Friday, November 18, 2016

US Led Coalition NOT backing Turkish Move on Al-Bab: ISIS leaves 8 Villages for Kurds

Yup, ISIS just walked away from 8 Syrian villages. US backed ISIS hands 8 Syrian villages over to US backed Kurdish militias PKK/YPG.

Colonel John Dorrian- REMEMBER THAT NAME!
 The US-led international coalition battling to defeat the Islamic State group is not backing a drive by Turkish forces and Syrian rebels to retake a jihadist stronghold in northern Syrian, the Pentagon said Wednesday.
Clearly Turkey and the US are no longer allies (save for turncoats still embedded in Turkish military?)
Their offensive on the city of Al-Bab is not being supported by coalition air strikes because it was “independently” launched by Turkey, said US Colonel John Dorrian, a spokesman for the coalition fighting the jihadist group in Syria and Iraq.

Clearly the US wants ONLY to partner with Kurdish PKK/YPG militias to “fight ISIS” all the while enabling their Kurdish proxies in PKK/YPG  to annex territory-
*The US does not want to partner with Syria.
*The US does not want to partner with Russia.
*The US will not partner with Turkey to remove ISIS from Al-bab because if Turkey is successful the Kurds will not have taken the city- And the US wants the Kurds to take Al Bab!

You know that Greater Kurdistan/Israel 2.0 remake the Middle East I've been talkin' about?

The US military spokesman said the United States had withdrawn some special forces soldiers who had been deployed to support the Turkish forces and their allies.
“They are not a part of the advance in Al-Bab,” he said.

The lack of coalition support for the Al-Bab operation illustrates the strained ties as Turkey and its allies adopt disparate strategies for defeating IS in areas the jihadists still control in northern Syria.
“What we would like to do is to continue to work with them (the Turks) to develop a plan where everyone remains focused” on defeating IS, Dorrian said.
Focused on what Mr Dorrian? Not defeating ISIS or the US would be partnering with Turkey. A NATO ally? (You can't still believe that?)  In both Al Bab and Raqqa. 
He warned against the partners “converging on a way that can be unhelpful.”
Sorry, how is  Turkey fighting ISIS unhelpful if fighting ISIS is the goal Mr Dorrian?
Is it clear enough yet what the real goal is?  

Al-Bab, a city of 100,000 about 30 kilometers (20 miles) from the Turkish border, has been a key target for Turkey and its Syrian rebel allies since its campaign began.
On August 24, Turkey has launched an incursion into northern Syria to stop the US-backed Kurdish YPG forces from connecting Syrian Kurdistan’s Kobani and Hasaka in the east with Afrin canton in the west. Turkish military operations are focused on Syrian Kurdish forces and not Islamic State, observers say.
Ankara launched its unprecedented cross-border operation saying it was targeting both IS and the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) militia, which has been a key opponent of the jihadist group.
Against Turkey’s wishes, the United States and its allies want to continue to count on the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), notably for its offensive against Raqqa, another IS stronghold in northern Syria.
Clearly Turkey is not seen as an ally by the US led coalition- Is anyone surprised about this?

PKK/PYD captures 8 villages in Syria’s Aleppo province

"The PYD, the PKK group’s Syrian affiliate, has captured eight villages between the cities of Manbij and Al-Bab in Syria’s northwestern Aleppo province after Islamic State militants withdrew from the area without putting up any resistance"

Withdrawing without resistance is the modus operandi of ISIS- A fact covered repeatedly at this blog.

This article talks about the Manbij promise- Yes the YPG/PKK are still present occupying/annexing but I’ve read some of the fighters are on the move...toward Al Bab
Despite the perception managing word play it’s very clear according to Col John Dorrian the Kurdish militias are present in Manbij
“But according to Col. John Dorrian, a spokesman for a U.S.-led anti-IS coalition, speaking to reporters from Baghdad on Wednesday, said YPG elements had already begun to withdraw from the city. 
"My understanding is they were departing and they were doing that today," Dorrian said after being pressed by Anadolu Agency to explain the apparent contradiction.

"But as far as whether every single one of them is gone, I would be very uncomfortable saying every single one," he added”

Yah, some are undoubtedly departing and plenty are staying put in Manbij.
“PYD forces now stand between 8 and 9 kilometers from Al-Bab with the ultimate aim of establishing control over all areas between Manbij and Syria’s northwestern city of Afrin. 
The Turkey-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA), meanwhile, currently stands roughly 2 kilometers to the north of Al-Bab. 
Ankara continues to back the FSA within the context of Turkey’s Operation Euphrates Shield, which was launched in August with the stated aim of purging Syria’s northern border region of terrorist groups with the use of air power, ground troops and artillery.
Roughly 1,720 square kilometers of territory in northern Syria has been cleared of IS elements since the operation began three months ago”
Sharing some comments from previous posts:

  1. I am deeply perplexed as to why the alt media continues with their hatred of Turkey.
    Some are clearly disinfo agents, but I think great many simply believe that Erdogan is to blame for the entire war, largely because they are pro American. Also, the propaganda campaign in favour of the 'Kurds' have been very successful.
    It is indeed the anti-imperialist left that is insanely pro Kurdish, leads the charge for the partition of Syria, glorifying Rojava & salivating for the destruction of Turkey.
There is no balancing act between YPG & Turkey, the US is totally in favor of YPG, & plans to carve up Turkey next.
You just have to read the statements of YPG officials. Their bloodlust is insane. Turkish presence is agression because YPG planned to annex that territory & they will demand that the US drive out Turkish forces next.
And this is what is now happening now. The day after Brett the idiot claimed YPG had finally vacated Manbij, YPG went on the offense, after ISIS handed several villages to them. There are now reports that when Turkey send bombers to target Kurdish positions the US forced TR aircrafts down.
All hell is about to break lose between the US & TR.
Which is good because we might finally se the closire of US bases in Turkey.

Thanks: I've made that point over and over the betrayal of Turkey is now so obvious that it cannot be denied by anyone anywhere and yet, still it comes down to myself and Willy Loman as the only ones mentioning it

The US chose YPG over working with Turkey to clear ISIS

The US supplies YPG/PKK weapons and Turkey is confiscating them

The US broke the Manbij promise

The US attempted that coup

It's now so in your face that it's beyond denial and yet I still see nothing

The YPG has already demanded the US drive Turkey back and your reporting the US sent aircraft the force the fighter planes down!


After I put this post up I said to hubby- more hell is about to break loose between Turkey and the US because the agenda is what it is and the US is on board with the murderous kurds
  1. hey karin

    It is a classic take down- and that's what bothers me about no one saying a thing.

    anti war? sometimes
    good to destroy nations? sometimes?
    kill innocent civilians? sometimes?
    I question that silence.
    Taking Turkey out is so beneficial to Israel 2.0---

    Personally speaking- I've no issue with the Turkish people- government in general- well don't get me going- but the Turkish government isn't my government
    we have trudeau and that's bad enough!
  2. @ Karin,
    Actually, what is striking is how calm things are in Turkey. The NGO's have not been successful. Even after the HDP arrests there are hardly any protests, other then in Europe.
    A Turkish friend of mine said the US is trying to organise a democratic oprising. The HDP & CHP are having joint protests this weekend. She also said it wouldn't work. I believe her, the CHP will only be regarded as traitors, working in tandem with foreign interests.

    The US has been trying to take Turkey down for three years now. They have been unsuccessful, even PKK invasion of towns & a coup didn't work, I struggle to see what will work. In the end an over military assault is the only way.
    I hope they get that new anti aircraft system soon.
The anti aircraft system being referred to is one that Turkey and Russia are discussing- There is a post here, somewhere, (relink when I find it)  on that news

Two additional links making the rounds today:

HurriyetArmeniaPR: Turkey seeks to secure its skies with Russian S-400 air defense systems

Coup plotting partners in crime seeking asylum- This too has been covered here previously

Asylum Seekers: Collateral Damage from the US backed coup attempt in Turkey: Some Turkish military officers at NATO seeking asylum - alliance chief

And finally this:

Turkish Russian coop is strong, but Assad is against it. Remember he stopped the attack on Tal Rifat & Afrin, & is now trying to coordinate with YPG. See his last interview, where he says some insane stuff about Erdogan.
If Assad is cooperating with the Kurdish militias he is ensuring the complete destruction of Syria and it's history. He would be betraying Iran. He will give NATO/Israel that which they have desired all along. Here is hoping it's just crazy talk as I've not read the latest interview. Yet.

Lots of reading to catch up on: 



  1. Penny and Rescue,
    I just opened the window on Assad's last interview transcript. Will read it ASAP, but husband called and wants me to go back to couple of places I had sent him to go see to buy (he's off whole week 4 Thanksgiving, so time to look at property up there).

    come back later today after reading.
    Lira down again today, 'historic low' I saw the news about protests in Turkey this a.m.
    Not believing a word out of NATO's mouthpiece, things heating up around Belarus.
    No one will talk to me about kurds.. not even my Polish friend. But I agree w/ your consensus 100%

    question: could they have worked out a deal with Barzani some way? reflecting on Syria territory ??

    I can NOT believe Assad would give up a square inch of Syria, nor betray Hezbollah or Iran. Big Puzzle

    1. Hi Karin

      Barzani is, in my opinion, out of the picture completely

      Gorran and that other Iraqi party are maneuvering to toss him out

      From November 5/2015

      Iraq’s Kurdistan region,— The National Assembly (Jivat) members of the Change Movement (Gorran) put to a vote during a meeting on Saturday the party’s withdrawal from Iraq’s Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG).

      What looks to be happening is the creation of a parallel government that will oust Barzani much like the parallel governments for Syria and Libya
      (transitional governments?)
      Same idea

    2. Agree it is one big puzzle karin :)

  2. Oh.. just thought of this.. I did not see it in Russia or Turkey news this a.m. but Hezbollah has it.

    Putin: Russia Will Oppose Any Attempts to Break Global Strategic Balance
    not much to go on.

  3. Very nice summary, Penny.

    I might sound paranoid, but I believe there is going to be a hot war soon, or at least an exchange of fire between the US & Turkey, & perhaps Assad will attack Turkish troops too.

    Assad is being plain stupid. He has struck an alliance with the Afrin Kurds, to target TSK.
    He is courting the US believing Trump will change policy. Sisi in Egypt is doing the same, he recently blamed Erdogan for all the instability in the middle east.
    They are dreaming. Believing in a grand anti-terror campaign. The US is behind ISIS they want to partition countries not fight terror.

    This is a halmark of many pro-SAA agents, who are simultaneously pro-US. Instead of clearly calling out the US for their genocidal campaign in the ME, they blame Erdogan, because it obsolves the US of blame. Most geniuine SAA supporters recognise the fallacy of aligning with YPG.

    There are doubts about Iran.
    Iran should be against the connecting of cantons, but they are playing a great game in the ME.
    The attack on Turkish troops in Tel Rifat battle was a joint SAA, Hezbollah, YPG venture. The Syrian airforce bombed the FSA in Tell Madiq.
    The operation was anounced on twitter days before by @syrianmilitary as a joint Arab-Kurd resistance to Turkish occupation.
    Iran doesn't want Turkish influence in Syria & therefore want Turkish troops out. They have been allied with YPG since 2014, & are allied with the PKK in Sinjar. Recently Hashd (PMU) invited the PKK to take part in the assault on Tel Afar, to offend Turkey. Regional rivalry is killing the ME. The US has successfully played everyone out against each other.
    Turkey has too many enemies now, to save Iraqi & Syrian unity. They will have to withdraw.

    1. Rescue "This is a halmark of many pro-SAA agents, who are simultaneously pro-US. Instead of clearly calling out the US for their genocidal campaign in the ME, they blame Erdogan, because it obsolves the US of blame. Most geniuine SAA supporters recognise the fallacy of aligning with YPG."

      I have a huge problem with this! And I see it everywhere! At one time I had other sites in my sidebar and that reason, which made me so disgusted, resulted in my deleting them all.

      This is the agenda pushed by "Canthama" at Sypers- whom I consider completely disingenuous and have for a darn long time- plus others who go by varying monikers.. Paveway IV comes to mind, the random 'know it all'

      There are others...

      Maybe you've seen the comments I leave at Syper's?
      Cheering on US backed kurds = cheering on ISIS

      Then sites that rah rah for kurds all the while NEVER mentioning the annexation of Syrian territory or Iraqi territory by the kurds, along with the ethnic cleansing that has gone hand in hand with the remake agenda. In fact these sites that come to mind never mention the remake agenda. Though it is completely in your face!

      There are very few places I've any confidence in at all, any longer.

      Too my understanding Iran was not involved with the PKK/YPG in Syria..particularly in Sinjar- I've not seen anything to that affect. I understand there is discord between PKK and Barzani over Sinjar- also some Iraqis on the ground in Sinjar don't like the presence of PKK, but, I've not come across anything regarding Iranian involvement??

      Iran has it's own kurdish uprising to contend with why on earth stir that rattle snake hill!

    2. Regional rivalry is killing the ME

      When they should be unified! shakes head

    3. Assad is not courting the USA. What ever source you are getting that hogwash from is full of s#!t. As for his statements regarding Erdogan, thre are many here among us who are very aware of what is occurring when it comes to the attempted dissolution of the sovereign Turkish state, but see Erdogan as a problem and far from any sort of solution.
      The reapproachment berween Turkey and Russia has been mostly rhetoric without much in the way of real changes. Things temain mostly as they were following the shoot down. To believe otherwise is to ignore facts on the ground. Mr. Putin's memory is long and he will hold a grudge towards sultan inspite of hopeful reporting otherwise.
      As for things being calm in Turkey, I would suggest things are far from calm. If I must provide facts and evidence to support my assertion simply ask and you shall receive.

    4. I'm not a fan of Erdogan. I think he and AKP have a huge responsibility for all of Turkeys problems.
      Things are certainly not calm in Turkey, I didnt say that, but when you see the destabilisation the US is trying to create, & the MSM campaign for civil war & a bloodbath, then things are stable.

    5. Hi Charles: I deleted the duplicate-
      What ever we think of Erdogan- He's not our leader. He's leader of the Turkish nation.
      As long as he is the leader of Turkey he has to be part of a solution.

      The rapprochement between Turkey and Russia is as good or as bad as it will be- Since I stood firmly in the camp the sanctions were marginal- designed for minimum damage to the already under pressure Russian economy..

      No one could rationally think that Russia was not going to provide Turkey energy- It wasn't going to happen- ever. (too big of a customer)

      Turkey and Russia have a long history- together of being partners or not.

      Right now it appears Turkey and Russia areon the mend and expanding their nations relationship.

      Or as hubby says their future is brighter then it has been.

      IMO you don't give Putin enough credit for acting in the best interests of the Russian nation and the region- Russia needs stability- Stability an ally in Turkey can provide. Russia needs trading partners- it has a large one in Turkey-
      Keep in mind Turkey did not go along with the NATO/US sanctions against Russia
      Nor did it go along with the sanctions against Iran

      Putin understood who was behind the shootdown and it wasn't a Turkish shootdown.

      Which is why Putin and Russia saved Erdogan's neck during the coup attempt

      I also do not believe that Erdogan will play Putin for a fool or anything like that- Putin is very sharp.

      And I can back up my contentions should that be required :)

  4. Hi Rogue K
    At first I believed that Barzani would take over the land captured by YPG. Now I don't think so. Barzani is toast, the US wants him out.
    What the US wants is a PKK state, hence they have expanded to Dohuk & Sinjar.
    Kurds are conservative & tribal, they constantly fight.
    The PKK is authoritarian & brutal. They eraise tribes & religion, therefore they are the best option to rule Kurdistan under American auspices.

    Very few talk about Kurds & the real US agenda. (Syriangirl, AKA Mimi al-Laham does, all should follow her on Twitter & youtube.)
    There was some ice breaking when YPG attacked the SAA in Hasakah in august, but that quickly ended.
    What frustrates me most is that there is consensus that the US & Turkey are allies & that the US have, or will, betray the Kurds.

    1. Rescue: I've written about the tossing of Barzani by the US/Israel crew- In fact I stated he'd be gone by years end (2016)or early next year- he is a goner!

      "This is why the PKK is now calling for a “Kurdistan supported by Goran.”

      I left the article where Gorran is maneuvering to oust Barzani

      "The PKK-Goran alliance also is based on shared concerns about Turkey’s regional power and the need to check Erdogan’s influence over Iraqi Kurds and in Syria"

      So you really get when the con artists around the net diss Turkey and Erdogan, while exalting the 'kurds' and bogusly rooting for Syria- what's going on and who these individual really are.

      Supporters of the US remake the me agenda
      Supporters of Israel
      Or as I like to call them wolves in sheeps clothing

      My last paragraph from that more then a year old post

      " It appears that the PKK is the 'unifying' force amongst the Kurds- I didn't say the agreed upon unifying force- Rather, the unifying FORCE, needed by NATO to create a Kurdish 'state'
      Whether or not the Kurdish population itself really wants one.

      Rescue: "Very few talk about Kurds & the real US agenda. (Syriangirl, AKA Mimi al-Laham does, all should follow her on Twitter & youtube."

      At least I'm in good company :)

      Rescue"What frustrates me most is that there is consensus that the US & Turkey are allies & that the US have, or will, betray the Kurds."

      I understand that frustration and the meme that the US will "betray" the Kurds is part of the victim meme for the Kurds. And the big lie that's been sold around them-

  5. Hey Penny, rouge k, Rescue...

    Penny please keep your map on the wall and keep all pins in place. The US jew/msm and is trying to start a political war (and is now) here. It's a matter of time before all hell breaks loose here too. It's all by design to keep any/all Americans distracted from the truth. Only by your consistence Penny will anyone make sense of it all or connect the dots. If you have a calling by God you are doing it! And may all your messenger's (yes discernment there too) help keep the record(s) straight. We may be able to watch the sunrise and set, but very soon it will change. I believe without any fraction of a doubt that Assad is true and honest. His talk concerning Erdogan is to tickle 'someones' ears. He will never abandon Syria. History repeats down to the very letter...and we are witnessing yet another remake of WWII with regards to Hitler and what he was up against. To Ally and others...for a start in case you don't know the truth... (including a vast supply of reference links) [I sent this to PressTv)

    We are witnessing Israel 2.0 WWIII in the ME. With Syria's Assad sitting in the same place as Hitler today. The axis of evil US/UK NATO, ISRAEL, SA against SYRIA/RUSSIA/IRAN.

    There is no way Assad will abandon Syria...Just like Hitler never abandoned Germany.

    When keeping up with can keep up with current events because it is a consuming circle of the same curse.

    Here is yet another (of MANY) article(s) of the unconscionable treachery of the jew controlled US about Pearl Harbor at the onset of prescribed WWII...
    The Final Secret of Pearl Harbor
    by John T. Flynn
    October 1945

    I've been studying for years now and have only made a dent. But because of the internet...God has made an opening for the Truth to come forward. It makes us accountable now for knowing it and demanding JUSTICE...being remorseful for the past to change the future.

    Keep up the good work Penny...

    "courage" to all

    1. Good Evening Wallflower:

      "Penny please keep your map on the wall and keep all pins in place. The US jew/msm and is trying to start a political war (and is now) here. It's a matter of time before all hell breaks loose here too. It's all by design to keep any/all Americans distracted from the truth. Only by your consistence Penny will anyone make sense of it all or connect the dots. If you have a calling by God you are doing it!

      I'm trying as hard as possible to keep this all in order- it's difficult- but sense can be made of it when one looks at this with eyes open- because it's all going on in plain site.

      And thanks for the compliment about this possibly being my calling! :))
      It's compelling and maddening all at once- I'm so glad for my husband's patience and willingness to sound board all this with me.

      We were out for a hike today and I'm thinking about all this, while smelling the earth and the trees and the mushrooms. cause I won't miss my serenity not even for this craziness- but I do think while I'm out- Hey hun what do you think of this?
      Hey hun what do you think of that?
      I love that guy :)

      I've found Assad to be generally sensible- far more so then JT here in Canada-
      And it occured to me his negative talk could be for appearances

      But if these nations states don't work together they may as well all fall apart together cause that is what it's going to come down to!

      I will look at the linked material and do intend to keep up the good work as long as possible

      courage? we all need it
      thanks wallflower :)

  6. In regards to the Russian role in the coming confrontation:

    I can't quite figure out the TR-RU relationship.
    This article is quite negative:

    Some russians online advocate pitching Turkey against the US-EU & then destroying them afterwards.
    Turkey & Russia stopped bombing at the same time & started recently again at the same time.
    We now Assad banned Turkish jets, Syria did that today again.
    I've read reports that TR-RU have an understanding, but TR-SYR doesn't. Another claimed Russian officers visited Afrin & told the Kurds to halt their offensive towards Al-Bab, which they have done.
    Russia want's Turkey in Al-Bab, recognising that Assad doesn't have enough troops. Assad will not accept TR & FSA in Al-Bab. SAA is now preparing an offensive towards Al-Bab, dropping leaflets over the city.

    Meanwhile YPG is bleeding in Raqqa, over a 100 killed today. They've taken hundres of fatal casualties already.

    1. "Turkey & Russia stopped bombing at the same time & started recently again at the same time"

      I noticed that and at the time commented on how coordinated it all seemed

      "I've read reports that TR-RU have an understanding, but TR-SYR doesn't"

      I've read that also, but, then read that Turkey and Syria have had negotiations ongoing- Admittedly there were a couple of time I wondered if Turkey and Syria were coordinating..

      "Russia want's Turkey in Al-Bab, recognising that Assad doesn't have enough troops"

      Which makes sense. I don't think Turkey will annex Syrian territory- yes they want influence but they don't want territory because they have enough trouble defending the ground they hold today!

      "Meanwhile YPG is bleeding in Raqqa, over a 100 killed today. They've taken hundres of fatal casualties already"

      Raqqa was, IMO, a move made in haste- I would suspect many persons within Raqqa are killing the Kurds (not ISIS) Cause it's Arab and they don't want the Kurds there!

      If the casualties are that high? I don't know but have no reason to doubt your figures, they should have not made the move. It was their choice.
      (no boohooing from me)

    2. Casualties are also high in Mosul, which was supposed to be an easy victory, as ISIS had supposedly evacuated. It seems the ZioAmericans are prolonging both conflicts as long as possible for several reasons:

      1) ISIS is the main justification for the ZioAmericans / NATO forces to remain in Iraq, and to continue in Syria.

      2) The US is not yet ready militarily in Syria, and needs more time. As well, as waiting for Trump to get into office. Trump has always favored No-Fly zones in Syria.

      4) The US wants the YPG to be as damaged as possible, as it favors the psychotic PKK.

      5) Iraqi forces must be prevented from linking up with Syrian forces, or taking back Kurd held portions of Iraq.

      In addition, I'm concerned with the recent public outreach to the US by Assad. It makes no sense as he seems to have a more aggressive attitude towards Turkey, and yet both are unwelcome invaders of Syria.

    3. Mieszko I

      " The US wants the YPG to be as damaged as possible, as it favors the psychotic PKK"

      There is no difference between YPG and PKK
      YPG is a branch of PKK- this was acknowledged by the US till they sanitized their websites

      If the US is damaging any specific Kurd militia it is the Barzani fighters- HRW has even associated them and them alone with the ethnic cleansing in Iraq- It was not those fighters alone- It was PKK and YPG both with the help of the US that ethnically cleansed arabs and christians in Iraq and Syria

    4. Mieszko I

      "But the PYD's connections to the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) - a US-, EU-, and Turkey-designated terror group - are problematic"

      "To support the PYD’s political and military efforts in Syria, Kurds from Turkey, Iran and Iraq have travelled to Syria to join with the People’s Protection Units (YPG), the PYD’s militia"

      YPG is not Syrian- I've a ton of posts regarding this fact here at the blog- Wish I could find them all, but, the kurd label should bring them up

      Here's a link from one of my posts

      "The Democratic Union Party (PYD) affiliated with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) managed to become the dominant actor on the ground due to the influx of experienced PKK fighters that trained Syrian Kurds..."

      "Many PKK fighters returned to Syria during the civil war. Jordi Tejel, an expert on Syrian Kurds says, “already in April 2011 the PKK sent one thousand armed fighters to establish the YPG in Syria"

      Favouring PKK is favouring YPG

  7. Hi Penny,

    YPG suffered 198 casualties so far. I agree the decision to go to raqqa was taken in haste.
    The aim is to get there before the shia militias. And therefore the US making it much harder for Iraqs army & the PMU to liberate Mosul makes sense. Assad has now officially invited the PMU to Syria, when Iraq is ISIS free.

    On their way to Raqqa YPG is fighting the civilian Arab population. Just like they did in Manbij, while they allowed ISIS to escape.

    1. Hey Rescue!

      Yes, I had covered the news of the shia militias heading towards Syria- as they stood side by side with Barzani!! Yup, that Barzani.

      So the impediment in Mosul makes perfect sense
      And it seemed obvious enough that it would be the Arab population of Raqqa fighting the Kurdish marauders... They know what the Kurds are all about!

  8. Hello Mieszko I,

    Some very good points.
    I'm not just concerned about what Assad is doing, I'm horrified. The US has destroyed Syria, & yet, Assad is practically saying he's ready to be a US puppet now.
    Perhaps he should have done that when Colin Powell gave him that ultimatum. Then Syria wouldn't have been destroyed.
    Assad should seek a regional solution not court the US.
    Expressing extreme hatred for Erdogan & Turkey is the norm for Syrians who seek American approval.
    Assads turn is in tune with many SAA agents who suddenly favor an SDF alliance.
    I can hardly go on twitter anymore. The hatred for Turkey is intense, and very irrational.
    I fear Assad will attack Turkish troops, simply to signal to the US that he is ready to forgive and forget.
    Them we can all blame Erdogan. Hurray!

    1. "Them we can all blame Erdogan. Hurray!"

      And the US/UK/Israel are off the hook in the perception managed minds of the gullible dupes
      shakes head

  9. "I'm not just concerned about what Assad is doing, I'm horrified. The US has destroyed Syria"

    Dear Penny

    From Syria's perspective Turkish backed jihadists from the Free Syrian Army, US backed Kurdish PYG or Saudi backed ISIS are the same type of invaders. That's THE TRUTH.

    1. hello anonymous:

      first off you quoted rescue but addressed me- that's ok, but, just an fyi

      From Syria's perspective? And you are who that speaks on behalf of an entire nation?

      If that was the truth you wouldn't be calling ISIS Saudi backed. When they are 100 percent US/UK/Israel created and backed

  10. I agree with Rescue. The hatred is big and much of it untrue. Sad

    1. That's too bad because that will guarantee the demise of all these nations

    2. Just worried about Assad though

    3. Understandable because if Assad turns towards the US, which would be incredible IMO, it would be extremely detrimental for Turkey.

      I hope Rescue sees the link you left
      The analysis is good. Rational. And with the benefit of hindsight... spot on

      I've moved the link here:

  11. Penny:

    " There is no difference between YPG and PKK
    YPG is a branch of PKK- this was acknowledged by the US till they sanitized their websites "

    I agree with you on this one, as I was just offering it as a theory. However, all thought being part of the PKK, certain elements of the YPG might not agree with them on ideology, and probably want to retain autonomy for cultural and egotistical purposes. The Kurds are well know to have internal conflicts, and I do believe the majority if the YPG is of "Syrian" background.

    Of of course the major reason for the premature attack on Raqqa, is to prevent its capture by Syria / Russia / Turkey, however its probably also being utilized as a meat grinder to wear down the more free thinking elements of the YPG. I'm sure the US special forces are actively noting which YPG commanders are too "independent ", and making sure that they meet their end in "combat" there.

    1. Any elements of YPG that do not agree with PKK will be taken care of promptly- YPG is shutting down all opposition in Syria- killing and jailing some.

      To create the greater Kurdistan in the middle east remake the Kurds have to be brought under an iron fist- that's what the PKK is for- The Iron Fist


  13. A recent post of mine from Syrian perspective:

    Those are all valid response. My frustration lies with the constant cheer leading on here in relation to Aleppo's imminent fall, and to Syria standing up to the Turks. These steps are important of course, but are minor in the grand scheme. I'm concerned that Syria is about to be forced into a "negotiated" partion, due to Russia's seeming unwillingness to challenge the ZioAmericans militarily, although it could be something more nefarious. There are several possible troubling scenarios that could transpire, singularly or as a group.

    1) The ZioAmericans / NATO will plant itself in various parts of Syria and refuse to leave, daring Syria to dislodge them. If Syria attacks NATO enacts article 5 of the NATO treaty, allowing all NATO members to attack Syrian forces, including Turkey.

    2) Turkey is secretly playing a game of good cop, bad cop, if Syria attacks Turkish troops Turkey enacts article 5, allowing the US / NATO to attack Syria. Would Russia respond ?

    3) Russia, fearing conflict, forces Syria into a negotiated settlement, allowing the Kurds their own portion of Syria, while forcing the government to include the "moderate rebels in the power structure. Assad is allowed to remain, however, after a period of time a peaceful , western backed "color" revolution forces him out of power and installs a US lackey government. Russia's bases are then declared null and void, with UN backing, and Russia is ordered out, with the US enforcing the decision. Would Russia react ?

    There are to many unknowns to start opening the champagne, and Assad's recent overtures to the US are extremely worrying.

    1. good points Mieszko1

      I would disagree with 2) Turkey is being destabilized. A big chunk of Turkey is needed for 'greater kurdistan' aka Israel 2.0- NATO wouldn't go for an Article 5 to 'protect' Turkey- though they might call it that... NATO may use the pretext of an Article 5 to attack ISIS in Turkey upping the destabilization of Turkey

      (there may be individuals inside of Turkey who will betray Turkey)

      I think Russia might just agree to a negotiated settlement- and your scenario years down the road is very possible.

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