Friday, January 27, 2017

GMO apples that never brown could hit stores soon- Mmmmm rotten fruit

But hey they’ll look good- and that’s all that matters, right?😲
Yup, bruised, sliced, degraded, old,  lacking nutrition apples- but you’ll never know.
Cause they’ll be as white as the arctic snow - Which is why they are called “Arctic Apples”
Vote with your dollar and don’t buy them!
A small amount of Arctic brand sliced and packaged Golden Delicious apples, produced by Okanagan Specialty Fruits in British Columbia, Canada, will hit the shelves of 10 stores in the Midwest in February and March, Neal Carter, the company’s founder and president, told the agricultural news website Capital Press. Arctic’s website lists the apples as being available early this year in some test markets.
the logo to look for?

Carter said Midwestern stores were the first choice because they seemed like a good fit demographically and in size. He wouldn’t name the stores, stating it’s up to retailers to announce that they’ll be selling the non-browning apples.
Nearly two years ago, the US Department of Agriculture approved the US’s first genetically modified apples.

The USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service granted its approval based on “a final plant pest risk assessment that finds the GE (genetically engineered) apples are unlikely to pose a plant pest risk to agriculture and other plants in the United States … [and] deregulation is not likely to have a significant impact on the human environment,” as stated in their report. (Grade A bovine excrement)

I had heirloom tomato seeds saved for years and years, carefully and lovingly selected and saved. Until a neighbour planted a hybrid cherry tomato and it crossed in one season with my heirlooms. Contamination will happen- The USDA is full of sh*t. So much can go wrong, the USDA is full of sh*t-
“There’s nothing technically wrong with an apple that browns. (in the short term there isn't)

It all comes down to oxygen being introduced into plant tissue when an apple is sliced, bruised or bitten”
If you eat the apple immediately- It’s all good- However these GMO apples can have oxygen introduced into them via a bruise or small wound in the skin and they will not brown/rot.

 While the apple may be white, it will still be degrading. (To lower in quality or value; To undergo degradation; decompose)   Loosing it's nutritional value- that's what keeps you healthy people- good nutrition! I would expect this company has studied this which is why they are not touting the nutritional value of these apples as a selling point.

Rotting/Decaying is  one of many visual cues we understand.  Visual Cues are a  non verbal form of communication that informs you about the nutritional quality and safety of consuming this or any food.  

Just as you take visual communication cues from other living beings, unless your abilities are so degraded from interacting with a glowing screen, you take take the same types of cues from putrefying meats and rotting vegetables

 “Nature does nothing uselessly.”

Arctic Apples: their goal as stated: From the horse's mouth... or should I say ass?
“Arctic® apples aren’t slow browning. They aren’t low browning. They’re nonbrowning! By silencing the enzyme that causes apples to brown when bitten, sliced or bruised (damaged) popular apple varieties like Golden Delicious and Granny Smith can be enhanced with the Arctic Advantage™. 
It's just silencing one enzyme that's all folks, as if that one enzyme is in a vacuum and not interacting with other chemical components of the fruit in a system known as "apple"
How out of touch are we with our food? Apparently very! 
Our goal? To help consumers eat more apples by making them more convenient, and reducing food waste while we’re at it!”
Convenient apples for busy lifestyles- oh really?!

Their real goal?- Make lots and lots of money as their GMO apple proliferates, among the superficial masses who think looks are everything- and contaminates other plants- Food control.

Put some lemon juice on your apples and/or eat them fresh!- Food is about nutrition and health- deal with it! The fresher, the better.

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  1. Perhaps a reason for this is that all the glow-faces will, after buying apples , forget to eat them as they swipe the screen. Maybe they'll even have them cut up on a sideplate and will eat them over the next 12 hours or so and quite naturally they don't want to have to look at browning apples - uglyyyyyy!

    Chop apples , leave in lemonised water overnight. Put in saucepan next day the put on the cooker at a high heat, add some cinnamon, stir around for 3 or so minutes, add some white yoghurt.

    Then go back to your computer and after half an hour look at the apples and exclaim' What the hell's going on with my apples'- go to shop and complain, have a tantrum if you don't get your own way. Refuse to believe that they're cooked, say it's impossible to cook apples etc etc.

    Remember , of course, to turn off the cooker


    1. Hey aferrismoon: sometimes I really wonder how we have gotten so far away from the natural, real world & failed to realize we are interconnected with all of it- And I'm not talking the internet- I'm talking the real physical living breathing beautiful world- where our food comes from
      where are families are
      healing herbs and mushrooms- real medicine
      and soooo much more

      then I think about what science truly is these days.. an abomination- a belief system built on falsehoods and profit taking

      and nothing more

  2. I assume the ever increasing city-state to some extent, the blocked out horizon, less starry nights, countries run like accounting machines and the striving to make a profit, accumulation of stuff etc.

    Interesting book: The Magic Harvest - Piero Camporesi