Sunday, November 6, 2016

Syria's Kurds Announce "Euphrates Rage" There will be Ethnic Cleansing of Arabs

The Kurds announce the launch of military operation with their US besties to annex Raqqa from Syria:

The chosen name of the US/Kurdish operation- "Euphrates Rage" makes clear this is both a response to Turkey's operation "Euphrates Shield" and a targeting of Turkish sovereignty and territorial integrity.

 Featuring the obligatory female fighters- rolls eyes- 'girl power'
Undoubtedly this will warm the hearts of Israel's expansionist day dreamers everywhere?
Three cheers for those plucky NATO backed terrorists (facetious)
The US-backed Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) on Sunday announced the launch of military operations to retake the Syrian city of Raqqa from ISIS, the militants’ so-called capital. 

SDF commanders said at a press conference in the Syrian town of Ain Issa that the US-led coalition would provide air cover. They added that the offensive began Saturday and that some villages already had been liberated and that confrontations are ongoing.

A female commander said that the goal of the operation, called Euphrates Rage, was to evict ISIS from Raqqa.  Eighty percent of the force is made up of locals from Raqqa, with SDF having 30,000 fighters in the offensive, the commanders said.

“We in the general command of the Syrian Democratic Forces give you the good news of the launch of our big military offensive to liberate the city of Raqqa and its suburbs from the clutches of the terror forces of the dark world, represented by Daesh (ISIS) which made the city the capital of its self-styled caliphate,” a female commander of the SDF said in a televised statement.

The statement bellow is grade A- 100 percent bullshit! Raqqa is not being freed by it's 'own sons'- It's being annexed by US backed proxy fighters! Turkey has to protect it's own territorial integrity and future
 "Our hope is that the Turkish state will not interfere in the internal affairs of Syria," Ahmad said at the news conference, suggesting SDF forces would defend themselves if it did. "Raqqa will be free by its own sons."
UPDATE # 2- Why Raqqa Now?

The move counter SAA by US backed proxies failed- We know the US backed terrorist proxies have been killing civilians en masse . Therefore the US and Kurds need Raqqa  both for leverage against the Assad government and to join the Kurdish held territories in Syria and Iraq.

*Turkey Protecting Border from US Middle East Remake.Turkey, Russia, Syria To Cooperate on Raqqa?

*Turkey: No US Cooperation on Safe Zone/Border Wall Construction Continues & Raqqa

 Kurds Willing to Die to Annex Raqqa
And ethnically cleanse more Arabs... Which shouldn’t really come as a surprise to readers here. Remaking the middle east. Oil. Water. Electricity. Raqqa has it. The US BACKED Kurdish terrorists want it. As do their American & Israel benefactors.

 Raqqa is necessary for the joining of Iraqi and Syrian territory into one unified Greater Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0

Iranian Kurds fighting in Iraq

"There is one Kurdistan," he says as the sun breaks through. "Our enemies divided us between four countries, but we want to be united. We are nationalists and want one democratic Kurdistan."
How very, very Israeli... 



  1. Russia has resumed its bombing in Eastern Aleppo today. What do you think that Syria will do about the Raqqa operation? Turkey and Syria must start cooperating to stop this!

    1. Agreed Turkey and Syria had better cooperate

    2. Check out these links:

    3. I think that they will, for definite, including Iran. I posted the link of Iran 'praising' Turkey for its anti-terrorism activities, so clearly they will cooperate more.

    4. going to read the links Ally
      and I've just cobbled together another post

  2. The evidence of ethnic cleansing is? The link between anti-statist SDF/YPG and KRG is? Who fought IDF in Lebanon?

    1. I've covered the ethnic cleansing aplenty
      you can provide the answers to your own questions,if you so choose

  3. I will be posting very shortly a huge post covering Kurdish ethnic cleansing- historically tying it to today

  4. Penny, and what about the Northern Kurdistan? Seems Turkey has fallen into a trap. Its involvement in the Syrian conflict was a big mistake. Iraq and Syria almost done, logic dictates that Turkey will be the next victim. Strange things already happening in this country.

    @Unknown, here you go

    1. Hey anonymous:

      I've mentioned on a number of occasions the 2003 invasion of Iraq and Turkey's non involvement in it, was for the very reason of that invasion would weaken Turkey.

      Despite US assurances

      No one wanted to talk about that save for me.

      Northern Kurdistan, under Barzani, was less a problem for Turkey then a Northern Kurdistan under Gorran aka PKK. (Keeping friends close and enemies closer)

      Yah, I understand things have been going on in Turkey- I've written for two years about the obvious destabilization of Turkey- but, I'm a lonely voice in a crowd of mostly disinfo

      If you want to leave some info please do..
      Thanks in advance if you do :)