Saturday, December 31, 2016

UPDATED! -UN Security Council Approves Russian Drafted Resolution

 Following up on:  UN Security Council To Vote on Syrian Ceasefire Agreement- 11:00 am EST

The UN Security Council has unanimously passed a resolution drafted by Russia that endorses a nationwide Syrian ceasefire, which was earlier brokered by Moscow and Ankara. 
Details to follow 

 The draft resolution prepared by Russia was officially presented to the UNSC on Friday, a day after Moscow sent the texts of two agreements signed by the Syrian government and seven armed opposition groups to the UN body.
The documents that “establish a ceasefire as well as obliges the Syrian government and the opposition to start direct talks in Astana in late January, Russian Ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin told journalists on Friday, speaking about the documents he presented at the Security Council meeting together with a draft resolution supporting the ceasefire in Syria.
He also said that all groups that genuinely want to join talks between the Syrian government and the opposition in Astana scheduled for early 2017 are welcome in the Kazakh capital.
Security Council members welcomed the agreements reached through the mediation of Russia and Turkey, and stressed the importance of its “full and immediate implementation.”
What choice did the US, UK and France have other then to endorse this resolution?

 Western members of the council had sought changes to the draft resolution circulated by Russia and Turkey during consultations Saturday morning to clarify the role of the U.N. and the meaning of the agreement brokered by Moscow and Ankara
So the UN can pretend it's relevant ?
 The final text dropped an endorsement of the Syria cease-fire agreement brokered by Moscow and Ankara, and it changed the draft to call the Astana meeting "an important step ahead of the resumption of negotiations under the auspices of the United Nations in Geneva on Feb. 8, 2017."
The UN Security Council members didn't endorse a ceasefire agreement- An endorsement was dropped to get this passed?

Which parties from the security council refused to endorse the ceasefire agreement?
It wasn't Russia. It wouldn't have been China.
If all parties truly wanted peace there would have been zero refusals to endorse, so which parties refused?

The obvious answer is-  The ones that want the war on Syria to continue.

Smart money says the US was at least one party that REFUSED to endorse the ceasefire agreement! 
The UK and France come to mind as two others who would REFUSE to endorse the ceasefire.
And I do hope we found out which parties would not endorse the ceasefire agreement.. Particularly prior to the peace president (ahem) exiting from office


  1. Did the US vote for it? Or did it Abstain? It will be interesting to learn that detail.

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  4. website I happened across which ran a Chris Bollyn article on the Berlin Truck op


    not endorsing them, only found it by the Bollyn ( who I trust totally) article. dislike the sensationalist crap, but it sells and gets people on youtube etc to watch I guess.

    1. thanks karin:
      I've no problem with the fact the kurds are aiding Israel with their goal of greater israel whether or not they are aware

      disagree though that it's Barzani- he's to weak to rally the troops- that's why it's the PKK taking the lead- my only disagreement with info at the link

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