Thursday, November 24, 2016

EU Votes To Freeze Turkish Accession Talks-NATO Destabilized


Of course this move is politically and financially motivated- It's part of the war against Turkey.
Surely the US okayed this move.
BRUSSELS—The European Parliament voted overwhelmingly to temporarily freeze talks on Turkey's bid to join the European Union on Thursday, citing deteriorating human rights and democratic standards under President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's rule.

The vote, which was nonbinding, underscores a deep slide in relations between the EU and Turkey and will further drain energy from accession talks that have already dragged on with limited progress for more than a decade.
 EU lawmakers voted overwhelmingly in favor of the resolution which called for the freeze in talks in response to the "disproportionate repressive measures" that lawmakers said Turkish authorities have taken since July's failed military coup.
In whose opinion are these moves repressive? The coup plotters opinion?
Recall the EU was non supportive of Turkey after the coup attempt fail? Just like the US.

In recent months, some senior European officials have warned it would be a diplomatic blunder to end the accession talks, saying it would cause a needless fresh crisis between Brussels and Ankara and blunt pressures for reform within Turkey.
However, others believe that ending the talks could allow the EU and Turkey to refocus ties on areas of real mutual interest and end the constant back-and-forth over Turkey's record in moving closer to EU rules and standards.

While only one EU member state, Austria, has formally proposed that the membership talks should be suspended, in recent weeks there has been growing frustration with Mr. Erdogan in Brussels, Berlin and other capitals and an acknowledgment that membership negotiations were headed nowhere.

Many EU countries have, from the start of talks in 2005, been deeply skeptical about Turkey joining the bloc. However, membership for Turkey was once pushed strongly by the likes of the U.K. and the U.S.
In recent months, Mr. Erdogan and Turkish officials have suggested they could walk away from the discussions. Ankara has worked to improve ties with Russia and Middle Eastern neighbors in that time.

Regarding my comment about the coup plotters (EU/US) judging Turkeys alleged disproportionate measures......... Euractiv 

 The paragraph below is mostly hearsay. The numbers are likely be accurate but anything else is unverifiable. It's  mostly written to create empathy
I'll underline the parts I believe to be factual statements
They represent 40 Turkish officers from NATO HQ in Brussels, all sacked peremptorily in September. Overall, 700 out of a pool assigned to NATO of 900 officers are purged or jailed. They are, or were, the cream of the Turkish armed forces, including many post-graduates from the US Naval School in Monterey, California.
They want to talk about their plight. They are victims of President Erdoğan’s purge. If they go home (as some colleagues did) they will be arrested and imprisoned without hope of a fair trial. Most are applying for political asylum in Belgium.
Their properties in Turkey are sequestrated, and members of their families at home, including mothers, have been interrogated. All deny complicity in the July putsch. They are incriminated, they say, because they are Western and intellectual.
They are typical of a new Western-oriented class of military officer that has sought escape from an Ottoman past that was littered with plots, coups, scandals, corruption, torture, and murder. But old habits die hard. “Even Mustafa Kemal [Ataturk] was a ‘putsch-ist’”, my companions remind me proudly.

The military undermined
Erdoğan’s earlier strikes against the overweening power of the Kemalist establishment are not resented by the younger officers. They are loyal to the armed forces but not uncritical.
They know that Turkey’s military has enjoyed great privileges since the foundation of the republic in 1923. ( True) The military budget is beyond the scrutiny of the Turkish Grand National Assembly. (True)A constant battle between Turkey’s civilian and military echelon has been played out in the secretive national security council.
Bastion of secularism, the military itself has been consumed with inter-service and inter-generational rivalry, and many generals have been enriched by running unimpeded a powerful military industrial complex (True)

NATO destabilised

Turkey joined NATO (with Greece) as long ago as 1952. For years, in good times and bad, the only reliable interlocutors with Turkey’s vast armed forces have been the US military.
Erdoğan alleges that the CIA, somehow inspired by Fethullah Gülen from his unlikely hideout in Pennsylvania, was behind the putsch. Whatever the truth, it is difficult to believe that the Americans had no knowledge of the affair in advance.(obviously TRUE)
So today, at least under President Obama, the US military are not talking to the new AKP party interlopers (interesting and telling word!) at NATO in Brussels or SHAPE in Mons.
 Interlopers defined: a person/s who becomes involved in a place or situation where they are not wanted or are considered not to belong. The US military considers Turkey's elected government and it's representatives unwanted and unbelonging persons..

In effect, NATO has ceased to operate reliably on its south-eastern flank. (True) The collective security of the West now stops at Edirne, in Thrace. (surely the way the NATO tyranny looks at it)
Recall this post from more then two years ago??
November 14/2014:  Kurdistan. NATO’s new Southern Flank?
" If all goes well for NATO, Israel and the Kurds.  Turkey will be supplanted as NATO’s Southern Flank. It seems to be just a matter of time.....I hold the opinion that Turkish leadership has become aware of what looks to be it’s impending betrayal"

Stoltenberg the player
It is little short of astonishing, therefore, that Jens Stoltenberg, NATO secretary general, told a NATO conference in Istanbul on Monday, in front of Erdoğan, that Turkey remains a steadfast ally.
Stoltenberg was lying. It's  just part of the 'game' for him.



    The Syrian situation appears to be evolving into a no-win situation. I had hopes that some measure of cooperation between the legal Syrian government, Russia and Turkey would come into play. Boy was I wrong.

    1. I had hopes for cooperation too Charles
      It seemed to be the only way for Syria to actually win this one- And Iraq, Iran and Turkey
      Not so sure now-

    2. I think that failed because Russia has ulterier motives, and because Turkey wanted to use their occupied territory as leverage in negotiations.
      They still want sunni extremists in a unity goverment.
      Also, all the talk there was in the summer of normalising relations stopped. IDK why, but it was stupid of Turkey to continue the war & not close the border. Like Iran, Turkey continued to play a game of influence that was over. As I've said: regional rivalries are killing the region.


    It's becoming a case of too many chefs in the kitchen.

  3. You can add Egypt entering the war on the side of Syria

    Fars Egyptian Pilots Arrive in Syria

    some have been there since Nov 12 and more on the way

    "according to al-Safir daily, the Egyptian forces have started their work in Hama airbase since November 12 and a group of 18 pilots have also jointed them, mostly helicopter pilots"
    "The Lebanese paper quoted Arab sources as saying that Cairo is also studying dispatch of its 'Thunder Forces' to Syria to help the army more extensively in operations"

    Temperature keeps rising. Russia has sent 2 Cargo ships to Syria also

    1. Egypt entering the war is to attack Turkey IMO
      Not to side with Syria, not really

    2. karin have you found anything else about Egyptian involvement because I've searched and searched and am coming up empty handed

      fars is like second and third hand stuff- need something more substantive? help?

    3. and here

      "Al-Masdar contacted the Syrian Air Force to corroborate this report by As-Safir; however, no response has been received yet to verify the validity of this claim"

    4. I'll keep an eye peeled.
      I'm aware of Fars track record.

      Personally, if it is true, I wouldn't be surprised given the Mistral incident, Russia selling, and I assume training Egypt forces in how to use their tech for those ships, and there was Putin's personal visit to Egypt.
      Given Russia's propensity for not boasting about what their true plans are, it seems a possibility that Egypt would decide to ally themselves with Russia.
      I had a gut feeling when out of the blue Egypt bought those ships. With what, or should I say WHOSE money I wondered, It's not like Egypt is rolling in Petro dollars like some in the ME. They've received funding from Saudi's often, or they did. Saudi kingdom hints at being money strapped these days, and under new rule.

      just my 1 1/2 cents ;^)

    5. thanks Karin, much appreciated :)

  4. RK,
    Just saw that at a couple of sources. Thanks for posting link. I was about to do likewise.

  5. Recall at the time of the Turkish coup attempt Egypt's involvement?
    Egypt is also heavily indebted to the US military..

    So they aren't participating as much to assist Syria as to up the ante against Turkey-

  6. Kurds and Syrian forces clash:

  7. I must admit you are much more well versed than I about the reasons for Egypt's involvement. A question, do you believe the Russians are influencing Egypt's actions in this case at all?

    1. charles: keep in mind that after Israel- Egypt is the second biggest beneficiary of US military largesse in the area.

      Do I think the Russians are influencing Egypt?
      Very hard to say..

      Early on in the destabilization of Syria- Egypt was a big, big player- still are, undoubtedly.
      It's hard to believe they've had a change of heart with Syria- but Egypt certainly has it in for Turkey


      Video from South Front. Turkish militaries artillery groups shelling SAA. The band plays on.

  8. Hi Penny:

    Wondering about the Turkish air force. Does it have American built jets? If so, is the weaponry compromised now that they don't (won't) have permission to fire the weaponry? According to the military contracts...all planes sold by the US MIC are hooked up via computers to the Pentagon and require permission of the US for the missiles to be enabled.

    Incidentally, this would also apply to the US "hornets" that the Canadian military is currently in the process of purchasing.

    1. Greencrow, great point. I haven't thought about that. So do you think that Syria made a mistake? Or do you think that there are still people within the Turkish military looking to betray Turkey and so provoked Syrian jets to attack the Turkish jets?

    2. Hey GC: All Turkish airforce planes affiliated with NATO would be compromised.

      We had a big discussion some time back here about code squawking (years ago)

    3. Ally:

      "Or do you think that there are still people within the Turkish military looking to betray Turkey and so provoked Syrian jets to attack the Turkish jets?"

      that is entirely possible

    Lavrov coming to Turkey on Dec 1

    And Charles, I was also hoping for some cooperation out of this mess.

  10. Turkey's elites need to take a closer look at the New Middle East map that purportedly show Zionist plans for the region...

    Turkey was always earmarked for the chop. Perhaps Turkey is ruled by cryptos?


    Kremlin unaware of Egyptian military’s fighting for Assad troops in Syria

    MOSCOW, November 24. /TASS/. Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Thursday refused to comment on media allegations about the Egyptian military’s fighting for Bashar Assad’s troops in Syria.

    "I know nothing about it, I cannot say anything," he told journalists.

    A number of mass media reported earlier that the Egyptian military took part in joint drills with Russian troops in the Syrian city of Tartus.


    "Egypt is unlikely to send military forces to Syria, President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi said on Tuesday, stressing that it would be better if Syria’s national army took sole responsibility for securing the country."


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  15. We see today that Turkey's made a 'surprise' move to prop up the lira- increasing interest rates

    It won't work because the US is set to increase interest rates likely next month.. making the US dollar attractive
    thinking of the moody's downgrade of Turkey's $$

    And the US has the reserve currency haven

    1. Turkey had to raise their interest rate today ( or it was announced ) The Lira continues to fall.

      It's such a classic take down, I keep wondering why literally no one seems to even notice .

    2. I know what you mean karin. I know exactly what you mean! shakes head

  16. There is nothing on SANA confirming a SAA strike on Turkish forces.
    I'm keeping an eye and will update as soon as something is reported!

  17. Scott on TheSaker site suggests tis a false flag attempt to embroil Turkey and Syrian forces in a direct war...

    1. Oops; just noticed your comment on that Saker article.