Sunday, January 15, 2017

Greek Minister Responsible for Derailing Cyprus Talks: Obvious Provocation!

I’ve been trying to keep tabs on the Cyprus talks. It’s not easy, time constraints etc.,
It seems to me that Cyprus is being used to provoke Turkey.
The media here is pushing the usual “bad Turkey” meme.  That’s not exactly the case.
 I’ll shed some light on that fact!

With one qualifier- I worry for the people, on that beautiful island, what lengths the UK and Greece will go to to further provoke Turkey. Frightening.
For more background read the relinked post from earlier in the week. That tiny island has an oversized importance in the region

Israel-Turkey pipeline hangs on Cyprus peace talks- A Fail Benefits Russia

A reply to Ally, yesterday:

I'm starting to think Cyprus is being used as another front in the war against Turkey..

I notice the slanted news- Turkey won't withdraw troops from Cyprus- scream the headlines- but neither will Greece or UK- so obviously Turkey isn't going to- But the focus is on "bad Turkey"

rather then what is actually ocurring
The news story below made  clear, my suspicions had been correct

Greek minister blamed for derailing Cyprus talks

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias will be kept out of future negotiations to reunify Cyprus after he “went rogue” and disrupted fragile talks in Geneva last week, according to two officials who follow the talks closely.
Went rogue did he? Nice spin. He was intentionally provocative.

The next political meeting on how to ensure Cyprus’ security and independence, which has not yet been scheduled, will be between heads of government rather than foreign ministers. Greece’s Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras can represent his country following complaints by the United Nations and others about Kotzias’ behavior last Thursday.
This may be a move to get Erdogan out of the Turkey...for some nefarious reason.. Perhaps another coup attempt? An assassination?
The first-ever conference between Greek and Turkish Cypriot leaders and the three countries charged with guaranteeing the Cyprus’ security and independence Greece, Turkey and the U.K. — ended unexpectedly after just one day of talks.
The setback underscored the hard work that remains after 20 months of negotiations between the Greek and Turkish Cypriot leaders, facilitated by the U.N. Both sides and the U.N. still insist it’s a matter of weeks, not months, before they reach a deal. However, they have only just started to broach the divide between Athens and Ankara, both of which will ultimately have to sign off on the agreement.
Kotzias holds presser
Despite weeks of shuttle diplomacy between the United Nations, the two Cypriot leaders and the three guarantor countries to lay the ground for a Cyprus peace deal at the negotiations in Geneva last week, Kotzias entered the conference with surprise demands for Turkey and Turkish Cypriots, including the full and quick withdrawal of Turkish forces, and reiterated them at an impromptu press conference during a break in the talks.
This was where we got all the headlines here screaming Turkey refuses to withdraw troops...
Kotzias waltzes into a meeting with a pile of outrageous demands and then holds a press conference- Provocation 
The Tsipras government seemed to soften Greece’s position on Friday in an informal position paper, stressing that Athens is determined to protect the “considerable momentum” built toward a “just and viable” deal to reunify Cyprus.
Tsipras to play 'good cop" -Tsipras is a lackey
“In constant coordination and cooperation with the Republic of Cyprus, we will continue to process and put forward proposals based on the principles we have proclaimed in the areas of guarantees and security, in which we are involved,” the document said, adding that “aggressive” statements have no place in the talks.
 Kotzias’ comments angered Nicos Anastasiades, the Greek Cypriot leader and Cyprus’ internationally recognized president, who didn’t know about the press conference, and raised tension when the conference resumed on Thursday evening.
 Past 24 hours


  1. Interesting! Here is a relevant article:

  2. Hi anonymous:

    I read it all.. it is interesting of course. I note the loaded language when comparing the leaders of the two communities to their association with Ms Nuland

    "The President of the Republic of Cyprus, Nicos Anastasiades, receives the US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, Victoria Nuland"

    Since the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974, Ankara illegally occupies the northeast of the island and has set up a government called the “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus”. Its president, Mustafa Akıncı, is a friend of Victoria Nuland.

    As to imply nefarious dealings between Turkey and Nuland which we of course cannot substantiate-

    Further I have a bit of trouble with the claim that Cyprus is sovereign and independent - it's occupied by three militaries- Greeks/ Turks and Brits. Does it even have one of it's own military? Does it have it's own defence force? I don't know.

    "She has another very urgent and pressing problem to solve, before leaving the State Department, and this is the “Cyprus conflict”.

    Why does Nuland all of a sudden want to solve the Cyprus conflict..

    Which is a text book frozen conflict:

    "In international relations, a frozen conflict is a situation in which active armed conflict has been brought to an end, but no peace treaty or other political framework resolves the conflict to the satisfaction of the combatants"

    Nuland and her neo con cohorts are looking to thaw the freeze- not to resolve it at all

    As for the claim that Nuland wants Turkey in the EU?
    That has to be qualified carefully:

    I don't buy that claim at all present day- The talks broke down between the EU and Turkey months ago--

    The Turkey that is desired for and by the EU is not the Turkey of today.. All EU states are shells of their former selves and all cater to the US- Does that sound like Turkey presently- it doesn't.

    What I suspect is Nuland is happy to use Cyprus to create another front/distraction thereby weakening Turkey further in order to create the desired state for EU inclusion.

  3. The US want's Turkey to give up Cyprus, then they will use the same excuse to take away Hatay, so the Kurds can get their corridor to the Med. Then they will start to demand federalisation, & the creation of an autonumous Kurd zone in Turkey.

    1. Hi Rescue:

      I was thinking some readers here might scratch their heads- Cyprus? What? But Cyprus is as much about the middle east/north africa remake as is Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Egypt, Israel et al
      I'm sure you get the drift- Was out with hubby for a hike at one of our favorite parks
      and was thinking about the Kurdish aspect of this all.. We recall that Ocalan went to Greece way back..

      And then we all may or may not know that their are so called Kurdish "refugees" on Cyprus. Housed at the British bases... for decades now.

      In my opinion they aren't refugees- They are operatives of the British aka NATO...with an absurd cover story

      They washed up on the base in 1998-

      "By chance, they had washed up on Britain’s biggest overseas airbase, RAF Akrotiri"

      And that Kurds stationed in Cyprus have been used against Turkey previously (read that previously)- and of course their up to their usual heroin smuggling

      So this is very much about the goal of remaking the region inc the creation of the neo con desired Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0

      where ever Nuland goes trouble is sure to follow, which is why I feel for the people who live on the Island- greeks and turks- I expect a provocation to blame something on turkey soon enough

    2. I feel for them too, especially since I have Cypriot friends. I forgot to mention to you that there were 'refugees' being housed at the military base in Cyprus-seemed strange to me that there were refugees and specifically Kurds being housed at a military base. Didn't remember to tell you. So you think that these are PKK terrorists?

    3. It is me, Ally. Can't put my name for some reason. ^^^

    4. I think they are Kurdish terrorists- and the reason they've been stationed at the British base for decades as refugees is to give cover to the reality.
      I'm going to leave a link to some additional information here in the comments

    5. A few months ago, I did hear something about the PKK coming to Cyprus. The Turkish government has apparently warned T/Cs to stay away from certain places and be careful because they could carry out attacks in Cyprus. Could this have anything to do with Nuland?

    6. A greek cypriot, who lives in the UK, & whom I talk to on twitter, explained to me that the US/Zionists wan't a pipeline from Kurdistan to Cyprus, then on to Crete & Italy (EU).
      Also, Russia want's the talks to fail.

  4. There are many Cypriot people in the UK, especially Turkish Cypriots. They are good people-secular and speak good English. A lot of Cypriots do come to study here in the UK and they go to some good unis. There are some Greek/Turkish Cypriots at my university too. Hope they find peace. From what I have heard from the T/C, a lot had happened which led to the invasion in '74, especially after '63. They don't trust each other. Anyway, hope you are doing good. Thanks for your thoughts.

    1. And thank you for your Ally :)

      I think most people are good and decent and really just want to live their lives.. unfortunately the powers that shouldn't be have other ideas


    "The Turkey-based Kurdistan Workers' Party (Partiya Karkaren Kurdistan,
    PKK-renamed in 2001 the Freedom and Democracy Congress of Kurdistan,
    KADEK) is a terrorist organization with various illegal trafficking and
    money-laundering activities that depend heavily on links in Western
    Europe. Because it is known to have dealt extensively with criminal
    organizations in trafficking both arms and narcotics, the PKK has been an
    important nexus of criminal activities with terrorism"

    The PKK has funded its terrorist activities from a number of illegal
    enterprises, including the trafficking of narcotics and people, combined
    with voluntary and forced contributions fromthe Kurdish diaspora. In
    Europe , regional criminal organizations parallel terrorist and political cells and have common membership.

    Some of the group' s illicit profits come from a sophisticated people-smuggling network that transports refugees from northern Iraq to Italy. The three most frequently used routes for this movement are
    Istanbul-Milan, Istanbul-Bosnia-Milan, and Turkey-Tunisia-Malta-Italy.
    In the 1990s, the PKK also was identified with significant amounts of international arms smuggling.

    Banks in Belgium , Cyprus , Jersey, and Switzerland provide privacy for PKK funds; monetary transactions are done through the hawala system or by cash couriers.

    (Interpol) followed the narcotics smuggling activities of several Kurdish clans based in Germany , Italy, the Netherlands, and Spain and thought to have ties with the PKK.

    Besides trafficking done by individual cells to support their operations, the PKK also "taxes" ethnic Kurdish drug traffickers in Western Europe.

    pkk funding operations and methods - WikiLeaks downloadable document

    Organized Crimes:
    · Organized crimes: drug trafficking and arms smuggling, extortion, human smuggling, abduction of children and money laundering in an attempt to recruit militants and to obtain financial resources needed to carry out its terrorist activities.
    · "Sputnik Operation" conducted in a coordinated fashion in some European countries in September 1996 exposed PKK’s links with organized crime and money laundering activities.

    Greek Cyprus also supported PKK by allowing its leaders to travel freely by providing them with passports. Abdullah Öcalan, the founder of PKK, has been caught with a Cypriot passport to the name of Mavros Lazaros.
    o These could be potentially true seeing that Greece was accused of sponsoring the PKK in Greece for training during the 1990s"

    undoubtedly the connection continues to this day..

  6. Thanks for the link. Great research you have done into the activities of the PKK. Not long ago, a Brussels court said that PKK kidnapping children didn't fall into the lines of 'terrorism' but an 'armed struggle'. Ffs, this cult is kidnapping innocent children across the world. It is only a matter of time until the PKK carries out an attack in the West-it really is. Here's another link. :
    Channel 4 uploaded a video about the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974-you're right. It is being used against Turkey. Why would they have stayed quiet about it all this time and only care now?

  7. Cyprus has the Cyprus National Guard which possesses an air wing. They posses tanks, French made, and supposedly some motorized artillery and other artillery pieces and heavy/light mortars.
    Military service is mandatory. The Greek and Turkish forces on the island are better armed. Though the possession of certain equipment is prohibited. Motorized artillery being one item.

  8. Is the Ez-zor attack by the same 5000 rebels who moves on Palmyra disguised as Bedouins? Where did they go?

    That December Rebel attack occurred at the time of the Obama weapons ban lift in Syria and the rumored Rebel capture of alleged Syrian weapons (e.g. Man-pad leaks and Russian warnings).

    Does raise the issue of the latest Russian re-positioning of forces in view of the Russian and Turkish Al bab strikes (now formally coordinating) and the latest the US B52 strike whcih Russia called a direct provocation

    Also a coincidence the new US base in Iraq is in Haditha, along the same logistics route heading into the southern portion of Ez-zor,+Syria/@34.5006105,41.7204072,8.04z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x154817f4aeddb761:0x4cbc9d58e981374f!8m2!3d35.3296518!4d40.1350341

    1. Yup! US setting up their sunnistan. They now practically control western Iraq & eastern Syria. Last week the US launced an op in Deir Ezzor with airborne troops. Allegedly they where going to take out ISIS fighters. I have no doubt that they where there to help ISIS plan this offensive.
      SDF today, in a statement about their Raqqa op, said they are planning an offensive to Deir. Undoubtably, they are waiting for the city to fall, whereafter they will "liberate" it.

    2. OMG it is so despicable!
      I wrote about the attack on deir a zour which seems to have flown under the radar of the alt media?

      I stated the obviousness of the move by KurdIShIS!
      Grr... this is when i let the my emotions get the better of me!!

      "So, ISIS wants to connect Iraqi territory to Raqqa, Syria. Come on!"

      The connection was made long ago- this is about the kurds connecting!!

      not fuming with commenters it's just this stuff is soooo obvious- I get frustrated