Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Donald Triumphs!

Hillary and her extensive network of crooked cronies couldn't even steal this election.
 I actually watched a bit of election news coverage last night and it was obvious to me who Martha Radditz and company wanted to win... Hillary

The media showered praise on her constantly. While heaping disdain on Donald Trump and all his followers.

Usually what the media says is what goes with the masses. Maybe it was too much?

The headlines this morning call this a "stunning win"

Canadian headlines:

It can surely be said that Americans are misogynistic racist haters (facetious, so take it easy)
And it will be said over and over. In fact it's already begun!

 What Clinton's loss says about women in politics
(Of course it says nothing at all about women in politics)

The Guardian  Panel: What does the US election result say about misogyny?
Faced with the choice between a qualified woman with flaws and a man who had lied, evaded taxes and faced many sexual assault allegations, voters chose the man
A qualified woman with flaws? Seriously?

Oh yeah and Russia wanted Trump to win, so a win for Trump, is a win for Russia!

 Putin gives thumbs-up to Trump's U.S. election win
 Russian President Vladimir Putin is giving a thumbs-up to president-elect Donald Trump's victory.
In a brief statement Wednesday, the Kremlin said Putin has sent Trump a telegram to congratulate him on winning. Putin expressed "his hope to work together for removing Russian-American relations from their crisis state."

2014 washington times image- nothing to do with the election at all!
 Just thought I'd throw it in to show how easily imagery can be used to create a concept in the mind

"Putin has sent Trump a telegram to congratulate him on winning" The same telegram would have undoubtedly been sent had Clinton won- the thumbs up is media spin

Greg from Goon Squad left a you tube link here. Clearly the corrupt Clinton's loss has warmed Greg's heart and filled it with song..  

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  1. I'm pretty sure the Clinton Mob and the DNC hacked the Missouri vote.
    Missourians voted back in Rep Senator Blunt, voted in a new Rep governor and returned most of their Rep House members, including mine, who's a Bible Thumping war monger. People like that don't vote that way then turn around and vote for a Clinton.
    But Trump was winning by such large margins, all they could do was to shave off some points and hope for a miracle.

    Think mostly people voted their wallets. They've seen that the good paying jobs got scarcer under Obama and his Obamacare is wrecking their budgets, so they didn't want a four year extension of that. Best to try another devil.

    1. fingers crossed, but, not holding my breath Greg

  2. This is a little long but nails the problem with demodog party.

    I wouldn't get to excited about this, trump son has said dad will take the job to make Amerika great again and pence will run the govt. pence is wall streets friend and loves war as much as hillabllie.

    As the song says Meet the New Boss some as the Old Boss.

    1. ty jo
      I saw an article talking about impeaching Donald Trump?

      check out the google search

      Can Donald Trump Be Impeached Before Taking Office? Probably Not
      Romper-5 hours ago
      Donald Trump has just become the next President of the United States and weirdly enough, pigs are not actually flying. I know you are thinking ...
      Can Donald Trump Be Impeached When He Becomes President ...
      The Inquisitr-31 minutes ago
      Can Donald Trump be impeached? What is impeachment and why ...
      The Sun-38 minutes ago
      How to impeach a president - and if it could happen to Donald Trump
      Metro-18 minutes ago

  3. The whining and weeping in the media (and even in my facebook "friends") alone made Trumps election worthwhile.

    1. really gallier2? I'm shocked that people were that emotionally invested in Hillary- she's just so evil!
      I don't understand it???

    2. Me neither, but it is so. But as I had once told, my facebookies contain a lot of upper-middle class people, i.e. people who still have work, nice wages, own houses etc. People that think that reading Le Monde or Frankfurter Allgemeine represents the pinnacle of informedness. I had 2 commenters who seriously think that the image of Trump in the media was not distorted. What can I say against that level of stupid ?

    3. "What can I say against that level of stupid ?"

      You can't say much, just shake your head and walk away..

  4. Dutch again, this time a sub in Med after the NATO alert. And Israel with another Golan strike in Syria. Netanyahu feeling empowered by the Trump win for a freer hand?

    One wonders if the Trump 'advisors' have briefed him on Iran and its recent warning about Kurd militias and their enablers on the border amidst the fascination with re fighting the nuclear bargain

    1. read them both- thank you :)

    2. Trump first call: Sisi

    3. Sisi? that's interesting.

      "Egypt hopes the presidency of Donald Trump will inject new life in Egyptian-American relations"

    4. that is Trumps first foreign policy, try to cancel the rapprochement between Egypt, Syria, Iran. I will say again, Trumps anti Khazars crusade are against the Chabad, not Rothschild Zionists.

  5. Likud zionists trump liberal zionists - hardly an improvement.

  6. Wow.

  7. I won't get too excited because I'm not American, so no vote, and there both detestable so.. more of the same I expect?

  8. IMO, RT saved the election. They kept posting the right numbers while ZNN kept lagging behind, deliberately not posting the up to date state totals, like WI and Minnesota. Betting they were thinking about doing a repeat of the 2000 election, when the networks had Gore winning at bedtime and overnight, the vote flipping began and when we woke up, Bush the Deranged was POTUS, but RT prevented them from getting too crooked.

    Maybe Trump will deliver on some of his promises, and maybe it will be a repeat of Mr. Hope and Change, who showed his true colors early on and his fans kept apologizing for him.

    Now, we have to wait for the next False Flag, done by the same SOBs who did 9/11.

    1. Good point Greg:
      Rather then just RT it's internet accessibility, social media etc
      the double edge sword..

      Did you notice the news article about impeachment?

  9. Watching the MSM talking heads squirm over this is great. They covered Brexit in exactly the same way. Because they're surrounded by their cosmpolitan upper class bubble, I think they were genuinely surprised to find themselves outnumbered by dirty plebs who surely are permitted to eat cake. (What more do these people want?)

    1. Hi Modern Kant!

      squirm they did- hubby and I noticed it ourselves

  10. Should one listen to the voices you hear when you wake up from sleep? The one I heard was saying: "America could become again a 'beacon on the hill' instead of a searchlight for its Navy". I woke up laughing.

  11. There sure was a lot of drama shown, over a candidate who while more foul-mouthed and outwardly crude . . . has basically the exact same corporate policies as his opponent. They both had a trustworthiness of zero anyways . . . what was the point?

    Corporate fascism will continue. Big banks will rule the day. Taxation will increase for the 99%. Corporate tax evaders will be assisted, not prosecuted. The police will continue their brutal military tactics. The military-industrial complex will continue to flourish. Etc. etc.

    Same as it would have under Hillary, only with a different flavour or a nip and a tuck here or there.

    My theory as to why the controllers pushed Trump in over Clinton? They wanted a healthy president, and they want to foment more unrest to ramp up the militarisation of police and policing.

    1. Slozo!!!!
      always good to see you're here :)

      "My theory as to why the controllers pushed Trump in over Clinton? They wanted a healthy president, and they want to foment more unrest to ramp up the militarisation of police and policing"

      see my post about colour revolution?
      it explains the two rotten candidates

  12. off topic Penny (sorry) but are you aware of this? Obama decided to start bombing al-Qaeda in Syria the day they announced Trump won.

  13. Well, the win for Trump was a win for Charlie. $1K at work. My partners at my place of employment bet against my prediction the DJT would win the day.most refuse to accept the simple admonishment "don't believe the hype". I must admit I did not vote for either of the choices. In fact I do not participate in nor provide legitimacy to the fraudulent electoral process at the Federal level. I vote only for referendums that affect at the state and local levels. But that easy $1K makes a nice down payment on a vacation for my lovely wife and me.

  14. congratulations charles :))
    and good going!

  15. Hi Penny,

    E&R published its weekly cartoons. As its theme is about Trump, i.e. it can be applied to a broader world wide public, I offer here the translations for all of them. I will add some comments in brackets to add a little bit of context when I think necessary).

    First, here the link:
    Second the translations:

    2. Tonight, I'm Donald Sltrumtrf [the cartoon of Azim has a snail as recurring hero).

    3. "The victory of D.Trump at the presindentail election marks the need for borders and regulation of immigration but also to protect the middle class and sharing the wealths" Manuel Valls.
    - (little devil) Surf on the wave.
    - Valls: don't you think it's too late.
    - I'm burnt, am I not?
    [ cartoon showing the sheer opportunism of Valls, who now has a Trump compatible discours even if 1 week ago he was his "staunchest adversary".]

    4. It hurts the liberals [untranslatable double entendre here, Bobos is the contraction of Bourgeois Bohème i.e. lefty liberal and means also a slight injury a boo boo].
    - Brexit, Trump. What is it with this fasciiiist democracy [caricature of celeb TV anchor of a very lefty TV show].

    5. Why didn't the Americans vote Clinton in the end ?
    Madonna and Lady Gaga back Clinton!
    [I love the Madonna caricature here, really fitting]

    6. Vote in the USA.
    Take that you tart.[not very good imo]

    7. - [That one I like, no translation required].

    8. Our presstitutes during the American 2016 election night [remember, it's it's between 6 and 10 hours later in Europe]
    - 21h00: arrogance, booze, laughing.
    - 01h00: denial, lack of understanding, news retention.
    - 05h00: hysteria, whining, trumpophobia
    [very funny when one observed that in real time]

    9. Exodus 12, 12-13 “On that same night I will pass through Egypt and strike down every firstborn of both people and animals, and I will bring judgment on all the gods of Egypt. I am the Lord. 13 The blood will be a sign for you on the houses where you are, and when I see the blood, I will pass over you. No destructive plague will touch you when I strike Egypt.“
    [ Sorry, I don't get that one. I'm probably too atheistic]

    10. Trump President.
    - Indoctrinated weak whity [toubab is West-African slang for whites, it's now also used by other minorities to slur "gallics".

    11. -

    12. Trump tower [love that one]

    13. He defeated Hillary Clinton, Lady Gaga, Bruce Sprngsteen, Madonna, Beyoncé...
    - I'm much more Rock'n'roll than them [in French to be Rock'n'roll means being cool (à la James Dean cool)]

    14. Tuesday november 8th. Erection in the United States.

    15. - [nice quenelle, if one wanted to understand what a quenelle represents, Trumps election looks very close to be an archetype]

    16. I will reinstate democracy in the United State [nice].

    17. USA quenelle [what a quennelle also means]

    18. For fucks sake, we told you that you had to vote for Clinton, dumbasses.

    19. Garbage media.

    20. -

    21. Go clean the dishes! [that she would need these kicks in the behind is obvious]

    22. Post-election spéléological analysis.
    -1: federal reserve
    -2: elites
    -3: pollster
    -4: mainstream media
    -5: show business
    -6: Wall-street
    -7: multi-culturalism
    -8: globalism
    -9: political correctness
    -10: human right-ism
    -11: immigrationism
    -12: identity politics

  16. Hey Gallier
    some of those are really great- going to use them with your translations