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Betraying Turkey:Germany & US Leaving Incirlik/ Pulling Out Personnel/Scouting Alternative Locales

As the betrayal of Turkey progresses....NATO allies? Not so much.
Penny, you should write a post about Germany removing their military from Incirlik. They are trying to gain access to Jordanian bases instead.
Turkey refuses Germany a permanent presence at the base, because of their support for the PKK.
I think its an important story, not reported and talked about enough.

  1. I've seen some of the news about Germany and Incirlik
    If Germany is heading for Jordan it tells us much about the next target for destabilization- Saudi Arabia.
All the latest

It appears Germany is looking to make alternative NATO arrangements. Just like their US counterparts. Oh are you one of those that believes, despite all the publicly available information, that the US and Turkey are on the same page? If so the information below will cause you a bit more cognitive dissonance.  Before you turn your nose up to the information contained within this posting, consider the reality, the fact, that one can glean information & dot connect from open public sources of information as was clearly stated by  Allen Dulles many years ago.
"More than 80 percent of intelligence is obtained from open sources." Allen W. Dulles
 Allen Dulles stated more then 80 percent of intelligence is openly sourced. That is through information that is publicly available, gathered, put through a rational thought process in order to connect dots cohesively. Certainly Allen Dulles was speaking from experience.

Germany explores alternatives to Turkey's Incirlik air base

As relations between Ankara and Berlin deteriorated, Germany began looking for alternatives to the Incirlik Air Base in southern Turkey in at least three other Middle Eastern countries.

The Kurdistan Region, whose Erbil airport acts as a key logistical support base for the US-led Coalition forces in the fight against the Islamic State (IS), was not among the options for Germans.

Incirlik base was one of the theaters the putschists operated from, flying aerial refueling jets for warplanes that bombed critical targets at the Turkish capital of Ankara, including the Parliament and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s palace.
Turkish authorities subsequently cut all power lines to Incirlik and imposed a ban on Coalition flights there. The Base’s Turkish Commander General Bekir Ercan Van was arrested and jailed two days later.
Last month, an American national security site, Defense One, said the US should get ready to walk away from Incirlik
UPDATED WITH LINK  and excerpt from Defense One article:
Closing paragraph from: Get Ready to Walk Away from Incirlik
" Ideally, seeking out alternatives to Incirlik will minimize the possibility that Washington is ever forced to exercise them.  If Washington has options, Turkey will face the possibility that threatening to throw American forces out could backfire, leaving the country even more strategically isolated. In short, a little foresight and planning could turn Incirlik from a source of Turkish leverage over America to a source of American leverage over Turkey"
Incirlik: Leverage
"It is too early to say whether it will become necessary to withdraw our forces from Incirlik," the spokesman told "Bild." Any relocation, however, would likely take "several weeks," in which time the Tornado reconnaissance jets would be out of action.
The German air force planes aren’t currently flying combat missions.

The German planes aren’t currently flying combat missions- that should make it easier to leave once new digs are found.

I’ve discussed the US prepping to walk away from Turkey and Incirlik on multiple occasions

September 10/2016 Should US Pull Personnel out of Turkey After Coup Attempt ? - Betraying Turkey
A powerful California lawmaker wants Congress to consider moving U.S. personnel and military equipment out of Turkey into other Middle Eastern countries in the wake of an attempted coup in Turkey in July"
Previous mentions regarding US Personnel being moved..

March 29/2016: Military families out of Turkey
September 03/2015: Pentagon Offers Evacuation to 900 US Military Dependents in Turkey
Finding alternative basing options for U.S. personnel and military assets is necessary given that the relationship between the United States and Turkey has become increasingly strained, Schanzer said.
“Whether it’s flirting with the Russians, whether it’s flirting with the Iranians, challenging American foreign policy, you know, making it difficult for Incirlik to operate, shutting down counter-ISIS operations over that short period of time – these are the sort of things that should be viewed as a red flag,” he said. “Not necessarily a defining moment where we need to move now, but again, a red flag, and one that should be an indication to military planners that contingency plans should be made.”
Making Germany's actions part of a coordinated plan

Germany & the PKK: Austria and prepping the narrative for EMBARGO/SANCTIONs

"A Hamburg court made reference to the PKK's so-called fight against Daesh since 2013 and praised the "political struggle" of the PKK terrorists in a scandalous statement.

Since the terrorist organization became a perfect tool for the German government regarding its regional chessboard, some unbelievable decisions have been taken by the German administration.

While Germany acts as a locomotive in its actions against Turkey, other leading members of the 28-nation union play the role of "concerned friends for the ‘bien-etre' of their ally."

However, they delegate some smaller members to put mines and barriers in front of Turkey, concerning its relationship with the union.

The decision by the Austrian parliament to ban weapons sales to Turkey can be evaluated within this framework. Since Austria is not a reference country for weapons sales, it is just trying the make the public become accustomed to the use of the word "embargo" in the same sentence as "Turkey."

A recent report by the European Parliament proposing the end of accession talks between the EU and Turkey is just a recent link in the chain of this "carrots and sticks" policy.

It is clear that the EU leaders' summit to convene in mid-December will not end with the decision to halt accession talks with Turkey.

The success of the Turkish people to overcome the coup attempt on July 15 and the strong attachment of the Turkish people to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is the main matter of concern for the EU. To be frank, the EU is frustrated with the failure of the coup attempt. That is why there has been an unbelievable level of support given to everybody who is against Turkey"
I've stated for two years now the US led NATO is betraying Turkey- That fact seems more and more apparent as time goes on.

From Earlier:

Jay Dyer: Esoteric Hollywood: How to Destroy the Entertainment-Industrial Complex


  1. Perception Management
    What was going through the heads of the Syrian people when they were faced with the idea Assad had been poisoned?

    How hackers tried to 'poison' Syria's Assad

    image link

    "Rumors of Syrian President Bashar Assad's demise spread quickly throughout the social media landscape Monday after the country's Ministry of Information became the target of a cyber attack.

    "There was an attempt to poison his Excellency Bashar Assad. He was infected by a contagious, dangerous disease and is in grave condition," read a message apparently posted by hackers on the ministry's homepage for several hours. "Doctors are at the president's side and are trying to save his life."
    News of the dictator's alleged ill health spread shortly after the posting, causing confusion among the government and military along with the social media sphere.

    Locked out of the ministry's system for several hours, government employees turned to Facebook to deny there was an attack against Assad and update viewers on his actual, living condition.

    "The announcement that President Assad was poisoned is false and has no basis," the social media post read, adding "the news was planted by a hacker.

    The Jerusalem Post's sister publication Ma'ariv noted that as of Monday the message announcing Assad's poisoning had yet to be removed from the Syrian ministry's website.

    It was not clear whether this was due to technical reasons or an attempt by authorities to locate the parties responsible"

    1. Hey Penny...

      I found these older hacks if it helps.
      Online activists hack official Syrian sites
      Several government websites defaced by Anonymous, as crackdown on protests in Homs and elsewhere continues.
      BREAKING: #UN votes to condemn #Assad Regime as Reuters posts false story on #Syria

      By Clay Claiborne
      Friday Aug 03, 2012 · 1:09 PM EDT
      The Hackers of Damascus
      The Internet was a powerful weapon for the rebels fighting to topple Bashar al-Assad—until their enemies turned it against them

      Kuwait’ Ministry of Internal Affairs Website Hacked, hacker demands interference in Syria

      by Waqas
      March 31, 2014, 11:50 pm include one of yours...

      The Truth is, there is one hideous false nation that has the base authority over all internet and social media to do as they please. The one who hires many of its little demons to hack, to print disinfo, to leave a trail of deception that goes for miles. But as you clearly stated before...the info is in plain site...the perps are in plain site...and their agenda's are in plain site. When reading these articles of hacks, I can clearly see the twisting lies put out and by whom. There is only one despicable entity that is desperate to fool the masses...and that's the one who has done it for centuries. All one need do is "see who benefits" from these lies and who has the 24/7 time to spew it. Jews/Israel

    2. Hi Wallflower: I did notice that it was Jerusalem Post and it's sister site that had reported on the hack and thought to myself.... how interesting.

      It's not a coincidence of course that Israel is well known for hack attacks

      And if you found that post then you'll know what I think of anonymous- coopted!


    The Syrian information ministry said the news piece that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was subjected to an assassination attempt is completely false and was published after its website was hacked.

    The ministry made this announcement via its Facebook page few hours after a news piece on its official website claimed that Assad was poisoned and was suffering from a severe health problem.

    The website has since then stopped providing any of its services to readers.

    The news piece detailed how Assad was poisoned and how he suffered from a dangerous contagious disease, adding that a group of doctors was treating him.

    link to image
    can anyone read it?

    The fact that this was published on an official website caused confusion among Assad’s supporters and army forces. This is when the information ministry took to Facebook to clarify that the website was hacked and that all news pieces which cause it harm are completely false.

    The information ministry’s website is still not working. It’s not clear though whether it’s not working because it’s under maintenance or because they’re attempting to restore the website after it was hacked, like the ministry said on its Facebook page.

  3. of course still looking for thoughts on the information contained in this latest post!

  4. I wonder were nato nukes will go? That should fun.

    Assad poisoned or govt. site hacked? If it was it had to be the Russians because they hacked Amerikas elections. My coutry Amerika would never do anything that evil;)

    1. Jo, the nukes have already been transferred to Romania. But Turkey has 14 of its own nukes as well.

    2. Hey Jo

      The Nukes will most likely be disposed of.
      There old, or so the story goes.

      Interesting timing for the hack? What with the advances in Aleppo?

    3. Hi Ally:

      I did a few posts on this back in the summer

      Don't know if they were moved or not
      But I surely understand the presence of these nukes real or imaginary can be used to fear monger

  5. Hello Penny,

    Firstly, its important to understand that the actions taken against Turkey in the EU, particularly by Germany, are at the behest of the US/Zionist.
    This is being done because the US not want to betray Turkey, the nation state.
    And I don't think that the US is ready to destroy Turkey as a nation state either, the way they have done to Iraq & Syria.
    Turkey is strategically important, & the US isn't just going to leave all state of the art military bases, for a still non existant place kalled Kurdistan or Rojava -- at least not yet.

    The actions we are seeing from the US, through the EU, is out of desparation.
    The US clearly believed the coup would succede, & now, it doesn't just not have a reliable puppet goverment in Ankara, it has one that is mad as hell, & cooporating with Russia. Aleppo will be liberated in a few days, entirely because of Russian-Turkish cooporation.

    As a result, the EU is using all the leverage they have over Turkey, to force Turkey to submission.
    That includes the sickening black propaganda against Erdogan & then making entire Turkey synonymous with him. That will include economic sanctions, & an arms embargo.
    This will fail. Anyone who knows a Turk, or a bit about Turkish history, know they are a fighting ppl. They won't just succumb to this hybrid war.
    Its more likely the Turks will stick together and resist more.

    The US & Germany moving its troops out of Incirlik is because they cant operate freely there anymore. Not because they want to. (Germany is leaving Incirlik because they were kicked out for supporting the PKK.)
    Anyway, the many articles saying the US should abandon Incirlik, are written first to condition the public to the US leaving its most important base, & as a face saving measure when Turkey finally kick's them out.

  6. Rescue " Aleppo will be liberated in a few days, entirely because of Russian-Turkish cooporation"

    Can you explain this a bit more, please?

  7. Yes. The Turks removed all their terrorist proxies from the SW Aleppo front & moved them to N. Aleppo. Later they have moved many more from Idlib to their occupation zone. They have also prevented the rebels inside & out from receiving more arms. Encouraged rebel civil wars ect. This has weakened the rebels, & is the cause of the SAA imminent liberation of Aleppo.

    1. Very interesting. Thanks Rescue.

      Do you know persons that have told you this?
      I'm figuring you do because I've seen nothing of the sort anywhere.

      That removal of proxies would likely explain why Russia didn't feel compelled to participate any further in bombing Aleppo

      I see the msm and so called alt media is quoting Erdogan, who does run off at the mouth too much, as wanting to overthrow Assad... and that's why Operation Euphrates is on.

      The quotes are out of context and I don't know who his audience was. If it was domestic that explains a lot.

      Would you be able to clarify those reports?

    2. It was Hamas that was his audience

    3. Thanks Ally- I wondered and that makes sense

    4. The removal of Turkish backed terrorists from
      the Aleppo frontline was public news. All analysts are now claiming this is the reason for Aleppos liberation. Pro-rebel accounts are furious with Turkey, right now.
      Which I think might be the reason for Erdogans Assad comments.
      Erdogan is a clown who has a big mouth. 95% of what he says is hyperbole. A Turk told me he is frustrated with the Al-Bab situation. He gave up Aleppo, but can now only watch the YPG from Afrin take Al-Bab without being able to do anything.