Sunday, November 20, 2016

Autonomy For Eastern Aleppo Terrorists? UN Truce Terms Refused by Syria!

 The UN wasn't offering truce terms they were offering balkanization and destruction terms!
Disgusting! Disgraceful! Detestable! 
Is it any wonder I refer to the UN as the "Useless Nations"? Seriously, hope no one here wonders why I do that? The reasoning should be obvious.

UN Rewarding Terrorists and Terrorism

USA Today- 

 BEIRUT - The Syrian government on Sunday refused a U.N. proposal to grant the eastern districts of Aleppo autonomy as part of an approach to restore calm to the war-torn city.
Al-Moallem added that Syria doesn’t accept leaving some 275,000 people in east Aleppo as “hostages to 6,000 gunmen.”
 But the UN thinks that's just hunky dory!
“We agreed on the need that terrorists should get out of east Aleppo to end the suffering of the civilians in the city,” he said.
De Mistura (Terrorist supporter) did not make any remarks following the meeting.
 Syria refuses to cave to UN demands to give East Aleppo to terrorists

Damascus – The Syrian regime on Sunday rejected a proposal by the United Nations to grant autonomy to the rebel-held eastern part of Aleppo city, Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem said.
“This was completely rejected. This is a violation of our sovereignty,” the Syrian FM said in a press conference in Damascus after a meeting with the UN Special Envoy Staffan de Mistura.
“Syria doesn’t accept leaving some 275,000 people in east Aleppo as hostages to 6,000 gunmen,” he said. 
De Mistura, on the other hand, made no remarks after meeting al-Moallem in Damascus.
 Who is really pushing and working towards the annexation of Syria?

The US led coalition (which no longer includes Turkey) and it's cutthroats Kurdish militias.

The US with the shiny happy face of it's tyranny.... the detestable United Nations! 

UPDATE: Purely to point out the Reuter's spin on the succoring (verb:give assistance or aid to; Latin verb was a composite of the prefix sub- (meaning "from below") and the verb "currere" (meaning "to run") of terrorists while destroying Syria- at the behest of the US, undoubtedly

Reuters Spin.. I mean headline: U.N. Syria envoy says local govt in rebel-held Aleppo area should stay on

LOL- local government.. 



    1. "The statements are seemingly in response to the Change Movement (Gorran) that is encouraging the demonstrators to seize the opportunity and stand against KDP and KRG"

      think I was mentioning this the other day- Gorran is attempting to force out the Barazani government

      KRG Calls HRW Report “Biased”

      was mentioning this also because HRW was pointing a finger only at KRG while ignoring PKK- I think KRG's soldiers have done house destruction etc.
      but the HRW report covers up for PKK

      HRW is part of the campaign to push Barzani out of power-- which tells us the US and co want Barzani out too

      Turkey should apply for SCO membership
      They are already dialogue partners anyway...

    2. I hope they do! But will they have to leave NATO? I wonder what the anti-imperialist left's reaction would be? It is so obvious and in your face that Turkey is headed to destabilisation but no one can see it apart from you. I have been to Turkey many times, used to go every year as a child. So beautiful and miss the people so much. It was the only place where Muslims actually lived in peace (even though they had many problems) and now it's being described as an Islamofascist terror state. Sad, really sad. Just hope the country can stay as one piece and not end up like another Syria, although it is heading that way. I think Erdogan needs to start communicating with Assad.

    3. Turkey will definately have to leave NATO to join the SCO. They already have a hard time buying Chinese & Russian weapons because they are in NATO.
      I want nothing more then to see the reaction of the "anti-imperialist left" when Turkey does that, or has a military confrontation with the US, which is also possible.
      Ironically, most will probably just side with the US, claiming that Erdogan is crazy.
      A 'leftist' such as Mark Ames continuously refers to Turkey as fascist & claims that they & Erdogan has US support. He promotes the destruction of Turkey while celebrating YPG, when they have open US & NATO support.

      Turkey has been in negotiations with Assad since april, with Algeria as mediators. I think they are contact all the time despite having disagreements.

    4. Mark Ames? New name to me!
      where does he leave this gibberish?

      I had some news here that Turkey and Syria had been negotiating- which makes Assad's talk even more strange unless as wallflower say's he's ticklin' someone's ear?

    5. Turkey cannot think about a military confrontation with the US/NATO. Erdogan may be many things but one thing he is not is suicidal. Empire and its vassals remain the biggest dog in the fight.

  2. LOL. Autonomy for East Aleppo. The most ridiculous idea I've heard yet.
    The US would probably working on autonomy for East & West Ghouta as well, & every little enclave in Syria, so that the state can't function.

    1. I was stunned when I read this news
      blackmail! give east aleppo autonomy and we'll give you a truce- that's a terror threat!

      "The US would probably working on autonomy for East & West Ghouta as well, & every little enclave in Syria, so that the state can't function"

      That's what the US is going for! Clearly

  3. Hey Penny...
    I just 'accidentally' found this. MUST-SEE Crazed US Senator Attacks Defense Secretary for not Planning War With Russia!

    LISTEN to the very beginning CAREFULLY up to this insane Lindsay Graham. Then go back and listen again and watch McCain's face. What a bunch of idiots!!! They can't keep their lies straight.


    "There will come a day, when all the lies will collapse under their own weight, and truth will again triumph."

    Joseph Goebbels

  4. Getting more pathetic all the time. This? is an fair offer? Well, given the populace who know so little of Syria, let alone any other world but their own.. probably so.

    What it does is give fodder to the fire and in their minds at least, another chance to say how uncooperative Syria and Russia along w/ Iran and poor Iraq (ravished all these years and still are ) and even Lebanon now as the new leader there is pro Hezbollah, all are to any chance of making a deal with 'the opposition'.

    As Al-Moallem said: they have made no offers to re-open talks with Syria and 'opposition' again.

    1. Have most people fallen for the Syria lies in your country? I look on most news sites and it seems like most of the people there support Assad and Russia. But don't know too much about where I live since I don't talk to people about Syria.

    2. Hi Ally! Here in Canada it seems most believe the bullshit
      Karin would have to speak about her overall impression in the US

  5. Replies
    1. "Have most people fallen for the Syria lies in your country"? I will furnish the facts, if I may. Most people in the land of oz couldn't give a horses arse about Syria. Most couldn't locate Syria on a map if it was colored green and all else was colored red. The vast majority of the amerikan public exist in a self-centered little fiefdom of their own creation. Their only concern tv reality, sports, purchasing for purchasings sake and avoidance of anything otherwise. Ask 50 persons who is Bashir Assad, 49 will stare back and have no idea who the heck you are speaking about. They just couldn't care. Especially with black friday and the holiday shopping season just over the horizon. This applies to those with disposable cash. Those who do not possess it ate either struggling for their own survival or finding a way of getting a little of it together.

  6. I like your blog very much. Ejnar, Stockholm.


    Interesting person wrong a lot.

    1. thanks joe6pac
      never heard of him until Rescue mention him..
      wrong a lot as in disinfo?
      quite possible.

      I find this interesting..

      Mr Ames was running this?

      The Exile, a Moscow-based, English-language biweekly, stood accused of violating Article Four of that legislation by encouraging extremism, spreading pornography, or promoting drug use.

      An Exile sales director, about to leave for the day, received the fax and phoned an editor, who called the real target of the letter, Exile founder and editor in chief Mark Ames, at that moment a world away in Los Gatos, California

      He's very spooky.. ;)
      And appears to have been a CIA backed media mouthpiece in Russia at the time of that article
      He appears to have been writing in order to destroy Russian culture and society and contribute to some destabilization type actions..