Saturday, November 26, 2016

Breaking: Blasts Heard In Kurdish Training Camp. US & British Instructors Present?

Related to earlier reporting or upping the ante?

ANKARA, November 27. /TASS/. Several blasts rocked training camps of paramilitary units of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party in the Syrian province of Khaseke in Tel Tamer on Saturday, Anadoly Agency reported.
The report said there several people were killed and wounded in the accident.
According to the agency, there were the US and British military instructors in the camp. The facility was formed by the Democratic Union in 2013, for training the Kurdish militia. The trainings have been performed by US instructors since last year.
The Democratic Union is regarded as a terrorist organization in Turkey.
 Connected? I don't know? But worth mentioning

 Official: Loud Blast in Southern Turkey May Have Been Military Jets

A loud blast heard in Gaziantep, in southeastern Turkey near the Syrian border, may have been caused by jets taking part in Turkish military efforts in nearby northern Syria, Turkish officials said late Friday.
Police and firefighting teams investigated the sound, according to Turkey's Anadolu news agency.
The Gaziantep Province governor's office released a statement that said the incident caused no injuries, deaths or property damage.
"This sound could have been caused by warplanes involved in the Euphrates Shield operation going over the usual noise limit. We will give further details later," the governor said.
Tensions are high in Gaziantep. The area borders Syria where Turkish troops have taken part in military efforts to push Islamic State (IS) militants and Kurdish militia from the region.

 From earlier and now updated:

Friday's news:


  • Southfront: No Confirmation Of Syrian Strikes on Turkish Mil- One Year Anniversary Date Russian Jet Shootdown

    Additional commentary and information
    The US was behind the attack on the Turkish troops, (I'm not excluding Syrian collusion) & Turkey retaliated with the attack in Hasakah today. At least 5 US soldiers died.
    Assad is openly courting the US, hoping Trump will be an ally. That is why they are taking a hostile stance against Turkey, and scapegoating Erdogan for the war.
    I'm also worried, because Syria is not acting rationally. Teaming up with the SDF to capture Al-Bab is a fatal decision, that Syria will suffer with for a long time.
    Clearly, Russia & Syria have also fallen out, over what I don't entirely know. I suspect it might have been because of the latest jihadi offensive against Aleppo, where Russia withheld air support, allegedly because of a deal with Erdogan. After that, the relationship between the parties in the Syrian war changed. 

    Hi Penny:

    Perhaps THIS is why Putin and Erdogan have so much to talk about:
Consider the thoughts others are sharing... Rescue makes some good points particularly with regard to Aleppo- Russia wasn't 'all in' on it- For what ever reason? Bad PR etc., They left it up to Syria.
Maybe Syria didn't need the assistance. Taking Aleppo is ugly work.

I agree that it was the US that attacked the Turkish troops- The US made clear they were displeased with Turkey's operation and were officially distancing themselves from it. If Syria is teaming up with the Kurds- Bad move. It is a mistake they will pay dearly for and suggests Syria's leadership is accepting some degree of  balkanization.

Nothing is ever black and white. There are many shades of grey.
Greencrow has raised the spectre of the no fly zone, yet again-
I'm very saddened to read that :(
That will affect Turkey

As the middle east/north africa remake marches on... Yes, this is bigger then Syria. As repeatedly stated here!


  1. Talks about imposing sanctions on Turkey. Do you think that they will really do it?

    1. Ally: Moody's has already downgraded Turkey
      Sanctions would just be more economic warfare..
      I think it's entirely possible it would and could be done

    2. Yes, sanctions will be imposed. A very realiable Turkish source on twitter, told me it will be done in december. Turkey will be kicked out of the EU costums union & sanctions on AKP officials, possible an arms embargo, will follow.
      Lifting on sanctions will be on condition that Erdogan resigns & peace with the PKK is achieved. I think that its very likely what the EU/US will do.
      However their limited understand of the situation in Turkey will make sure it fails.
      In an interview a German advocate for sanctions said that PKK supporting Germany & the EU are popular in Turkey -- what a joke -- and that the reason for Erdogans popularity was the successful economy under his leadership. If that fails, he will go.
      The EU psychopaths seriously believe this!
      Of course the Turks will blame the EU & US & a long period of hostility will be assured.

      Imagine a country is being punished so hard because they defeated a NATO coup.

    3. Will they leave Nato and how easy would it be to join the SCO?


  3. I don't believe any of us can make comments in this regard definitively. Without possessing insider information, on the groundsources, or if you are directly reporting from the place where the actions are occurring. If you are not prefacing remarks by stating something like in my opinion or a similar preface to your comments they simply serve as conjecture.

    1. Why do you think that Egypt is coming to Syria, Charles?

    2. Charles "I don't believe any of us can make comments in this regard definitively"

      Not sure what your talking about?

      "If you are not prefacing remarks by stating something like in my opinion or a similar preface to your comments they simply serve as conjecture"

      I think it's a given that all discussion here is opinion. Informed opinion based on available information.

      I've always made it very clear that I source everything here from global media resources..

    3. It's clearly stated in the sidebar here and has been since I began this blog in 08

      "This blog is a place to not only post information that will never see the light of day on the mainstream media, but, also to present alternative perspectives to main stream media information, that most often presents no background, no context, and never questions the information presented.

  4. Ally: from what I've seen Egypt has denied flat out sending anyone to Syria to assist Assad

    I see Debka file is selling that 'story' as a truth despite the fact there is no real proof of it

    And debka file is a highly questionable, not always wrong, but highly questionable source for info


    1. Salih Muslim?
      Of course!

      He sounds just like western media meme spreaders
      Of course!

  6. Penny, you should write a post about Germany removing their military from Incirlik. They are trying to gain access to Jordanian bases instead.
    Turkey refuses Germany a permanent presence at the base, because of their support for the PKK.
    I think its an important story, not reported and talked about enough.

    1. I've seen some of the news about Germany and Incirlik

      If Germany is heading for Jordan it tells us much about the next target for destabilization- Saudi Arabia

  7. Here is a very good article by an NFZ supporter explaining how an NFZ will be implemented.
    After reading its quite clear why its not going to happen.

  8. The collusion between Assad & YPG is far worse for Syria than first reported.
    There is no SAA presence in the offensive towards Al-Bab, it is only YPG, & they are supported by Assad --
    But not Russian airforce, which is interesting.
    The Raqqa offensive has stalled & ISIS is now regaining territory, largely because many YPG fighters are now on their way to attack the FSA & capture Al-Bab from Manbij.
    The SDF will capture Al-Bab and cantons will be connected. Arab elements of SDF will act as a bufferzone between YPG & SAA. This is the deal.
    Clearly, Assad has accepted partition. Why I don't know. Probably because the deal with Turkey failed, because of the last Aleppo offensive by jihadists, which poisened the realtions between all sides in the war.

    Its interesting how Turkey will react to this. The Pentagon plan was for a corridor to the MED. I don't believe YPG will annex land in Latakia. Which means Hatay province is what they want to capture and occupy. Incidently, the SDF's banner shows Hatay as part of Syria.

    1. Rescue: the idea of Syria making deals with the US backed Kurds- sigh...
      disappointment doesn't even describe my feelings about this :(

      I've seen the maps with Kurdistan extending to the Med- it's the only way they can become a viable exporter of resources-

      Interesting about Hatay


    1. And this:

    2. Looks like a must read Ally
      I'm working on something right this moment so stay tuned

    3. Rescue: I think there will be a no fly zone
      I'm going to preface my statement below:

      If the Kurds can successfully connect the cantons the US has already got the rudimentary bases present- france too

      There will be a no fly zone- at the invitation of the kurds- Russia will do nothing, cause they can't do anything- If the Kurds 'invite' the US the Russians have no leg to stand on to impede the no fly zone

      This is why it is simply astounding that Assad would ally, at all, with the treacherous and duplicitous kurds- just astounding to me!

      But that's how I see it as of right now!
      Should things change I would change my opinion, but, right now- there it is!


    5. I saw that news regarding Iran and Turkey.

      "A few months before this gathering and in the wake of tensions that had built up for more than two years, a conflict erupted on 17 December 2013 between Fethullah Gulen's group and the Justice and Development government. Gulen's group had tried to use its levers within the judiciary and the prosecution to bring down then-prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and several cabinet members in order to create a governance vacuum"

      2013 again. Another sort of a coup.

  10. ["This is why it is simply astounding that Assad would ally, at all, with the treacherous and duplicitous kurds- just astounding to me!"]

    This is realpolitik, Penny. In Syria we can see a very similar sequence of events regarding to Kurds as earlier in Iraq. From war through autonomy to independence in the future. Both Iraqi and Syrian Kurdistan are well organized, armed by Pentagon and with US Army presence inside. Assad has no power to reunify Rojava with Syria. Syria is exhaused, Syrians want peace no endless war with Kurds.

    Turkey? Turkey will be the biggest loser. It's probably too late to save this country from a bloody civil war. Sometimes I think Erdogan is an agent. He is resposibile for the destabliozation of Syria, in consequence Rojova has been created. His brutal policy against Kurds and kemalists certainly must radicalize them. Kurds from Turkey have been receiving a lot of modern weapons from their Syrian "brothers". Aditionally there is an economic crisis in Turkey (dying tourism, agriculture). Western media are recently also suspiciously anti-Turkish. Something bad is brewing. Erdogan consciously or not set the stage for a civil war in Turkey. You know that an independent Kurdish state without the Turkish part (Northern Kurdistan) would be lame. The Turkish part is necessary and seems that only Trump could stop this scenario.

    they dream about it all the time

    1. Thanks for the comment anonymous :)
      I don't agree with it entirely but that's neither here nor there
      Is this your twitter account?
      I shall check it out
      and thank you :)

    2. thinking more about your comment may inspire to me to answer at length

  11. Hello Anonymous,
    Very good post.
    I have for a long time wrestled with the question of whether Erdogan was an agent, or not.
    His & AKPs policies are to blame for the mortal situation Turkey finds itself in. Turkey's constant attack on the central goverments of Iraq and Syria have made the prospect of greater Kurdistan realistic. And I agree, Turkey is the big loser in this war.
    However, I don't believe he is in agent.

    Erdogan has lead a very pro-Kurdish policy in Turkey, over 40% of Kurds vote for him.
    Last year there was an invasion by the PKK armed & trained by the US. The Turkish military has fought this invasion, which is entirely legitimate. Kemalists don't have any influence because of their policies, not Erdogan. Instead we now the rise of the nationalist MHP.

    I agree bad times are ahead for Turkey, but
    there won't be a civil war, for many reasons, but also because the wast majority of Kurds don't support the PKK. The group is at a low point in Turkey.
    A Kurdistan without Bakur is what the US is forming now. The US believes they can control the Arabs, Turks & Persians, through this little Kurdistan they have carved out in Iraq, & Syria.
    I do not believe the US at this moment wants a destroyed Turkey like Iraq & Syria. They want to pressure Turkey to cooporate with their new Kurdistan.
    Through hybrid war they want to weaken Turkey a force it to federalise, then put all federal Kurd zones together as one, at some point.
    Its going to be hard to carved the Kurdish part of Turkey. The military is strong & can defend its borders. That's why the US wanted TSK to fight the SAA, so they could weaken the military.