Thursday, October 6, 2016

UN Official Calls for Security Council Veto Limit to Allow NATO a Freehand in Global Terror Reign

Based on the bogus humanitarian interventionist excuse for mass murder- R2P


The United Nations' top human rights official has called for limits on the use of the veto power by the U.N. Security Council's five permanent members to halt the tragedy unfolding in east Aleppo in northern Syria.

U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad al Hussein has called the situation nothing short of calamitous and likened the horrors being inflicted on the citizens of Aleppo to those that occurred in cities such as Warsaw, Stalingrad and Dresden in World War II.
Jordan's Prince Zeid Ra'ad al-Hussein, U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, pauses during a news conference at the United Nations European headquarters in Geneva, Oct. 16, 2014.

"We cannot afford to fail Aleppo," Zeid said. "We cannot afford to continue to fail the thousands of children trapped in this city awaiting their slaughter."

The United Nations and human rights organizations have been frustrated by the inability of the U.N. Security Council to act against such atrocities.

Russia, often backed by China, has used its veto power in the Security Council to block resolutions it deemed unfavorable to its ally, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The high commissioner's spokesman, Rupert Colville, said Zeid was calling for bold leadership to end this practice.

"The U.N. Security Council, in particular, should without any further delay, adopt criteria to restrain members from using the veto when there are serious concerns [that] war crimes, crimes against humanity or genocide may have been committed."

The NATO Global Tyranny Wants No Impediment to it's Global Destruction Intentions

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Political settlement in doubt

"It's not [Zeid's] responsibility to discuss veto powers," Russia's U.N. ambassador, Vitaly Churkin, said when asked about the high commissioner's remarks. "Unfortunately, my good friend has been overstepping the limits of his responsibilities quite a bit, and this is unfortunate."

Before becoming high commissioner for human rights, Prince Zeid was Jordan's U.N. ambassador and sat on the Security Council for part of a two-year term.

The United States has broken off talks with Russia, accusing it of failing to implement a cessation of hostilities agreement they had concluded Sept. 9. This has cast additional doubt on the ability of the United Nations to mediate a political settlement to the Syrian conflict, which has killed more than 250,000 people and displaced more than 11 million.
 Useless Nations- the shiny happy face of NATO destruction
Abolish it. Once and for all.

George Soros as Jabba the Hutt- Hissing his Disapproval

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    More on the convoy attack.

    More on the convoy attack.


    1. Hi Ally:

      validates what I've been saying
      "He also noted that cooperating with Damascus would allow Ankara to get rid of both the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group and the PYD."

      win win for both nations

      Never doubted there was an agreement between Russia, Iran, Turkey and Syria when Turkey entered Syrian territory

      " The most important thing for Ankara now is “to secure the region along its borders"

      Yup, I've stated that for quite some time also- writing a number of posts on that topic well over a year ago- Leaving comments to that regard. Here and elsewhere.. Sakers, Moon of Alabama. I was shut down/blocked at Moon of Alabama

      some of my comments are here:
      b the meme spreader..

      and here:

      The plan is disjointed because the US and Turkey are paying lip service to one another- this isn't difficult stuff!

      They are creating a perception managed idea of working together while the US creates Kurdistan which will inevitably destroy Turkey
      And Turkey knows they are on the NATO hit list

      Turkey plans to pour all the displaced Syrians back into Syria- where they belong- back to their homes and land.

      Or don't the displaced Syrians matter?
      In order to push the super warrior Kurd meme?

      "the most successful force against the Islamic State so far, under the bus"

      Oh, yes the Kurds are so successful...And yet we are supposed to believe that ISIS is omnipotent- Do you find a contradiction in that?
      A big glaring contradiction?

      Posted by: Penny | Jul 27, 2015 1:23:26 PM | 7

      as I've stated most people don't like truth or reality
      the like popularity and what I was saying wasn't popular- though it appears to have been correct

    2. Wow. Good for commenting. Sad that they remove your comments simply because they don't believe in what you say. Freedom of speech and expression is really under attack everywhere. I have read one of the links that you gave me about the Kurds and other powers-very interesting to see just how much they have been used and still continue to be. It is the Syrian Army which has saved most of Syria from the salafists and they haven't got a single bit of credit for it. The Kurd meme just keeps going round everywhere. But I have been wondering about something. How come when there is an Isis attacks in Turkey, Isis never claims responsibility like they do in the west? Or do they?

    3. Hi Ally:

      Oh those comments are there- though the last one left by myself connecting the US to the PKK never made it through (that one was censored).. and I was banned by "b" who runs that place...
      didn't attack anyone- didn't call anyone names, just said my opinion and bam, banned.

      Rather then say the kurds are being used I would say they choose to be used.

      I'm a firm believer that you cannot be used unless you allow yourself to be used.

      The affiliated/elite linked Kurds have always allied themselves with whatever power of the day for their own short term personal gain-- the idea for greater kurdistan didn't originate with the kurds-- the kurdish people didn't express a desire for greater kurdistan- it is NATO and Israel that want this creation to manifest itself

      Which is why we read of all the infighting as ideas and plans are forced on non cooperative kurds

      why we read of kurdish children being abducted and indoctrinated into the cult of the PKK

      the idea of one people- one identity is being pushed on them by kurdish tyrants linked to the elite classes of asses that hold the beliefs of the masses

    4. I believe ISIS has claimed responsibility for some of the attacks in Turkey- going on recall here...

    They have allowed themselves to be used many time. Since the Ottoman period