Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Aleksander Dugin Visits Turkey- Moscow & Ankara Discuss Deploying Air Defense Systems to Turkey

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 Daily Sabah

I find the timing of the visit- interesting. Considering Dugin visited Turkey the day before the July 15 coup and rumours have been flying regarding a second coup. And then there is Raqqa.
 Russian President Vladimir Putin's advisor, political scientist and strategist Aleksander Dugin visited the parliamentary group meeting of ruling Justice and Development (AK Party) on Tuesday.

Dugin, who said earlier that Russia had warned the Turkish state authorities of the ongoing junta preparation one day prior to the failed coup attempt of July 15 organized by the Gülenist terror cult (FETÖ), visited the Turkish parliament.
He visited the site of the Turkish parliament, which was bombed by pro-coup jets on the night of July 15; he also had a short conversation with Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım, following the group meeting speech of the latter.
In response to the questions of Turkish journalists, Dugin said that he did not bring any private message from Putin; his presence in Ankara was to show the special friendship of Russia to Turkey.
Dugin highlighted the FETÖ threat, pointing out that the terrorist group aimed at harming Russian-Turkish bilateral relations.
On July 15, 2016 a FETÖ-led coup attempt took place in Turkey. FETÖ is designated as a threat to national security of Turkey and terrorist cult, and stands accused of a long sheet of crimes, the latest being the failed coup attempt in which 246 people were killed and 2,200 were injured.
 Moscow, Ankara to discuss deploying air defense systems to Turkey

Russia and Turkey are planning to convene to set an intergovernmental military-technical cooperation commission before the end of the year, a Russian military official said on Monday. 
Very, very soon then? 
Speaking to Interfax, Alexandr Fomin, the Director of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation, said the most important topic on the meeting's agenda was the deployment of an air defense system to Turkey.
Fomin stressed that a decision over a possible deployment of an air defense system to Turkey could be taken at the commission meeting.
In October, Turkish foreign ministry sources said that Ankara was ready to accept an offer from Russia for a Turkish tender to build long-range air defense systems.
Russian official added that the upcoming meeting will once again strengthen both military and technical cooperation between the two countries.

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  1. US election- Think I said this last year and I'm stickin' with it- It's a Clinton steal/win

    And a lose for the entire population of the US
    Same as here in Canada! With our brand Trudeau leadership

  2. Do we really see Unkiar Iskelessi redux?

    1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Treaty_of_H%C3%BCnk%C3%A2r_%C4%B0skelesi

      pretty sure we've talked about this previously here- I know for certain that history repeats so it's possible

      "The Treaty of Hünkâr İskelesi (once commonly spelled Unkiar Skelessi, and translating to The Treaty of "the Royal Pier" or "the Sultan's Pier") was a treaty signed between the Russian Empire and the Ottoman Empire on July 8, 1833, following the military aid of Russia against Mehmed Ali that same year. The treaty brought about an alliance between the two powers, as well as a guarantee that the Ottomans would close the Dardanelles to any foreign warships if the Russians requested such action. The treaty would have significant consequences regarding the Ottoman Empire’s foreign relations, especially with Great Britain and Ireland, as the terms of the treaty worried the other great powers of Europe"

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHQLQ1Rc_Js