Friday, December 9, 2016

Oh Sycophant Canada: UN General Assembly Resolution On Syria-


The United Nations General Assembly voted 122 to 13 on Friday to demand an immediate cessation of hostilities in Syria, humanitarian aid access throughout the country and an end to all sieges, including in Aleppo.

Thirty-six countries abstained in the vote on the Canadian-drafted resolution on the nearly six-year-old Syrian conflict. General Assembly resolutions are non-binding but can carry political weight.
Canadian U.N. Ambassador Marc-Andre Blanchard acknowledged that the resolution was not a solution to the conflict, but an important statement.
"It is a reminder that above all else the lives of the Syrian people should be our priority. They are our priority and the world will not stay silent while they suffer without assistance," he said before the vote.
I want to wretch reading that! That's how vile that statement is!

Talk of unilateral sanctions? That's how much Canada cares about the Syrian people!
Outraged and disgusted does not even begin to describe how detestable I find the statements of Canada's concern.  

Churkin also slammed unilateral sanctions imposed on Syria.

"You are slowly asphyxiating the population you ardently claim to care about," he said on Friday.

Exactly! That's exactly the plan! Inflict misery on a mass scale. Worse then Canada's already done alongside the US/UK/Israeli axis of evil

Recall: Madeline Albright and the sanctions opposed on Iraq? Killing half a million Iraqi children. She thought it was worth it and apparently so does Canada's fascist regime. (not my government)

There you go Canada- Feel proud of the phony humanitarianism espoused.
I'll take a pass



  1. I share in your disgust the heaps keep on heaping. Just keep doing what you do because it is causing MSM to drive off the into the median. We the people outnumber these bastards and their female cohorts (honestly I don't understand how they live so long). Read this and get a little bit encouraged...because it's hard to see the flame in a world of darkness.

    1. thanks wallflower
      will read tomorrow- busy day today, hence late day posting and I have still more news to get to- but this one woman show has got to call it a night for now

  2. Veterans Today? I equate that rag of a source to such others as National Inquierer. Occassionally they do reproduce some of South Fronts videos, but for the most part garbage. I especially like VT's articles concerning the alien groups that are infiltrating and controlling events and leaders. Yes, we'll make great pets.

  3. I have a great many issues with Veterans' Today.. myself

    The occasional good piece is not worth the time after having sorted through all the dregs..
    I stick to what I know :)