Friday, January 27, 2017

Greece Refuses Turkey's Extradition Request of Coup Plotters

 In my opinion, the Greeks that needed to know  were aware, had advance knowledge, of the plot to overthrow the Turkish government. Additionally it was not a coincidence or a one off that  the coup plotters headed to Greece in the stolen helicopter, escorted by the Greek military. I see a contingency plan in action: a provision for an unforeseen event or circumstance.
Flashback: Turkey’s Thwarted Coup: No Popular Support for Coup. Dead Erdogan desired? Did Russia Provide Intelligence?

A Turkish military helicopter has landed in northern Greece where its crew has requested political asylum.
 Greece’s defence ministry has confirmed seven military personnel and one civilian landed in a Blackhawk military helicopter in Alexandroupoli and requested asylum.
Greek authority's gave direct permission to the helicopters crew to approach the airport and provided all relevant meteorological information and the runway in use. At the same time, two Greek fighter jets took off to accompany the Black Hawk.

Therefore it is not a surprise that Greece will NOT turn the coup plotters over for trial in Turkey. They can make excuses, but, they are only excuses. Greece was complicit and will protect the coup plotters,  themselves and the  wider NATO alliance.
The latest on the refusal to extradite:
Greece's Supreme Court ruled against the extradition of eight Turkish soldiers who fled to Greece ( escorted by Greek military) in July after a failed coup attempt in Turkey, a decision which angered Ankara and further strained relations between the two neighbors.

Greece is playing the same inflame game regarding Cyprus
Greek Minister Responsible for Derailing Cyprus Talks: Obvious Provocation!

The men -- three majors, three captains and two sergeant-majors -- landed a helicopter in northern Greece on July 16 and sought political asylum saying they feared for their lives in Turkey.

Once again Greece, an ally and a neighbor, has failed to fulfill the basics of the fight against terrorism," it said.

"The impact of this decision thought to be made with political motives on our mutual ties, our cooperation in the fight against terrorism and our work on other mutual and regional issues will be subject to a comprehensive review."
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