Monday, November 14, 2016

Trump Election Cartoons- The View From Outside of the USA

 hattip Gallier for sharing these cartoons reflecting on the recent US election.
Clearly E& R is having some fun with this election!
I'm just going to include 5 of them, that easily cross any language or cultural bridges.
Gallier did translate them all in his comment below (at the link) and all cartoons are accessible at highlighted link.

Merci Gallier

Hi Penny,

E&R published its weekly cartoons. As its theme is about Trump, i.e. it can be applied to a broader world wide public, I offer here the translations for all of them. I will add some comments in brackets to add a little bit of context when I think necessary).

First, here the link:
  No translation necessary!

Why didn't the Americans vote Clinton in the end ? 
Madonna and Lady Gaga back Clinton!
Gallier 2- [I love the Madonna caricature here, really fitting]

Gallier2- [ nice quenelle, if one wanted to understand what a quenelle represents, Trumps election looks very close to be an archetype]

Pretty sure everyone here understands the quenelle?

 19. Garbage media.


 22. Post-election spéléological analysis.
-1: federal reserve
-2: elites
-3: pollster
-4: mainstream media
-5: show business
-6: Wall-street
-7: multi-culturalism
-8: globalism
-9: political correctness
-10: human right-ism
-11: immigrationism
-12: identity politics

From earlier:

Three US Special Forces Soldiers, Working For the CIA, Killed in Jordan.


  1. Gallier- what does this mean "spéléological"
    I saw something about caves.. can you clarify
    and yes the madonna lady gag me cartoon is my fave
    Hillary falling from Trump Tower- whoa!

    1. Speleology is the science studying caverns. In this context it means another cavern ;-). The triangular thing is shaped like a buttplug. Remember McCarthy's xmas tree buttplug? The cartoonists of E&R often reference to that as a symbol of the deviance of modern art and society (

    2. ah, yes modern art- thank you CIA and your program of cultural degredation..
      It makes perfect sense!

  2. Great posts Penny. Love coming by everyday to share links with you and thanks for taking the time to read them too. It's a shame that your blog isn't more popular but most people just don't want to see/know the truth. Most of my friends just go along with what's popular amongst people their age (supporting the EU). No one really wants to think or do any proper research. But I am sure that your readers are intelligent people. Glad I found this blog because it is perfect. Hope you are ok btw. I have lots of work to do so I haven't got any links today.

    1. Hi Ally:
      I'm glad you do stop by everyday and share those links :)

      "but most people just don't want to see/know the truth"

      Sadly Ally that is true. It's easier.

      "No one really wants to think or do any proper research."

      Ally, you are wise beyond your years- that's true

      "I am sure that your readers are intelligent people"

      I'm pretty sure they are too and open minded or they wouldn't be here. I think this is a tough blog for some because it has some.... what could be considered as tougher standards- I'm a stickler for language and definitions of words for clarity and I really like context with quotes and a good level of corroboration.
      Some might find that annoying, but, it's the level I blog at- so rightly or wrongly I expect it from others- shrugs shoulders

      I am ok, hope you are as well, and you leave links when you can- I understand about having work to do in the real world.
      It takes priority, always

      I'm going to post an image that you might enjoy Ally
      have a great day!

  3. All Madonna's efforts on behalf of Clinton (inspired by Monica Lewinsky) have been blown away!

    "Queen of Pop, Madonna, appears to have reneged on a promise to offer fellatio to anyone voting for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. That’s according to one intrepid reporter who turned up on the music icon’s doorstep looking for her to make good on her word.
    New York Daily Post columnist Gersh Kuntzman recorded a video of himself outside Madonna’s Upper East Side mansion hoping that the 58-year-old would fulfil her sexual promise.
    Kuntzman, who brought along a selfie of his ballot as proof he had followed the pop star’s instructions only got as far as a doorman with whom he spoke through an intercom.
    The employee laughed as Kuntzman explained why he was there and replied “I didn’t get that information, sorry man” before hanging up.
    The eager journalist said he emailed two follow up questions to Madonna’s representatives but by the time of publication his queries had not been addressed.
    The ‘Like a Virgin’ singer announced her ‘indecent’ proposal last month to a packed crowd at an Amy Schumer comedy gig in New York City’s Madison Square Garden.
    “If you vote for Hillary Clinton I will give you a blowjob,” she said before adding, “I am not a douche, and I am not a tool. I take my time. I maintain eye contact, and I do swallow.”...

    1. The blew up in her face- LOL
      thanks wiz oz!