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Pepe E: Who Profits From Turkey's Sarajevo Moment? CyberHeist Via SWIFT Turkey's Akbank

As of right now..
I would say this is a Gulen/CIA cooperative assassination.
Below is a comment I left at Saker's- Personally speaking his analysis was, in my opinion, disappointing-  Perhaps I expected too much?
You can read it for yourself  here Make up your own mind. 
*After my comment I will be relinking a news article I had bookmarked but hadn't used.
Though it is in the comment section of the previous post- **After that news article there will be an oped from Pepe Escobar
Saker: I wondered myself about where the ambassador’s security was?
However as I listened yesterday to RT’s coverage as this unfolded, one man stated, there is no such thing as 100 percent security Much the same as life.
Saker ‘Some will correctly say that the fall of Aleppo is a humiliating defeat for Turkey and Erdogan, and I agree”
Then you would be 100 percent mistaken. Aleppos liberation (interesting that you use ‘fall’?) came about through a deal between Turkey and Russia- There was mainstream media coverage on this- albeit very little of it- except at my blog apparently?
Turkey intentionally encouraged ‘discontent’ in the ranks- No supplies etc-
This deal between Russia and Turkey was first reported on in October of this year
With subsequent follow ups
The US was less then happy about Russia and Turkey’s cooperation. As was Israel.
Especially galling was the tripartite meeting today between Russia, Turkey and Iran to settle up the Syrian issue.
Putin “This murder is clearly a provocation aimed at undermining the improvement and normalization of Russian-Turkish relations, as well as undermining the peace process in Syria promoted by Russia, Turkey, Iran and other countries interested in settling the conflict in Syria”
Lone Wolf- no way
Erdogan- no way
Saker “Putin will do nothing harsh regardless of who is behind this murder”
Nothing harsh, just retribution on the QT
Putin “The killers will feel it”
I lean towards CIA/Gulen-
Infiltration of the police forces – well known
CIA/Gulen connection- well known

Second choice Grey Wolves/NATO
After all it was a Grey Wolf that killed an inconvenient Pope
I should have said attempted to kill an inconvenient Pope- that attempt failed to end the Pope's life.

 11 days before the assassination Turkey's Akbanks was hacked via the SWIFT system

*Turkey's Akbank faces $4 million hit from attempted cyber heist

Hackers targeted Turkey's Akbank via the SWIFT global money transfer system in an attack which the bank said had not compromised customer data but would cost it up to $4 million.
$81 million heist from the Bangladesh central bank.Banks globally face a growing threat from cyber attacks, more of which have succeeded since February's  
It was not immediately clear how much, if any, money had been stolen from Akbank, Turkey's third-largest listed bank by assets and it would not give any further details beyond confirming it had been targeted in a SWIFT attack on Dec. 8.
11 days before the assassination- would 4 million dollars help to pay for an assassination?

Akbank said in a statement on Thursday it had immediately taken preventive measures and informed authorities, that its systems were working properly and there was no loss to customers.
"This has no impact on Akbank's operations or financials. The maximum risk Akbank would face is $4 million," it said, adding that any potential losses would be covered by insurance.

SWIFT, a Belgium-based co-operative owned by both central banks and commercial banks, said it had "no indication that our network and core messaging services have been compromised".
Founded in 1973, SWIFT operates a secure messaging network that has been considered reliable in handling trillions of dollars in daily fund transfers.
But recent attacks involving criminals sending fraudulent payment instructions after gaining access to a bank's SWIFT interface, either by hacking or with the co-operation of local bank staff, underscore how its role as the backbone of international banking also presents a systemic risk.
Anonymous commenter mentioned the hack on the Bangladesh Bank having insider connections.

-It's entirely possible the Turkish bank was cyber heisted with the cooperation of local bank staff.

So we have 4 million dollars removed electronically from a Turkish bank- where did it go?
Because that money went somewhere......

Flag-wrapped coffin of late Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrei Karlov is carried to a plane during a ceremony at Esenboga airport in Ankara, Turkey, December 20, 2016

** Pepe @ RT

" Let’s cut to the chase: Ankara 2016 is not Sarajevo 1914. This is not a prelude to WWIII. Whoever plotted the assassination of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov – a cool, calm, collected old-school diplomat - risks a mighty blowback

The assassin, Mevlut Mert Altintas, was a 22-year-old police academy graduate. He was suspended from the Turkish National Police (TNP) over suspected links to the Fethullahist Terrorist Organization (FETO) after the failed July 15 putsch against Erdogan but returned to duty in November" (questionable)
 The source for the return claim is Hurriyet - It's an unsubstantiated claim- with no attribution. I've taken issue with Hurriyet's reporting on a number of occasions and have stated that very clearly here at the blog. Hurriyet = Fars: I have trouble with the credibility of both sources and require multiple verifications to take either place seriously. Original reporting from TASS had him removed. That's where it's staying for me. thanks :)
"It’s no secret Gulenists heavily infiltrate the TNP; so a particular outcome of the attack will be an, even more, relentless Erdogan/AKP crackdown on the Gulen network. The Turkish investigation will have to focus not only on the (major) security service fail at Ankara’s modern art center – but way beyond. It’s not very reassuring that Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu put out a terse statement a very long three hours after the facts.
The killer in a black suit and tie shouted slogans about revenge “for Aleppo” – the requisite “Allahu Akbar” included – in both Turkish and broken Arabic, something that might establish a connection to an Islamist group’s rhetoric, although that’s not conclusive evidence.
Timing is crucial. The hit happened only one day before the Foreign Ministers of Russia, Turkey and Iran were scheduled to meet in Moscow for a key Syria strategic discussion. They were already closely in touch for the past few weeks on how to strike a comprehensive deal on Aleppo – and beyond.
And this right after the crucial, previously established Putin-Erdogan agreement, which implied no less than thousands of “moderate rebels” responding to Turkey’s commands being able to use a “corridor” out of Aleppo. Ankara was fully on board with the plan. That in itself eliminates the possibility of an Ankara-provoked false flag"
As readers here know- Turkey and Russia had a deal on Aleppo- it's mentioned in the comment I left at Saker's- I blogged on it in Ocotober of this year and a couple times afterwards. Turkey was on board 100 percent with the deal- No possibility of an Ankara false flag

"President Putin for his part made it very clear he wants to be informed on who “directed” the killer. That’s something that could be interpreted as subtle code for Russian intel already very much in the know"
 Coincidentally??... Connected???  There was another murder yesterday.. A man from the Russian Foreign Ministry.....
The head of one of the departments of the Russian Foreign Ministry found shot dead in Moscow, according to the source REN TV journalists. Officially, this information is not confirmed in the department.
His body with a gunshot wound to the head was found in the apartment. According to some reports, the site of two shells from a traumatic gun found. The gun was found under the sink in the kitchen. Novosti


The Big Picture

"On the bilateral front, Moscow and Ankara are now working close together on counter-terrorism. Turkey’s defense minister was invited to Russia for anti-air defense system negotiations. Bilateral trade is booming again, including the creation of a joint investment fund. On the all-important energy front, Turkish Stream, despite the Obama administration’s obsession about its derailment, became the subject of state law in Ankara earlier this month.
Atlanticists are appalled that Moscow, Ankara and Tehran are now fully engaged in designing a post-Battle of Aleppo Syrian future, to the graphic exclusion of the NATO-GCC combo.
It’s under this context that the recent alleged capture of a bunch of NATO-GCC operatives – deployed under the US-led-from-behind “coalition” - by Syrian Special Forces in Aleppo must be interpreted.

Syrian member of Parliament Fares Shehabi, the head of the Chamber of Commerce in Aleppo, published the names of the apprehended coalition officers; most are Saudi; there’s one Qatari; the presence of one Moroccan and one Jordanian is explained by the fact Morocco and Jordan are “unofficial” GCC members.
And then there’s one Turk, one American (David Scott Winer) and one Israeli. So NATO shows up only via two operatives, but the NATO-GCC link is more than established. If this information proceeds – and that’s still a big “if” - these may well be coalition military personnel and field commanders, formerly advising “moderate rebels” and now a formidable bargaining chip in the hands of Damascus.
Both NATO and GCC remain absolutely mum; not even non-denial denials have materialized. That might imply a made in the shade deal for the release of the high-value prisoners, further strengthening Damascus’ grip.
It was President Putin who all but established a de facto Russia-Iran-Turkey axis dealing with facts on the Syrian ground in parallel to the rhetoric-heavy, zero-solution UN charade going on in Geneva. Moscow diplomatically emphasizes that the work of the axis complement Geneva. In fact, it’s the only reality-based work. And it’s supposed to sign and seal definitive parameters on the ground before Donald Trump enters the White House.
In a nutshell; the five-year (and running) NATO-GCC combo’s multi-billion dollar regime change project in Syria all but miserably failed. Wily Erdogan seems to have learned his realpolitik lesson. On the Atlanticist front nevertheless, that opens myriad avenues to channel geopolitical resentment.
The Big Picture couldn’t be more absolutely unbearable for neocon/neoliberalcon Atlanticists. Ankara slowly but surely is veering the Eurasianist way; bye bye to the EU, and eventually NATO; welcome to the New Silk Roads, a.k.a. the China-driven One Belt, One Road (OBOR); the Russia-driven Eurasia Economic Union (EEU); the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO); the Russia-China strategic partnership; and Turkey as a key hub in Eurasia integration.
For all that to happen, Erdogan has concluded Ankara must be on board the Russia-China-Iran long-term strategy to pacify and rebuild Syria and make it a key hub as well of the New Silk Roads. Between that and an “alliance” of fleeting interests with Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the US, it’s certainly a no-brainer."

"But make no mistake. There will be blood"
 I would say there will be more blood


I'm going to be straightforward here with all readers-  I do not believe and have no reason to believe this incident was faked. There are claims that the Ambassador was shot as many as eight times. This is false. RT reported live yesterday the Ambassdor took 2 shots- Two shots from behind.

WSJ verifies:

 The video taken at the event shows Mr. Karlov at the podium surrounded by framed artwork and then physically flinching when two gunshots are fired at him apparently from behind.
Video footage- 



  1. Germany attack, Square and Archduke.


    "Wilhelm was a friend of Franz Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria, and he was deeply shocked by his assassination on 28 June 1914. Wilhelm offered to support Austria-Hungary in crushing the Black Hand, the secret organization that had plotted the killing, and even sanctioned the use of force by Austria against the perceived source of the movement—Serbia (this is often called "the blank cheque")"

    Not to be confused with the Black Hand in iran

    Black Hand is the pseudonym of an Iranian graffiti artist. Supporters have called him or her "Iran's Banksy".[1][2] He or she remains anonymous because their graffiti is illegal.[2]


  2. "I would say there will be more blood"

    The problem is there was no blood. It looks staged.

  3. I have no idea; it just looks staged to me. Who would want Turkey and Russia to get even closer? It would be extremely naive to think Russia would ever blame Turkey for such a blatant assassination. So the outcome would always be closer Turkish and Russian relations. If it is staged and (though I hate admitting it) it looks staged to me.

    1. "it just looks staged to me"


      "It would be extremely naive to think Russia would ever blame Turkey for such a blatant assassination"

      Why would it be naive to think that?

      Particularly when relations soured after the plane shoot down- It seemed then Russia had no problem with blame then? Why would they have a problem with blame now?

    2. It doesn't look staged to you?

      Now that I find surprising but I will indulge: multiple shots and no blood; shooter posing like James Bond (acting?); camera focusing on the incident (Auto-focus? Really); no Russian or security officials; shooter is shot dead (as usual) so no proper investigation is possible.

      There is a difference between a plane being shot down in a warzone; and shooting an ambassador at a civil event in the middle of negotiations over Syria. The Russians would instantly dismiss any notion of Turkish perfidy.

      No, I think it is staged; perhaps more for Russian and Turkish minds that ours. It will forge closer relations between Turkey and Russia. That is my opinion :P

      And only because it looks staged; otherwise I'd be shocked like everyone else. I can only tell it like I see it.

    3. Not enough recorded video to discern fakery

      Multiple shots? How many is multiple?
      The so called James Bond poses? When the man shot into the air you mean?

      I'm updating my post- so feel free to believe as you wish

    4. "I can only call it like I see it"? Cannot be sure about that phrase.

      Btw, you cannot ask readers to turn on their scepticism about "the West"; whilst at the same time expect them to keep it shut-off during "Eastern" incidents.

      It is ON all the time now. There is a case to be made that Russia is stage-managing the Syrian War along with the West, for the usual international suspects. It is a fact that Russia still has a Rothschild run Central Bank.

      Syria does not.

      Iran does not.

      But we're supposed to trust Russia.

      I do not; not until all of Syria is free. So, I hope for the best (Syrian unity) and expect the worst (Syrian partition).

      We'll see.

    5. "I can only call it like I see it"?
      I never said that so...what's the point?

      Do as you wish, makes no difference to me.

    6. Are we getting closer to blaming it on... Putin? In cahoots with the... Rothschilds?
      Or is just Hasbara 'humor'?

    7. See ap reporter who dropped In to the gallery and took photos. He just happen to be walking by on way home and got the photos. Lavrov comments following the shootdown musing why it is the media cnn turk in that instance was cameras at the ready for the Russian shoot down. Following the humanitarian drone strike allegation following the accidental assad troop hit gen. igor from Russia mod mused along same lines why the ngos always record the Russian drone or Russian or Syrian troops.


      Ozbilici hadn't planned to attend the new photo exhibition in the Turkish capital but made a snap decision to stop in on his way home from the office. With Russia-Turkey relations appearing to thaw in recent weeks, the AP photographer thought some images of Karlov speaking at the gallery might be useful in the near future.

    8. so who tipped him off to the hit?
      that's the first thing that comes to my mind

  4. I was correcting my own use of the phrase, "I can only say it etc".

    I only wish I didn't have that conspiratorial frame of mind but there tis; not much I can do with it myself. I feel defensive about saying these things about the Karlov murder; this makes me prickly. I am a supporter of the Syrians and gladdened by the apparent Russian-Turkish d├ętente.

    But the event looks bloody-well staged (and without the blood) :D

  5. "Timing is crucial. The hit happened only one day before the Foreign Ministers of Russia, Turkey and Iran were scheduled to meet in Moscow for a key Syria strategic discussion."

    It also happened the same day as the electoral college final defeat of the Clinton cabal.

    Personally, I think all the focus on an "assassination hoax" is intentional distraction and disinformation to subvert the alternative media credibility.

    1. I think attacking other people's opinions as "psyops" is just as insidious. It looks staged to me.

    2. Greencrow didn't attack you. Nor did GC reply to you directly- GC spoke a personal opinion

      "Personally, I think all the focus on an "assassination hoax" is intentional distraction and disinformation to subvert the alternative media credibility"

      It's a valid point of view. And one I happen to agree with. And I think you're here to derail this post and topic too. And play victim while derailing- move along

    3. @Penny

      Who else here thought it staged? Just me. Then he stated that such posts (i.e. mine) are intentional psyops. I call that an attack.

      What is ironic is that stating an OPINION here forced me to reconsider it. This discussion was healthy for me; it cured me of a bit too much cynicism.

      However, it also demonstrates that voicing an opinion here gets one accused of being a FUD (yeh, still me) and now psyops. Seems like I'm not the only prickly one here :P

  6. Watching Karlov's reactions is distress, though; that doesn't look fake, unless he is reacting to a squib?

  7. I thought I was helping highlight a staged event but that man's hurt is palpable. I was being callous about what I now think is a real tragedy. I was too cynical.

  8. http://www.middleeasteye.net/news/turkey-denies-secret-bargain-russia-syrias-future-1168746225








    1. thanks for all the links ally

      did you know the turkish bank was hacked?
      had you read or heard that- through the swift system- which is the bankers/bankers system of transfer

      inside job. I would say

  9. Right. Not coming back to this blog again.

    Adios and apologies for having an opinion and standing up to smarmy, indirect swipes at those opinions.

    1. "Right. Not coming back to this blog again."

      Excellent choice, Anonymous. I think you show rare judgment. Adios.

    2. @ Anon

      Russian Ambassador Assassination - "Daily Fail" Comedy Piece

      Russian Ambassador Assassination - TOTAL GARBAGE

    3. james; any thoughts on the 4 million dollars minimum hacked from the turkish bank- 11 days before the hit?

      (could be used to pay off people??)

      the dead guy in Russia from the foreign ministry dept?


    4. wallflower: to each their own

  10. Penny

    ["Below is a comment I left at Saker's- Personally speaking his analysis was, in my opinion, disappointing- Perhaps I expected too much?
    You can read it for yourself here Make up your own mind."]

    With all due respect...you didn't give Anon that same kind of diplomacy. When you build a narrative, one also will control/manipulate the mind of a reader...esp if they disagree. Sounds all too familiar with MSM.

    1. With all due respect wallflower.. I did give anon that exact same respect: over and over and over. It's above for all to see

      I asked for clarification and explanations so I could be on the same page-

      Then stated more then once for anon to believe as they wish

      "I'm updating my post- so feel free to believe as you wish"

      "Do as you wish, makes no difference to me"

      I'm never going to make everyone happy here I realize and live with it- anon shared his/her opinion it's here- that's about all there is too it.
      Thanks for sharing yours also-
      I always prefer people comment on the information in the post anyway- which sadly hasn't happened as much as I'd like :(

      And I'm working on a new post

  11. Hi Pen,
    I don't know about the $4m. It's not like the usual suspects (incl Gulen) are short of cash.

    The ambassador's shooting was not staged, imho. It is not Russia's style and there would have been too much risk of things going wrong and what's the payoff, anyway. As for lack of blood, I don't have enough expertise or details.

    The second shooting of a Foreign Ministry official looks to me part of the same operation. The usual POS's can't intimidate Putin so now they are making it personal for Russian bureaucrats to frighten them into inaction.

    My first thought (like yours) on hearing of the Ankara assassination was, "Where was the Russian security?" too.

    I haven't read Saker's analysis but I'm not surprised that he would write something that you would find disappointing. It seems to me that at critical moments, Saker says something we all find strange, if you know what I mean.

  12. Regarding the staged attack (lack of blood, high quality video, "Allah Akbar", etc.), I agree with Mike King's analysis from tomatobubble. This was a staged attack by the Russians to blunt the west's PR campaign against Russian & Turkish coordination in Syria. This also gives Russia PR cover for intensified attacks against ISIS in Syria.

    I think most in the "west" underestimate Russia's ability to conduct information/psychological warefare.

    1. Hahaha,

      I did not have to wait too long to get the answer to my question "Are we getting closer to blaming it on... Putin?"
      Hasbara never sleeps.

    2. Anonymous:

      I had told hubby I was staying away from this stuff.. and yet here I am

      -"This was a staged attack by the Russians to blunt the west's PR campaign against Russian & Turkish coordination in Syria.
      -This also gives Russia PR cover for intensified attacks against ISIS in Syria"

      Nothing the Russians could do could blunt the west's propaganda. What I mean by this, is they could be the saintliest saints or the worst evil and it won't matter

      The west's propaganda has it's own target, it's own aims and goals. It's own agenda. And that is to control the western audience.
      The West's propaganda will create the concepts and roll them out as needed

      So the first point from Mike King doesn't make sense IMO

      One his second point- Russia having cover for intensified attacks..

      Russia doesn't need the cover- they were invited to Syria to rid the nation of terrorists-

      So cover unnecessary..

      One those two points alone the analysis is extremely weak- IMO

  13. That hardly seems to be the case. If as you claim the Russians staged the assassination to gain sympathy, then why are they soft pedalling the entire thing (mediawise that is)?
    Scan the global media and you will see very few and very short official commentaries by the Russian government.
    It struck me somewhat odd that the Russians weren't milking the event for far greater world sympathy. (Albeit, its domestic media are speculating loudly)
    This does not sound like the way to garner international sympathy.
    This was obviously a government organized hit. The question remains, which government?
    I tend to think that the diminished Russian response is a reflection of their understanding of who that may be.
    In the world of game theory, whomever initiated the assassination, is as interested in the response (more-so) than the act.
    The Russians seem to be holding their cards very close at this moment precisely for that reason.
    BTW I'm of the opinion that analytically speaking, Saker lost relevance quite a while back, if he ever had it. The Unz thing just helped confirm his questionable status.

    1. spinworthy- hello to you too!!

      you guys all comin' out of the wood work or what
      glad your still lurking :)

      The Unz? I don't know too much about them- rarely if ever read there- However I know they feature Mike Whitney who is, IMO, completely despicable.

      I'm a loner on line- and I prefer it.
      I do all my own reading and thinking on every post here- my husband helps me out
      That's the way it's been and that's the way it's staying

  14. Hi Penny,
    I came across this which is interesting and suggests there is a patsy taking the hit (mo pun intended) for this and makes more intriguing the possibility of a set piece from another country, a well planned one at that. Also in the video the killer standing in the background moving from right of screen to left before shooting, might well have been the "security" for the Ambassador. Just my supposition.

  15. Forgot the link sorry


    1. thanks Gordon (kamnam) wanted to get back here and say HI!!
      glad to see you and also wish you a very merry christmas :)
      Happy New Year and all that good stuff

    2. Thanks Penny,
      To you and your hubby a Happy Christmas and a very Merry New Year, just to be a little Scottish :-)

  16. I don't believe the shooting was staged either. If you look at the photo taken from the side,you can clearly see a little blood beneath the ambassador's head. His collapse seemed odd and his stillness afterward, but if he had been hit directly in either the heart, spine or the back of his head, that would be the result. Seems to me the only staged thing about it was the way the AP videographer zoomed out right afterward so as to record the shooter's little scene, his statement about "ISIS and of course the dead shooter photo. All of that was staged for sure, but the killing? More than likely not.

    1. It's like the elites got their jollies from a snuff film.. that's what comes to my mind

    2. Yes, and it is also a very public warning to Russian and Turkish bureaucrats and functionaries

    3. Russias reply will come when Russia is ready not a moment sonner. Then the saying "Payback is a bitch" will no doubt be used a lot. :-)