Friday, November 25, 2016

Putin and Erdogan Talk Syria Etc.- Today


- Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan talked with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin over phone on Friday

The two leaders exchanged views on the attack, while also agreeing to speed up efforts to find a solution to the humanitarian crisis in Syria's Aleppo, the report said.

Erdogan said "Turkey respected Syria's territorial integrity" with the Euphrates Shield operation in northern Syria, which was launched in August by Ankara.

They also vowed to continue to boost the normalization process between Turkey and Russia.

Erdogan and Putin also talked on Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim's upcoming visit to Moscow on Dec. 6 and the High-Level Russian-Turkish Cooperation Council's meeting, which will be held in the first half of 2017.

Thursday's incident prompted initial suspicions of an attempt to bring Turkey and Russia face to face again in Syria amid the first anniversary of Turkey's downing of a Russian jet along the border with Syria, the report said.
That anniversary date caught my attention!


MOSCOW, November 25. /TASS/. Presidents Vladimir Putin of Russia and Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey on Friday discussed issues of the settlement of the Syrian crisis and joint anti-terrorism efforts, the Kremlin press service reported after their telephone conversation.

The two leaders exchanged views on the settlement of the Syrian crisis in a constructive atmosphere. They agreed, in particular, to continue dialogue between the Russian and Turkish ministries of foreign affairs and defense, and between security services in order to ensure coordination of efforts in fighting against international terrorism," the Kremlin said.

Apart from that, the two presidents "discussed current issues of the Russia-Turkish political and trade-and-economic cooperation, including forthcoming bilateral contacts at various levels," the press service said.

The conversation was initiated by the Turkish side.


Nov 25 Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkey's Tayyip Erdogan discussed ways to resolve the Syria crisis in a phone call, the Kremlin said on Friday.

The Kremlin said in a statement the discussion on Syria was constructive and that both sides agreed to continue active dialogue via foreign and defence ministries, as well as via security services, to coordinate efforts in the struggle against international terrorism.


  1. OT Penny...but I had to laugh
    As Wildfires Rage, Israel Suggests Arson and Asks for Foreign Help

    And of course they have locked up a few Pales without any proof. As soon as I read the news I had a good day :)
    "Burn baby burn!" to the ground. I can't understand why on earth Russia would send help. Ahh, God's Chosen in a real holocaust! (And I knew it was coming) Ashes to ashes Israel.

  2. Here's another one...
    Israel on Fire

    hope it reaches Tel Aviv and FAST!!!

    1. When the Italian earthquake took place some goofball from Israel said God punished Italy for anti semitism
      some sort of nonsense like that

      " Two earthquakes, which struck Italy this week, were “retribution” for the country’s support of the UNESCO resolution disregarding the Jewish connection to Jerusalem, Israeli Deputy Minister for Regional Cooperation Ayoob Kara said.

      “I’m sure that the earthquake happened because of the UNESCO decision,” Kara, a member of the ruling Likud Party, wrote in a memo, Ynetnews website reported"

      Using that unique Israeli thinking.... I'll assume these fires are due to the evil doing/hateful acts and ethnic cleansing conducted by Israel

  3. Sorry don't have the link Russia also sent to planes to israel to fight the fire. They have done this a lot lately in other countries.

    If Amerika was sending help to a fire it would be more gasoline. That's what we do best.

    1. Russia offered to send planes to assist in the fire fight here in Alberta some months back
      Canada decided it didn't need the help


    1. don't know why that went to spam?
      though sometimes multiple linked comments end up in spam

  5. Erdogan should talk with Assad not only with Putin. Syrian Army is too weak to fight against US backed separatists (SND), Turkish proxy (FSA) and ISIS at the same time. If Turkey will not change its stance toward Assad, an independent Kurdistan will be established. One day the Syrian government simply can give the green light for an independent Kurdish state.

    BTW There is an interesting situation in northern Syria right now. Syrian Army probably has some secret agreement with Kurds to capture al Bab. They have formed "Arab-Kurdish Protection Units" that are de facto Kurdish forces under umbrella of the Syrian Arab Army. US backed Kurds (SND/PYG) are forbidden from making any alliance with Syrian government so they do it indirectly. Those forces are only 3 km from Al Bab. Turkish Army and its proxy (FSA) are even closer to this city.

    1. Erdogan and Assad should talk- the onus is not on one party only
      However.. there are reports that there is talks between them so who really knows?

      "Syrian Army probably has some secret agreement with Kurds to capture al Bab"

      So Syria is all in for it's balkanization?

      Adana Agreement, I need to post on this..
      Shall have a look at the link- thanks!