Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Jared Kushner’s Name Scrubbed From Pro-IDF Group Board

Jared Kushner’s name has been scrubbed from the national board of the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces, apparently following questions from the press about his continued involvement in the group.

Ha’aretz had asked Kushner’s spokesman about his affiliation to the organization, given President Donald Trump’s desire that his son-in-law help him negotiate Middle East peace in his new role as senior White House adviser. Kushner’s links to FIDF might have clouded his ability to seem an honest broker between the two parties.

Despite Kushner’s withdrawal, FIDF is still a pet cause of his family, influential Orthodox Jews who own a tristate area real estate empire. According to Ha’aretz, the foundation of his parents Charles and Seryl Kushner has donated $325,000 to the organization through the years.

From Earlier:

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  1. Penny,
    Have u seen these recent article-s at Voltaire ?
    of note
    General Flynn actually tweeted one of the articles, visible in imbedded of this one I just read

    General Flynn’s Proposals to Reform Intelligence

    appears there is yet another of 'he series'also besides Flynn article too

    1. Hi rouge k!- read the article at voltaire but was that the same one tweeted by Flynn?

    2. I was mistaken, It was his son who tweeted the article dated Dec 1

      We (hubby and I have had the flue and slowed us down for awhile, but he's good and I"m finally on the mend. I got it from him, so should be chipper in near future :)

      I've got alot of mixed feelings about how events are unfolding, both the Astana, and coming get together in Moscow.
      Then the whole Trump moves.
      And on top of all that, I don't trust Turkey one little bit.

      Watching and waiting, reading here and elsewhere. Fearing a wild card being played at any moment.

      I happened upon an article on zio Christian group called The Family and read it last evening.
      Decades old and according to author responsible for mega-dirt with control even in White House for ages.

      Trump's DNI - A Dire Wolf for Jesus

      I always felt they had strong voices in DC. Read comment #2. His response that jews are under these zio's is comical if you know the history I do, but what originally took me to the blog couple weeks back was a pro_Palestinian post linked from another blog.

      I read the interview of the author he cites also.
      Know you are busy on so many other fronts, just thought I would share "in case"
      be well

    3. thanks karin:

      I'll have a look at it and glad your on the mend :)
      and your hubby too :)

      take care

  2. Just finished watching this bbc show from July 2016

    "Originally designed for fear response testing"

    Apparently the BBC did one in February and decided to follow up in July with this one

    As I watched a bunch of thoughts went through my head

    The state as the fomenter and creator of terror among the population- Telling their populace who to hate and distrust- Turkey even got the demonization treatment alongside Russia- the whole thing was very timely
    and twisted-

    give it a view and share some thoughts

    1. Its a spoof, by Ben Marketing!

      Whole bunch of these on that channel. Why?

      Nice logo - six petal rose or something else.

    2. so it is... Ben Marking

      and what do they do these spoofs for?
      And do they only show on You Tube?
      I looked at their channel

      I just don't get it.. shrugs shoulders