Monday, December 12, 2016

Centcom: US Backed SDF (90%+ Kurds) Initiate Next Phase of Raqqa Isolation (Annexation?)

 Flashback: November 6/16: Whose Timeline Will Win In Raqqa-Was the US forced Into a Move on Raqqa?
*As mentioned previously if Aleppo was to be taken back by Syria- The US and Kurds would need Raqqa for leverage over Damascus. It seems the US backed terrorists will lose Aleppo.
We see today Aleppo has been taken back. Making the move on Raqqa a necessity

Centcom: US Backed SDF Initiate Next Phase of Raqqa Isolation
SOUTHWEST ASIA, Dec. 12, 2016 — The Syrian Democratic Forces on Dec. 10 announced the start of the next phase of their operation to isolate the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’s self-proclaimed capital of Raqqa, U.S. Central Command officials reported today.

The SDF -- made up in (teeny, tiny) part by local Arabs and its coalition –rained-and-equipped Arab component, the Syrian Arab Coalition, and supported by coalition advisors and airstrikes -- began the operation to isolate Raqqa on Nov. 5, officials said.

In their march toward Raqqa, the SDF has liberated dozens of villages and more than 700 square miles of ISIL-held terrain, Centcom officials said, adding that local Arab fighters continue to join the SDF and fight to liberate their own land.

Proven Ability

During the initial phase of isolation efforts, officials said, the coalition’s Syrian partners have proven their ability in battle, pushing ISIL back and destroying ISIL heavy weapons, vehicles, fortifications, bomb-making facilities, vehicle bombs, armored vehicles, technical vehicles, bridges, decoys and caches.
The coalition supports the SDF through training, advise-and-assist operations, airstrikes and material support to the Syrian Arab Coalition, officials said. Since the start of the operation, they added, the coalition conducted more than 300 strikes delivering more than 850 munitions in support of its partners on the ground to enable the isolation of Raqqa and defeat of ISIL in Syria”
All typos belong to Centcom

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Carter Pledges Extra US Forces 
Transcript from Video

 NATURAL ROUGH CUT - NO REPORTER NARRATION The United States will send 200 additional military personnel including special forces to the campaign against Islamic State in Syria to create a "tornado" of pressure against the group's Raqqa hub, U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter said on Saturday (December 10). Carter, speaking in Bahrain to regional security chiefs, twinned the announcement with a call on Middle East allies to do more for their own defence, a sore topic with some Gulf states who resent being seen by Washington as military "free riders". The arrival of the 200 additional forces in Syria, joining 300 special forces already there backing local allies, would bring to bear the "full weight of U.S. forces around the theatre of operations like the funnel of a giant tornado", Carter said at the Manama Dialogue security conference.
 500 American troops in total


  1. Ex- CNN TURK journalist spills beans on Turkey jets attacking Syrian troops back Nov 24 th in Lattakia area

    1. rouge k:
      spills beans on Turkeys' jets???

      Headline:Turkish Source: Unknown Warplanes Attack Syrian Army Positions in Lattakia

      "Unknown fighter jets targeted the Assad regime's positions at Syria Tel heights in Jabal al-Akrad region in Northern Lattakia,"

      There is no spilling beans on anything there!
      what gives????

  2. I am going to express my deepest fear: is there any possibility that Russia deliberately let Palmyra recently fall? Apparently they withdrew troops 4 days ago and they seem to have given the SAA no warning about 4000 head-choppers heading to the city over open desert.

    Before people start screaming at me, let me explain. Although I support Russia's intervention, my main concern is Syrian unity. The Zionist plan has always been Syrian partition. Now, if Russia is a Zionist Occupied Government (jury is still out on this as far as I am concerned) then what we're witnessing is a stage managed conflict.

    Allow me to run with this conspiracy theory for one more paragraph. So the theory suggests that Russia initially intervened in Syria to prevent the Assad regime collapsing too quickly. Now that the conflict is stabilized in the West, the Russians can hold back and let the Western backed Kurds take the East? If this is true then we can expect, sometime in the future, another "surprise" attack to re-take Aleppo.

    I look forward to everyone debunking this paranoid scenario but that is how I feel at the news of Palmyra falling to the head-choppers again. It does not make sense given Russia's surveillance capabilities in Syria. Anyone else entering these dreary thoughts?

    1. Same old, same old anonymous FUD.

    2. Debunk my fear, sir, instead of name-calling. I expressed a fear, not a wish. In normal circumstances I cheer on the SAA and allies but Palmyra is a set-back that needs to be explained.

    3. AnonymousDecember 12, 2016 at 6:44 AM

      I am going to express my deepest fear: is there any possibility that Russia deliberately let Palmyra recently fall?

      "But in Palmyra, far to the south-east of Aleppo, it is so-called Islamic State that is on the offensive.

      Over the weekend a force of some 4,000 fighters retook the city centre despite significant efforts by Russian air power to forestall their advance"

    4. Gallier2- hello! What does FUD mean?


    6. thanks Gallier2- I did not know that

      Anonymous December 12, 2016 at 6:44 AM

      did the bbc clarify anything?

    7. Funny how a master in countering FUD (ninja force) like you, didn't need to learn formally about these techniques to fight them with such brilliance.

      @anonymous My comment is indeed technically an ad hominem, but one important aspect of "hominem" is, that it's addressed at someone. An anonymous comment without recognisable pseudo doesn't fall under that category and doesn't deserve more consideration than its intrinsical content, i.e. its "writer" does not exist as such (it could be a bot, a troll, an astro-turfer or a dog).
      My comment was also only a little jab at the observation that on political blogs, especially on non mainstream oriented ones, every time there's an article that was kind of optimistic or positive about the non-empire side, an anonymous comment pops out of nowhere spelling doom and gloom.
      It's can be observed very easily on the Saker blog, but happens also regularly here on Penny's blog.
      You comment might be genuine and in that case take my apology, but that pattern happens much too often to be completely ignored.

    8. As for the behaviour of the Russian military in Palmyra, one could also hypothise that their intelligence knew what was coming and that they let them in, in a bid that it would be simpler (and more legitimate) to bomb them to a pulp. If these 6000 liver-eaters had stayed in Irak they would be not atteignable for the Russian airforce while still being dangerous short to mid term.
      I don't say that it's what is happening, but knowing that it's completely compatible with the classical Russian encirclement tactics and that media information about the event is so evenly splitted between the positions, it is premature to conclude to a pessimistic or optimisitic outcome.

      PS: the media split is easy to see when you google for "palmyra air force russian", you can notice that it's exclusively western media that are talking of ISIS recapturing Palmyra. The other side insists on the repelling by the air force.

    9. @Gallier2

      I explicitly stated I was expressing a fear. This site has expressed similar fears about Russia in the past. Yet despite my preamble you start throwing around a new TLA :P

      Your concern that I have chosen to remain anonymous is duly noted; but you directed your attack at the poster of my comment, i.e. me. So you were consciously attacking an individual. Your stance on anonymity is a total distraction - it might be annoying for you but it is not worth arguing over.

      Now, lets see what you write next...fair enough; a truly objective person will sit back and wait for more information from sources that are myriad and reliable; then he/she will form a solid opinion and POST A COMMENT NEXT WEEK.

      On the otherhand, a person might cut to the chase, firing off concerns/conspiracies/ideas and wait for the opinions of other posters. Within that social discourse, a forge of knowledge, the individual might be able to come to a conclusion a lot quicker.

      That is all I am doing. So FUD off!

      Aside from those points, it is a good point you make that this might all be a clever cauldron-trap that you allude to. That would explain the early withdrawal of Russian forces; the desperate defence by the local Syrian soldiers to provide time for the evacuation; and then the general tactical withdrawal.

      I hope you're right. I'm remaining skeptical. Oh and one last thing about FUD (although I haven't read the whole wiki article): perhaps there are FUD personality types. Not everyone is a paid keyboard hasbara monkey.

    10. I did post a longer reply but looks like it got fudded (I like the sound of that word, even though I'm totally ignoring he meaning).

      My reply was basically "same to you too"; "good idea on the cauldron"; and FUD can be a personality type, you know? Think Hitchhikers Guide and that moany robot.

    11. "same to you too"; fair game. As said, without recognizable handle anonymous means nothing, but pseudonymous accounts do not mean that much more either.
      The cauldron idea came when I noticed this really uncanny split in perspective between Russian and Western media especially when taking the publication dates into account. There's something going on but no way to know.

    12. Hi debunking by me.

      I have my reservations with Putin even though there is a bold intervention in Syria. But I always keep in mind that Assad has invited Putin to help albeit for self interests (Russian Defense) as well (for very good reasons). However, your fear was my very same response when reading about Palmyra. When keeping perspective with this horrible game...there is nothing to do with optimism/pessimism.

      This is what I keep in my back pocket with all the players...(who is willing to back Israel whether covertly or openly)
      Jewish roots of Russian president Vladimir Putin.

      and...!/image/3707946336.jpg_gen/derivatives/headline_609x343/3707946336.jpg 8, 2016, 3:29 am

      So...I share my hesitation about Putin (whom I rather see not favoring any group especially Jews).

    13. Wallflower, you are so obsessed with Jews!!

    14. Hi Ally...

      Obsessed? Just aware...of the truth. I guess you could say that to occupied Palestinians, Lebanese, occupied Syrians, occupied Jordan, Iranians under their threat of total destruction, occupied USA, occupied EU, occupied CA, occupied NWO...AND mostly that they HIDE behind a convenient mask.

    15. ...and I forgot to mention their continued policies of silencing ALL goyim...

      but maybe that ain't you!

    16. @ Ally...

      Israelis go crazy cursing out and attacking protestors in NYC.

      Even though the beginning starts with "Racist Zionists Spew Hatred at Protesters"...

      I correct the PC statement saying the truth. "Racist Jews..."

      After all that is what Israel was made for BY FORCE with the murder and destruction of millions of Palestinians, and continues...

      But you would know that by now...? eh?

    17. No personal attacking here-
      Stay on topic... I've got enough troubles to contend with.

    18. gallier2December 12, 2016 at 10:59 AM

      "Funny how a master in countering FUD (ninja force) like you, didn't need to learn formally about these techniques to fight them with such brilliance"

      I have a fairly good bullshit detector and have learned the hard way how to counter FUD- without even knowing what it was!!

      But you already know that cause you've been around here from almost day 1!!
      Thanks goodness for that too :)

    19. @Wallflower

      I agree. People have yet to wake up to the fact that their countries are run by International.

      That is why Iraq, Libya and now Syria are being targeted -- because they did not have Rothschild's Central Banks. Russia's Central Bank is still in thrall to those same Western Banksters and that is why I have some reservations about Putin.

      Recall that the first revolutionary, democratic act of the Libyan jihadis was to setup up a private Central Bank :D QED.

      The Palmyra fall was too neat; and the Russian's should've seen 'em coming. Regarding the cauldron theory -- why would Russia risk the terrible and MORALE SAPPING propaganda of an ISIS victory in that iconic place? Does not compute in a war situation.

    20. Oops...didn't include the key work...

      "countries are run by International BANKERS".

    21. PS I should qualify my "International Bankers" argument by adding that the conflict is, of course, being fought for other reasons. The key one is longstanding Israeli goals via the Oded Yinon plan. So we have a mix of motives but they're all, ultimately, for the same crowd -- the Zionists, or Jewish Supremacists.

      If you don't think Zionists rule your country -- try and criticize 'em :D

    22. I believe that Russia has agreed to some kind of partition. Their silence re US invasion indicates so.
      Now, I do not think that Russia wanted to lose Palmyra. Their actions are odd though, but Irans more.
      We knew, since two months ago, that the US planned on transfer ISIS fighters from Iraq to Syria, and conquer Palmyra and Deir Ezzor.
      Why didn't Iran send 5000 IRGC to Syria? I find that perplexing, they could easily have done so.
      Sometimes I fear that both Iran & Russia have sold out Syria.


    Why April? Recalls the IRG chief talking about surprise in Syria months before the Russian operation

    Fidan in Iran discussing the US backed PAK attacks on the border after the TAK Istanbul bombing? Thwarting any Iran and Turkey cooperation is now urgent and that may explain the Pentagon Iran drone ‘leak' Maybe just an regrettable error, like the taking out of the Ezzor bridges a day after the accidental strike on assad forces?,7340,L-4861651,00.html

    1. Fidan in town days after the Kremlin meeting with Velayati

      Kremlin confirms Putin sent message to Iranian leadership. Earlier on Monday Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Ghasemi said the Iranian leadership had received a message from Putin. It was delivered by special Russian presidential representative for Syrian settlement Aleksandr Lavrentiev, who visited Tehran several days ago and met with the Iranian leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s international affairs adviser, Ali Akbar Velayati. The Iranian official did not disclose the contents of the message

      From fars back in nov

      "Today, there are terrorists in the region from over 80 countries, including certain European and western states, and a little world war has been launched against the oppressed regional nations and these events can also lead to irreparable impacts on other countries, including those which support the terrorists," Velayati said in a meeting with Danish Deputy Foreign Minister Lone Visborg in Tehran on Tuesday.

      Stressing Iran's principled policy of finding political solutions to the regional crises, he said, "Undoubtedly, the Syrian and regional issues don’t have a military solution." In relevant remarks earlier this month, Velayati warned that the US and its allies are hatching plots to divide the Middle Eastern countries into smaller states.

      “What is pursued by the US and Western countries is to partition Syria into four parts and the same issue is also envisaged for Iraq to be divided into three parts and also for Yemen to be divided into at least two parts,” Velayati said in a meeting with a Tunisian parliamentary delegation in Tehran on Saturday.


  4. Penny, will SAA and SDF clash?

    1. don't know ally, don't know??

    2. Yes, at some point. The US providing the SDF with MANPADS so they can target Syrian, & probably Turkish, jets.

  5. Interesting happenings behind the scenes
    comments still going to spam and I could not sign in to reply to comments until now??
    Couldn't reply. nothing!
    The past week or two have been very challenging with the blog???

    1. It makes you wonder if TPTB are preparing all social media sites for a "cyber event" that shuts down all such sites.

    2. I've been wondering about that the last little bit..
      what with the whole false news crap and that pizza gate that distracted from the real clinton connection to child kidnappers in Haiti

      It certainly gives the ptb's the justification to shut people like me down :(

  6. Hey Anon & Rescue...
    Thank you for your insights. As Anon says "I'll cut to the chase"...
    In the world of insight and trying to see the whole picture means careful reflection on 'actions' being done. A credit to Penny for hers. I can see clearly that Putin and his ally Israel is part of the NWO. Yes Russia has been heroically helping Syria...but why just now? Why not 5 years ago? When looking at the greater Israel projected map of the 'Yinon Plan' will become a place that these oligarchs will rule from. All oil and all resources from the world will be controlled there by Jews. They will set up a kingdom ruled by man (not God) and all those who worship them (man) will be their servants. Will be subject to their laws. And will die by their sword. This all coincides with the coming of the One True God and His Kingdom. Those who don't have discernment from the false and the True will be separated by it. The 'Yinon Plan' is the 'abomination of desolation' as described in the Book of Daniel. The Jews don't follow Truth...they don't believe in the Messiah...they are the Antichrist which represents (man). They manipulate the weak minded, the sheep who follow man's system (Jews)and the wealth (money,power,perversions) to become the 'head' of the world. My thoughts about Iran at this their careful and hopeful place of survival. By their focus on trade they lock in their survival. Trade is man's system unfortunately, and by it's need, the system controls its destiny. I love Iran and their people, the respect they honor and their acts of aid/charity to Yemen and Palestine...and Syria (and all those places I am not aware of yet), their bravery and their noble sense of fairness towards the underdog/battered and besieged. But to the west with all of its propaganda/murder/ will mean serfdom/judgement/death because of the bloodshed spilled for too many years. Yes the 'Yinon Plan' is prophesy...but is such as called the "Abomination of Desolation" which we are witnessing because of the Jewish control on America/NATO/UN/ICC that is making this happen. We can not erase images of those shaking hands with these manipulators (Jews). We can not erase images of the perversions at their so-called Western Wall in Jerusalem of the western puppets (traitors and collaborators) at the demise of Palestinians...their torment, agony, and death. Their demise will be the worlds demise under this system...and that is what Libya, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen and now Turkey and Egypt (et al)have always known.