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Turkey Faces Economic Sabotage. Turkey Paid IMF Debt in 2013

 In 2013 Turkey Paid off all of it's debt to the IMF- 2013........

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Saturday said his political enemies are trying to sabotage the economy by speculating on the stock market, foreign exchange rate and interest rates after failing to overthrow his administration in July.

Erdogan is trying to verbally stem a run on the lira, which has lost more than any other emerging market currency over the past month, damping everything from consumer sentiment to economic growth

“Someone is trying to force this country to its knees by economic sabotage after failing to seize it with tanks, guns and F-16s on July 15,”

“This is not a new game and we’re used to it. Especially in the last three years, they are constantly attempting to use economic crisis as a trump card.
Especially in the last three years? So, since 2013? In 2013 Turkey paid off the IMF.
Turkey’s Economy Coordination Board met under Prime Minister Binali Yildirim in Ankara on Dec. 2 and decided to “take necessary measures with regards to public finances, banking and the financial sector, the real sector and the labor market, which will be announced to the public” next week, his office said in a statement.

Central Bank Governor Murat Cetinkaya was among top economic policy makers who attended the board meeting, the prime minister’s office said.

“We need to solve the interest question. I know I’m alone, but I will keep fighting. I’m determined,” Erdogan said. “We need to stand up for our economy like we stood up for our future on July 15.”
Looks like the Turkish government, in it's entirety, is involved in preventing the sabotage of the Turkish economy.

Turkey Wants to Trade with Iran, Russia & China in Local Currencies

Dec 4 : Turkey is taking steps to allow commerce with China, Russia and Iran to be conducted in local currencies, President Tayyip Erdogan said on Sunday, the government's latest effort to shore up the tumbling lira.

The business district of Levent as it is seen from the Saphire tower in Istanbul, Turkey 
 Isn't it interesting that Turkey's always presented as this backward/poor/rigidly religious nation? Really? 
Daily Sabah
Turkey is taking steps to allow commerce with China, Russia and Iran to be conducted in local currencies, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Sunday, the government's latest effort to shore up the tumbling lira.

In a speech during an inauguration ceremony in the central city of Kayseri, Erdogan also said that Prime Minister Binali Yildirim would bring up the issue with Moscow during a forthcoming trip to Russia.

"If we buy something from them [foreign countries], we will do that in their currency; if they buy something from us, they will do it in our currency."
Erdogan noted that Turkey will "play its own game" in the economic arena against "all games" played against it.

Turkish Parliament approves pipeline deal for Southstream:

Russian energy minister Alexander Novak

Turkey's foreign relations commission has approved the bill ratifying the agreement between Russia and Turkey to build the undersea gas pipeline Turkish Stream, parliament’s official website announced.
It s expected that the bill will be submitted for approval at the plenary session of parliament before the prime minister Binali Yildirim visits Russia, scheduled for December 6-7.
Turkish Stream will directly connect the large gas reserves in Russia to the Turkish gas transportation network.
The offshore component of the system will be built by Gazprom. The offshore pipeline will consist of two parallel pipelines, with 15.75bn m³/year each, running under the Black Sea

Pipe-laying work for the Turkish Stream gas pipeline will begin in 2017 and end in late 2019, according to the Russian energy minister Alexander Novak.
Economic and Political Sabatoge

- EU Votes To Freeze Turkish Accession Talks-NATO Destabilized

- Waging Financial Warfare Against Turkey

- September 23/2016- Moody's Downgrades Turkey's Issuer and Bond Ratings

Credit ratings agency Moody’s Investor Service has downgraded Turkey’s sovereign credit rating to non-investment grade citing worries about the rule of law following an attempted coup, risks from external financing and a slowing economy.
Turkey's GDP has been excellent compared to the US (no exact figure, but am certain it's poor) & Canada ( Canada: 2ndquarter:  - 1.6, yes that negative 1.6 )... So why did Moody's undertake this action against Turkey.  It's purely political!  Surprise!

- Turkey/Halkbank: Gold for Trading with Iran- circumventing US sanctions against Iran

- Gold Trader arrested charged in US with Violating US Imposed Sanctions Against Iran

Turkey payed off it’s IMF Debt- May 2013

*Turkey pays off final IMF installment
Turkey took its first loan from the IMF in 1961, according to Mr Babacan. It last borrowed in 2008, and today’s payment will mark the first time Turkey has no outstanding debt to the fund since 1994, he added.

When Erdogan’s government came to power in 2002, it owed the IMF $23.5 billion, according to the state-run Anatolia news agency.
*Turkey terminates decades of IMF Debt

TURKEY has paid off all debt owed to the IMF which extended its first loans more than 50 years ago, and is now set to contribute to the fund's operations, owing to economic growth that gave a priority to the private sector, Turkish officials say.

"After a long period, Turkey has paid off, cut to zero its debt with the IMF," Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan told deputies from his Justice and Development Party (AKP).

"I hope this development will be positive for our country."
Turkey among 11 countries cleared of IMF debt

The IMF prefers nations in debt. To them. War creates destruction, death and DEBT.



    1. good morning/afternoon to you Ally!

    2. Hi, hope you are ok. I agree with your point about the way Turkey is portrayed. Same with Iran. What do you think will happen to the economy? Do you think that it will collapse?


    4. From my reading I understand Turkey's economy is under pressure... intentionally so, of course
      The hope is to hurt the people enough to turn them against the leadership-

      Hopefully the Turkish people will realize that- same as the Syrians did and not be taken in by it

    5. I think al Bab is a wait and see... more then anything else- we'll know soon enough

    6. I hope they realise too and I'm sure they do, even the ones who oppose Erdogan. Erdogan enjoys lots of support amongst the Turkish Kurds too, most of whom see themselves as being ordinary Turks. I think it is just the nationalists, both Turkish (Grey Wolves) and Kurdish (PKK) that will be a problem.

    7. Get this one, Penny - did't find confirmation as yet on Chinese sites:

    8. interesting.... so if they all trade in their own currencies they can strengthen and hopefully impeded the financial warfare being waged???
      Let me know if you find some Chinese verification and I will keep an eye open for it too


  3. ["If we buy something from them [foreign countries], we will do that in their currency; if they buy something from us, they will do it in our currency."]

    This has been my feelings for Iran, Russia, and now Turkey for YEARS. For anyone who has been SANCTIONED. It also lets the world know Erdogan is not a puppet of Jew controlled DC/NATO/EU/IS and should be a clear msg to Turkish population (except Gulenists)that he is standing for them...just like Assad...just like Gaddafi...just like Castro...just like al

    With Russia, China, and Iran as partners Turkey is not alone. The US wants Erdogan to give in so they can put Gulen/Kurd/IS 2.0 at the helm. Also whilst trying to put the squeeze on Erdogan...the US will enable the Kurds with arms in continuing their ISIS proxies. Same ole song. And sadly nothing new.

    1. You're right Wallflower. And thanks for your links about Hitler and the Jews too, really amazing. Leave some more if you have any :)

  4. think about all the alt/msm media demonization of Turkey..

    and then read front page mag
    and aei

    and tell me there isn't an agenda?
    whether or not everyone realizes it?

    all talkin' the same talking points-

    1. aei: "If analysts substitute Islamism for socialism, Erdogan’s rise is eerily reminiscent of Chavez"

      Does this suggest to us that Erdogan will succumb to a particularly virulent form of cancer? Seriously, by hook or crook?

      "Over the past couple months, Turkey’s currency has lost almost 15 percent of its value against the US dollar"

      Of course no mention of the currency wars- the downgrades or any thing.. This unrealistic writing is so very familiar

    2. Oh man Penny...

      Jews and their effing in your face. And is there any wonder why I hate them so much. They are the definition of EVIL. The persona of EVIL. And I do wish them CANCER OF THE MOUTH. I don't believe Chavez just by chance got cancer...I pity and support anyone who comes against US/ISRAEL in the way Chavez did. To this day even after his death...he was a friend of many who the US/ISRAEL was enemies...Iran (Ahmadinejad)...Libya (Gaddafi)...Cuba (Castro)...Russia (Putin)...Syria (Assad)...China (Hu Jintao)...Mexico (Fox)...Haiti (Martelly, Chavez and eternal friend of the Caribbean) and countless Latin American include reaching out to Obama the back stabber. WAR ON DEMOCRACY BY JOHN PILGER this and see for yourselves the humility shown by Chavez toward John Pilger...something the US/ISRAEL are never able to do.

      And still remembering with Turkey...Israel 2.0

      Chavez Staying True to Pledge for U.S. Poor

    4. Yes, it's so obvious and in your face but no one sees it. Another link: