Friday, November 11, 2016

Francis Fukuyama, Excerpted: US Against the World? Trump's American & New Global Order

 FT: US against the world? Trump’s America and the new global order- Francis Fukuyama

Interesting FF notices the Trump win is similar to the Brexit vote? Couldn’t help but notice that myself.
"We appear to be entering a new age of populist nationalism, in which the dominant liberal order that has been constructed since the 1950s has come under attack from angry and energised democratic majorities.

The manner of Trump’s victory lays bare the social basis of the movement he has mobilised. A look at the voting map shows Clinton’s support concentrated geographically in cities along the coasts, with swaths of rural and small-town America voting solidly for Trump. The most surprising shifts were his flipping of Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, three northern industrial states that were so solidly Democratic in recent elections that Clinton didn’t even bother to campaign in the latter one. He won by being able to win over unionised workers who had been hit by deindustrialisation, promising to “make America great again” by restoring their lost manufacturing jobs.

We have seen this story before. This is the story of Brexit, where the pro-Leave vote was similarly concentrated in rural areas and small towns and cities outside London. It is also true in France, where working-class voters whose parents and grandparents used to vote for the Communist or Socialist parties are voting for Marine Le Pen’s National Front.

But populist nationalism is a far broader phenomenon than that. Vladimir Putin remains unpopular among more educated voters in big cities such as St Petersburg and Moscow, but has a huge support base in the rest of the country. The same is true of Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has an enthusiastic support base among the country’s conservative lower middle class, or Hungary’s prime minister Viktor Orban, who is popular everywhere but in Budapest"
Fukuyama  plays the ‘social class’card. But presents it in a way that suggests the lesser educated are ill informed- Au contraire- The lesser educated are the lesser indoctrinated and more likely to understand what is truly important- Family. Community. The ability to support that family and have a succesful community- I’m not speaking of the identity politics community- I’m speaking of the physical community- Where you live.

FF: “Social class, defined today by one’s level of education, appears to have become the single most important social fracture in countless industrialised and emerging-market countries. This, in turn, is driven directly by globalisation and the march of technology, which has been facilitated in turn by the liberal world order created largely by the US since 1945"

At least FF talks about the liberal world order for what it is! It is NOT truth, justice and human freedom for the identity politics indoctrinated.

FF: “When we talk about a liberal world order, we are speaking about the rules-based system of international trade and investment that has fuelled global growth in recent years. This is the system that allows iPhones to be assembled in China and shipped to customers in the US or Europe in the week before Christmas”

“But as everyone is painfully aware now, the benefits of this system did not filter down to the whole population. The working classes in the developed world saw their jobs disappear as companies outsourced and squeezed efficiencies in response to a ruthlessly competitive global market.
This long-term story was hugely exacerbated by the US subprime crisis of 2008, and the euro crisis that hit Europe a couple of years later. In both cases, systems designed by elites — liberalised financial markets in the US case, and European policies such as the euro and the Schengen system of internal migration — collapsed dramatically in the face of external shocks. The costs of these failures were again much more heavily borne by ordinary workers than by the elites themselves”

Why didn’t this anger manifest earlier? FF asks that question too.

FF: “The costs of these failures were again much more heavily borne by ordinary workers than by the elites themselves. Ever since, the real question should not have been why populism has emerged in 2016, but why it took so long to become manifest”

My answer would be because the masses have had their small minds distracted by their enter-entrainments- iphones & video games. Along with their ability to pile on debt thanks to extremely low interest rates- remaining hopeful that the elite classes would right the wrongs- fools! It also seems to me that the pushing of extremist identity politics and political correctness were factors in the masses finally manifesting their disenchantment.

FF: In the US, there was a political failure insofar as the system did not adequately represent the traditional working class. The Republican party was dominated by corporate America and its allies who had profited handsomely from globalisation, while the Democratic party had become the party of identity politics: a coalition of women, African-Americans, Hispanics, environmentalists, and the LGBT community, that lost its focus on economic issues”
Clinton played the identity politics card repeatedly and openly- employing divide to conquer strategy

FF: “The failure of the American left to represent the working class is mirrored in similar failures across Europe. European social democracy had made its peace with globalisation a couple of decades ago, in the form of Blairite centrism or the kind of neoliberal reformism engineered by Gerhard Schröder’s Social Democrats in the 2000s.

But the broader failure of the left was the same one made in the lead-up to 1914 and the Great war, when, in the apt phrase of the British-Czech philosopher, Ernest Gellner, a letter sent to a mailbox marked “class” was mistakenly delivered to one marked “nation.” Nation almost always trumps class because it is able to tap into a powerful source of identity, the desire to connect with an organic cultural community. This longing for identity is now emerging in the form of the American alt-right, a formerly ostracised collection of groups espousing white nationalism in one form or another. But even short of these extremists, many ordinary American citizens began to wonder why their communities were filling up with immigrants, and who had authorised a system of politically correct language by which one could not even complain about the problem. This is why Donald Trump received a huge number of votes from better-educated and more well-off voters as well, who were not victims of globalisation but still felt their country was being taken from them. Needless to say, this dynamic underlay the Brexit vote as well”

So what will be the concrete consequences of the Trump victory for the international system? Contrary to his critics, Trump does have a consistent and thought-through position: he is a nationalist on economic policy, and in relation to the global political system. He has clearly stated that he will seek to renegotiate existing trade agreements such as Nafta and presumably the WTO, and if he doesn’t get what he wants, he is willing to contemplate exiting from them. And he has expressed admiration for “strong” leaders such as Russia’s Putin who nonetheless get results through decisive action. He is correspondingly much less enamoured of traditional US allies such as those in Nato, or Japan and South Korea, whom he has accused of freeriding on American power. This suggests that support for them will also be conditional on a renegotiation of the cost-sharing arrangements now in place.

The dangers of these positions for both the global economy and for the global security system are impossible to understate. The world today is brimming with economic nationalism. Traditionally, an open trade and investment regime has depended on the hegemonic power of the US to remain afloat. If the US begins acting unilaterally to change the terms of the contract, there are many powerful players around the world who would be happy to retaliate, and set off a downward economic spiral reminiscent of the 1930s"

This is where I will end this post. You can and should read the rest at FT’s- Link posted at the beginning of this post- It's certainly thought provoking.

From about an hour ago... maybe a bit longer:


  1. Hi Penny:

    The electoral map showing the popular vote pattern in blue and red is a very good reference point for the future. Now we know where the globalists live. They have been outed. It also shows that 80% of the map is red or reddish.

    1. Globalists happen to be the sources of economic wealth and power. They have all they need to thrive out of the Union. The Hilly-Billy Trumpland can then enjoy the dream of being great again.

    2. "Globalists happen to be the sources of economic wealth and power"

      Globalists are the exploiters of economic wealth and power- they are not the sources of it- however you are defining this??
      And I truly haven't a clue what you are talking about in that regard

  2. The revolution must go on...Suez

    Egypt moves forward on the path to securing a $12 billion loan package from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the country has found itself facing mysterious calls on social media for protests on Friday against “economic conditions." The calls grabbed active social media users’ attention, but almost all of Egypt's political parties and activist movements, except pro-Muslim Brotherthood groups, have announced that they are not participating in the “anonymous” calls. The page called on people to "like" a page calling for protests on 8 December to demand the return of ousted Islamist president Mohamed Morsi. “The Revolution of the Poor” has become shorthand for a number of mysterious calls to protest, which preceded Egypt’s announcement of an EGP flotation and the rise in subsidised fuel prices over the weekend.

  3. Hey Penny...I just want to say some truth before fading out of the internet...esp comment(s).

    The problem with American (however long the list) so-called workers is greed and always has been. The unions made sure of their outsourcing because they were NEVER satisfied of their fat wages even when much of their work became automated. China produces with slave labor...and so? American greed was checked. Trust me... I have witnessed it for too many years. I witnessed factory workers striking EVERY YEAR on the day for more, more, more...only to wonder why two/three cars weren't enough for their driveways. Only to witness their high spending on house(s) with credit that had no ceiling...and their boastful cruise ship voyages EVERY year on the day. So when their tipsy goes away they break out the placards and scream, shout, and throw tantrums.

    Yes I will get negative PC...but I just don't give a damn anymore. All the while their greed flows...Israel gains more and more of a foothold. HOW IS THAT THE FAULT OF THE JEW GOV/CORP??? How is it the fault of the Jew corrupt banks that happily fulfill their greed? Money that is invisible is AMERICAN apple pie everyday...and they have loved it. If America stopped being so fucking greedy...everything else would be put in its place. That is where the fault lies...and ultimately if checked is where the power lies. Why is there so much College debt? Because AMERICANS will never do what SMUGGLED immigrants do...bend over and pick onions or potatoes. It was WHITE FUCKING FAT AMERICANS who trucked in Mexicans because American farmers couldn't get labor...(not even Welfare labor!). I have witnessed it for years....and now it's a big deal. I wonder when the Mexican wall get built...will these elitist AMERICANS bend over and harvest their own food or still pick their Colleges/Universities to get the big fat paychecks and bloated futile minds controlled by Jews. I won't hold my breath...

    Americans don't want to be accountable for their own health...EAT ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING...then cry and moan when their health is going south. This shithole Jew system has certainly (FOR YEARS) made my health radar ever sharper. Even when trying to speak this sense to someone...they laugh and walk away because McDonalds is speaking louder. The more one relies on the Jew system...the more they will be kicked by it. The more greed...the more holes in their pockets. The Blame Stops With Us. And the faster it does...the freer the world will become...and the ME can be free of Israel/US BACKED TAXPAYERS GREED.

    Thank you Penny for all your work in helping to get this horrifying mess in the ME...IN THE FACES of greedy Americans. Everything that DC every American who leans/supports/and pays to lead the charge with their fantasy of a utopia...not giving one inward look at who is to blame. Let them melt their weapons down and eat them, along with their gadgets, Hollywood, Pro Athlete worship, riding lawn mowers, and gas guzzling intoxication. Americans will soon be on a diet without their has happened be it. And as for American Welfare? Let it run out and let those so-called corrupt Americans who would NEVER bend over for an onion or potato starve. Fuck 'em.

    1. Hi Wallflower:
      You've made some good points and some points I disagree with.

      Labour has been run roughshod over for decades
      Wages have never kept up with expenses
      This is well documented
      Here in Canada we are watching house prices soar..
      My house has doubled plus in price thanks to this bubble- but wages have not doubled they haven't come anywhere near doubling (in real value)
      The cost of everything has skyrocketed
      it's insane
      (natural gas is still reasonable and my liberal green government wants to take that away from me. And I love cooking on my gas stove, despising electricity!

      I believe that low interest rates gave the wage earners the ability to live beyond their means- by piling on debt

      I agree with you on
      -the distracted gadget zombies
      -The garbage eaters who lament their health troubles
      -The pill poppers who taint my drinking water
      -The lazy ass television/internet binge watchers
      -the star gazers (not talkin' the ones in the sky)

    2. oh and since I have a garden I bend over for my own onions, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers etc
      and wish way m ore people would do that for themselves reducing the dependency on factory farms smeared with human shit

    3. Thanks for your reply...I don't know about Canada's past and current economic situation sadly. I'm just venting on America starting in the 70's when I witnessed the escalation of greed in factory workers...back when 98-100% was made in USA. That's when the greed was very real in my home state. I never could grasp it. The Gov. has never been good to me and I'm grateful for it...for now I am not good to it. American accountability has never been checked except in the Depression. It's too easy to point to a President or Senator or Congressman...the personal accountability trumps who is 'elected'(ie, Clinton/War...Trump/Wealth) If every American put down their arms, and greed, and arrogance...then the rest would fall in place. will take a WW to see the Light. As for the MMM comment to me...time will show his words wrong. When Americans decide that they don't want it all...miracles will happen. When the shame of killing and worshiping war will trump mercenary when miracles will happen...kings will fall, and gardens will flourish. When they can join me in picking up their trash they flippantly throw out of their cars of freedom on the sides of when their pocket holes are mended. And the environment will give back what has been given it...good or bad. That's the way it works. I hope the best for you all as neighbors...and that goes for Mexico too. You may not witness what I do and that's ok...truth defends itself. Best regards...

    4. "When they can join me in picking up their trash they flippantly throw out of their cars of freedom on the sides of roads"

      Doesn't that drive you bonkers when people toss garbage?!

      It's repulsive. I can't understand it at all.
      Here in Canada the masses love their "Timmies"
      I can't stand their coffee at all
      You cannot believe the places these degenerates throw their timmies cups
      It sickens me

      And where I live, Ontario, we pay the highest electricity rates in all of North America
      our dear gov is pushing us all into the poor house

    5. We all need to become like...
      Starlings Flying | Starling Murmuration

      They are the most amazing birds in unity...esp when a predator flies in. They confuse the enemy with their unity.

      That's what I envision for the future if we are going to survive. God will see to it sis... <3

    6. Americans wouldn't bend over is right, they didn't want to work for starvation wages brought on by the deliberate dismantling of unions, who were attacked by the Wall Street banker crowd, who abhor paying a living wage to people for labor.

      So the borders become porous and in flows millions and millions of illegals, willing to work for pennies and Wall Street goes orgasmic.

      When the illegals did try and organize for better wages, in come the goons to bust some heads and kill a few, again courtesy of the ones making money off this misery, Wall Street and their minions.

      As for FF, to hell with him, it's too late to play nice, he was one of the original signers to the 'Project for the New American Century,' the blueprint for 9/11.

    7. Hi Greg: regarding FF, yah, I'm aware of who he is
      I'm just not sure he's playing nice..

      MMM "Yes indeed it is interesting, there is a meme being created about the peasants revolting or some such bollocks. Maybe true to some extent but it being encouraged by the dark powers"

      He's bolstering this meme- peasants revolting- which they are but FF and his ilk, including Mr Soros are going to manipulate this revolt it is that manipulation we have to be on guard for.

  4. Mean Mister MustardNovember 11, 2016 at 1:38 PM

    "Interesting FT notices the Trump win is similar to the Brexit vote? Couldn’t help but notice that myself."

    Yes indeed it is interesting, there is a meme being created about the peasants revolting or some such bollocks. Maybe true to some extent but it being encouraged by the dark powers. The Brexit is a con as is demonstrated by the continuing rapid progress towards the EU defence union.

    The strange Russian philosopher Dugin has been mentioned here before. I found this article by him troubling-
    In it he eulogizes Alex Jones. The text is bad enough but the video is quite nauseating. Is he a fool or a knave? I don't think he's a fool. There is something nasty going on with the A.Jones, Steve Pieczenik and 'alt-right' movement. Have you followed Red-Ice lately? - he's gone way too far right and white nationalist for my liking.

    Some interesting articles here-

  5. Mean Mister MustardNovember 11, 2016 at 1:46 PM

    What Wallflower misses in his tirade was that the start of western (not just American) de-industrialisation and the ascent of the Chinese economy was inaugurated in the 1975 Lima Declaration of the UN. The migration of industry, jobs and wealth was planned, and has nothing to do with greedy or lazy workers.

    1. MMM!!!!
      good to see you here too
      It's been so nice to know some of the people who haven't commented in so long are still reading :)

      I looked at that just briefly and wow

      As for Dugin, I will have to go and look at that but haven't yet-

      " the ascent of the Chinese economy was inaugurated in the 1975 Lima Declaration of the UN. The migration of industry, jobs and wealth was planned, and has nothing to do with greedy or lazy workers"

      thanks for pointing that out

    2. Penny, in case you haven't come across it, I think you'll like-

      ciao bella ;-)

  6. Thanks for the sharing of the interesting article. Surprised to see something like this posted on FT. Some good stuff. I will say something though; most of Erdogan's supporters are peasants. He has improved the economy, education and healthcare massively so he gets support from the working people. The middle class don't really luke him. Just a few more links:

    1. If Erdogan has the support of the poor and middle class then he is a leader for the majority of the people and that's not a bad thing
      That makes him more democratic then nearly every other world leader.
      (Including the 'rock star' puke Justin Trudeau)

      I know Erdogan did improve the economy, quite a bit and he freed Turkey of the IMF..

      Turkey is now among 11 countries that managed to clear their debt to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

      Turkey finished paying its debt during the 61st government term, while Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was prime minister.

      While more than 70 countries are paying their debts to the IMF, only one sixth of the number of the countries paying debt have paid their debt.

      The countries which do not have any debt are Argentina (2006), Brazil (2005), South Korea (2001), Iceland (2015), Latvia (2013), Hungary (2013), Macedonia (2015), Romania (2015), Russia (2006) Turkey (2013) and Uruguay (2006).

      There are some interesting names on the no debt list.

      The banker crowd always frowns on that