Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Daesh Document Tells Daesh/ISIS to NOT Strike US/Coalition Planes

hattip ! Charles FasolaNovember 16, 2016 at 10:14 AM

Sputnik's Arabic bureau has obtained photos of a decree by Daesh (ISIL/ISIS) leaders instructing its fighters not to attack US-led coalition aircraft operating over Mosul and the surrounding area.

The document, discovered in the recently-liberated Iraqi city of Bakhdida, about 32 km southeast of the Daesh-held stronghold of Mosul, explicitly tells jihadis not to attack any coalition aircraft over Mosul or its suburbs.

Of course, ISIS/Daesh is there to help with the cleansing of Mosul.

According to Sputnik Arabic, the decree was discovered by Assyrian Christian militia on an information stand in central Bakhdida, at a so-called Daesh 'mobilization center'. Such centers were established by the terrorist group to mobilize the local population and train new recruits. 

The text of the decree reads: "It is strictly forbidden to shoot down, using any weapons whatsoever, any aircraft that is in the air, no matter what height they are flying at, even if the aircraft lands on the rooftop of houses."

The document is signed by local Daesh leader Abu Muawia.
The decree was discovered by the Nineveh Plain Protection Units, a militia group composed mostly of Assyrian Christians, who are concentrated in northern Iraq. The militia was formed in late 2014 to defend against Daesh, which has treated those who refused to convert to their faith with extreme brutality.
It should be noted," Sputnik Arabic stressed, "that the competency to conduct airstrikes against Daesh in the Nineveh region lies [strictly] with planes of the international coalition led by the United States, which has repeatedly been accused of airstrikes on forces of the People's Militia and the Iraqi military, and of dropping humanitarian and military aid which has ended up in Daesh's hands."

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  1. hello Penny,
    just passin' through thought I'd leave you with this curious link perhap related?

  2. Hi Pen,
    that document, while totally unsurprising, is valuable evidence that the US and Daesh/ISIS are allies. The jihadi grunt on the front line is oblivious to this alliance, of course, and that is why he has to be told in short words not to shoot at US aircraft.

    As for the 'kill lists' of UK and now US special ops troops, i think this is all propaganda. The intended audience is the western population which makes these announcements propaganda. And why warn the jihadis (allies) if you are really going to take them out?

    One reason for this propaagnda may be to steal the thunder of the coming and inevitable Russian/Syrian victory by claiming it only happened because of NATO's 'decapitation' of the jihadi forces.

    It is also 'legitimising' extra-judicial death squads.

    1. good points there james
      the document is not surprising and surely the news of hit squads is designed to take away from the document find..

      Why advertise
      and yes legitimising the illegitimate

  3. Obama got the lavrocv message 26Oct
    IFX: Lavrov: Time to neutralize all groups that failed to get separated from al-Nusra in Syria's Aleppo

    massive strikes after the Mig goes down days after chasing off the Netherlands sub.


    Russian specifically launched those strikes on chemical factories or so alleged. Message keeping in mind the Odessa white books and the recent allegations of ccluster annd war crimes in yemen

    1. I saw the news that the US committed war crimes in Yemen, hardly surprising
      but it quickly went away!