Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Egyptian Troops in Syria? " These Allegations Exist Only In the Imagination Of Those Who Promote Them"

There’s a rumour going ‘round....

Discussed a bit here last week- Hubby and I searched and searched for verification of said rumour. Couldn't find it

November 23/2016-  Egypt unlikely to send military forces to Syria: Al-Sisi
Egypt is unlikely to send military forces to Syria, President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi said on Tuesday, stressing that it would be better if Syria’s national army took sole responsibility for securing the country.

November 25/2016: Egypt has not sent troops to Syria: Military source

November 26/2013 : Egypt denies sending military troops to Syria after Al-Sisi explicitly supports Al-Assad

Qassem Al-Khatib, a member in the National Coalition of the Syrian Opposition, told Daily News Egypt that Egypt had not sent any military troops to Syria

November 27/2016: Egypt denies sending military troops to Syria

Egypt’s foreign ministry denied in a statement on Sunday the presence of Egyptian military troops in Syria, reiterating its commitment to non-intervention in internal affairs of other countries.

“These allegations exist only in the imagination of those who promote them,” foreign ministry’s statement read, stressing on Egypt’s commitment to the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of other states.

Sputnik November 27/2016

Some Arab newspapers reported about Egyptian military presence in Syria," the statement published on the Foreign Ministry’s Facebook page read. "Egypt is committed to the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries."

Egyptian military has been accused of sending troops to the aid of the embattled Syrian government. Many Arab Gulf states support opposition forces in Syria. A Russian government spokesman said earlier this month he could not confirm reports that Egyptian soldiers were present in Syria.

Could this rumour have been started as a way to demonize Egypt? To cause discord amongst neighbours? Possible.

November 28/2016: Egypt denies it has a military presence in Syria

28 November 2016 13:46 Egypt Denies Presence of Egyptian Forces in Syria

 “The ministry refutes allegations of a number of the Arab mass media about the presence of the Egyptian military in the Syrian territory,” Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ahmed Abu Zeid said on Sunday.
Local media outlets recently reported that Egyptian military forces have joined the conflict in Syria in support of the Assad.

“Such ungrounded allegations exist only in the minds of those who are spreading them and the purpose of such rumors is clear. Egypt will stay committed to the principle of non-interference into domestic affairs of other states"
Wonder what the spokesperson meant when saying 'the purpose of such rumors is clear"?
I'll re-ask my previous question:  Could this rumour have been started as a way to demonize Egypt? To cause discord amongst neighbours? Possible.

The statement that caused the rumour mill to kick into high gear?

"The priority is that we support the national armies to impose control over the territory, deal with the extremists, and impose the necessary stability in Libya, Syria and Iraq," he said.

"When you refer to the National Army in Syria, do you mean the Syrian army?" the presenter asked, to which Sisi replied: "Yes."

Can someone explain how it is that quoted statement turned into Egyptian boots on the ground in Syria?


  1. https://mobile.almasdarnews.com/article/turkey-entered-syria-end-assads-reign-erdogan/

    Erdogan, champion of the oppressed Syrian people is he.

    1. Charles: Anything about the post?
      As stated many, many times I don't do cult of personality... It's one big giant logical fallacy

      So, Egypt???

    2. And I'm certain you're a brighter fellow then that.

    3. http://en.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13950909000841

      From Fars News. I simply cannot be positive towards Erdogan, no matter what. Time will tell the teal story.

    4. The real story is already in your face.
      You don't have to be positive, just be skeptical when such heavy handed demonization is going on

      Assad was a tyrant- He supported ISIS

      Gadaffi was a tyrant- a hitler- He did this and that

      So was the guy from Yugoslavia

      same spin all the time- tune it out
      cult of personality is a distracting logical fallacy and has no place in reality based discussions

      no one is all good- no one is all bad
      if someone is pushing that idea they are pushing cult of personality

    5. Are you implying all of these news sources are working with the west to demonize Erdogan and destabilize Turkey? I'm attempting to understand here? For me Erdogan is much more bad than good. Is it all a fairy tale that he and his cohorts have and may still be supporting takfiri groups? Or that he and members of his family were funding those groups indirectly by being involved in the ISIS oil trade? Are all reports that he supports the creation of an Islamist state within Turkey? In my opinion concerning Erdogan, if the shoe fits. If it quacks like a duck, and looks like one... Do you believe al masdar, fars, en al alam, and other Syrian and ME sources are controlled by the western controlled MSM? The stories concerning Gaddafi, Milosovic, even Assad to a point (he actually was cooperating with empire for a time) were for the greater part put out by western controlled sources. The other link I posted did name a names.

    6. It appears a number of stories, which they seem to be, about the Egyptian pilots flying KA 52 helicopters, Egyptian generals and command staff visiting/inspecting SAA front line areas, and strategizing with Syrian officers at headquarters are being spread by Debka. Then being denied by the Egyptian military and most everyone else.

    7. Charles: "Are you implying all of these news sources are working with the west to demonize Erdogan and destabilize Turkey?"

      A good many of them are. And the rest are repeaters. Simple repeaters. Like the Duran. I read their hype yesterday.. NO context. Who was Erdogan's audience?

      " Is it all a fairy tale that he and his cohorts have and may still be supporting takfiri groups?"

      Not likely. In fact I would say not a fairly tale.

      "Are all reports that he supports the creation of an Islamist state within Turkey?"

      Wouldn't that be the US supporting an Islamist state?- A Sunnistan called Kurdistan? Since nearly all Kurds are Sunni and despite the spin they are very religious. And Israel loves Sunnis and Kurds?

      Al Masdar is fine- it beats the bash Turkey drum cause it's from a Syrian point of view

      FARS is often questionable- Notice I don't use them here very often?

      Every media outlet, western controlled or not, pushes their world view

      And yes Assad did cooperate with the West. As did Gaddafi.

      It's highly unlikely all negative press about these persons came solely from western media outlets.

      Some may have originated in each nation- because Syria under Assad was torturing for the US-
      Surely there were stories told with in Syria.

      I know it was reported here in Canada. Because Canada sent one Syrian man (canadian citizen) from here to Syria to be tortured, at the request of the US. On false information. It became quite a scandal.


      "The Canadians who were instrumental in the suffering of the other men were also named in two separate federal inquiries. One was Franco Pillarella, then Canada’s ambassador to Syria. False information was given to U.S. officials about Mr. Arar, a Canadian citizen, by Canadian officials, even though he was innocent of any crime. The Americans duly passed him on to Syria – to be tortured like all the others. Mr. Arar was jailed in what he described as a “grave” – six feet long, three feet wide, seven feet high – for 10 months. It was like being buried alive. He was also tortured repeatedly.

      Incredibly, as is well documented, Mr. Pillarella actually co-operated with the Syrian torturers, supplying them with questions to be asked of three Canadians. He kept being appointed to new diplomatic posts until he resigned"

      So no one leader is a complete and total angel. Not Assad, Not Gaddafi. Not any one Canadian Prime Minister. Not Erdogan.

      However simplistic one dimensional cartoon character like presentations "cult of personality' are always used as a tool of distraction. Which is why I don't get into it.

    8. RE: the egyptian pilots etc

      I mentioned last week, response to Ally, Debka was reporting that. The news allegedly originated in some Arab media outlets.

      Then this same flimsy "news" was picked up by Strategic Culture- Moon of Alabama- Zero Hedge- Global Research etc
      And spread around on line- I was stunned.
      Like the game of telephone when you and i were kids

      Egypt denied repeatedly. Their spokesperson seemed to imply someone was fabricating?
      Russia didn't confirm.

      Because I don't have a big audience. Because I don't have any alt media status, I have to rely on that which can be verified to the best of my ability- I can't put out rubbish and have it spread all over the place based on some belief in my authority- since I don't have any authority.

      It's shocking to me often what passes for 'news' with many alt sites. It's often said most of the alt media is compromised- I believe it

    9. Hope that clarifies things Charles?
      Erdogan is no angel- But from the perspective of the Turks, how does it look when Assad is all chummy with the PKK/YPG? (which is unbelievable to me, but, appears to be true)

      When the PKK/YPG is annexing Syrian territory for greater Kurdistan Rojova and Syria is allying with them

      It looks like betrayal. It looks like a repeat of when Syria sheltered Ocalan and allowed PKK to use Syria territory to attack Turkey

      There are no simple answers

  2. Hi Penny:
    The only way the Arab countries are going to successfully resist the Ziofascist takeover of their lands is to jointly defeat the proxies. I am fully in favour of a "Pan-Arab Army" (PAA) composed of Egypt, Syria, Iraq and other states uniting to form a strong and well equipped standing army..ready to fight the Ziofascist covert aggression whenever and wherever it rises its hydra head.


    1. Hi GC

      I would favour that also.. If I could find anything concrete to bear it out..??
      But I can't.

      I had hoped all along these nations would unite- but they haven't- Particularly the 4 nations with Kurdish populations in order to impede Israel 2.0

    2. Turkey is stopping the Euphrates Shield. What do you think of this?

    3. Ally: go back to my comment from last week?
      A response to Charles

      November 24, 2016 at 9:30 AM

      charles: keep in mind that after Israel- Egypt is the second biggest beneficiary of US military largesse in the area.

      Do I think the Russians are influencing Egypt?
      Very hard to say..

      Early on in the destabilization of Syria- Egypt was a big, big player- still are, undoubtedly.
      It's hard to believe they've had a change of heart with Syria- but Egypt certainly has it in for Turkey

      Thought there was another comment too saying if the Egyptians were in Syria it had to do with targeting Turkey- not with assisting Syria.

      So I think that's entirely believable

      What do you know about there involvement with impeding Euphrates Shield?
      Can you leave some links?
      I recall reports of PKK meeting Egyptian officials some time ago--- so could that be a connection?

    4. Egypt funds the PKK. Along with Russia, Syria, Iran, Armenia, Cyprus & Greece.
      I think a Turk, rightlynor wrongly, would regard these nations as enemies.

      We can now add Iraq to that list, as I have read it will be providing the PKK in Sinjar with money & with light and heavy weapons. You remember the Pentagon withrew application for YPG to be directly armed by the US? Now they have ordered Iraq to do so. Sinjar is right next to Hasakah, all those arms will be going to YPG in Syria.

    5. that the deal Iraq has with the US- all arms have to go through Baghdad- It demoralized Iraqi leadership, making them arm their own enemies

  3. Maybe Egypt is next up for destabilisation?

  4. http://www.middleeasteye.net/news/arab-league-chief-says-assad-can-run-president-again-blasts-turkey-iran-1793764787

  5. Hilarious coming from the Arab league. They must not like the idea of Turkey and Iran working together

  6. In 2012, as peaceful protests gave way to civil war, the Arab League called on Assad to step down.


    Seven of the eight Arab League secretary generals in the Arab League's history have been Egyptians, the Arab world's most populous country.

    Aboul Gheit accused the Kurds of using the fight against the Islamic State (IS) group to expand the land under their control.

    What I like to call stating the obvious-