NATO, in Georgia, Chechen, it became ISIS. This is a history I know very well.

Let's go back to :

ISIS- A US created "stay behind" using Iraqs plundered wealth.

- The roots of ISIS go back to Oct. 15, 2006, when what is known as the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI) was established.
-The group emerged in the ashes of the U.S.-led invasion to oust Saddam Hussein as al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) 
-After a U.S. counterterrorism campaign and Sunni efforts to maintain local security in what was known as the Tribal Awakening, AQI violence diminished from its peak in 2006–2007. But since the withdrawal of U.S. forces in late 2011, the group has increased attacks on mainly Shiite targets in what is seen as an attempt to reignite conflict between Iraq's Sunni minority and the Shiite-dominated government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki”
It's absurd to say Turkey created ISIS when Turkey was dead set against the invasion of Iraq.

More on the creation of ISIS:  Al Qaeda + "Awakening Councils" = ISIS

 In closing: it should be clear why we are reading descriptions of ISIS as including 'former Baathists', 'ex -military' and 'sunni extremists'. ISIS does contain all those elements.
Sunni extremists including Kurds who are approximately 90+ percent Sunni Muslim.

But what is not mentioned is the ties that bind. Loyalty and support to and for the US/UK paymasters via the NATO tyranny machine.
 2013 and the arrival and rebrand of IS/I to ISIS as it moves into Syria 

*Meet the Rebel Commander in Syria That Assad, Russia and the U.S. All Fear

The final capture of the airport in August immediately boosted the prestige of its unruly mastermind Tarkhan Batirashvili, according to analysts—an ethnic Chechen whose warring skills, learned in the U.S.-funded Georgian army, are now being put to use by a group deeply at odds with more mainstream Western-backed rebels.
 The jihadi commander has recently emerged from obscurity to be the northern commander in Syria of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham (ISIS)
Let's go back to a post  researched and written, by myself, in August of 2014:

ISIS = Smoke & Mirrors. Giving cover now for strikes on Syria

 We have to realize that ISIS is the smoke and mirrors to the ME reshape.
ISIS is the deception. The distraction. While we are spoon fed the ISIS soma, NATO headed by the US, in cahoots with Israel and the GCC nations reorder the globe to suit their agenda.
Clearly as I've been saying here for well over two years  the Middle East is being remade, right before our eyes. In plain site. Hidden  out in the open. Through clever obfuscation and other misdirection.

The GCC are useless idiots. There is little to no benefit to them as nations. Israel is the big cheese in the middle east and with the help of US/UK that is a 'cheese' that will no longer "have to stand alone"!

Assad was stating flat out the reality of ISIS. Everything else is bullshit! This is me being fed up with reading so much baloney for so long now

* Assad:  No Contradiction between Israel and Terrorists

Question 6: For me, it’s a very strange thing. Daesh, ISIS, with their ideology, never threaten Israel, and Israel never threaten Daesh, ISIS. It’s like some kind of agreement about – maybe not on friendship –  but neutrality. Why, you think, it’s like this? And what’s the role of Israel in this war?
Oh empty headed journalist lady it is  friendship, kinship and connivance- Nothing to do with neutrality
President Assad: Not only ISIS, of course, or Daesh, not only al-Nusra; anyone, any terrorist who holds a machine gun and started killing and destroying in Syria was supported by Israel, either indirectly through the logistical support on the frontier, or sometimes by direct intervention by Israel against Syria in different areas in Syria. Why? Because Israel is our enemy, because they occupy our lands, and they look at Syria as enemy of course, and for them they think if they undermine the position of Syria and make it weaker as a whole, as society, as army, as state, that will prevent Israel from moving toward the peace, and the price of the peace is to give back the Golan Heights to Syria. So, for them, Syria will be busy with another issue now, it would be busy to talk about the Golan or the peace process, or even to do anything to get back its land. That’s why Israel is supporting every terrorist, and there’s no contradiction between Israel and any organization like al-Nusra or ISIS or any Al Qaeda-linked organization.

 No contradiction whatsoever!  Straight up blunt talk. You'll notice that ISIS has not targeted Israel?  Though ISIS has targeted Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Saudi Arabia. I've written plenty on the curiosity of ISIS not striking Israel. And how it is the Islamists simply fulfill Israel's every wish.  In a disgusting sycophantic way. This is one issue I see the alt media and the msm equally avoid-  Refresh your memory with but a few previous post covering Israeli involvement- well documented here and in Israel's own media- With coverage of  their Islamist fighters in their hospitals and more!

*Mohammed Alloush of Jai(y)sh al-Islam: Assad is the Enemy, Not Israel.
* Israel’s Islamists, Al Nusra Front, claim responsibility for Damascus bus bombing
*Vice News: IDF Aiding THEIR Terrorists in Golan
*Israel- The not so missing link in the Syrian war puzzle
*Israeli Minister calls on World to Recognize Golan Annexation
* Israel attacks Syria aiding their takfiri (Kurds and others) Netanyahu hints in advance
*Israel Sides with Syrian Jihadists

Of course there are literally 100's of posts documenting Israel's involvement from day 1 of the destabilization of Syria

Turkey and Assad's optimism:
Question 4: Now, we have a new player in this region. Okay, I mean, it was a Turkish intervention, and nobody speaks about this now, like nothing happened. What’s your opinion about the role of Turkey in this war, and about this intervention?
President Assad: If we start from today, it’s invasion.
Journalist: Invasion!
President Assad: This incursion is invasion, whether a small part, or large part of the Syrian territory; it’s invasion, against international law, against the morals, against the sovereignty of Syria. But what do the Turks want from this invasion regardless of the mask that they wear to cover their intention, real intentions. They wanted to whitewash their real intention that they used to support ISIS and al-Nusra.
The language "it's an invasion against international law:" ? Which it is! But, compared to the statements regarding Israel? That's very reserved.  Assad then asks the question "what do the Turks want from this invasion regardless of the mask that they wear to cover their intention"?

He answers his own question: "They wanted to whitewash their real intention that they used to support ISIS and al-Nusra." Assad is saying more or less that Turkey is attempting to clean the slate .
Assad's statement begs the question: What is behind this change  by Turkey? 
The attempt to create Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0? The betrayal by the US of Turkey? The coup? The warming relations between Russia and Turkey? Assad is telling us something has changed Turkey's course.

When the journalist says Turkey created ISIS- Assad states "they supported ISIS, they give them all the logistical support and they allow them to sell our oil through their borders" 

They supported ISIS. Past tense. Logistics and oil sales could have been all managed through NATO affiliated forces embedded in Turkey. And the Kurds. I've more then a few posts here on the ISIS oil going through the Kurds and onto Israel.

*  Carving Turkey After a NATO Roasting- Claims vs Reality

*Israel buys most oil smuggled from ISIS territory - report

 Notice we read and hear nothing more about ISIS oil sales? Why is that?

Assad made no mention of the border wall Turkey is building. Why? Could it be because it aids Syria in securing it's border? Just thinking out loud here.
Assad did not suggest Turkey is out to take Syrian territory either? Though he clearly stated that was Israel's intent.  There are times that what is not said, speaks as loud as what is said.

Assad does not believe Russia was mistaken in making amends with Turkey and is looking positively on this mending fences- He sure didn't speak like that about Israel!
Question 5: After the Russian plane was shot down by the Turks, Russia stopped relationships with Turkey. Now, after, okay, his excuses, we again… it looks like again friendship, tourism, diplomatic relations everything. Putin called this a “knife in the back” when this plane was beaten by the Turks. Do you think maybe we Russians make a mistake to trust Erdogan again after his betrayal?
President Assad: No, actually, I look positively to this relation.
Journalist: You look positively?
President Assad: Yeah, positively. Why?
Journalist: Why?
President Assad( cutting to the chase) "So, through this rapprochement, let’s say, between Russia and Turkey, the only hope that we have as Syria is that Russia can make some changes in the Turkish policy. This is our hope, and I’m sure that this is the first goal of the Russian diplomacy toward Turkey these days; in order to decrease the damage of the messing-up with the Syrian territory by the Turkish government. I hope they can convince them that they have to stop supporting terrorists, stop allowing the flow of terrorists and money for those terrorists through their borders.
Assad is sure that the first goal of Russian diplomacy toward Turkey is to decrease the damage of messing up with the Syrian territory. Assad is sure, because he has been reassured by the Russians- That was interesting. Here's hoping!

The Kurds and their demands:

President Assad: Exactly, to have referendum by the Syrian people to say yes or no. Second, some people, they talk about Kurdish federalism in the north, regardless of what I talked about, about most of the Kurds that they don’t ask for this. Even if you want it, the majority in that area are Arabs. So how can you have Kurdish federalism while you have majority of Arabs?
 Another point I've made repeatedly. Having written tons and tons on the Kurds. The nomads. 
 There was no desire for a 'greater kurdistan' on the part of the disparate Kurds. However NATO and Israel want Kurdistan and they have employed the PKK to strong arm the non unified Kurds through tyrannical means.

PKK Challenges Barzani in Iraq- One ring to rule them all?

Israel has been very clear about their desire for Greater Israel via Kurdistan/Israel 2.0

Kurdistan aka “Second Israel”- Ethnic Cleansing the Indigenous of the Middle East

Are there more posts on these topics here? Literally 100's and 100's. This is one long running blog!

From earlier today:

Turkey’s tilt to Russia changes dynamics of Syrian battlefield


  1. This is but a fraction of what I lost yesterday- However, I spent about two hours of work on this post today

    I've had this blog going since 08 and have followed Syria since 2011- I've read and written enough here to write several books-

    Assad's interview was enlightening for me in ways that it may not have been to others because I have a broad and pretty solid background on this conflict..

    I put quite a bit of thought into this and linked back to previous posts so readers here will understand the background

    thanks for participating!

  2. Hi Penny:

    Yes I thought the "Betty Boop" Russian interviewer was so annoying and distracting (fawning) that I couldn't watch more than a moment of that interview.

    1. Hey GC: Don't want to dwell to much on her demeanor she was very 'sensational' in some of her talk and a bit to much into her own opinion

      Thankfully Assad remain composed and on point-
      I watched it entirely- I parsed every word and then I read the entire transcript

      What was the talk at Sullen Bell 80 percent reading/research and the rest writing?

      Personally I was so glad to hear and read Assad discuss the roots of IS/IS as a US/UK operation out of Iraq I nearly cheered- because his knowledge aligned with what I had written years back!


  3. I am simply posting the text and a few visuals. I figure folks can read between the lines but will provide a link to here for those wanting more... clarity!

    I am finding, lately, a lot of stuff disappears. Especially comments that have more than a few sentences... grrrr.

    1. Thanks Noor, I appreciate the link too
      Some people will read between the lines and others won't so if they want to come here and get a good background they can spend hours doing so based on just the slimmest pickings of background posts on this topic I had relinked.

      regarding disappearing stuff? the loss was my own error
      However blogger is doing funky stuff and has for some time- I save everything written here by me and all links etc

  4. Assad makes it very clear the terrorists are US/NATO controlled and he does it in a very simple, clear and concise fashion:

    Assad: the United States have always, since Afghanistan in the early eighties, till this day, they think “terrorism is a card we can play. We can put on the table.”

    Journalist: Yes.

    President Assad: You can put in your pocket, and put it on the table anytime.


    1. Turkey should leave Nato and work with Assad, not the 'rebels'.

    2. Hi Ally:

      That would be an excellent outcome!
      Cause then maybe Canada would tear itself away also
      Not likely, but, I can hope! :)

    3. If Turkey left, so would everyone else. Still think there's going to be a second coup attempt?

    4. Hi again Ally:
      I wasn't sure myself about a coup attempt?
      But it can't be discounted.
      Not sure if the luxury of a colour revolution is available to NATO.. which is sort of why I think they went with the first coup-
      A coup is the quickest way to accomplish a goal
      Bookmarked an interesting article from Greek media..
      I'll post it later





    9. thanks ally... Mosul one october surprise option and we still have time..

  5. Here's hoping your analysis is correct. We'll see very shortly Erdogan's Turkey's true intentions. Will he continue the duplicitous gaming or finally become someones'reliable partner. Will chemical and other terrible components of weaponry continue to be sourced through Turkey by the various takfiri elements? Will their support of disruptive Kurdish elements in other states continue while they fight against the Kurdish creeps along their borders? Can't wait to see.

    1. Hi Charles:
      glad your still around :)
      I already know my analysis regarding ISIS is correct- Assad validated it!

      As for Turkey, I find Assad's talk of optimism quite hopeful.

      Plus the fact that he is sure Russia is looking out for Syrian interests wrt territory.

      Assad said quite a lot with those words.

      As for Turkey supporting some Kurds and opposing others-
      think of this ' the enemy of my enemy is my friend'

      Barazani and the PKK are locked in a power struggle
      they are enemies
      The PKK and the Turkish government are locked in a power struggle

      Which makes Barzani and the Turkish government convenient friends (perhaps not real friends, but, friends of convenience)

      "Will chemical and other terrible components of weaponry continue to be sourced through Turkey by the various takfiri elements?"

      I'm not 100 percent sure on that myself- These components can be sourced via Iraq and Israel- so can't say with certainty they came from Turkey

      Ghouta in my opinion was an Israeli supply job

    2. charles: you had left two comments that went to moderation- I pushed publish and they went away.
      I checked for them and they are no where to be found
      I even checked my gmail- where they go and nope

      can you leave them again- as noor pointed out blogger is glitchy and annoying, but, free!

    3. Still around. Took a break from this crazy world, as much as one can, and work, in the Algoma region of your nation of residence. Try to get there each fall to experience world class fishing and wildlife viewing, meditate, contemplate the gifts that nature has bestowed upon all of us; if only humans were capable of realizing the fact, what a different place we'd all be in.
      Assad states Turkey has invaded Syria,illegally. He stated that Turkey was and in my interpretation still may be supporting ISIS. That Turkey has engaged in criminal activity by allowing ISIS to sell "our" oil through their borders. That they "supported" (past tense?), then "they give them all the logistical support (present tense?). It'all interpretation? All in all he hopes Russia can convince Turkey to put an end to their, acknowledged, by so many, support of terrorist groups.
      I am still not convinced that Turkey and Erdogan will or can be anyone's reliable partner. Since I am nothing more than a somewhat informed "armchair quarterback" on this issue my opinions may be entirely wrong. We'll see as the climax to Act I is rapidly approaching. Act II will surely have historic consequences.

    4. As for the previous comments, that was a first, the message the comments were sent to moderation. Unfortunately, I'm lucky if I can remember what I ate for breakfast by this time of day. So, it's lost in space time.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. Charles " Try to get there each fall to experience world class fishing and wildlife viewing, meditate, contemplate the gifts that nature has bestowed upon all of us; if only humans were capable of realizing the fact, what a different place we'd all be in'

      Canada is a beautiful nation, geographically speaking, and fall is always stunning
      I myself made two outings this week end to shorthills park-

      "the gifts that nature has bestowed upon all of us; if only humans were capable of realizing the fact, what a different place we'd all be in"

      Charles I could not agree more whole heartedly
      and that is a beautiful statement!

      Sadly humans have become far to disconnected from their nature, by design, and have not realized all they have lost- but it can be found again-

      Open the heart of perception- get in touch with the real... It's there just waiting for us to

  6. Well done Penny...and a big "Yes" to putting all of your reports into book(s) placed in a secret vault somewhere safe. You wanted to cheer because of the confirmation of truth. That is why I liked the interviewer in lieu of the past western jerks that would not hear the truth from Assad. She may have seemed simple minded to some...but to me she was a dynamic tool to allow us to witness the real Assad. She was able to push out the truth about ISIS/IS by being 'like' most of us (including me)...clueless from the propaganda. Most times by casting what some think as dumb or short sided as a enables the truth to be demonstrated and set the record straight. For sure she did not have an agenda (like 99% western bribed journalists do)...I could discern that. And it is possible that she struggled some with her English? Well anyway...I thank you for being the true journalist and archivist that you are. And keep looking for those many confirmation(s) yet to come. Your work will never be in vain. And thank you for the transcript too. Keep up the good work.

    1. Yes, I did want to cheer- I always want to cheer when my work is validated!

      I've read so much nonsense about the origins of ISIS
      from Erdogan creating it
      To Assad creating it
      but from my own research it was clear the US/UK and Israel had all had a hand in it's creation

      This is why i am ok- 100 percent with my kurdIShIS theory being correct and it is more and m ore looking to be true-

      Because there would have been PKK embedded in ISIS

      sigh..sometimes I feel my work is in vain, but, I keep going cause in my opinion my work is solid and has been shown time and time again to be correct

      Now if Mosul dam is blown I will positively cry my eyes out

  7. PS...

    and my fav question was the last:

    Question 20: Can I ask you a personal question?

    President Assad: Yeah, of course.

    Journalist: In ,3102 when your life was in so big danger, when America already… almost started to bomb Syria, why you didn’t send your family to a safe place?

    President Assad: How can you convince the Syrians to stay in their country while you ask your family to leave your country? You cannot. You have to be the first, in any term used regarding the patriotic, let’s say, headline. You have to be the first as a President; you, your family, anyone around you in the government, your staff. You cannot convince the people in your country that you can defend your country while you don’t trust your army to defend your family. So, that’s-

    Journalist: I understood, I understood.

    President Assad: That’s why it was natural. We never thought… I never thought about this, actually.

    Journalist: Thank you very much for the interview.

    President Assad: Thank you for coming to Syria.

    ...if my memory serves...I remember the criminal VP Cheney and Co. making a dash for the underground bunker(s) when 9/11 happened. Cowards and criminals, evil beyond comprehension that need to be utterly destroyed.

    1. I noticed and liked that answer also-
      He's right- if you don't trust the army to defend you, which clearly he did- you may as well leave the country and he didn't