Monday, December 12, 2016

Syrians Celebrate Aleppo's Liberation

 Made me cry.... I've been covering this since 2011- Most likely being the first person to have noticed the start of the destabilization IN March of 2011.

March 24/2011: Western backed Social Media "revolution" coming to Syria

 Nearly six years and more then 1200 posts here at the blog regarding Syria and all the going's on in the neighbourhood.The remake the middle east /north africa agenda which Syria is just one part of.

It's not over. But it's nice to see the Syrian people happy.

 Press TV

 Residents in Syria’s Aleppo have poured onto the streets to celebrate the imminent declaration of the army’s liberation of the northern city.

Live Broadcasting on Syrian Television

The US/UK/Israeli media mouthpieces..... the spin is incredible. I won't post any of it here because today belongs to Syria and her people.

As the day progressed:


  1. Yes a Happy Day for all brave citizens in Syria.

    Thanks for all the time you spend keeping us informed.

  2. You're welcome jo
    I was glad to do it because I stayed informed in the process

  3. It's great news, now let's hope they can get Palmyra under contro! Here in the UK the msm are beside themselves trying to say that there will be mass graves just like the Kosovo incidents!! They are trying to pin some kind of "war crime" thing on Assad, predictable!

    1. They have already started with the usual fear-porn about children about to slaughtered. Just like the Kuwaiti incubator baby nonsense spouted by the fake nurse about Iraq; or the fake genocide in Benghazi promoted by Amnesty International about Libya.

      I expect the Zionist mercenaries will shoot a load of people in that Aleppo holdout; the Zionist media (e.g. BBC) will then blame the Russians and "the regime"; and the idiotic Western audience will look on aghast at the crimes of Syria and Russia...


      Tbh, they don't have to actually kill anyone these days -- the MSM just has to say that "omg, black is white and white is black" and the Western audiences will repeat "well good grief, who would have thought that black is white etc...."

  4. Highly relieved and happy for the Syrians.

    It's been a long road and we aren't to the end yet, but this is a milestone for them and they deserve this short respite to celebrate. :)
    back to Palmyra :/



  7. Last night I had a dream. I grapped a young woman by the shoulders and told her we won, in the midst of a celebration.

    Normally I would scoff at any report that says this war is over, but today I know the jihadi fever is broken. Syria, proxy for humanity in the struggle against genocidal zionism, will be victorious -- and so will we.

    1. "Jihadi fever" is a euphemism for drug-fuelled sadism and a fistful of dollars. Zionist mercenaries are scumbags.


  9. Staged at the top? God forbid!

    Churkin and a lesson in (((propaganda)))?
    First they were simply called “ceasefires” (nevermind the infamous “partial withdrawal”). When we got sick of the ceasefires, they were called “humanitarian pauses”. Now that we’re getting cynical about pauses, guess what is next?

    Neither pauses nor ceasefires!

    “So, there is no issue of any ceasefire or special humanitarian operations. The Syrian government has regained control of the eastern Aleppo, so the stage of practical humanitarian actions begins,” he said.

    Ahead of the emergency UN Security Council meeting, the Russian envoy told reporters that the “latest information is that they indeed have an arrangement achieved on the ground that the fighters are going to leave the city.” Churkin said Tuesday ahead of the emergency UN Security Council meeting in New York.”

    Thanks for that lesson in sophistry, Mr Churkin: it is not a ceasefire, nor a humanitarian pause…merely an ARRANGEMENT for a ceasefire for the humanitarian withdrawal of head-choppers. What on earth is Russia up to? Russia imposed ceasefire after ceasefire on the attack on Aleppo, as well as Putin’s partial withdrawal before victory earlier in the year. This conflict is stage-managed. Churkin is a spouter of Fake News:D

    PS My personal benchmark for judging Russia (“If Syria be partitioned then Russia be a ZOG”) is not looking good.