Friday, December 2, 2016

2 US Warships/Amphibious Assault & 4,000 Troops Arrive In Mediterranian

Cause for concern? 

 Four-thousand US sailors and marines from the Wasp Amphibious Ready Group (ARG) have arrived in the Mediterranean Sea after transiting the Suez Canal, according to a release from the US navy.

USS Wasp (LHD 1). © U.S. Navy photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Nathan Wilkes
 The Wasp re-entered the US 6th fleet after spending more than three months supporting Operation Odyssey Lightning (OOL) with precision airstrikes from 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) aircraft in Sirte, Libya.

 MEDITERRANEAN SEA (NNS) -- Amphibious assault ship USS Wasp (LHD 1) and amphibious dock landing ship USS Whidbey Island (LSD 41) with embarked Marines from the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) transited the Suez Canal and entered the U.S. 6th Fleet area of operations, Dec. 1.

Travelling through the canal and into the Mediterranean Sea marked a significant milestone for the 4,000 Sailors and Marines of the Wasp Amphibious Ready Group (ARG) as they enter the final stages of their six-month deployment.


"After completing our time in 5th Fleet, the Wasp ARG will now be supporting the maritime security mission in the Mediterranean Sea. This sea lane is vital to our global economy, and it remains secure because of the strong relationships between the navies that operate together here." - Commander, Wasp ARG, Capt. F. Byron Ogden

"Our security team was responsible for making sure that we had a safe transit so we can continue our mission in the Mediterranean. We're fortunate because Wasp's Security Department is augmented by the Marines, who have become a really cohesive part of our team. With both of us on the watch, we have a lot of defensive depth, which is essential during such a long transit." - Senior Chief Petty Officer Albert Spiess, Security Department leading chief petty officer

Quick Facts:

Wasp re-entered U.S. 6th Fleet after having spent over three months supporting Operation Odyssey Lightning (OOL) in Sirte, Libya, with precision airstrikes from 22nd MEU aircraft.

Amphibious transport dock USS San Antonio (LPD 17), the third ship in the Wasp ARG, is currently supporting OOL.

While in the 5th Fleet area of responsibility, Wasp, Whidbey Island, and the 22nd MEU supported theater security cooperation efforts and maritime security operations.

Both ships safely completed the journey north through "The Ditch," as Sailors often refer to the 101-mile-long Suez Canal, in 15 hours.

The canal connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea, allowing vessels to avoid the approximately 7,000 kilometer trip around the Cape of Good Hope, the southernmost point of Africa.

Wasp and Whidbey Island are deployed as part of the Wasp ARG to the U.S. 6th Fleet area of operations to support maritime security operations and theater security cooperation efforts. Commander, Amphibious Squadron 6 commands the Wasp ARG, which consists of Wasp, Whidbey Island, and San Antonio. The 22nd MEU is currently embarked on the Wasp ARG.

U.S. 6th Fleet, headquartered in Naples, Italy, conducts the full spectrum of joint and naval operations, often in concert with allied, joint, and interagency partners in order to advance U.S. national interests and security and stability in Europe and Africa.


  1. sorry, I initially posted before I had the news done
    It's all there now and considering the complex ongoing situation in northern Syria. Turkey. etc
    I'm a bit concerned.
    Looking for input, always


    Netherlands pullout.
    under cover of the Ukraine missile test - NATO announced joint Ukraine patrols in Black Sea.
    Foreign cyber attack on Russian banks going back to the snap drills which included preparations for economic war
    Russia space loss, again.
    Another Kenya-Israel nexus implicating Iran
    following the US helicopter alleged targeting

    OPEC deal isn't enough. Maybe a PG incident will take oil to 60. Trump Nat Security Team Mattis (Marine) + Flynn Iran hawks.

  3. Turkey news full of info today.

    There was a piece few hours ago about the new Constitution, I do not see it now.. It was a yes, it will happen item

    2 items on their currency.. Erodgan asking for folks to sell the dollar and this one is new w/ economy and PM
    Gov’t, Central Bank taking measures to minimize problems in economy: PM Yıldırım

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    AA photo

    AA photo
    Turkey’s government and Central Bank have been taking required measures to ensure the country suffers only minimal effects from the latest temporary fluctuation in the economy, Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım has said, adding that the cabinet was set to make an evaluation on economic issues during a new economic coordination board (EKK) meeting late on Dec. 2.

    The Turkish Lira has been one of the worst-hit emerging currencies against the U.S. dollar as well as against the euro following the U.S. presidential elections, due to both global and local uncertainties. As such, the steps to be taken by Turkey’s economic managers to ease the pressure on the lira are being closely followed by global markets.

    “The Turkish economy rests on robust fundamentals. Our finance sector and our companies are strong. We have been taking the required measures to minimize the effects of economic problems, by considering the global conditions thoroughly. Turkey saw much worse economic conditions four or five times in the past.
    What we have seen in the markets following the U.S. presidential elections is temporary,” Yıldırım said at a press meeting to announce a fresh financing scheme for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

    “This wave of fluctuations will end. 2017 will be a much better year than 2016,” added the prime minister.
    He also noted that there would be an EKK meeting on late Dec. 2 to discuss the latest developments in the economy.

    “We will share which measures we agree on with our citizens after the meeting … The Central Bank is now also doing what it needs to do in an independent manner,” said Yıldırım.

    Turkey held EEK meetings in November, one under the leadership of Yıldırım and one headed by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, to discuss the latest economic issues. The board meets regularly, usually on a weekly basis, to discuss and set macroeconomic policy. But these meetings came after the lira hit fresh record lows against the dollar.

    Fresh loan scheme for SMEs

    Yıldırım said SMEs needed to be supported amid the sharp foreign exchange fluctuations.

    THIS just now
    Perpetrators of strike on Turkish troops in Syria will be understood with registries, says deputy PM

    Dogan 'news group' adversaries of Gov Cultural Marxist down the line

    Even an op-ed on regime change I have not had time to read yet concerns new Constitution
    Turkey at the threshold of a regime change
    last, but not least ( feel like I;m forgetting something darn it but )
    The Prosecutor has announce they dropped ALL charges against israel over Gaza Flotilla
    (this is still a big issue in some people)

    sorry, no time for links for them all, but they are all there in today's news items on front page

    1. I saw that request- trying to keep the money propped up considering the ongoing currency war

      The US dollar is up- up - up and if interest rates increase in the US.. up even more- Turkey's is faltering in that market

  4. Oh good grief !! Penny I apologize. just trying to rush too fast

    You can fix it thank goodness I hope lol
    probably even lost some maybe.. try to get back soon.

  5. Penny:

    Take it for what its worth, But here is a headline, from a Lebanese paper, stating that the visiting Turkish FM says that " Assad cannot remain in power ". Seems that there is a lot duplicitous language being thrown around.

  6. An interesting article about the Kurdish situation in Syria, and what may have been promised to them ...........

    " France and Turkey against the Kurds "

  7. for my man beefs with Meyssan at least he get's this correct

    'and were supervised by the «Grey Wolves», a fascist militia created in 1968 on behalf of NATO

    the rest of his piece- I'm less then sure about

    Ahmet Davutoğlu is very, very pro west- most likely a Gulenist

    He fails to mention Kurds are more then 90 percent Sunni Muslim...

    "In July 2015, the Erdoğan government sent Daesh to commit an attack in Suruç (Turkey), killing both Kurds and Alevis"

    IMO that's bullshit!

    and his ending is quite pie in the sky

  8. Mieszko I- what do you think of these warships and troops moving in to the area?
    any thoughts at all?

    1. My thought also other than no good but where?

    2. Not sure, as this article is confusing. It states that they just finished their mission in Sirte, Libya and reentered the Mediterranean through the Suez canal ?? I would focus on the other assets already in the Mediterranean as this group will be joining them, and should provide a better picture of the possible situation.

      Its possible they are going to land in Libya, to help out the western backed government and prevent the Green forces from any gains.

    3. hey jo- definitely up to no good, but, like you said... where?

    4. Mieszko I.. blogger has been putting comments into spam lately and I don't know why- (it's annoying)
      Yah, it appears they came from the Red Sea for their mission in Libya

      could they just be coming around to land directly in Libya?
      Or somewhere else?




    1. thanks for the updates Ally :)

    2. It's fine, anymore updates what is happening? Apparently, the terrorists have refused to leave Eastern Aleppo.

    3. Hi Ally: Yah, they said they aren't leaving
      SAA is gaining ground and I haven't even checked any news yet today
      first coffee of the am
      busy day yesterday

  12. Some mind challenging thoughts to share about the nature of the journey humanity is on:
    (just sharing)

    1. hi olive farmer
      was reading an article last week end about the poor olive crop in Italy- it's too bad
      Olive oil is probably my top oil
      Does any of your oil make it to Canada?




    From Elijah Mangier. I apologize for placing this here, however, it appears Blogger has certain tendencies when commenting on articles more than a few days old; sending those to moderation.
    I saw mention of Ollie Richardson, who I've followed after seeing his commentary on another site in the past. He states while commenting here that Elijah Mangier was a reliable source. Ah, I seem to recall mentioning Elijah in the past and certain contributors questioning the veracity of his opinions. Reading the article linked to above may be insightful.
    One other point, were Zacharova's comments toward sultan made up too? Did Putin speak to sultan and give him a smack on the can over his comment? Then do so again a short time afterwards, or are those pipe dreams as well? Just asin'.

    1. Hi Charles: yes after a few days all comments go to moderation.
      Yes, I recall you leaving links to Mangier's work here and I told you I was unfamiliar with it- but did read the linked information- As I shall this time- Mr Richardson describes him as "extremely reputable"

      As for al Bab: what's going to occur there is very up in the air last I had dug into it- Turkey's rebels were dug in on side- Kurds moving towards it... It's a wait and see or holding pattern..
      IF Russia said anything to impede Turkey (which of course we don't know, it may only be temporary) as you said previously time will tell

    2. Elijah M. is not entirely reliable. I read all his work. He usually changes his analysis to what seems most likely at the time.

    3. thanks for informing others wrt Elijah M

      So he's human- not superhuman then?
      I expected as much.

      In all the years I've had this blog I've witnessed so many "authorities" state or make claims that were obviously, to me, so wrong, so absurd, I gave up on reading certain sites entirely.
      And the meme pushing engaged in by way to many so called authoritative voices in the msm and alt just drives me bonkers!!
      As stated I'll continue on my own merry way..


    Interesting read.

  17. EM: "The rule is clear: the mainstream media don’t want to put light on the financing of terrorism, the provenance of weapons reaching these, nor on the CIA training"

    That's not an issue here at all

    " Media and the “new analysts” produce endless articles about how it is impossible to avoid the partition of Iraq and that the Kurds are the only force able to fight ISIS"

    I'm not in that category cause I don't push the meme regarding the Kurds being the 'only force able to fight ISIS'

    I leave that to others to push the nonsensical msm/alt memes- I've cited many of them that do push this crap unquestioningly-

    "Those writing about Iraq disregard the fact that the US Army, before and during its invasion to Iraq, committed the most abominable atrocities in that country, starting with the embargo on Iraq to massacres, torture, rape and human rights abuses during the occupation of the country"

    Not been ignored here- has been written about..


    Hell I've even discussed the PMU heading for Syria as the reason Mosul suddenly got tough..

    pretty good piece- perhaps it can be used to gauge the accuracy of other so called alt sites in their coverage of Syria and Iraq

  18. Moved this comment so it will be seen

    Charles FasolaDecember 4, 2016 at 3:37 AM

    Ah, Elijah M. When I first mentioned him comments I seem to recall about his veracity as a source followed. I've ben teading EM for a long time. I'll give myself a pat on the back.

    PennyDecember 4, 2016 at 5:16 AM

    You do that Charles, as for me, I will continue on my own path- as I always have- I follow no analysts at all and do all my own thinking and writing- for myself- that will never change

    In case anyone is unclear how things work here- I read a ton of stuff, but, follow no one analyst at all
    All figuring out is done by myself- a woman- (horrors)
    with the help of my hubby.. and lots of logical thinking, ignoring of fallacies- plus nearly 9 full years of background and practice!

    That's the way it's been and that's the way it will remain
    It's worked pretty good thus far, since my entire track record is here for all to see

    Thanks to everyone for participating :)

  19. Hey Penny...(just my .000000000002 cents worth) on the above link to EM.

    This says it all who and what this site represents (that CF pats himself on the back for)...

    ["However, the views of the US administration and the one of the “neo-analysts” – are in conflict in terms of professional ethics, values and principles, even though they are both based on fighting terrorism. Journalists, and analysts, are astonishingly supporting “Qaidat al-Jihad” in Syria, fiding enough space even to report the “Islamic State” (ISIS/ISIL) material when fighting against the Iraqi Army and the so-called (sectarian) “Popular Mobilisation Units ” (al-hashd al-Sha’bi – PMU) in Iraq."]

    I feel sorry for those who can't...

    Stick to your standards Penny...and shut the mouths of lions spewing their anal-ystic BS. To think and believe the US Admin has ethics is a mind of 'stoopid'...

    1. Elijah J M | ايليا ج مغناير
      Middle East Politics
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      Senior Political Risk Analyst with over 32 years’ experience covering Europe & the Middle East. Acquiring in-depth experience, robust contacts and political knowledge in Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan and Syria. Specialized in political assessments, strategic planning and thorough insight in political networks. Created and coordinated network of decision makers to provide key insight into the complex political developments of the Middle Eastern region. Experienced in dealing with intrinsically difficult situations in a broad spectrum of situations when interacting with leaders and fundamentalist movements in war zones and areas of growing instability.


      Wow EM that puts you around the time of 9/11. You know...when the Israeli's cashed in on all the wars since then? Why even the Crypto Jews are still at it. Can you analyse that please? Can you define 'Payroll' please?

  20. Hi wallflower
    I intend to stick to my standards, because they have worked for me all this time
    I don't want to rely on the presentations of others because I want people to understand that anyone can get a good grasp of geopolitics if they take the time, inform themselves and stay tuned always

    we should not rely on others to tell us what to think

    we should inform ourselves, process thoughts based on that information , share with others, broaden our horizons accept input when necessary and draw our own conclusions- might we get something incorrect? yes
    As do all our perceived authorities!

  21. Elijah M. Magnier. With political analysts one should ALWAYS check who pays for, even (or especially) when you like what he says.
    So I checked a little bit, i.e. I googled and found after only 2 clicks
    that he is based in Brussels (mmmh, remind what institutions are based there? (NATO, EU)) and that he is employed by Alrai Media Group Co.
    a Koweity broadcasting company.

    Doesn't mean he's wrong per se (no one should be default reject someone's opinion only because he is employed somewhere), but allows to look in what direction the bias comes from.