Thursday, December 8, 2016

Ankara More Interested in Counterterrorism Then Assad Departing

I've more to say on the subject of the Turkish/Syrian situation.. For now a bit of a comment from Rescue & a linked below news  article. With more to follow in another posting when time allows.

This change, spoken openly about, is certain to have gained the ire of the US/UK/Israel Middle East/North Africa remakers. I've written here about the changes taking place that seemed apparent to me and should have been apparent to many others, particularly in the alt media camp. Those who chose to instead engage in 'cult of personality' distraction.

I think Turkey is totally out of the belligerent camp against Syria. Turkey held negotiations last week in Ankara, where Russia & rebel groups for the first time held direct talks. The US was not invited, they are allegedly pretty angry about it.

Russian President Vladimir Putin shakes hands with Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim during their meeting in Moscow (AFP)

Ankara reiterated the order of its priorities in Syria, and the Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said that overthrowing the head of the Syrian regime Bashar Al-Assad is not a priority for it. He added that operation Euphrates Shield in which Turkey supports Free Syrian Army fighters in northern Syria targets “terrorist organisations” and has nothing to do with what is happening in Aleppo. He added that the “nature of the crisis in Syria imposes priorities, the most important of which is to rescue the Syrian people. However, the overthrow of Assad is not a priority”.
The Turkish Prime Minister, who made an official visit to the Russian capital Moscow, made these comments in an interview with the Russian news agency Sputnik on Wednesday.
He said that there are three major issues in the Syrian crisis that require a quick solution, and that it was necessary to end the continuing bloodshed in Aleppo, put an end to terrorist activities in Syrian areas bordering south Turkey and deter the Syrian Democratic Union Party and its military arm the People’s Protection Units. Turkey considers both of these parties as extensions of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) which it has classified as a terrorist organisation. Turkey also said that both of these parties are carrying out operations against Turkey from Syrian territory.

As for the fate of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, an issue that has sparked controversy between Moscow and Ankara in recent times, Yildirim said We have to arrange our priorities in this regard. Is Assad’s fate important? Or is the fate of the Syrian state important? Without a doubt, the fate of the Syrian people is more important than the fate of Assad.”
 This  has been  an ongoing process


  1. Hi Penny:

    Glad to hear that Erdogan has again realized what side his bread is buttered on. He seems to forget now and again. But, as nobody but moi seemed to get....his last outburst saying that Turkey was in Syria to topple Assad....had the benefit to Russia/Putin...of publicly and legally incriminating NATO...of which Turkey is a member.

    His outburst may be a evidentiary fact that could be presented to an International Criminal Court at some future date...should there ever be a return to the rule of International law like there was at Nuremberg after WWII.

    1. Hi Greencrow: The statements in the above post belong to PM Yildirim...

      As for Erdogan recent statements?- I was of the mind there was a lot of fuss over very little-

      Politicians say plenty of stuff some of it concerning and some of it bloviating

      that whole thing was out of context and worse..

      Trolls showed up here to spread the word and the repeaters made sure it got far and wide.

      (I'm not referencing you in that statement GC)
      I see patterns- repeating patterns

    2. Penny, you should read this extreme example of pro-Kurd & PKK propaganda.
      After Aleppo falls, we are going to see a lot of it. Assads war on the PKK/YPG will soon come, and the MSM needs to build support in favor of US war to enforce an NFZ.

    3. Erdogan is a Buffoon, who said a stupid thing to reassure his village idiot supporters.
      The incident confirmed to me that he doesn't have a lot of power in Turkey, though.

    4. He was talking to Gulf-Hamas leaders


  3. What do you think of Wikileaks?

    1. I saw an obvious propaganda piece making the rounds regarding Turkey and some wikileaks emails..

      The emails may be fine. The nonsense written around them was not.

      What do I think of wikileaks? they leak some interesting stuff that for sure.

    Did Iran kill the Turkish soldiers?

    1. Hey Ally:
      We have Russia and Syria flat out denying.

      I lean towards the US, but, why not consider Israel as a possibility?
      Could be Iran to protect specific militias?
      Don't know?
      It'll come out eventuallly

    2. I often find hurriyet daily news questionable- have the same trouble with fars..

    3. I agree, Penny. They clearly take a pro-NATO stance, which most 'elitist' people in Turkey do. But the ordinary people are pro-Russian/Chinese. And Fars is definitely not reliable. I have been wondering if Wikileaks is just another 'controlled opposition'. Read this:


  5. The interesting thing is that you can read a lot more about Turkeys change of policy in Syria in the MSM than in the alt media.
    The alt media is so heavily invested in the evil Erdogan meme, that they can't even see the change, or the fact that Erdogan isn't all powerful in Turkey.
    On the other hand, Erdogan making a deal with Putin & betraying the rebels plays perfectly into the MSMs current narrattive of the unreliable Turkey. Thats why they report it.

    1. Hi Rescue:

      'you can read a lot more about Turkeys change of policy in Syria in the MSM than in the alt media"

      "The alt media is so heavily invested in the evil Erdogan meme, that they can't even see the change, or the fact that Erdogan isn't all powerful in Turkey"

      yup, you're right. All my sources are msm reporting
      - apparently I can read better then most?
      Able to sort wheat from chaff?
      And logical fallacies from what makes sense?

      I don't know what it is with the fake alt media?
      There aren't alt at all- because while they have not noticed the policy changes in Turkey that have jumped and stayed right on the 'bad Erdogan' bandwagon! Holding on tightly.

      I've talked about Erdogan's lack of real power in Turkey- but to no avail

      it's so much easier to have everything in black and white for the malleable masses who think they are so 'intelligent'- can't grasp that it's never that simple

  6. When I say "he has no real power" I mean now. He used to have it during the purging of the military of anti-NATO officers by Gülenists, through the Ergenekon trials. This was when he was BFF with Obama & during the Arab spring.
    It was the reason he could start the war in Syria, and so on. Still, it was less than what a US President has. Erdogan is clueless about FP, and he allowed traitor Davutoglu to run that department.
    Now, after speculating for a long time, I think the country is lead by Eurasianist anti-US forces, but along with Erdogan.

    1. hi Rescue:
      though using the same wording we are talking two different topics

      My talk was regarding the position Erdogan holds in Turkey- President- It's not a real power position in Turkey- (It's actually more ceremonial)

      Rescue "Still, it was less than what a US President has"

      That's what I was talking about.

      I believe by design because it is the military that has the power via the constitution, which is why Erdogan is talking constitutional changes..

      I hadn't noticed whether those changes were made or not?

      I understand what it is your saying though- thanks for clarifying that :)

      Still it's odd to see so many out there acting like Erdogan is all powerful- it's ridiculous

      Did you happen to notice the latest WSJ headline

      Turkey's Autocratic Turn

      Switch that out with
      It's the same mind virus over and over