Monday, November 7, 2016

US Led Coalition Should Stop Turkey's Advances Towards Raqqa

Isn't this interesting news?


Just yesterday Dunford was giving the impression everything was hunky dory with Turkey?
-Was he spinning? (which was my suspicion?)
-Or do we have divided loyalties within the Turkish military?

The Kurdish Syrian Democratic Fighters (SDF) are ready to respond to any Turkish advancement toward Raqqa and the international coalition is responsible for making Turkey withdraw from the region, senior member of the Syrian Democratic Council, SDF's political wing, Rizan Hado said on Monday.

 "Any attempt by Turkey to make an aggression against Manbij will certainly impede liberation of Raqqa and we will not remain silent. Our priority is confronting Turkey's aggression against Manbij. The ball is now in the coalition's court and its seriousness will be shown in forcing the Turks to withdraw from the region," Hado was quoted as saying by Fars News Agency.

I flat out do not believe the paragraph below:
 Hado added that he welcomed any advancement by the Syrian army toward al-Bab and expressed hopes that the battle to liberate Raqqa, which is under Daesh control, would be carried out in coordination with the Syrian troops.
It is not a direct quoted statement- Therefore it cannot be taken seriously.
It's beyond any realistic belief that the Kurdish militias backed with US/UK/French air power would want or welcome Syrian armies involvement to liberate Raqqa. When the intent is to annex territory.

More about Raqqa from from SDF spokesperson Talal Sallo, who cannot keep a story straight!
 "The liberation operation of Raqqa will start soon. The US-led coalition will play no role in Raqqa operation, but they have vowed to only supply the SDF with equipment. They will also dispatch their military advisors with the combat forces for coordination and advice," the SDF spokesman said.  

The US led coalition will play no role but will supply SDF with equipment and dispatch their military advisers AND it's being reported all over that US/UK and France are raining fire from the sky- but according to Talal Sollo the US coalition is playing no role, except for arming them, sending advisers and raining fire from the sky, but other then that? Nothing!

He should get his facts straight-
“The issue of Turkey’s partnership came under discussion with the (US-led) coalition and resolved definitively. There will be no Turkish participation in the Raqqa operation,” he said.

“We are ready. We have the sufficient number of fighters for this campaign and we will start it soon,” Sallo added.
 G & M
The U.S.-led coalition has carried out a series of air strikes against Islamic State targets in Syria to aid a new offensive by armed groups toward the city of Raqqa, the militant group's de facto capital in Syria, the Pentagon said on Monday.
Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook said the targets of the air strikes included Islamic State fighting positions and vehicles, including some that could be used to deliver explosives.
The US led coalition has done everything for the SDF save for wiping their runny noses. And maybe they've done that too!

If the attack on Raqqa follows the usual route- Aerial bombing is massive. Civilians are being targeted. Kurds, no doubt calling in the coordinates- Which is why I said there will be ethnic cleansing- because there has already been!



  1. No doubt Dunford was lying. The fact that he had to come to Ankara shows how bad the US-TR relationship is. (Note Turkey doesn't pick up the phone when Germany calls Steinmeier had to travel to TR.)
    Undoubtably, divided loyalties a factor. Turkish army still has a presence of pro-NATO traitors, I suspect general Akar is one of them.

    1. Hi Rescue, again!

      Yah, that's what I thought about Dunford's visit

      I saw Germany was having difficulties also

      I think Turkish army still has pro NATO traitors and I too suspect Akar is one

      My speculation? If Erdogan had any real power he'd have ridden the military of Akar