Thursday, November 24, 2016

Southfront: No Confirmation Of Syrian Strikes on Turkish Mil- One Year Anniversary Date Russian Jet Shootdown

 SANA has nothing as of 4:10 pm est regarding this reported strike
I will update asap

I've been taking some time to really really read the news reports regarding this alleged strike on Turkish soldiers attributed to Syria- Syria has yet to confirm or deny or say anything about this


Let's look at this article:

A brief recap :
The strike on the Turkish soldiers was attributed initially to ISIS- then a statement appeared on line attributed to "the turkish army" saying it was SAA. The statement is not connected to one individual or one spokesperson. Just "the Turkish Army" Who is "the Turkish Army" in this case. Curiously this incident occurred on the first anniversary of the Russian jet shootdown!

November 24/2015: Putin Warns After NATO Occupied Turkey Shot Down Russian Fighter Jet

" The incident came on the first anniversary of Turkey’s shooting down of a Russian military jet on the Turkish-Syrian border."
A message? On such a providential date?

Initial reports attributed to attack to ISIS- Via Turkish media and SOHR. 
SOHR is highly unlikely, given their agenda, to report the attack was conducted by ISIS if it was SAA- think about it!
"Turkish media had earlier blamed the attack on ISIL.
Adding to the confusion, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Britain-based opposition monitoring group, also said it was an "attack by IS".
Turkey’s army blamed the Syrian government for an air strike on Thursday in northern Syria that killed three Turkish soldiers –
_Turkish media had earlier blamed the attack on ISIL.
_Adding to the confusion, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Britain-based opposition monitoring group, also said it was an "attack by IS".
-Turkey's Army... how is that defined?
-Nothing is coming out of  Ankara 
-One year anniversary of shootdown
-And nothing at Sana as of 5:00 est
 ******But wait, I have more!!! 
Gulf Today:

There was no immediate comment from the Syrian military.(Unbelievable, truly!)
Direct confrontation between Nato-member Turkey and Syrian government forces, which are backed by allies including Russia, would mark a serious escalation in an already messy battlefield in northern Syria.
From my post the other day: US & Turkey At "Cross- Purposes" in Syria? Whaaat?!?!

  "As events unfold around al-Bab fears are growing that a Turkish-backed assault on the town could also spark a clash between Russia, Assad’s patron, and Turkey"
Commentary from yours truly:  The US would surely enjoy seeing Turkey and Russia in conflict- Will that happen? We shall see.. Definitely a volatile situation 

The one year anniversary date of the jet shootdown- A US/NATO attempt one year ago to block Turkish/Russian peacemaking- Are we looking at a replay? The one year anniversary to the day!

From earlier today:

EU Votes To Freeze Turkish Accession Talks-NATO Destabilized


  1. President Sisi says Egypt’s priority is to support Syrian army against terrorists - English Subs

    1. thanks karin
      any thoughts on this whole SAA shot Turkish soldiers?
      On the one year anniversary date of the Russian jet being shot down- to the day!

      I'm wondering if NATO can spin this into necessitating some type of intervention into Turkey?
      Perhaps a 2nd coup attempt?
      An assassination?

      SOHR reported this as an ISIS attack on the Turkish soldiers- why would they do that if this really was a SAA air attack

      I simply do not believe the reporting on incident at this time

    2. After initially being furious over it all. I will say this story is fishy.
      Clearly this was an incident to trigger a war between Turkey & Syria/Russia, like last year.
      No evidence it even took place, but I believe it did. Everything has happened in the media k& on social networks.
      Now, I believe there was an attack.
      There are now reported at least three attacks on Tukish troops.
      Russia & Syria now both deny being behind it.
      Turkish jets carried out attacks on ISIS in Al-Bab tonight, and have now been in Syrian air space for a long time.
      Now, if Syria had targeted TR troops & FSA, to prevent them from taking Al-Bab, do you not think an NFZ for TR bombers would have been implemented? I do!
      I think the US was behind this.
      First hours after the bombing did TSK confirm it, blaming Syria. (If it was even them)
      The Turkish response has been muted, no retaliation.
      This indicates to me that the Americans are the culprits, & that TR doesn't want this to come out.
      Turkish source from twitter:

      1st wave of Airstrikes ~ 03.15 - 03.30 at night

      2nd wave of Airstrikes ~ 4.30 - 5.00 afternoon

      No more confirmed airstrikes.

      @Mustafaselanik3 a Turkish anon twitter, who has predicted exact place & time of PKK & ISIS attacks, & the coup attempt, only days ago said the US would launch an air raid on Turkish troops because they want YPG to take Al-Bab. Also, last night the official Euphrates Shield account was canceled by twitter, that was a clear sign the US want's that OP to end -- now.

    3. Good news! A Russian plane flew over two hours ago from Lattakia to Ankara. Hopefully they can sort this out.

    4. @Mustafaselanik3 a Turkish anon twitter, who has predicted exact place & time of PKK & ISIS attacks, & the coup attempt, only days ago said the US would launch an air raid on Turkish troops because they want YPG to take Al-Bab.

      This I have no problem with- It fits 100 percent

    5. I too look at this as a provocation
      yes, to US being behind it.

      On another note,
      Is this one of the reasons for Egypt's entrance to Syria side?

      Egypt ready to expand Russian industrial zone in Port Said to 2,000 hectares

    6. Rescue "Now, if Syria had targeted TR troops & FSA, to prevent them from taking Al-Bab, do you not think an NFZ for TR bombers would have been implemented? I do!"

      I believe, yes, Russia would have ensured the Turks don't fly in tandem with the Syrians.
      Yet, I see Turks are flying today and Erdogan and Putin were in touch with one another

      The US can't and won't because it's too obvious

  2. -I find it interesting that SANA is reporting 10 civilians killed by US airstrikes

    And some media is reporting 10 Turkish soldiers killed by SAA airstrikes

    10 and 10
    killed by airstrikes
    these bloodied bodies can be used for propaganda purposes by interested parties

    undoubtedly it was the kurds that called in the airstrikes for US to target the civilians

    and they could have easily planted the imagery because I don't know and can't verify who in the "Turkish Army" leaked this news on line

    It's too suspect

  3. While I hold to the principle that Syria should not allow ANY foreign combatants on sovereign Syrian soil (with the exception of the Russians who provide invaluable air cover for the Syrian Army) I am also skeptical of this report. We need confirmation from both Syria and Turkey before arriving at any conclusions one way or the other.

  4. Some new info:

    This was the first I read of the aircraft that attacked yesterday.


    1 L-39 Albatros (likely Baath AF)
    conducted 1 airstrike in Kufayr @ 3.30 AM where TR Troops deployed
    3 TR Soldiers Martyred

    The Albatros attack jet is Czechoslovakian & out of production. The Syrian airforce is one of the only one that operates it.

    Then this from a journalist at Sabah:

    Turkish mil sources tell media that some parties/groups in Syrian military may have perpetrated Al-Bab attack to trigger clashes.

    Turkish Mil sources say Russians told them that Syria used an Albatros jet to target Turkish soldiers at night. Suspicious.

    So it is clear that this was a provocative attack intended to start a major conflict. Like, exacty a year ago.
    This also means there are agents inside the SAA. This was already evident during the jihadi offensive against Aleppo in early august. Here, the officer in charge of the artillery college handed it over to the jihadists, almost with out a fight. He was later arrested.

  5. The above post sounds like dysinfo. This report from The Saker is more a more likely analysis of what country's aircraft attacked the Turks in Syria.

    1. I don't know for sure about that... never say never

  6. Sorry...forgot to paste the link to my comment above:

  7. If Saker's report says it was the Americans- I absolutely believe it.

    The attack was a provocation designed in my opinion, on the date of the russian jet shootdown anniversary, to create trouble between Turkey and Russia. The US has every reason to play this card. I also am quite confident the US would and did attack the Turks to prevent their attack on Kurds as they take Syrian territory

    I saw yesterday the Kurds were threatening to end their participation in Raqqa and I figure this is the reason the Americans would have bombed the Turks!


    An almasdar exclusive

    "DAMASCUS, SYRIA (5:45 A.M.) - A high-ranking official from the Syrian Arab Air Force (SAAYF) told Al-Masdar on Thursday night that their fighter jets did not bomb the Turkish Army in east Aleppo.

    "No Syrian or Russian aircraft bombed the Turkish Army near Al-Bab on November 23rd - all reports claiming otherwise are lies," the official confirmed to Al-Masdar on Thursday.

  9. A secret gab fest in Ankara

    Security sources revealed that a top secret security meeting took place this week in Ankara between delegates of Saudi Arabia, the United States, Turkey and Jaish Al-Fateh terrorist group to discuss the Aleppo campaign launched by the Syrian army and allied forces.
    AL-Fateh terrorist group operating in Syria has been ordered by the meeting parties not to withdraw from the besieged part of Aleppo city under any circumstances, even if it will lead to the killing of civilians, and to set once again for a large military operation in the city





  14. thanks Ally and Karin
    I see there is much reading to catch up on!