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All Eyes On al-Bab: Putin Confirms- No Russian Jets Struck Turkish Soldiers

 Not a totally terrible article from the Independent
"The attacks, less than a mile from the Turkish frontier, are in reaction to what is unfolding 30 miles to the north. Three forces which have been engaged in a bitter struggle against each other in Syria’s civil war are closing in on a city which is a strategic prize for an offensive on Raqqa.

Rebel Sunni Arab fighters of the FSA ( Free Syrian Army) with Turkish military backing; A Kudish led alliance with American advisors and air support and the regime’s army with Russian backing are closing in on al-Bab in Aleppo Province.
Al-Bab, or The Gate, is the last remaining significant stronghold left for Isis before Raqqa.
What happens in al-Bab will not only have a major bearing on the future of Raqqa, but also events in Aleppo and the aftermath of the operations there as the Assad regime carries out a push to take the rebel held east of the city"
 Or events in Aleppo will have an effect on al-Bab? As most of us know Aleppo for the most part has been taken back by SAA and allies.

Syrian soldiers fly their flag near Sakhur district, which had been in rebel hands for four years (Reuters)

Syrian forces storm southeast Aleppo as UN warns of rebel capitulation
UN envoy’s concern for terrorists is oh so touching

The UN envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura, said on Tuesday that he could not say how long the rebel resistance would last.

"Clearly, I cannot deny - this is a military acceleration and I can't tell you how long eastern Aleppo will last," he told the European Parliament. "There is a constant increase of movement on the military side."

Igor Konashenkov, a major general and spokesman for the Russian defence ministry, said on Monday: "During the last 24 hours, thanks to very well prepared and careful actions, Syrian soldiers were able to radically change the situation,"

"Practically half of the territory occupied by rebels in recent years in the eastern part of Aleppo has been completely liberated."

Back to the Independent:

-Al-Bab supplied the largest contingent of fighters during the battle for Aleppo in 2012

Recep Tayyip Erdogan has publicly declared that he wants the rebels his government is supporting with a 10,000 strong Turkish force, “Operation Euphrates Shield”, to move to the city. Gaining possession would not only provide a natural defence point for the 5,000 square kilometre “security zone” Ankara wants to establish, but act as a check on expansion of regime forces if and when they take Aleppo.
“Opposition fighters supported by Turkish armour and warplanes captured the villages of Umm Shukyaf, Umm Adshah and Anifiyah at the weekend, while at the same time launching attacks against the American backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in nearby Sab Wiran and Sheikh Nassir.
The results of the attacks were inconclusive and the SDF, led supposedly, led DEFINITELY, by the Kurdish militia YPG with (little to no) Arab groups in the ranks, claimed to have destroyed a Turkish tank. Meanwhile the SDF YPG continued its offensive, backed by US air strikes, against Isis, capturing the villages of Tal al-Jijan and Tal Unayb, west of al-Bab after prolonged and intense clashes.”

Regime forces, while continuing its offensive to capture the eastern part of Aleppo from rebels, advanced towards al-Bab, taking the villages of Khirbat Duwayr, Amad Taltinah, Shaalah and Tal Al-Khashkhashat. Hizbullah and the pro-Damascus Kurdish group, Kafr as Saghir Martyrs, took part in the fighting.
Turkish backed rebels maintain that the SDF provided fire support for the regime forces – more evidence, they insisted, to back their charge of collusion between Bashar al-Assad and the Kurds.

Turkey’s rebels clarify this statement, I’ll highlight it.

The complex and violent tapestry on the ground holds the increasing risk of outside players being sucked further into the conflict. President Erdogan called Vladimir Putin at the weekend after air strikes by Assad regime warplanes, had killed four Turkish soldiers and injured nine others near al-Bab. The two leaders, say Turkish officials, are in regular contact with each other over Syria, a process started by the rapprochement which the confrontation following the shooting down of a Russian plane by the Turks last year.

I stand firm that it was US planes that struck the Turkish soldiers.
Russia denies targeting Turkish troops in Al-Bab, Syria

"Russia has confirmed directly, by Mr. [President Vladimir] Putin, that the jets which conducted that attack did not belong to them," Numan Kurtulmus said after a Cabinet meeting in the capital Ankara.
Here's the clarification of the above statement- highlighted
There seems little prospect, however, of the accusations and recriminations on the ground coming to an end. Motassim Khalid Abdullah, an officer with a Free Syrian Army (FSA) acting alongside Turkish troops in Syria spoke of his bitterness about the activities of the SDF. “They are Kurdish, YPG (a Kurdish militia) controlled. They say they are fighting Daesh (Isis) but they are also fighting us and it is for definite that they are helping Bashar when it suits them” he declared.
“We have proof that they were using their artillery when the regime advanced on al-Bab at Amad Taltinah and Shaalah. We are not saying they want Bashar to get al-Bab. They have already said they want al-Bab themselves. They want to create a Kurdistan out of Syria, Iraq and Turkey. The Turks know this and that is the reason they are in Syria. The Americans must also know this, but they keep on supporting the Kurds. It is some kind of a game the Americans are playing.”
US officials announced recently that the SDF would withdraw from Manbij, another town recently captured from Isis, leaving it to the FSA and Arab tribal militias. The Kurds, however, still maintain a presence there and have accelerated operations to gain territory nearby.
Kurdish militias never left, I've already covered this: Here
"My understanding is they were departing and they were doing that today," Dorrian said after being pressed by Anadolu Agency to explain the apparent contradiction.

"But as far as whether every single one of them is gone, I would be very uncomfortable saying every single one," he added”
American backed Kurdish militias  not gone from Manbij!
This lays the ground for another scenario. The outside powers would lose interest – a very real possibility in the case of America under a Trump presidency – or rein back having reached their strategic objectives. The groups they had fed and watered will meanwhile carry on their vicious internecine strife, making the prospect of peace in Syria even more remote.

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  1. I have a bad feeling about Ergodan's recent announcement, that Turkish forces are in Syria to get rid of Assad. We might have just received the first public acknowledgement of a , good cop bad cop game, that's been going on between the ZioAmerican / NATO and Turkey for awhile now. Its possible that Turkey was used , from the beginning, as a foothold, to get regular NATO troops into Syria and prevent Russia from reacting in time. Its too early to figure out the recent developments but let me present a few propositions.

    1) As shown recently, Turkey can support the Jihadis in the Idlib province, without needing to cross the border. If they move up anti aircraft installations to the edge and create a no fly zone over a good portion of Idlib, is Syria willing to attack them over the Turkish border ?

    2) Turkish troops and equipment might attack through Idlib province, opening up another front.

    3) The Kurds are playing a game, and can not be trusted. Its my believe that the ZioAmericans have already promised them something, with the agreement of Turkey.

    Why is Turkey frantically building a massive fence along its border with Syria, if they planned on annexing Syrian land in the first place ? I think the answer lies with the Kurds.

    3) Turkey is still a NATO member.

    4) Trump has always stated that he wants a no fly zone in Syria.

    5) Trump's son in law is an ardent Zionist, and his "closest" adviser.

    6) The closer Syria gets to taking Aleppo, the closer it is to getting attacked by NATO / ZioAmericans. The ZioAmericans will never attack Russian forces at first, but will inform them of their intentions to attack Syrian forces and dare the Russians to respond. If Russia does, then war goes global.

    6) Escalation in Syria will coincide with an escalation in the Ukraine, and possibly in the Lebanon visa-vi Isrhell.

    7) The US has always supported Turkey's goon squad, the FSA, they have never stated otherwise.

  2. In addition to my previous comment:

    " U.S. House Votes to Toughen Sanctions, Assess a No Fly Zone In Syria "


    " Lebanese Media: S. Arabia, Israel Collaborating against Hezbollah "


  3. Great post.
    The US does not support the FSA, in fact they withdrew their support publicly recently.
    Massive escalation is coming, the US wants this.
    The US plan has always been for Turkey to fight the SAA. I don't hope this will happen.
    Erdogan has no way to remove Assad, despite his insane comments, & Turkey is not working with NATO right now.
    If Putin does not give Erdogan something, then the situation could get dangerous. A Turk told me that they feel cheated by Russia, because Assad is now moving on Al-Bab along with YPG.
    The situation isn't good. I fear the US will openly attack Assads forces now, to prevent them from taking more land.

    1. Rescue: I keep thinking.. why don't Turkey and Syria make a mutual defence pact and stick to it!!


      Shakes head.

      I can understand why the Turks are disgusted with Assad and the ypg allying- I'm disgusted with it
      (Do you befriend the person who breaks into your home and steals your property??!!)

      Yes, it's realpolitik, whatever!
      It's still disgusting

    2. I'm disgusted with Iran supporting YPG, the PKK, and Kurdish fighters everywhere except PJAK & TAK. As long as it halts Turkish influence in the region. Iran believes that the Kurds are allies in their attempt to enforce hegemony in the ME.
      They are deliberately helping the establishment of greater Kurdistan.

  4. Hi Penny
    There have been many suspicious attacks in recent days, not just does on Turkish troops.
    Two days ago there was a strike on Nubl & Zahraa killing 30 pro-Assad fighters, by an unknown aircraft. It was first blamed on Turkey. Then, yesterday, on khanasser road targeting the SAA. Today there are reports of an attack on Iranian fighters. Probably all by F-22 IMO.

    1. interesting- I saw news two turkish soldiers went missing yesterday .. speculation was they were captured

      any news on this?

  5. Penny, there are several advanced radar stations near Al Bab. Turkey should know who exactly attacked their positions (it also could be a "friendly fire" incident, small commercial drones used by Kurds/ISIS etc). Some remains of bombs or rockets also can indicate who dropped them. Anyway this single incident has no impact on the current situation and the battlefield near al Bab. ISIS is almost finished in northern Syria. It is interesting what will be the next target and task for Turkish Army and FSA after Al Bab.

    Erdogan's statement looks like an attempt to raise morale among moderate rebels after quick and easy Syrian Army's victory in Aleppo city. Turkey needs FSA as cannon fodder so Erdogan told them another fairy tale. But seems that "moderate rebels" don't trust western/eastern liars anymore (especially those who are Syrian citizens). Therefore the USrael-led coalition has a problem. Apparently civilians from Eastern Aleppo sent a lot of messages by mobile phones to Syrian Army during the last offensive. They sent coordinates of terrorists' warehouses, bases, positions etc. East Aleppo can fall in three-four weeks. The so called "US-led coalition" know that there is an urgent need to raise morale within the rebels so another empty "statement" or even some military incidents are exptected soon.

    "Two days ago there was a strike on Nubl & Zahraa killing 30 pro-Assad fighters, by an unknown aircraft."

    It was a mistake committed by Russian warplanes. According to reports three people (civilians) have been killed during this air raid.

    "Today there are reports of an attack on Iranian fighters. Probably all by F-22 IMO."

    Hmm, probably rumors? Today Israeli jets have attacked Syrian convoy near Damasus. No casualties but a question is if the S-300 system is really as good as Russians think.

    1. There were 8-10 strikes on Nubl & Zahraa, not a mistake. The others were real as well reported & documented on pro-rebel twitter.

    2. thanks for all that information :)

      I think Turkey has a dam good idea who hit their soldiers- but they aren't saying.
      Why? Not one accusation from them that I've seen.

      " Apparently civilians from Eastern Aleppo sent a lot of messages by mobile phones to Syrian Army during the last offensive"

      Read that somewhere..

      And Israel! Always involved. From day one in the destabilization of Syria

      This is one aspect of the over focus on Turkey that bothers me to no end- It lets Israel right off the hook - And yet I see the alt media engaged in this one sided Turkey demonization all the while never mentioning what it is Israel's up to!

      I keep track of it as much as possible, but, the so called alt sites??? Not at all.

      That's why I'm highly suspicious of the distractionary over focus on Turkey's actions alone

      In yesterday's post I wrote while the cat's away..Israel is expanding illegal settlements

      But it's not just that Syria is otherwise occupied, it's that everyone and I mean everyone msm and alt focuses solely on Turkey.

      While Israel does what the hell it wants and no so called alt media mentioned it- Why???

    3. Israelis behind the entire war. Greater Israel & greater Kurdistan side byside is the agenda.
      It could have been Israel behind all the strikes. They are the only country test using the brand new stelth fighter jets F-35. They used them in Gaza earlier this year, but testing them against Russias S-400 would be ideal for the US.

    4. Penny & Rescue right on target. Also we must remember Americans painting their jets to look like Russian jets. Israel does this too. Alt media is getting very very narrow for truth so keep up the good work guys...finding out who a lot of 'em really are. Also 'desperation' is at hand for the losers.

    5. hey rescue and wallflower..

      it could have been Israel? It wouldn't be a difficult run for them to make

      And thanks wallflower- I intend to keep up the good work to the best of my ability

  6. Mieszko I
    "I have a bad feeling about Ergodan's recent announcement, that Turkish forces are in Syria to get rid of Assad.

    As of now I'm not taking it too serious- Politicians run at the mouth all the time

    Its too early to figure out the recent developments but let me present a few propositions.

    That would be terrific! I love this kind of talking :)

    To your first point: right now... that's quite speculative. The last thing Syria needs is more fighting. Turkey doesn't need any more instability- Then you got the Americans and the Russian flying.. don't know

    #2: possible?

    #3: The PKK has been in this game a long time, since the '50's- Everytime they gain a bit more power- If there is any agreement at all (possible at one time) --- the Kurds and the US have already broken it.

    Looking at Turkey's operation Euphrates they want the Kurds on the eastern side of the Euphrates-- maybe Turkey could tolerate this? Maybe this was agreed to between US, Russia. UN. But that agreement/understanding was clearly broken when the Kurds crossed the Euphrates. It seems sensible when the Kurds crossed the Euphrates the US was attempting again to draw Turkey into a fight. It worked. Because this forced Turkey's hand.

    Rescue has stated the US is attempting to draw Turkey into a long drawn out fight to weaken it- I agree with this. That's how it appears to me.

    The border fence suggest Turkey is NOT planning to annex Syrian territory- There fortifying their own territory

    Turkey is still a NATO member.. but are they acting as a NATO member? That's questionable. The US has distanced itself from Operation Euphrates so...

    Trump wanted a no fly zone? Hmmm. Was unaware of that

    His son in law is a zionist- yah, I got that from some info I had read

    6) The closer Syria gets to taking Aleppo, the closer it is to getting attacked by NATO

    Yah, you can see that via the media reports.. France is just about having a hissy fit- there is a UN meeting today
    at France's request

    6) Escalation in Syria will coincide with an escalation in the Ukraine, and possibly in the Lebanon visa-vi Isrhell.

    Hadn't thought about that

    7) The US has always supported Turkey's goon squad, the FSA, they have never stated otherwise.

    I believe the FSA and the US had a falling out when all arms went to the Kurds- undoubtedly all money went to the kurds too

    1. Mieszko I

      " U.S. House Votes to Toughen Sanctions, Assess a No Fly Zone In Syria

      was aware of the recent no fly zone move- I included it in a previous post

    2. Everybody is okay with the Kurds on the eastern side of the Euphrates -- including Turkey, but except Assad.
      Why? Because the Euphrates is regarded by Zionists as the greater Israel border.

    3. that's how I see it Rescue- It seemed most likely there was some kind of agreement and then the Kurds crossed the river

      " Euphrates is regarded by Zionists as the greater Israel border"

      I know....sigh

  7. http://aranews.net/?p=26976





  8. Just passing this on...

    Saving Poroshenko? US State Dept offers $800k to Ukraine NGOs

    ["Washington is offering a grant of up to $800,000 to Ukrainian public organizations that will monitor regional authorities and secure ties with local media. Experts say it’s a way to keep President Petro Poroshenko in power amid declining popularity.

    “[The] goal is to enhance the accountability and responsiveness of the Ukrainian government at the local level through civil society advocacy, monitoring, and civic activism,” reads a US State Department funding announcement, published this week on the grants.gov website.

    It explains further that the State Department is looking for “civil society organizations,” either non-profit or for-profit (with some conditions) that will provide proposals “to perform a watchdog function and advocate for democratic governance” in Ukraine."]...read full story.

    1. https://alethonews.wordpress.com/2016/11/30/un-us-fail-to-offer-humanitarian-aid-to-90000-freed-aleppo-citizens/

    2. Oh I'm so surprised at that news- rolls eyes
      you know I'm not really... they must be the wrong kind of people

    3. re: Ukraine

      "monitor regional authorities and secure ties with local media"

      manage perception.

  9. I have to disagree about the scale of the disagreement between Turkey and the US. Although, it might seem like the two sides are at odds right now, the squabbles that they are having are comparatively minor, and in no way break their alliance against Syria. Some thoughts:

    1) Turkey is still in NATO, and has shown absolutely no interest in leaving, although, it would send shock waves throughout the World, and render NATO paralyzed and wounded for the foreseeable future. What better way to punish the supposed sponsors of a coup against Turkey ?

    2) The fighting between the FSA and ZioKurds, backed by the Americans, is just jocking for position as both Sides consider the stupid Kurds and the FSA expandable. It could also be a case of elaborate psyop Kabuki theater, as it allowed a NATO member to enter Syria, with Russia's seeming permission. Russia might have been tricked.

    3) Never forget, who the true culprits are behind this nightmare, the Juden and the ZioAmericans, who continue to arm ISIS, the Kurds, the FSA, and others. Public denials are worthless. John Kerry is even frantically trying to prevent the destruction of Al-Nusra. Why would that be if they are a sole product of Turkish ambitions ?

    The fall of Aleppo will show everyone the true nature of what's going on. The ZioAmericans do not give up this easily, and Erdogan is not that stupid, as to antagonize both Russia and the US at the same time. I don't trust this situation at all.

    1. Hey Mieszko I:

      The disagreement between Turkey and the US is pretty big, but, that's a-ok if you disagree.

      What's gone on between them has been mostly ignored except for by me.. and maybe willy loman.

      All kinds of stuff has gone down at Incirlik
      The US has been pulling out personnel
      The US, IMO, bombed the Turkish forces to save their Kurdish proxies and much much more..
      The wall Turkey is building- none of this plays into the remake the ME agenda the US and Israel are pushing


      "In effect, NATO has ceased to operate reliably on its south-eastern flank. (True) The collective security of the West now stops at Edirne, in Thrace. (surely the way the NATO tyranny looks at it)"

      Render NATO paralyzed? That is exactly what is suggested in the article linked in that post.
      NATO will not admit loudly that their alliance is in trouble- Never, from a perception management point of view it would be absolutely devastating.

      Turkey will not openly withdraw from NATO- or it would risk overt attack

      So it's all cat and mouse

      I've never forgotten who the real culprits are in this mess- And have discussed it often. It's just too bad I'm like a tiny little voice in a sea of dis/mis info

      Your smart to not trust this situation- It's deadly dangerous right now

      And agreed Erdogan while prone to running at the mouth is definitely not stupid- That said he has already antagonized the Americans- So he won't antagonize Russia.

  10. http://www.basnews.com/index.php/en/news/kurdistan/314979




    1. Ally- I'm trying to get a new post together and you bring more- you go!