Saturday, October 8, 2016

Vitaly Churkin Gave Syria the Floor & the US Led Cabal Walked Out

Churkin gave the NATO allies quite a dressing down- 
Hoping I can get the transcripts at some point in time?

The US, France, UK, Japan etc., showed a whole lot of disrespect for their own political process and in my opinion heaped a pile of disdain on the Ambassador from Syria. In turn showing their true agenda towards Syria, for all with eyes to see.  Syria- You are a target for our agenda and we don't consider your concerns at all!

Yes, it is drama. But it is drama with an intention- 

NATO just flipped off Syria:

And, all it's people. A nation they claim to care for? A nation they shed crocodile tears over?   They talk about 'infants pulled from dust' and 'hospitals bombed' over and over. Somehow believing if they (NATO) conjure these tragic images in the minds of the masses they can manage the perceptions of the masses, using  perverted mind manipulations to obfuscate  the untold atrocities they, NATO/US/UK/Israel/France have undertaken of their own accord!

 SyriaA nation the NATO allies wail loudly over as it's history is demolished. By their fighters. The fighters they arm. Fighters they train. Fighters they feed. Fighters they give medical help to!

Syria: A sovereign nation. With it's own people, history, and aspiration. The so called free world heaps disdain on it. The so called democratic countries of this world sent the message, loudly and clearly that they are completely unconcerned with reality when it comes to Syria.

Jaafari mentions Bell Pottinger and all the money they were paid for propaganda 

Will get transcripts asap- Meanwhile, if anyone comes across them, let me know?

The UN Ambassador from New Zealand had a quivering voice- fidgeted with paper and seemed overtly hostile.

Samantha Power was not in attendance- thank goodness!!

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