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Twittering Bana Gains Sympathy and a Whole Lot of Doubts

I'm firmly in the doubters camp. So is the NYT's. Clearly.  Or they wouldn't have presented this story in the manner they did.

Bana al Abed- 220,000 followers on Twitter?  

Seriously? Are half of those bots and the rest developmentally handicapped with serious logical thinking impairments? Or is it just a case of being a whole bunch of  mindless followers? Bandwagon. Jump on the appeal to popularity bandwagon! 
Don't ask a question? Or five?
My answer to 220,000 followers is.... mindless.

But in an era of internet hoaxes, fabrications and the increased use of fake news around the world to further political agendas, Bana’s Twitter account has also raised some questions of veracity and authenticity.
I want to point out that it's been the mainstream media pushing this fabrication without verifying the accuracy. So it is the msm engaging in the promotion of fake news! I wouldn't touch, or present it as real, true or valid.  This whole psyop needs to be outed for what it is. Psychological Operation.
Her messages are sophisticated for a 7-year-old, for example, particularly for one whose native language is not English.
Some people have questioned whether the videos in which Bana speaks were rehearsed or altered.
The inaccessibility of much of the Syria conflict to journalists, who often have no way of confirming the provenance of information directly, has amplified those concerns.
No way to confirm the provenance of the entire situation- period!
According to Bana’s mother, who describes herself as a 26-year-old teacher of English and who has spoken with The New York Times via Skype and WhatsApp, the Twitter postings originated in eastern Aleppo, where Fatemah said she lived with Bana and her two younger children, Mohamed, 5, and Noor, 3.
All appear in photographs and videos posted by the @AlabedBana account. But Bana is the only one who spends significant time on camera or who speaks to the audience in English. She appears in many of the clips to be reading from a card or to have memorized lines.
Her family, so called, never or rarely appears with her in front of the camera? No one finds that strange, eh? She reads from cards and speaks memorized lines? That doesn't bother any of the more then 200,000 twits on twitter.
Some have called Bana’s father a violent jihadist affiliated with Qaeda-linked fighters ensconced in eastern Aleppo. Others have called Bana and her mother fictions created by the United States as a propaganda tool to malign the Syrian and Russian governments.
 There is a very good possibility Bana's father is a violent jihadist- AQ linked!
It's a certainty that Bana and her mother are fictional creations used as propaganda tools by the US and company! They have the most reason to do this... And it's not just to malign Syria and Russia- It's too manipulate the masses. Dupe the gullible. Wrench your hearts and make you irrational and malleable... Mold your minds.

There is some precedent for such cynicism, and a notable example also had a Syrian connection. In 2011, a woman who described herself as a lesbian blogger using the pseudonym Amina Arraf wrote about political persecution in Damascus, the capital, and suddenly disappeared.
The “gay girl in Damascus,” as the blogger came to be known, turned out to be a 40-year-old American man from Georgia. USA.
Some precedent?! There is tons of precedent for this skepticism. We'll start with "gay girl in Damascus" Let's go back to June 2011- Nearly the beginning of my more then 5 years covering Syria's destabilization.

Syria-First or Hit Syria First ? Gay blogger in Damascus - Psyops gone amok!!

 Have we all heard the one about the Syrian lesbian blogger who was treated very, very badly in Syria?? Well if you did and were outraged. You have been suckered! It was a hoax. A psyop. A perception management operation pulled on you!!
Created by an American Student at a British University
His wife may have been in on the act
He is saying, he meant well and you should not dismiss his work, blah, blah, blah.
Bullshit. He was paid to do this work. Either by US or British intelligence.
He is a fraud and his blog is a complete fraud!

Gay blogger Girl from Damascus- Hoax

-Then there was Syria Danny- Till he got caught 
-There was the Incubator Hoax for Iraq- Never mind the whole WMD's in Iraq hoax
-The White Helmet Hoax - The Viagra Hoax in Libya.
-Never mind the grandpappy of all media hoaxes...the ones that get you to believe attacking another nation is justified and necessary.
 My mind harkens back to Colin Powell's, attack Iraq, mind manipulation at the UN, including props!

Bana, Syria Danny, Gay Damascus blogger girl, Incubator crying princess, WMD's and mushroom clouds, Viagra for Libyan troops are all just facets of the entirety of the constant war waged against you and I. 

Bana is just another in a long line of of manipulations
The New York Times has been able to verify, through comparisons with satellite maps, that at least some videos posted from Bana’s Twitter account were filmed in Al Shaar, a neighborhood in eastern Aleppo.
Some but not all of the videos. How many videos were verified?  
Just two videos would allow the NYT's to claims "some videos were verified"- I'm not impressed!
But it is unclear whether all of her Twitter posts — which could be put online from anywhere, by anyone with Bana’s password — originated in eastern Aleppo. Nor is it clear how many posts Bana has composed herself.
Bana’s mother did not immediately respond to requests via WhatsApp for clarification on these questions.
  Sonia Khush, the Syria director of Save the Children.“In the case of this girl, I don’t know whether it’s true or fake in this age of social media,” she said.
 Sonia Khush wants you to believe it doesn't matter if it's fake. It does matter. It matters a whole heck of a lot! Because if it's fake, and it is in my opinion, then what else is fake?
Juliette S. Touma, a Unicef spokeswoman for the Middle East and North Africa, acknowledged that there was, in Bana’s case, “no way to verify where the tweets are coming from, or whether they’re coming from the girl or somewhere else.”
So why has this been reported on as if its true, factual and real? One reason and one reason only. To manipulate you, the consumer, of this perception managing psychological operation.
 Despite the questions surrounding Bana’s account, news organizations have embraced it as a window into the Syria conflict.
Yes, news organizations did embrace it. Because that's what they were supposed to do. Embrace it. Feed it. Nurture it. Encourage it to grow into a massive manipulation. JK Rowling helped with that too. What a whore! (Anything for money, obviously)

Some experts on news media ethics said that, despite the appeal of such a heartbreaking narrative — and with a young girl at its center, no less — news outlets had to approach the account with skepticism, and that some had fallen short.
“It’s always a question of whether a 7-year-old is being used as a propaganda tool, and if so, by whom,” said Jane E. Kirtley, a professor of media ethics and law at the University of Minnesota. “Sometimes we fall in love with a concept and basically ignore things that would undermine that concept, and ignore things that should be red flags.”

Kathleen Bartzen Culver, the director for the Center for Journalism Ethics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, said some news outlets, including morning network news shows in the United States, seemed to have “suspended skepticism.”
“There are times when I will read or watch something when I will think, ‘I just don’t think we have our critical thinking hats on at the moment,’” she said.
 I had my critical thinking hat on. And Bana's heart tugging twitter recounts didn't appear credible, plausible or believable. However they are despicable! Because I detest when children are exploited and you should too!

hoax- sadly


  1. Did you notice these tweets...

    mostafa.mohammediyan ‏@MostafaMe4 Oct 29
    I love rain too
    The rebels are coming to u to save u and all #Aleppo #Children
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    Londonista ‏@audioslaved161 Oct 29
    @MostafaMe4 @AlabedBana Yes of course. They have done a great job in Idlib and other areas under their control. You are safe with the rebels.

  2. Did you notice these tweets...

    mostafa.mohammediyan ‏@MostafaMe4 Oct 29
    I love rain too
    The rebels are coming to u to save u and all #Aleppo #Children
    1 reply 1 retweet 1 like
    Reply 1 Retweet 1
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    Londonista ‏@audioslaved161 Oct 29
    @MostafaMe4 @AlabedBana Yes of course. They have done a great job in Idlib and other areas under their control. You are safe with the rebels.

  3. I've only read her tweets via all the msm coverage- puke fest
    the carefully staged images
    ribbon, book , doll

    but hey she has internet a twitter account, nice clothes and the means to talk to the world all while allegedly having her life threatened- no need to hide, looks well fed, and internet via asatellite connection, sweet!

  4. ally- saw your comments and links ty

  5. Bloody thugs (literally) run her twitter account.
    The NYT try to save its face but this face has a nose like Pinocchio and it is too late to do anything about it.

    1. That's exactly what the NYT's is up to!
      After promoting this psyop as if it was 'gods honest truth'


    1. Ally: check the latest- It's a long overdue post regarding the Adana Agreement between Turkey, Syria and Iran.

      (one reason I am less inclined to think it was an Iranian drone that killed the Turkish Troops, though I cannot rule it out, of course

  7. SDF: Phase 2 of Raqqa campaign begins, sights set on al-Tabqa dam

    ["As Syrian forces push toward the Islamic State’s de-facto capital of Raqqa in northern Syria, Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter announced Saturday that additional U.S. Special Operations forces will head into the country to help the fledgling offensive.

    The additional 200 troops will bolster the 300 or so already in the country, although the number is likely to fluctuate as forces move between Syria and neighboring Iraq. Carter, speaking at a conference in Bahrain, said the forces would include trainers, advisers and explosives specialists."]

    ...more lies for Israel 2.0

  8. Penny:

    Check out this new meme that the ZioAmericans are peddling, in relation to the recent movements of the amphibious landing assault ships to the Mediterranean, and the arrival of the second US carrier group to the same location. It would be interesting to find out if any of these ships are near their " end of life ", and could be lost in a "false flag" attack to kick off the war against Russia.

    " NATO hunting at least one Russian Navy Oscar II Class submarine that is chasing aircraft carriers in the Mediterranean Sea "

    1. Mieszko I- apologies again, blogger is piling comments into the spam folder- yah, there is spam, but I took three of them out today- links sometimes sets this off, but, you've only got one!

      A BIG thanks for your patience and I am off to read right now!

  9. Water control... and the al Tabqa Dam have been discussed here on more then one occasion