Tuesday, November 22, 2016

US & Turkey At "Cross- Purposes" in Syria? Whaaat?!?!

Wait just a minute! 
The US mouthpieces from every department tell us the US is "fighting ISIS"
And Turkey? They are fighting ISIS, an organization that has attacked the nation state of Turkey.
Turkey is also fighting the PKK/YPG - In both instances, the fight against ISIS &YPG/PKK, Turkey is found to be at "cross purposes' with the US. So many claim they are allied with the US in Syria,  these persons must wonder how it is the US suggesting the two nations are now at "cross-purposes"?  
That claim -Turkey/US unquestioningly/unequivocally allied- is not made here at all.  Not for years now. That ship sailed. The US and Turkey have been at cross purposes for a long while now.. 

So finally the msm is catching up to this blog! And it only took two years! Will wonders never cease? (And yes my disillusionment with alternative voices has only grown over the many years of running this blog!)

Voice of America
Fighting between Turkish-backed rebels in northern Syria and the Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), earmarked by the United States to retake Raqqa from Islamic State (IS) militants, is escalating dramatically.

The intensifying clashes are complicating Washington’s bid to use Kurdish-led forces to launch a full-scale assault on the jihadists’ self-proclaimed Syrian capital, and are maneuvering the U.S. and Turkey into ever greater cross-purposes in Syria, fear Western diplomats and analysts.
-These aren't Kurdish 'led' forces- These are Kurdish Forces. Period!
-Turkey offered to partner with the US on Raqqa- The US rejected the Turkish offer choosing instead to align with their Kurdish proxies as they annex Syria territory
 "The U.S. has been supporting the  SDF (which =YPG/PKK) with weapons and airstrikes and has deployed hundreds of special forces and military advisers to assist the Kurdish forces (omitting spin of led)
U.S. war planners hope that by pressing IS in Raqqa simultaneously as Iraqi forces are attacking Mosul, the terror group’s last remaining major urban stronghold in neighboring Iraq, the jihadists’ resources and manpower will be stretched thin, weakening their ability to defend either city and hastening their fall"
roflmao! Hastening the fall of ISIS. Sure, to create one continuous Kurdish territory from Iraq to Syria- phooey on the fighting ISIS nonsense
"Speaking at a NATO forum in Istanbul Monday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan upped his criticism of the U.S. for its use of the YPG, which Turkey insists is inseparable from the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), with which Ankara is locked in a vicious counter-insurgency fight in south-east Turkey that has seen widespread rights abuses, according to monitors.
U.S. officials prefer to view Syria’s Democratic Union Party (PYD) and its YPG military wing as separate from the PKK"

US officials "prefer to view" YPG/PKK as separate. Preferring it doesn't make it so
Prefer as in preference -a practical advantage given to one over others.

I too have many preferences... I would prefer to have a bit more savings- See my daughter more often- Live in a newer home- I have many preferences but reality, existing as it does, means the US preferring to view YPG as separate from PKK does not make it so! Unless the US is out of touch with reality? Which is not the case. They just want the masses to be out of touch with reality and believe the lying spin put forth to deceive
"Euphrates Shield already appears to have gone a long way to undermine the hopes of the Kurds to link all four of their cantons along that run along the Turkey-Syria border - an offensive move, the Kurds say, aimed at denying their legitimate aspirations for self-determination".

They say these are their 'legitimate aspirations' but what about the displaced ? What of their aspirations? Are their's less legitimate. Was all the environmental/general destruction/mayhem and blood shed worth the Kurdish militias claimed legitimate aspirations? I'll wager many, many persons including Kurds would answer no to that question!
 “As Turkey's Operation Euphrates Shield progresses toward al-Bab, the spate of fighting between Turkish-backed rebels and the YPG is increasing,” according to analysts at Stratfor, a U.S.-based global intelligence firm.
 Last paragraph:
 As events unfold around al-Bab fears are growing that a Turkish-backed assault on the town could also spark a clash between Russia, Assad’s patron, and Turkey. There have already been reports that Assad’s Russian-supplied air defense radars have locked in on Turkish warplanes as a warning that Damascus won’t tolerate a rebel assault on the town.
 The US would surely enjoy seeing Turkey and Russia in conflict- Will that happen?
We shall see.. Definitely a volatile situation 


  1. YPG threatens to shoot down Turkish Planes


    "Manbij Security Council released a video and issued a stern warning to the Turkish military, saying that Turkish warplanes targeting YPG targets in and around Manbij will be shot down"

    "Turkey is determined to clear YPG presence in Manbij and has already given multiple warnings to the U.S. saying that the YPG must leave the area and retreat to the east of the Euphrates. The terrorist group, however, is yet to comply"

    What about the Adana agreement between Syria and Turkey?



    1. Yildirim is going to Russia in a couple of weeks. Turks are leaving, for definite now. All hell is about to break loose :/

    2. I've seen talk concerning Turkey leaving NATO..
      see the EU is going to possibly end accession talks entirely (given that the talks are non-existent) if they decide to cut the talks entirely it would be a political blow to Turkey as well as another financial blow

      Short on time today, but, will try to catch up tomorrow
      Keep me posted if you catch anything pertinent ally and thanks

    3. You mentioned a few days ago that the US might attack Turkey. Seems unlikely since Turkey has 14 nuclear weapons that can be used as a deterrent. I think that they might try and assassinate Erdogan instead.

    4. Why would it be a political blow? Wouldn't that give Turkey more reasons to stop all negotiations and move closer to Russia and China? And the EU is thinking of imposing sanctions on Turkey.

    5. Hi Ally:
      It's a political blow because it creates a deeper perception of Turkey as a pariah state in/to the West

      I should say also it's a perception management move too-

  2. Odd, I hadn't seen anything about this till now.

    Turkey delegation visiting Crimea ( and Moscow )

    short article hints on Turkey's possible recognition of Crimea and Russia and the referendum

  3. https://mobile.almasdarnews.com/article/turkish-forces-attack-syrian-army-latakia/

    No specific sources leads me toward thinking the above is not completely true; certainly dubious. Anyway, what do others and you think?

    1. Hey Charles:

      Needs a bit more info to bolster it
      - you know me stickler for that kind of stuff -shrugs shoulders

  4. Why are they at cross-purpose?

    "Top Turkish Delegation Visits Crimea: A Sign of Turkey's Eurasian Future? November 23rd, 2016 - Fort Russ" (Thank you Ally, Thank you rouge k)

    "President Erdoğan: EU not everything, Turkey may join Shanghai Five"@http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/president-erdogan-eu-not-everything-turkey-may-join-shanghai-five.aspx?PageID=238&NID=106321&NewsCatID=338

    Want more? There is more of course, up to you.

    1. Hey WizOz

      If you have more please leave it
      and I've no doubt they are at cross purposes on many things I've said as much myself for a long time

  5. http://tass.com/politics/914232