Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Syrian “rebels” aka terrorists talk surrender & evacuation with U.S. 75% of Aleppo Recovered!

Washington Post sans gibberish

BRUSSELS — The United States is discussing with Syrian rebels their surrender and evacuation from Aleppo

“Those who refuse to leave of their own accord will be wiped out,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in Moscow. “There is no other solution.”
So, terrorists, leave or die!- Pretty straightforward.
“Lavrov charged, and administration officials sharply denied, that the United States had “revoked” the Friday evacuation proposal.Serious conversations with our partners do not work,” (direct quote) he said, adding that the United States had notified Moscow that it would not attend a new meeting on the plan.(attributed to Lavrov without direct quotation so I don’t know, can’t be certain, that Lavrov actually made this statement)
“Russia and China vetoed the resolution”
Covered that in yesterday's post: Russia AND China Veto Aleppo Ceasefire Resolution. While France Deplores..

Gibberish from Britain’s UN Ambassador excluded from this post- Cause it’s just more of the usual.

“Meanwhile, Kerry told reporters here that he was “not aware of any specific refusal” to meet with Lavrov”.
 Kerry is unaware, or so he is claiming, which is a face saving statement. Particularly if one is going to have to own their actions
Rebel leaders acknowledged that they were discussing evacuation with the United States but said they had yet to be presented with a comprehensive proposal. “The U.S. and Russia couldn’t agree, so there was no plan put up for acceptance,” said one person close to the opposition who spoke on the condition of anonymity as the rebels confront their own disagreements.
The evacuation plan — under which U.S.-backed rebels and civilians would depart the city under secure conditions, leaving only the forces of the al-Qaeda-linked group formerly known as Jabhat al-Nusrais different from previous plans
Russia maintains that the group — which Moscow and Washington deem a terrorist organization — is the only target of the assault on Aleppo. An earlier proposal by the United Nations called for the group’s fighters to leave the city, with guaranteed secure travel to their stronghold in the neighboring province of Idlib.

As we are? Or should be aware? The rebels aka terrorists opted to not evacuate the last time..

Then there was the time the UN negotiated a "truce", so called,  to give the terrorists a chunk of Aleppo Autonomy For Eastern Aleppo Terrorists? UN Truce Terms Refused by Syria!

Fars is NOT a always reliable site-  However, I absolutely believe the US is attempting to get their assets out of eastern Aleppo- In this case Fars and WaPo are on the same page!

  Washington has urged for negotiations with Moscow over a deal that would envisage providing a safe passage to the US intelligence officers and terrorists in Eastern Aleppo to Turkey via the Castillo corridor in lieu of handing over the remaining districts to the Syrian army, media reports said Tuesday.
The Arabic-language al-Hadas news website quoted unnamed informed sources as saying on Tuesday that the negotiations are meant to help the US intelligence officers, including Balal Abdel Karim and another one who administered the battles of Aleppo, leave the Aleppo city.

Good News! We're talking  nearly 75% of Aleppo recovered. Taken from terrorists.

BEIRUT: Syrian government troops seized five new districts of eastern Aleppo on Tuesday, including the strategic Shaar neighbourhood, a monitoring group said.

“Regime forces took full control of Shaar, Dahret Awad, Juret Awad, Karam Al Beik, and Karam Al Jabal,” the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

According to the Observatory, the fresh advance puts the government in control of more than 70 per cent of the former rebel stronghold in Aleppo’s east.
 Syria Says It Seized Nearly 75 Percent of Eastern Aleppo
 Syrian government forces and allied militias captured Aleppo's centrally located al-Shaar neighborhood from rebels on Tuesday, securing nearly three quarters of the besieged enclave


  1. there is also breaking news that either 3 or 4 planes made strikes into Syrian territory

    looking for more verification at this time as the first out was SOHR but we have more news now from i24

    As of now I would speculate this was Israel- they used Lebanese airspace and struck Hezbollah in Syria


    "unidentified warplanes flew at high altitude in the sky of the areas of Madaya and Zabadani, they carried out four raids on the western mountain of Zabadani, which is controlled by the regime forces and the Lebanese Hezbollah since the second half of last year 2015, and the sources confirmed to the Observatory that the raids targeted 2 checkpoint areas in which members of the Lebanese Hezbollah are positioned, among the checkpoints that besiege Zabadani city, it is not known whether the targeting was for both checkpoint directly or it targeted members who were targeting both checkpoints in the mountain, also no information received about the size of the human losses caused by these raids"


    in french with an Israeli leaning obviously


    "Several' militants were injured in the strikes, according to reports and witnesses on the ground

    Unidentified fighter jets on Tuesday attacked at least three positions of the Lebanese Hezbollah on Syrian territory around the city of Al-Zabadani, local media reported.

    "Several" militants were injured in the strikes, according to reports and witnesses on the ground.

    Details on the incident were scarce at time of reporting"

    stay tuned..

  2. http://www.dailysabah.com/diplomacy/2016/12/06/egypts-sisi-administration-defies-treaty-refuses-to-extradite-senior-gulenist-to-turkey

    1. hey ally- busy day, but, going to catch up with all the links etc

  3. Things are getting nastier

    "RT: Russia's Defense Ministry said it knows where the so-called 'opposition' got the coordinates of the hospital.

    “Without any doubt, the shelling was carried out by militants from the opposition. We understand where they got the exact coordinates of a specific Russian hospital from, the moment it started working. This means the responsibility for the deaths and injuries of our paramedics who were helping the children of Aleppo lies not only with the militants. The blood of our service personnel is also on the hands of those who created, fostered and armed these animals, calling them 'opposition' to justify this to their conscience and voters,” said Igor Konashenkov, Russian Defense Ministry spokesperson."


    1. undoubtedly the coordinates were supplied by the US or one of it's allies..UK/ Israel you know the parties I am referring too
      btw james check out the latest post-