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Jay Dyer on Tragedy & Hope 7: Cold War Psy Ops & the Bomb Almighty

Finally got to catch up with Part 7 of Jay Dyer's "Tragedy and Hope"

If you've not caught the previous 6 parts, some of them are here, but all of them are available at Jay's site or Jay's You Tube Channel.

I've enjoyed this series immensely and commend Jay for actually reading through this book.
What was interesting about this part in particular? Well considering my calling Kurdish militias proxies.... Lo and behold.... Right there in Caroll Quigley's tome "Tragedy and Hope" is the mention of the West using the Kurds to turn Turkey towards the West and away from Russia.
Facts is facts people- Truth Exists.

At 25:30 Jay says "This is interesting because it sounds like today!" In 1945 Russia denounced it's treaty of friendship with Turkey- Yes, the west was involved.  According to Caroll Quigley's book Anti-Turkish agitation was incited amongst the Kurds ensuring Turkish alienation was complete. And unsurprisingly Turkey was welcomed into NATO shortly thereafter- Undoubtedly the old "protection racket" tactic had been employed.

That historical tidbit ties right nicely into yesterday's post  The Kurds’ Proxy Trap? No Meme Kurdish History

Wikipedia -

"On 19 March 1945, the USSR's Foreign Minister Molotov advised Turkey's ambassador in Moscow that the USSR was unilaterally withdrawing from the 1925 Non-Aggression pact;[6] the decision was explained by asserting that "due to the deep changes that had occurred especially during World War II" the treaty did not cohere with "the new situation and needed serious improvement."[7] The Turkish government was subsequently informed by Molotov that in addition to bases in the Straits, the Soviet Union also claimed a part of eastern Turkey, which was assumed to refer to the districts of Kars, Artvin and Ardahan, which the Russian Empire (and the short-lived Democratic Republic of Armenia) had held between 1878 and 1921.[8]
At the Potsdam Conference (July 1945), Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin demanded a revision of the Montreux Convention; the Soviet demand that the USSR should be allowed to join in the defence of the Straits was rejected by Turkey, with the backing of the West.[8] In March 1947, with the proclamation of the Truman Doctrine, the US underwrote the frontiers of Turkey (as well as Greece) and the continued existence of non-communist governments in the two countries.[8] Turkey sought aid from the United States and joined NATO in 1952. The USSR and Turkey were in different camps during the Korean War and throughout the Cold War.
wiki sucks but for a bit of background it's ok.

Jay Dyer Tragedy and Hope Part 7

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