Thursday, December 1, 2016

Turkish Airstrike Kills US & German "Officers" in Aleppo, Syria?

German and US Military Officers? My, my, my..... This is certainly interesting.
We've even got names....

As announced by the YPG/PKK. Ooops I mean SDF ;)

 "Michel Israel from the US state of California, also known as Robin Akri, and Antoun Lesjek, also known as Vazana Juan, from Germany were killed in the Turkish air raids on Kurdish positions in the Western part of Manbij city on November 26," the council announced.
Admittedly I'm really wondering if these two were truly from the US and Germany?
Didn't notice the US acknowledging this american's death? 
The council declined to reveal any further detail about the two, including their mission in Northern Syria. Both the US and German armies have deployed spies and military trainers in Northern Syria.”

Turkish Fighter Jets Kill US, German Military Officers in Syria’s Aleppo

Europe/Balkan News

A Turkish airstrike in Syria has killed two militants - one from the United States and one from Germany - from a group allied with the main Kurdish militia in the country, according to a statement from a local Syrian military council on Thursday.
The two were killed near the northern Syrian city of Minbij.


From Earlier Today:

Lavrov Denies Russian & Syrian Role in Turkish Soldier Deaths


  1. Penny:

    Some questions.

    If Turkey has an understanding with Russia, and was permitted to enter Syria why did they just attack joint Syrian army / Kurdish forces in Azraq ? The pro government forces were pushed back. Would Russia not tell Ergdogan to cease and desist ?

    2) If Turkey and Russia are negotiating a surrender of the Jihadis in Aleppo ? Why doesn't Russia also force Turkey to negotiate the surrender of the Jihadis in Idlib province , who are also being continually bombed by Russia ? Both groups belong to the same force supposedly controlled by Turkey ?

    3) If Turkey knows that Syrian forces didn't bomb Turkish troops in the recent incident, then why did they retaliate by a massive artillery strike on Syrian troops in Id-lib province, effectively stopping their offensive ?

    Others opinions are also welcome.

    1. Mieszko I: in my opinion- turkey and russia are dealing with the situation most probably on a make deals as it goes along type basis-

      Would Russia tell Turkey you have no right to a secure border? I don't know?
      Syrian allied with Kurds can't look to good to Turkey at this time..

      2:Speculating perhaps Russia and Turkey will deal with that when it's necessary

      3: here I think the alliance with the kurds and the securing of Turkey's border was probably a factor

      Turkey hasn't minced a word when they've stated clearly they want their borders secure

      I keep wondering why it is Turkey and Syria don't make some kind of mutual defence pact and stick to it???

      it would be in both of their interests- especially Syria... cause dealing with US backed Kurds is like dealing with the devil (US/Israel all in one)

    2. hope someone else will give Mieszko some input?

  2. Clinton backer albright echoing the David H. Petraeus, call for a remote controlled no fly zone,

    "The United States should be prepared to employ air power, stand-off weapons, covert measures and enhanced support for opposition forces to break the current siege of Aleppo and frustrate Assad's attempts to consolidate control over western Syria's population centers," the report said.
    read more:

    Israel clearly feeling jubilant about the new trump admin and the hawkish tilt on Iran. Will the Khorasan group be making a re-entry opening the door to Eurasia and iran in one strike? MEK attacks (camp liberty) and Jundallah in Iran (keeping in mind the US move into Baluchistan with that drone strike earlier this year (22) killing the Taliban leader and ending any momentum toward peace talks)? The latest development, an alleged Quds force attack on an Israeli embassy in Kenya..

    If Iran is serious about a naval base in Syria, a Hezbollah weapon shipment is a rather low priority...especially if Lebanon pushes the offshore auctions

    1. from the hill quoting Patreaus: "It's not too late to declare a safe zone. And it's not too late to declare a no-fly zone. And indeed if the regime air force, for example, bombs folks we're supporting or we're concerned about, we tell them we're going to ground your air force," Petraeus said.

      people we're supporting....

    2. "Will the Khorasan group be making a re-entry opening the door to Eurasia and iran in one strike?"

      Entirely possible- Always figured we hadn't heard the last of Khorasan


      Another allegation as US passes 10 yr Iran sanctions extension.

      Keeping in mind Obama deal or war with Iran, US pivoting?

      Ignoring the Syrian, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan., Kashmir, Mali, Kenya, Somalia, Mynamar zones..

  3. Penny +++
    Read this report taken by TASS news at outpost in Syria's Homs area
    you talk about roughing it ! very brave and devoted men

    1. Hey Karin:
      I read it and tucked inside... a gem
      a nugget
      Terrorist reinforcements keep arriving from neighboring Iraq, while the "tired and fatigued" militants leave for Raqqa, proclaimed as the Islamic State’s capital in Syria, for medical treatment and recreation.

      Terrorists arrive daily from Iraq. Something I've stated here many a time. In fact when ISIS first arrived in Syria they came via Iraq. That all morphed into blaming Turkey for everything under the sun- Turkey was not entirely innocent- but ISIS came from Iraq with the assistance support and well supplied by the US. If tired militiants are going to Raqqa for rest and relaxation- who is really fighting with the kurds??

      Local residents most probably

  4. anyone read or hear anything about this American and German officers killed?
    Really wondering if they had both made their way to Israel
    because they're have been Israelis aplenty in with the YPG/PKK

  5. wonder if this news answers the questions of which coalition jets struck the Turkish troops?,7340,L-4887511,00.html

    " Denmark will not extend military operations of its seven F-16 fighter jets in Syria and Iraq from mid-December after six months in action, the Danish government said on Friday.

    Instead the Danish contribution in Syria and Iraq will primarily consist of training and analysis teams, which to a large extent will work closer to Iraqi military units.

    "We are pulling our airplanes out as planned. We have offered the coalition extra help with some construction and engineer troops," Danish foreign minister Anders Samuelsen said after a meeting in the foreign political council.

    "It has been assessed whether it would make sense from economical and practical considerations (to extend the mission) ... the conclusion has been that it makes no sense, so we just stick to the plan," Samuelsen said.

    It's stated "as planned" but of course I can't be sure if this was planned or not?
    any info? anyone?

    1. I'm from Denmark. Denmark was going to renew the mission, but decided to withdraw the F-16. Largely, because they weren't doing anything. What is clear is that things aren't going as planned, though.
      Denmark is a big supporter of the PKK, like Germany. Germany moved their troops from Incirlik, because they were kicked out. Germany wanted to invest & build their own base at Incirlik, but were told no. I suspect its the same for Denmark.
      That Turkey is now evicting foreign forces from their territory is a positive thing, IMO.

    2. thanks rescue- Turkey evicting foreign forces is a necessity if they hope to survive

  6. They are also pulling out their jets from Incirlik base:
    They were behind the strike??

    1. I don't know Ally? Maybe it was planned like their claiming? Or maybe not?
      I'm worried about the information contained in the next post, in the process of posting..


  8. Hey Penny...

    Maybe you have this already:

    Of course the presence of US Navy fleet in Mediterranean Sea is never good anymore, anywhere, anytime. That is a given. Another thing that will always be true is the unhindered support they will give Israel 1.0/2.0, whilst being a target themselves.

    1. 20 PKK militants killed as military foils attack on Turkish army base

    2. thanks for the updates and yah I info on the US military presence in the Med